Optimize your Resources with Solar Panels

It’s no secret nowadays that having and using solar panels for energy can reduce your carbon emissions and save you tons of money on electricity bills. But up until about a decade ago, only a small percentage of the population has even heard of efficient solar technology and even less have access to them, given how they were pretty expensive back then. But technology progressed from simple arrays of solar cells powering small electronic devices that use a minimum of electricity to large assemblies of solar panels giving extra energy to anything from a small house to a large farm. These days, affordable solar panel assemblies are available and can be easily installed in homes. So here are a few ways of how solar energy can help you with optimizing your resources.

There are recent increases in federal and state tax incentives involving the use of solar technology. Basically, when you use “green” energy technology, including solar power, you will get more tax refunds. What this means is that by using technology intended to save money on electricity and energy bills, you will get additional benefits in the form of less taxable expenditures. The more you use solar power, the more money you save, which you can then use to purchase more efficient solar technology in greater quantity, giving you incrementally more savings.


There is also an increase in awareness regarding the climate change issue, and some people are getting more worried about their carbon footprint than in previous years. With the proven versatility, efficiency and reliability of solar panels, many of these fears have been assuaged and turned into a positive vibe regarding the eventual result of fewer carbon emissions. It’s a known fact that carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas, so any and all efforts put into reducing carbon dioxide emissions is considered a huge plus. When you use solar energy to charge up your electric car, you can then count that as a double win for the green.


Solar technology has been increasingly more efficient. At this point, multiple arrays of residential solar panels have the capacity to power an entire home. That might be out of the price range of many but with what they can afford, they can at least power some of their more energy-intensive devices with solar energy when the sun’s output is at its highest. A phone charger can be used in the early mornings or late afternoons when output is weakest. Some solar panel assemblies can provide energy for washing machines and electric cookers at maximum capacity. So it is advisable to use these devices when the sun is at its peak so you can switch to solar power and reduce your electricity cost. 


With that said, the technology does come with a bit of a hiccup. It takes specialists to install the panels so that they face the direction which is the optimum for catching the sun’s rays, like a sunbather. If you’re looking for a San Jose solar installer, look no further than Soleeva. We build smarter, more efficient renewable energy sources for optimal electricity use and consumption. Pay us a visit at Soleeva to schedule your free consultation.