Success in the 3D bioprinting of cartilage

Apr 28 1:45pm Nanowerk 3D-Printing News
A team of researchers has managed to generate cartilage tissue by printing stem cells using a 3D-bioprinter.
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Boston University students take on 3D bioprinted pancreas research for type 1 diabetes

Apr 28 11:18am
As 3D bioprinting advances and becomes increasingly viable as a medical process, it is not only bio-med companies and professionals that are pushing the technology forward: student researchers are also contributing.
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Georgia Tech swinging 3D printed Tarzan robot could help farmers monitor crops

Apr 28 11:03am
Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have used 3D printing to create a Tarzan-inspired swinging robot. The unusual bot uses 3D printed claws to swing itself along the length of a wire, and could be used by farmers to monitor crops.
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The NRC32 Project: A Micro-Scale Replica of the Team Associated RC10

Apr 28 11:00am The Shapeways Blog
RC cars are my passion, and I browse the internet everyday looking for cool cars and new projects. One of the coolest RC car projects I’ve come across recently is the NRC32 Project by Nigel Ratcliffe from the U.K. The... The post The NRC32 Project: A Micro-Scale Replica of the Team Associated RC10 appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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SOLIDWORKS eCourses - A Great Alternative to Live Training

Apr 28 10:46am 3DVision Technologies
Want to attend an instructor-led, live SOLIDWORKS training class, but there's too much work coming in and you just can't break away from the office to attend? SOLIDWORKS eCourses are for you. Introduced in the first quarter of 2017, SOLIDWORKS eCourses cover the same material that is used in standard, instructor-led SOLIDWORKS training classes, but in a self-paced, eLearning format. Here are the highlights: Access the eLearning modules through your web browser - local SOLIDWORKS installation not required Move through the video material at your own pace - if you need to take a break, pick up where you left off Interactive simulation of the software is included - practice what you just learned without leaving the web browser! Work through...
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McKinsey Digital Capability Center opened in Beijing to keep China up-to-date with 3D printing and Industry 4.0

Apr 28 10:42am
3D printing technology is changing the way global manufacturing operates, and is predicted to establish itself even more firmly in the upcoming years, as part of the Industry 4.0. Although the advantages presented by this next phase are clear, some countries are more prepared for it than others.
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Success in the 3-D bioprinting of cartilage

Apr 28 9:38am 3-D Printing News -- ScienceDaily
A team of researchers has managed to generate cartilage tissue by printing stem cells using a 3-D-bioprinter. The fact that the stem cells survived being printed in this manner is a success in itself. In addition, the research team was able to influence the cells to multiply and differentiate to form chondrocytes (cartilage cells) in the printed structure.
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Nikon Metrology launches new website

Apr 28 9:12am Nikon Metrology
Nikon Metrology’s new website features a refreshing new layout, realizing a vastly improved user experience. The clean design delivers a whole new look and feel as well as making detailed product information, application videos and brochures easily accessible. The website is now available as a mobile version, optimized for convenient access through smartphones and tablets. […] The post Nikon Metrology launches new website appeared first on Nikon Metrology Blog.
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Mechanical 3D printed Gray Fox helmet takes Metal Gear Solid cosplay to the next level

Apr 28 8:24am
Diego Valdes, a mechanical engineer and cosplay lover, has designed a 3D printed version of Gray Fox’s helmet from Metal Gear Solid. The prop contains 12 3D printed parts. From its humble late-eighties beginnings on the MSX2 computer, right up to the forthcoming Metal Gear Survive installment on eighth-generation consoles, the Metal Gear franchise has endeared itself to many a gamer over the years. If you’re one of those gamers, you’ll no doubt enjoy this fantastic cosplay prop from engineer Diego Valdes. The tech wizard and Metal Gear fanatic has used 3D printing to create an ultra-detailed Gray Fox helmet, complete with lights, switches, and ultra-smooth facial transitions.
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Swiss scientists combine 3D printing and electroplating to create molecular beam-splitter

Apr 28 8:05am
A team of scientists from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) has developed a novel device that combines 3D printing and electroplating to split beams of molecules. The device uses high-voltage electrodes to control the motion of the molecules inside a vacuum.
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XRobots 3D printed VR LEGO gun shoots targets across two worlds

Apr 28 6:49am
XRobots’ James Bruton has used 3D printing and VR to build what he calls a “Giant LEGO HyperReality Blaster,” a 3D printed LEGO gun that can “shoot a Lego brick through the virtual world and back into the physical world to hit a giant Lego Minifig target.” For all its supposed “useful” applications, it’s hard to shake the feeling that virtual reality is 99\% about having fun. And having fun is exactly what XRobot’s James Bruton likes to do: just have a look at his amazing 3D printed Star Wars BB-8 robot or outrageous steampunk gear for proof.
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UK couple seeks 3D printed prosthesis for adopted dog who was shot and brutalized

Apr 28 6:05am
The owners of a dog who was found bleeding to death after being shot several times in Hammamet, Tunisia are asking the 3D printing community to help give their pup a second chance at life with the help of 3D printed prosthetics.
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MIT Rocket Team successfully tests nylon 3D printed rocket motor

Apr 27 4:12pm
The MIT Rocket Team, an independent student group focused on rocket-related projects, has successfully tested a fully 3D printed rocket motor. The motor was 3D printed in nylon using a Markforged Mark Two 3D printer before being tested twice on April 21. When you imagine experts at the world’s top universities building rockets, you probably picture high-end technology, precise calculations, and rugged materials. What you probably don’t expect to see, what with all the fire and combustion, is plastic.
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UK hospital saves 20,000 per surgery with the help of Stratasys 3D printing technology

Apr 27 2:38pm
Stratasys has released details of the benefits that its 3D printing technology is bringing to one hospital in Birmingham, UK. Queen Elizabeth Hospital uses an Objet Eden 350V 3D printer to make facial prosthetics, plates, and pre-surgical guides, mostly for maxillofacial procedures.
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3D-printed houses (w/video)

Apr 27 2:16pm Nanowerk 3D-Printing News
3-D printing offers new approach to making buildings.
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Shapeways Joins Hundreds of Startups in Support of Net Neutrality

Apr 27 1:31pm The Shapeways Blog
This week, Shapeways is proud to join over 800 of our fellow startups and tech companies in support of net neutrality. Our letter to the chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commisson, Ajit Pai, reiterates the importance of a fair, open... The post Shapeways Joins Hundreds of Startups in Support of Net Neutrality appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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Markforgeds 3D print farms could be future of large-scale digital metal manufacturing

Apr 27 12:27pm
Massachusetts-based 3D printing company Markforged is using its new Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) process and Metal X 3D printers to advance its futuristic “3D print farm” vision of large-scale metal manufacturing. When Markforged unveiled its new Metal X 3D printer at CES earlier this year, we were struck by one thing in particular. Unusually for a Markforged product, it wasn’t the 3D printer itself, but the way that the company said it should be used.
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Inspiring 10-year-old girl plays violin with help of a 3D printed prosthetic arm

Apr 27 11:22am
A group of students from George Mason University in Virginia have given 10-year-old Isabella Nicola Cabrera a chance at realizing her dream of becoming a violinist with the help of a specially designed 3D printed prosthetic. Despite being born with only half her left arm and no left hand, Isabella, a fifth-grader from Alexandria, VA, has dreamed of learning to play the violin. Fortunately for her, the 10-year-old has had much support in realizing her dream, both from her music teacher at Island Creek Elementary and a team of dedicated students from the George Mason University’s bioengineering department.
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3D WASH: empowering developing communities with solar-powered 3D printing & recycled plastic

Apr 27 10:21am
Researchers from the Deakin University School of Engineering in Australia are developing a solar-powered 3D printing system that could be used in developing regions to additively manufacture plumbing and sanitation supplies out of plastic waste. The 3D printer project is part of a larger effort to find uses for the vast amounts of discarded plastics that pollute developing regions and to provide a clean water supply to the same communities.
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MIT & Neri Oxmans giant 3D printing construction robot fabricates 50-ft-diameter dome

Apr 27 9:15am
A group of researchers at MIT that includes members of Neri Oxman’s Mediated Matter Group has developed a robotic system for 3D printing buildings and other large structures. The system’s robotic arm can 3D print polyurethane foam molds which can then be filled with concrete.A lot of companies today, wanting to be seen as the first, the fastest, or the biggest, say they can 3D print buildings. And that’s great: 3D printed houses and construction projects are one of the most exciting applications of additive manufacturing—that’s why we’re so keen to cover stories about 3D printed buildings, concrete-extruding 3D printers, and everything in between.
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Celebrating Kings Day: Why We Unite in Orange

Apr 27 6:55am The Shapeways Blog
Shapeways may have its HQ in NYC, but we’re an international company, born in the Netherlands and Dutch to the core. That’s why today is one of the biggest holidays of the year: King’s Day. But what is King’s Day? EU... The post Celebrating King’s Day: Why We Unite in Orange appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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PostProcess Technologies raises $4M to accelerate 3D printing surface finishing systems

Apr 27 6:19am
PostProcess Technologies, an automated 3D printing post-processing company based in Buffalo, New York, announced that it has raised a whopping $4 million through a seed funding round, $1 million of which was invested by New York Ventures, the venture capital investment branch of Empire State Development. The funding from the seed round, which was raised by investors such as Rand Capital, Richmond Capital Partners, and various angel investors from around the world, will help PostProcess Technologies to advance and accelerate its post-processing technologies—which include proprietary software, hardware, and chemistry—and to grow its business on an international level.
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3D Systems and United Therapeutics team up to develop 3D bioprinted lung scaffolds

Apr 27 5:08am
In some exciting news for the bioprinting community, 3D Systems has announced a new partnership with Maryland-based biotechnology company United Therapeutics Corporation. The partnership, which comes in the form of a multi-year agreement, will seek to develop solid-organ scaffolds for human transplants through the combination of 3D printing technologies and regenerative medicine.
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3D printed liver tissue helps University of Tokyo researchers test new drugs

Apr 26 7:00pm
Some of the most impressive advances in 3D printing technology over the last few years have been in the field of bioprinting, with cells, tissue, and sometimes entire organs being replicated for all kinds of useful applications. The latest breakthrough by a team of researchers in Japan has seen a model of liver tissue being produced through a scaffold-free bioprinting method. This tissue can be used in the development and testing of drugs, and also sheds some light on the causes of liver disease.
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System can 3-D print an entire building

Apr 26 6:30pm 3-D Printing News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have developed a system that can 3-D print the basic structure of an entire building.
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Its Here! The HP MJF Printer Is Open for Early Access Signups

Apr 26 1:55pm The Shapeways Blog
Since 2014, we’ve been working with Hewlett Packard to test and refine their revolutionary Multi Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printer. After months of rigorous trials, we’re proud to announce that, starting today, you can sign up for early access to... The post It’s Here! The HP MJF Printer Is Open for Early Access Signups appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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Horizontally Launched Projectiles with SOLIDWORKS Motion

Apr 26 12:02pm 3DVision Technologies
At a recent Evansville SOLIDWORKS User Group Meeting, I presented a Hands-On session using SOLIDWORKS Motion Simulation.  One of the exercises was to throw an object off a cliff.  It’s an interesting application for SOLIDWORKS Motion as many of the details for projectile motion can be calculated by hand.  I’m going to show you how I used SOLIDWORKS Motion to verify the hand calculations.  While I need to leave some of the details of that presentation out of this blog, let’s just say that “baby” “all that matters” when the object gets “down to earth”, that portion of the user group meeting generated more than a few laughs. The problem statement is as follows. “We are going to throw an object...
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German steelmaker Kloeckner acquires 10% stake in 3D printing company BigRep

Apr 26 11:10am
German steel manufacturer Kloeckner & Co. has announced that it has acquired a 10 percent stake in Berlin-based 3D printer startup BigRep for less than 10 million euros. BigRep is known in the 3D printing industry for making some of the largest-scale FDM 3D printers (with a cubic meter build volume).
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The Might of ID-Light: Lighter Parts in a Fraction of the Time

Apr 26 11:00am Blog – Stratasys Direct Manufacturing
One of the lauded benefits of 3D printed parts is reduction in weight. The design freedom associated with 3D printing and additive manufacturing allows designers to make geometries not possible with conventional manufacturing and consolidate multiple parts of a product into one. This consolidation and complexity of design can result in lighter-weight parts that are […] The post The Might of ID-Light: Lighter Parts in a Fraction of the Time appeared first on Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.
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$839 Phrozen Make LCD DLP 3D printer raises $170K on Kickstarter

Apr 26 10:02am
Taiwanese 3D printing company Phrozen has raised almost $170,000 in a Kickstarter campaign for its new DLP 3D printer, the Phrozen Make. The crowdfunding campaign, which still has 29 days to run, reached its $30,000 goal in just four minutes. After being billed by its maker as “the world’s most compact, reliable, and precise LCD 3D printer,” the Phrozen Make has a big reputation to live up to. For more than 150 Kickstarter backers, however, shelling out $839 for the forthcoming DLP 3D printer seems to have been a no-brainer.
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Prodways, Safran partner to create inorganic 3D printing materials; Prodways IPO subscription starts tomorrow

Apr 26 9:13am
French aircraft engineering company Safran has announced a new partnership with Prodways, the 3D printing solutions subsidiary of Gorgé Group. Together, the companies will seek to develop new and innovative 3D printing materials and processes. As part of the collaboration, Safran will also acquire a stake in Prodways.
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Siemens joins Adidas SPEEDFACTORIES project for custom 3D printed sportswear

Apr 26 8:31am
Sportswear giant Adidas is collaborating with manufacturing and technology company Siemens to improve the Adidas SPEEDFACTORY, a new production system that makes use of 3D printing and other modern technologies to produce high-quality sporting goods. In its mission to achieve “fast, transparent, and individualized production” using additive manufacturing and other cutting-edge production techniques, German sportswear icon Adidas has just recruited an incredibly talented and high-profile partner.
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Port of Rotterdam RAMLAB unveils its first 3D printed ship component in partnership with Autodesk

Apr 26 7:19am
The Port of Rotterdam’s Additive Manufacturing Fieldlab (RAMLAB) has successfully produced its first 3D printed pilot component—a ship’s propeller—in partnership with Autodesk. The RAMLAB was established just over a year ago and has been pioneering the use of 3D printing in the maritime industry. The recently unveiled 3D printed propeller was produced at the Port of Rotterdam using a hybrid manufacturing process that combines wire and arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) with subtractive machining and grinding processes.
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Type A Machines improves Series 1 Pro 3D printer with BuildTak FlexPlate & Adaptive Auto-Leveling

Apr 26 6:29am
FDM 3D printer maker Type A Machines has announced an update to its Series 1 line of 3D printers. The new Series 1 Pro features a magnetic interchangeable BuildTak FlexPlate platform and an Adaptive Auto-Leveling feature.Type A Machines’ Series 1 line of 3D printers has been around for several years now, but the California-based 3D printing company continues to add new features and updates to its tried and tested machines, which include the Series 1, Series 1 Pro, and Print Pod.
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EOS & 3YOURMIND AMPI tool automatically identifies parts suitable for 3D printing

Apr 26 5:08am
3D printing company EOS has partnered with 3D model analysis company 3YOURMIND to launch its new AM Part Identifier. Also known as AMPI, the new tool allows companies to scan their existing part inventories to find out which of their existing components are best suited for 3D printing.
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DARPA asks Xerox company PARC to build new product design system for advanced manufacturing

Apr 25 3:17pm
PARC, a Xerox company, has been chosen by DARPA to develop and deliver FIELDS, a “new computational paradigm” for advanced manufacturing processes such as combined metal additive manufacturing and machining. In an effort to remove the limitations associated with current design platforms, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has commissioned Xerox company PARC to develop a new computational paradigm for design. The project will involve creating tools for analyzing material structures, geometric design complexity, and advanced manufacturing processes such as 3D printing.
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Zeus the whippet learns to walk with 3D printed prosthetic paw

Apr 25 1:54pm
A plastic 3D printed prosthetic paw has been made for a proud puppy after the original was lost in a fight. Brazillian veterinary surgeons took a CT scan of Zeus the whippet's remanining legs, and were able to 3D print a replica paw that will allow the dog to walk a lot more comfortably.
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New TrussFab software uses 3D printing to make boats, furniture & buildings out of plastic bottles

Apr 25 12:23pm
Researchers at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany have created TrussFab, a new piece of software that turns digital 3D models into structures made from ordinary plastic bottles and 3D printed trusses. Plastic bottles are everywhere. You’ll find them in the supermarket, in your fridge, and probably in your own hands at some point this week. But bottles can also be found in places where they really don’t belong: in landfills, in the gutters of dirty streets, and even in the ocean.
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Google-backed Desktop Metal unveils 100x faster metal 3D printing system after raising $97M

Apr 25 11:57am
Massachusetts-based 3D printer startup Desktop Metal has just launched two new metal 3D printing products, the DM Studio and DM Production systems, which reportedly cover the full product lifecycle, from prototyping to mass production. The company, which has raised significant investments from such companies as Google, BMW, Stratasys, and Lowe’s, says that its new products will disrupt traditional metal manufacturing methods by offering increased production speeds, safety, and quality while reducing costs.
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STONEDALONE on Free People

Apr 25 11:40am The Shapeways Blog
There’s nothing that makes us prouder than seeing designers using Shapeways to accomplish incredible things. Our very own 3D printing engineer by day and jewelry designer/cyber mystic by night, Yung\_Crowley (AKA Wynn Mustin) has been working hard on her STONEDALONE collection and... The post STONEDALONE on Free People appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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German industrial group Thyssenkrupp to open 3D printing center this year

Apr 25 11:36am
Thyssenkrupp, a Germany-based industrial group, has announced plans to open a 3D printing center that will allow it to produce 3D printed parts and products for its clients. According to the announcement, the upcoming 3D printing center is expected to be inaugurated in September of this year.
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Tutorial Tuesday 14: Print Cheaper By Scaling Up?

Apr 25 10:40am The Shapeways Blog
It makes perfect sense that you can make your 3D prints cheaper by scaling them down to a smaller size. But, did you know that sometimes you can make your prints cheaper by making them… bigger?? Scale, Volume, and Space There... The post Tutorial Tuesday 14: Print Cheaper By Scaling… Up? appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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Rapid Liquid Printing by MIT and Steelcase could change the face of 3D printing

Apr 25 9:31am
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have teamed up with Michigan-based furniture manufacturer Steelcase to develop a new method of 3D printing. Rapid Liquid Printing (RLP),...
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3D printing and Hollywood special effects help realize ultra-realistic neurosurgical training model

Apr 25 9:27am
In the medical field, if practice doesn’t make perfect, it’s bound to at least get you close. But training doctors (and especially surgeons) can be somewhat tricky, as it requires using real human bodies or lifelike simulation models, which up until now have been difficult to produce. In recent years, 3D printing has been used to create increasingly realistic-looking surgical models, but those working in the field have struggled to capture the feel, texture, and movements of the human anatomy in a 3D printed model.
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Kentstrappers large-format MAVIS 3D printer boasts filament and power outage monitors

Apr 25 8:37am
Kentstrapper, a 3D printing company based in Italy, has announced the launch of MAVIS, its new large-format 3D printer. The 3D printer boasts automatic calibration, a smart GUI, and a 400 x 700 x 700 mm build volume, and can be used for large-scale prototyping. After building a reputation in the consumer 3D printing world with its Verve desktop 3D printer, Italian 3D printing company Kentstrapper has decided to tackle a new market: industry. MAVIS, the company’s new large-format 3D printer, is a bigger and more powerful machine than the Verve, and is packed with features and material possibilities that make it ideal for professional use.
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How to 3D Print 4-Color Mountain Using DUAL PRO Toolhead

Apr 25 7:59am 3D Printing Blog – ZMorph Blog – articles, case studies and news on 3D printing
You can now 3D print 4-color mountain using advanced options in Voxelizer. Here’s how. Artykuł How to 3D Print 4-Color Mountain Using DUAL PRO Toolhead pochodzi z serwisu ZMorph Blog - articles, case studies and news on 3D printing.
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Apple hires Steven Keating, MIT grad who 3D printed his own brain tumour

Apr 25 6:24am
Apple has hired Steven Keating, the MIT student who 3D printed his own brain tumor and shared it with the world. Back in 2015, Keating made headlines with his innovative, data-centric approach to studying, and ultimately beating, his cancer.
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Gold 3D Printing Explained: Technology, Alloys, Colors, Design Tips

Apr 25 4:57am i.materialise
3D printing is changing the way goldsmiths work and design. More and more people are asking us how 3D printed jewelry items in gold look and feel. In this article, we explain how gold items are created, the difference between 14k and 18k, its various colors, and how to model your 3D design to get the perfect gold 3D print! The Technology: It’s All Based on Wax Instead of printing your gold item directly, we use wax 3D printing and lost wax casting to build your design. The wax printing process is a type of stereolithography that uses a wax-like resin. Support structures are printed along with the model to make sure the item does not fall apart. These support structures are automatically generated and then manually removed after the printing process. The wax cast is subsequently covered in a fine plaster. When the plaster solidifies, it is put in an oven until the wax is completely burned off. The gold is then poured into the empty cast, thus creating a 3D printed gold item. In the final step of this process, the item is polished and finished manually. 14k or 18k: The Amount of Gold Matters A pure gold item (composed of 100\% gold) is too soft for durable jewelry. With this in mind, jewel makers and goldsmiths usually mix pure gold with other metals, typically silver, copper, or zinc, in order to make it stronger. The karat (often just written as “k”) indicates the amount of pure gold in the metal: the higher the karat, the larger the percentage of pure gold in the metal. For instance, 100\% of pure gold is equal to 24k. However, as already pointed out, an object made of 24k would be too soft. This is why the amount of gold needs to be reduced:  while 18k contains 75.2\% pure gold, which is the standard in Europe, 14k gold only contains 58.5\% of pure gold and is somewhat less expensive. In fact, 14k gold is the most popular choice for gold jewelry in the United States. Yellow, White, and Red Gold: The Amount of Silver, Copper, and Zinc Matters Since neither 14k nor 18k gold contains 100\% pure gold, the metals we choose to strengthen pieces of jewelry (silver, copper, and zinc) have an impact on the color of the final item. As a result, gold can be offered in several colors: white, yellow, and red. Take a look at the following examples of the color difference depending on the amount of pure gold as well as the amount and type of metal alloy: White Gold:...
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General Electric invests 100 million euros into German 3D printing site

Apr 25 4:37am
General Electric (GE) is continuing to focus its gaze squarely on the EU 3D printing industry, with a game-changing investment of 100 million euros ($109 million USD) into a newly acquired production site in Lichtenfels, Germany.
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PolyJet 3D Printing

Apr 24 3:57pm NeoMetrix
The post PolyJet 3D Printing appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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What I learned at AMUG 2017 Part 2

Apr 24 1:47pm 3DVision Technologies
In my last post, I meantioned I wanted to share what our team shared with me reguading their trip to AMUG this year.  This blog post will be on what Siohban Kelly, Account Manager, learned at AMUG 2017 in Chicago.  See Part 1 here. There's so many great seminars and networking opportunities at AMUG, it was hard to narrow down this list! Hands-on work shop learning how to create patterns for investment and sand casting,  and then actually pour and finish the metal part,  was a real learning opportunity.    It gave me a vivid understanding of the 3d printed application for potential customers in the Casting Industry. Hands-on work shop finishing PolyJet parts in vero clear gave me an appreciation for...
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New SAP Distributed Manufacturing application connects engineers with 3D printing service providers

Apr 24 10:13am
SAP SE, a market leader in enterprise application software headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, has today launched SAP Distributed Manufacturing, a new application that will “make 3D printing a seamless part of digital manufacturing,” at Hannover Messe 2017. Expect to hear lots of exciting industrial news from Germany this week, because Hannover Messe, the world’s biggest industrial fair, has just kicked off. Earlier today we covered Siemens’ plans to create a new online platform for on-demand 3D printing, and we’ve just heard about another exciting additive manufacturing development, this time from German software company SAP SE.
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Nano Dimension appoints former 3D Systems president Avi Reichental to board of directors

Apr 24 8:34am
Israeli 3D printed electronics company Nano Dimension Ltd. has announced that Avi Reichental, former president, chief executive officer, and director at 3D Systems, has joined its board of directors. Nano Dimension is best known for its 3D printed multi-layer PCB technology and its DragonFly 2020 PCB 3D printer.
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Stratasys 3D printer helps Siemens Mobility go full steam ahead with low-volume production of rail parts

Apr 24 7:42am
The Mobility Division of global engineering and technology company Siemens has announced it is using a Stratasys FDM 3D printer to fabricate low-volume production parts for rail companies, including Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu Ulm (SWU) Verkehr GmbH, a German transport services provider. In an effort to stay “on track” with its low-volume production of rail industry parts, Siemens’ Mobility Division is implementing cutting-edge manufacturing technology, including a Stratasys Fortus 900mc Production 3D Printer, to produce end-use rail industry parts in a matter of days.
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Siemens announces new online platform for global on-demand 3D printing production

Apr 24 6:33am
Global technology company Siemens has announced plans to develop a new web-based collaborative platform that will enable on-demand product design and 3D printing production across the global manufacturing industry. The new online platform, which was announced at Hannover Messe 2017, the world’s largest industrial fair, is being developed by Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software team.
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20-year-old receives 3D printed skull implant after removal of extremely rare tumor

Apr 24 5:16am
Tiffany Cullern, a 20-year-old from Swindon, Wiltshire in the U.K., has had her skull rebuilt thanks to a 3D printed skull implant. The young woman had been suffering from an incredibly rare tumor, about the size of a golf ball, that was growing on her brain.
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Ontarios new $5M ADEISS Centre could transform medical 3D printing in North America

Apr 24 4:32am
The London Medical Network (LMN), a healthcare specialist based in Ontario, Canada, has announced the 6.8 million CAD (5 million USD) formation of a new medical 3D printing center in partnership with Ontario’s Western University and British engineering firm Renishaw PLC. The immediate creation of 20 professional jobs would be a boon for any city, but the formation of the Additive Design in Surgical Solutions (ADEISS) Centre in London, Ontario could mean a whole lot more for the Canadian city—and even the whole world.
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3D printed beekeeping device keeps out parasites, could send Spanish student scientists to Sydney

Apr 23 10:31am
A team of Spanish students aged between 14 and 16 is looking to raise €5,000 to take its 3D printed beekeeping solution to the FIRST LEGO League Asia Pacific Open in Sydney, Australia. The Valencia-based team, named “Invictus Lego,” has created a 3D printed anti-parasite tool for beehives.
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Mat Collishaw new room-sized 3D printed zoetrope blends 19th-century ideas with 21st-century tech

Apr 22 12:42pm
Renowned UK artist Mat Collishaw is broadening his horizons with a newly exhibited 3D printed zoetrope. “The Centrifugal Soul” is a gargantuan piece covered in dozens of 3D printed birds and flowers, currently on display at Blain|Southern in London.
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Adafruit 3D prints amazing flexible Lego strips that stick to any glass surface

Apr 22 12:33am
The increasing popularity of 3D printing technology has had a particularly big impact on the use of Lego bricks. A custom-made Lego 3D printer, the virtual 3D modelling software Lego X, and a Lego-based biomedical 3D design tool are just some of the applications...
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