New SAP Distributed Manufacturing application connects engineers with 3D printing service providers

Apr 24 10:13am
SAP SE, a market leader in enterprise application software headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, has today launched SAP Distributed Manufacturing, a new application that will “make 3D printing a seamless part of digital manufacturing,” at Hannover Messe 2017. Expect to hear lots of exciting industrial news from Germany this week, because Hannover Messe, the world’s biggest industrial fair, has just kicked off. Earlier today we covered Siemens’ plans to create a new online platform for on-demand 3D printing, and we’ve just heard about another exciting additive manufacturing development, this time from German software company SAP SE.
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Nano Dimension appoints former 3D Systems president Avi Reichental to board of directors

Apr 24 8:34am
Israeli 3D printed electronics company Nano Dimension Ltd. has announced that Avi Reichental, former president, chief executive officer, and director at 3D Systems, has joined its board of directors. Nano Dimension is best known for its 3D printed multi-layer PCB technology and its DragonFly 2020 PCB 3D printer.
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Stratasys 3D printer helps Siemens Mobility go full steam ahead with low-volume production of rail parts

Apr 24 7:42am
The Mobility Division of global engineering and technology company Siemens has announced it is using a Stratasys FDM 3D printer to fabricate low-volume production parts for rail companies, including Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu Ulm (SWU) Verkehr GmbH, a German transport services provider. In an effort to stay “on track” with its low-volume production of rail industry parts, Siemens’ Mobility Division is implementing cutting-edge manufacturing technology, including a Stratasys Fortus 900mc Production 3D Printer, to produce end-use rail industry parts in a matter of days.
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Siemens announces new online platform for global on-demand 3D printing production

Apr 24 6:33am
Global technology company Siemens has announced plans to develop a new web-based collaborative platform that will enable on-demand product design and 3D printing production across the global manufacturing industry. The new online platform, which was announced at Hannover Messe 2017, the world’s largest industrial fair, is being developed by Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software team.
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20-year-old receives 3D printed skull implant after removal of extremely rare tumor

Apr 24 5:16am
Tiffany Cullern, a 20-year-old from Swindon, Wiltshire in the U.K., has had her skull rebuilt thanks to a 3D printed skull implant. The young woman had been suffering from an incredibly rare tumor, about the size of a golf ball, that was growing on her brain.
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Ontarios new $5M ADEISS Centre could transform medical 3D printing in North America

Apr 24 4:32am
The London Medical Network (LMN), a healthcare specialist based in Ontario, Canada, has announced the 6.8 million CAD (5 million USD) formation of a new medical 3D printing center in partnership with Ontario’s Western University and British engineering firm Renishaw PLC. The immediate creation of 20 professional jobs would be a boon for any city, but the formation of the Additive Design in Surgical Solutions (ADEISS) Centre in London, Ontario could mean a whole lot more for the Canadian city—and even the whole world.
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3D printed beekeeping device keeps out parasites, could send Spanish student scientists to Sydney

Apr 23 10:31am
A team of Spanish students aged between 14 and 16 is looking to raise €5,000 to take its 3D printed beekeeping solution to the FIRST LEGO League Asia Pacific Open in Sydney, Australia. The Valencia-based team, named “Invictus Lego,” has created a 3D printed anti-parasite tool for beehives.
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Mat Collishaw new room-sized 3D printed zoetrope blends 19th-century ideas with 21st-century tech

Apr 22 12:42pm
Renowned UK artist Mat Collishaw is broadening his horizons with a newly exhibited 3D printed zoetrope. “The Centrifugal Soul” is a gargantuan piece covered in dozens of 3D printed birds and flowers, currently on display at Blain|Southern in London.
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Adafruit 3D prints amazing flexible Lego strips that stick to any glass surface

Apr 22 12:33am
The increasing popularity of 3D printing technology has had a particularly big impact on the use of Lego bricks. A custom-made Lego 3D printer, the virtual 3D modelling software Lego X, and a Lego-based biomedical 3D design tool are just some of the applications...
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Introducing Shapeways Collective

Apr 21 5:16pm The Shapeways Blog
Shapeways means so much more to our community of makers than just a factory for producing things and a store for selling them. We’ve seen many of you share not only your work, but also your excitement and belief in the... The post Introducing Shapeways Collective appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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SOLIDWORKS 2017 Enhancement You May Have Missed Wrap on any Face

Apr 21 1:32pm 3DVision Technologies
I have always loved the Wrap feature in SOLIDWORKS. It is a great way to get geometry onto a face or set of faces.  The issue I had with it though is that you were limited to a cylinder or a cone for the feature to work. Well, that is no longer the case. In SOLIDWORKS 2017 that limitation has been eliminated and you can now wrap sketches onto multiple surfaces of any shape. This feature is great for: Industrial Designers Products with interesting or complex logo’s Label panels Tire side walls Blow moldings Roto moldings Stamping Let’s take a look at the new and improved Wrap Feature in SOLIDWORKS 2017. We will be using a file from the What’s new...
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Shapeways in Seattle This Saturday

Apr 21 12:35pm The Shapeways Blog
We’re hosting two awesome design events in Seattle this Saturday, April 22. Whether you’re interested in learning about creating scale models for 3D printing or sharing your designs on our new community site, Shape.JS, we’d love to meet you! Community Manager... The post Shapeways in Seattle This Saturday appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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Mag launches Kickstarter for new Mag ICreatum all-in-one 3D printer, CNC mill and laser engraver

Apr 21 12:12pm
Any interested newcomers looking to purchase a 3D printer for the first time might well find the right solution for them on Kickstarter, where MAG has just launched a campaign to raise funds for its ICreatum project.
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3D Printed Casts Help Bones Heal Almost Twice as Fast

Apr 21 11:30am NeoMetrix
The post 3D Printed Casts Help Bones Heal Almost Twice as Fast appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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Korean government to incentivize 3D printing, robotics, AI in healthcare

Apr 21 11:06am
The 3D printing industry in South Korea has just received a significant boost, with the announcement of a new state initiative. The government has released details of an evaluation and compensation system soon to be established in the medical device industry, which will provide particular incentives for the use of newer...
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3D printing could help 27-year-old Chinese woman grow a new face

Apr 21 9:21am
A 27-year-old woman from Shanghai is set to undergo a one-year facial reconstruction process after losing much of her face to infection as a child, according to sources in China. 3D printing will be used to create guides for the new facial features. Going a couple of decades without a face sounds like something that would happen in a Kafka or Gogol story, not real life. For 27-year-old Jin Qi, however the situation couldn’t be more real. After contracting a rare form of sepsis at a young age, the Chinese woman has lived most of her life without a mouth or nose, both of which were lost to infection after her autoimmune system went haywire.
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3D-printing of glass now possible

Apr 21 9:15am 3-D Printing News -- ScienceDaily
Three-dimensional printing allows extremely small and complex structures to be made even in small series. A new method now allows glass to be used for this technique. As a consequence of the properties of glass, such as transparency, thermal stability and resistance to acids, the use of this material in 3D-printing opens up manifold new applications in production and research, such as optics, data transmission, and biotechnology.
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SHINING3D opens new EMEA HQ in Germany, launches two new Einscan 3D scanners

Apr 21 8:03am
SHINING3D, a 3D printing and 3D scanning solutions company based in Hangzhou, China, has announced the opening of its European Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The new HQ, known as SHINING3D EMEA, has already kicked off its operations with the launch of a new generation of EinScan 3D scanners, which includes the EinScan-SE (Elite) and the EinScan-SP (Platinum).
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Adafruits 3D printed LED wayFinder is the barbarian cosplay prop weve been waiting for

Apr 21 6:56am
Adafruit’s Erin St Blaine has designed a “glowing viking rune wayFinder” for a barbarian cosplay costume. The prop, inspired by “ancient stories and legends” while containing the “newest fanciest tech,” has a 3D printed plastic case and glowing LED strips. When you’re appointed priestess of a barbarian horde, you need to look the part. Wooden staff? Check. Animal furs? Absolutely. But for that extra special touch, an electronic 3D printed gizmo can really make the difference.
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3D printed Cora Ball aims to stop water pollution caused by laundry microfibers

Apr 21 6:08am
The Rozalia Project, a Vermont-based initiative dedicated to saving the world’s oceans through education and research, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a small and remarkably simple product that could have a real impact on the state of our oceans. Made with the help of 3D printing, the Cora Ball is a small plastic ball designed to catch stray the microfibers shed by our clothes in the washing machine.
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3D-Printing of glass now possible

Apr 21 4:03am Nanowerk 3D-Printing News
As a consequence of the properties of glass, such as transparency, thermal stability and resistance to acids, the use of this material in 3D-printing opens up manifold new applications in production and research, such as optics, data transmission, and biotechnology.
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Faster Steel And the Innovative Process That Made It Possible

Apr 20 1:29pm The Shapeways Blog
We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve reduced 3D printed steel lead times by two days! Now, steel products will ship to our US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand communities in just nine days. For the rest of the world,... The post Faster Steel — And the Innovative Process That Made It Possible appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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Johnson and Johnson introduces new surgical tools including 3D printed bone technology from TRS

Apr 20 1:22pm
De Puy Synthes, which is part of the Johnson and Johnson family, has acquired 3D printed bone technology from Tissue Regeneration Systems, a Michigan-based medical device company. This will complement of a new range of medical devices and solutions that Johnson and Johnson will be introducing to the market, including surgical guides and implants.
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MAN Diesel & Turbo 3D prints serial production gas turbine components

Apr 20 12:08pm
German engine provider MAN Diesel & Turbo has announced it is now 3D printing metal components for its gas turbines. The company claims it is the first manufacturer in the world to integrate metal 3D printed parts “not only for test runs, but also for serial production.” The breakthrough is the product of nearly a decade of research and development by MAN Diesel & Turbo.
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Metal 3D printing supports eaten away in electrochemical process developed at Arizona State

Apr 20 11:41am
Owen Hildreth, an assistant professor of 3D nanofabrication at Arizona State University (ASU), has devised an electrochemical process that could be used to “eat away” the support structures used in metal 3D printing. Thanks to the pioneering work of companies like Stratasys and the development of special soluble materials, getting rid of support structures is now easier than ever—if you happen to be 3D printing in plastic.
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This stunning stained glass window was made using 3D printing technology

Apr 20 10:48am
Last year, Toronto-based 3D printing and rapid prototyping service Custom Prototypes amazed us with a stunning 3D printed replica of Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting The Starry Night, originally painted in 1889. Now, it has come through yet again with an equally impressive artistic project: a 3D printed, 100\% plastic stained glass window.
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Renaults RS 2027 Vision F1 concept car has a 3D printed cockpit

Apr 20 9:58am
French automaker Renault has used this week’s Auto Shanghai event in China to showcase the R.S. 2027 Vision, a concept for a future Formula 1 car. The entire cockpit of the car is 3D printed. Earlier this year, we heard that Renault Trucks, once part of Renault, was using 3D printers to make their engines lighter and more efficient. And while Renault Trucks left Renault for the Volvo Group in 2001, Renault itself is now keeping pace with its former subsidiary in terms of 3D printing innovation. Trucks? How about 3D printed Formula 1 cars!...
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Duke Universitys cartilage-mimicking 3D printed hydrogels could help repair damaged knees

Apr 20 8:56am
A team of researchers from Duke University in North Carolina is developing a novel 3D bioprinting material that could one day be used to create patient-specific cartilage implants. The innovative cartilage-mimicking material is made from a hydrogel mixture and could be used to 3D print menisci implants to repair damaged knees.
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German researchers use stereolithography to 3D print tiny glass structures at low temperatures

Apr 20 7:21am
Researchers in Germany have found a way to 3D print glass at relatively low temperatures. By mixing glass powder with a photosensitive polymer, the researchers were able to print detailed glass structures (including a glass pretzel) using an ordinary stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer. From windows to camera lenses to sunglasses, glass is an important part of modern life. The material is hard, lasts a long time, and is—of course—transparent, making it suitable for a variety of applications.
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Oracle uses Carbon CLIP technology to 3D print thousands of end-use server brackets in days

Apr 20 6:03am
Oracle Labs, the R&D unit of computer technology corporation Oracle, has enlisted the help of 3D printing company Carbon to help it design and additively manufacture a high volume of a small and precise end-use bracket for its new research server. According to Oracle, only Carbon’s continuous liquid interface production (CLIP) technology was suited for the task.
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Hacking the Jewelry Industry

Apr 19 5:46pm The Shapeways Blog
Maybe you have some ideas for a jewelry collection, but you’re not a trained bench jeweler or metalsmith. Fortunately, you no longer need to be an artisan — or even that great with your hands — to start creating gorgeous jewelry. These days robust 3D modeling software can be downloaded for free and mastered with […] The post Hacking the Jewelry Industry appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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Doctors in Shanghai Use 3D Printed Brain Models for Surgery Prep

Apr 19 3:16pm NeoMetrix
The post Doctors in Shanghai Use 3D Printed Brain Models for Surgery Prep appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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3D Printed Food Is a Lie

Apr 19 1:03pm The Shapeways Blog
Today’s opinion piece offers a new take on a cutting-edge culinary trend. 3D printed food is a lie. Yes, a complete lie, and here’s why: The Foodini claims to be able to “print” edible burgers, pizza, and chocolate. And while I’m sure it’s able to assemble foods, there should be no such thing as “3D printed food.” If you’re […] The post 3D Printed Food Is a Lie appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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3-D-printable implants may ease damaged knees

Apr 19 12:58pm Nanowerk 3D-Printing News
Printable hydrogel matches the strength and elasticity of human cartilage.
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New 3D printing tech at Hong Kong PolyU prepares doctors for TAVI heart procedures

Apr 19 12:11pm
After establishing a 620-square-meter 3D printing lab containing over 50 3D printers, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has now invested in a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) simulation system that could help doctors prepare for heart treatments. A procedure often reserved for elderly patients, transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is a relatively new technique that is often carried out to treat heart valve disorders such as aortic valve stenosis, a narrowing of the exit of the left ventricle of the heart.
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Gullivers Gate: a mini 3D printed world opens in NYC Times Square

Apr 19 11:42am
If Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” ride turned you off of miniature representations of the world as a kid, we’re going to have to beg you to reconsider your stance. On May 9, New York City’s Times Square will officially open the doors of its newest attraction. Called Gulliver’s Gate, the new exhibition consists of a $40 million miniature model of many of the world’s landmarks and countries. The amazingly elaborate model combines traditional model making with technologies such as 3D printing.
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What I learned at AMUG 2017 Part 1

Apr 19 11:40am 3DVision Technologies
If you've been following my blog posts lately, you may recall that the 3D Printing Sales and Applications team attended AMUG this year in Chicago.  I asked everyone what they learned.  I thought it would be beneficial to give their own points of view. This first learnings will be from Nate Harris, our Director of all things additive. Stratasys has over 1,200 granted and pending patents on their technology… Over 27 alone on the new F123!  Over 150,000 commercial installed units.  No question in my mind… a leader in technologies that dominate the majority of applications our customers need to solve problems. Traditional Jigs-Figures workflow vs 3D Printing Jigs-Figures workflow: Traditional:  Design à Drawing à Approval Loop à Procurement à Fabrication...
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MUSC researchers 3D print model of intracranial artery to standardize vessel-wall MRI scans

Apr 19 10:48am
3D printing technology has been advancing medical treatment and research worldwide for years now, and the potential that it offers for the easy sharing and distribution of information across a global network has been a key factor in this process. The latest breakthrough to take advantage of this, achieved by a group of researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of Massachusetts, is a 3D printed model of an intracranial artery. This model can be used to help standardize high-resolution MRI scanning worldwide.
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NASA develops 3D printed space fabrics for spacesuits, shields, more

Apr 19 9:25am
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has unveiled its latest 3D printing development: metallic “space fabrics.” The 3D printed metal fabrics, which are strong, foldable, reflective, and highly heat resistant, could be used to create future astronaut spacesuits or as shields and insulation for spacecraft.
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Kodak Micro 3D Printing and Packaging division to become Advanced Materials and 3D Printing Technology unit

Apr 19 8:31am
The Eastman Kodak Company (still widely known as Kodak) has just announced some major internal re-organizations. The move includes overhauls in areas such as staffing, division allocation, and last but not least, 3D printing.
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Etihad & Diehl Aerosystems cut costs by 30% with serial-produced 3D printed cabin part

Apr 19 7:43am
Etihad Airways Engineering has signed an agreement with Diehl Aerosystems to design, manufacture, and install an inflight entertainment (IFE) cover plate, its first serial-produced 3D printed plastic part for an aircraft cabin. For most of us, flying economy isn’t really an option—it’s a necessity. Flights are expensive, and all the legroom in the world wouldn’t make me double my fare. Nonetheless, envy still frequently kicks in when you get a glimpse of the flowing champagne, plush headrests, and high-tech television sets in the more expensive seating areas.
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EOS, Daimler, Aerotec launch NextGenAM project to advance industrial metal 3D printing

Apr 19 7:11am
Industrial 3D printer company EOS has announced a new partnership with aerostructures supplier Premium Aerotec and German automotive corporation Daimler. Through the partnership, the companies will establish a production system for serial additive manufacturing. The metal 3D printing initiative, called the NextGenAM project, is set to launch in May 2017.
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Materialise & Wohlers Associates announce 3-day course on design for additive manufacturing (DfAM)

Apr 19 5:52am
3D printing software company Materialise and additive-focused consulting firm Wohlers Associates have announced a three-day course on design for additive manufacturing (DfAM), to be held at Materialise HQ in Leuven, Belgium. If you’re a company looking to get involved with additive manufacturing, buying a 3D printer is only half the trouble: you also have to learn how to use the thing. And as any 3D printing pro will tell you, that goes beyond reading the instruction manual. In fact, designing a product for 3D printing involves thinking about the object in a whole new way, taking into account crucial factors like its orientation, need for supports, density, and much more.
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Polish students design eco-friendly 3D printed shoes & customization app

Apr 19 4:54am
Two design students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw have designed and crafted a line of customizable 3D printed shoes. The shoes, which are made from eco-friendly materials and can be customized by the wearer through an app, were prototyped and 3D printed using Polish 3D printer manufacturer ZMorph’s Multitool 3D printer.
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Configurable CT | Everything starts at the source

Apr 19 4:13am Nikon Metrology
Multiple sources & infinite possibilities with configurable CT Nikon Metrology microfocus sources offer unmatched versatility for objects big and small. Featuring a wide range of spot sizes and power ratings, these open-tube sources are fully configurable and interchangeable to accommodate a wide range of density and material requirements. Expect precise measurements and stunning spatial resolution […] The post Configurable CT | Everything starts at the source appeared first on Nikon Metrology Blog.
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Solar Turbines improves 3D printed gas turbines with Sigma Labs quality assurance software

Apr 19 3:42am
3D printing just got a little greener upon the signing of a new contract between Sigma Labs and California turbine producer Solar Turbines Incorporated. Announced yesterday, the deal will see Sigma Labs, a leading player in 3D printing quality assurance software under the PrintRite3D brand, offer a helping hand in the production of Solar Turbines’ gas turbines.
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Giant 3D printed (Ultra) Light Network installation dazzles iLight festival-goers in Singapore

Apr 18 11:31am
Felix Raspall and Carlos Banon, architecture professors from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), have premiered a new 3D printed light installation at the iLight Marina Bay festival in Singapore. Spanning 10 meters, “(Ultra) Light Network” stands as a tetrahedral mesh sculpture unlike any architecture you’ve ever seen before, showing how 3D printing can combine form and function in astounding new ways.
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Tutorial Tuesday 13: Painting Multicolor Models in Meshmixer

Apr 18 9:55am The Shapeways Blog
Way back in our second Tutorial Tuesday, Full-Color Printing and Character Models, we discussed tutorials for exporting multicolor digital models for 3D printing. But, that assumed you had a multicolor model in the first place. What if you want to add color to some plain old STL files? This week, we’ll walk you through a super simple way […] The post Tutorial Tuesday 13: Painting Multicolor Models in Meshmixer appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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3D printed vagina artist Megumi Igarashi fined 400K after obscenity charges upheld by Tokyo High Court

Apr 18 9:50am
The case of Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, also known by the name Rokdenashi-ko (Good-for-nothing-girl), has had a recent update as the Tokyo High Court upheld a lower court’s decision to charge Igarashi with obscenity for the distribution of 3D scanned models of her vagina. The controversial artist has been ordered to pay a fine of 400,000 yen ($3,700).
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GE Healthcare could soon turn CT scans into 3D printed medical models with click of a button

Apr 18 9:27am
Engineers at GE Healthcare are working towards a future in which 3D printed medical models can be made “with the click of a button.” The company is currently exploring whether it could send CT scan data straight to a 3D printer, cutting out several intermediate conversion stages. GE has made no secret of its desire to become a key figure in the 3D printing industry. From the high-profile acquisition of Arcam and Concept Laser to the creation of dedicated 3D printing unit GE Additive, the Boston-headquartered corporation is pulling out all the stops in order to capitalize on the 3D printing explosion of the last decade.
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Contour by Slickwraps will 3D print a second skin onto your iPhone...or will it?

Apr 18 8:29am
Slickwraps, a smartphone case company based in Andover, Kansas, claims to have developed a product called “Contour,” a $300 3D printer that can create customized 3D printed “skins” for smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Unfortunately, there’s a caveat.
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Cedars-Sinai team 3D prints heel models to test effectiveness of CMT surgical treatments

Apr 18 7:01am
A team of investigators from the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles have used a series of 3D printed models to prove that existing procedures for treating Charcot-Marie-Tooth heel deformities are in need of improvement, as they do not sufficiently correct the problem. The research was recently presented at the annual American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting.
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Femtosatellite launcher 3D printed in space after winning ISS Design Challenge

Apr 18 6:03am
A 3D printable satellite launcher, the winner of last year’s International Space Station (ISS) Design Challenge, has been 3D printed in space. The device was designed by California engineer Andy Filo and selected for the top prize by Mouser Electronics Inc. and MythBusters’ Grant Imahara. Back in November, we reported on the outcome of the ISS Design Challenge, a contest that encouraged makers from all over the world to create 3D printable tools that could be used by astronauts in space.
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The Making of Customizable 3D Printed Shoes

Apr 18 5:24am 3D Printing Blog – ZMorph Blog – articles, case studies and news on 3D printing
Design students from Poland created unique customizable 3D printed shoes and now plan to start their own business. Artykuł The Making of Customizable 3D Printed Shoes pochodzi z serwisu ZMorph Blog - articles, case studies and news on 3D printing.
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Businesses not concerned enough about 3Dprinting IP risks, DMH Stallard study shows

Apr 18 5:07am
British law firm DMH Stallard recently conducted a research study to see what companies thought of the potentials and risks of using 3D printing technologies for prototyping and manufacturing. And while the research showed that most companies were excited about additive manufacturing, it also suggested that most companies are perhaps not worried enough about the risks that the technology could pose to their intellectual property.
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ORB Racing FF210: The Return of Front-Wheel Drive

Apr 17 3:49pm The Shapeways Blog
If you’ve been to a RC car off-road racetrack, most likely you will have seen only rear-wheel-drive (RWD) cars and four-wheel-drive (4WD) buggies. Since the late 1980s, off-road RC car designs have not changed that much. Materials have gotten better, and the cars lighter, stronger, and more fine-tuned, but the chassis layouts have remained the […] The post ORB Racing FF210: The Return of Front-Wheel Drive appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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This Little Bowl Makes a Big Impact

Apr 17 11:12am The Shapeways Blog
Shapeways shop owner Jeremy Burnich has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a stunning bowl in the shape of Antarctica, with the proceeds going to offset carbon (via and help fight climate change. Jeremy used Shapeways’ Porcelain and Strong and Flexible (Nylon) Plastic to prototype and fine-tune his design. He’s now raising money to cast the bowl […] The post This Little Bowl Makes a Big Impact appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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3D Printing: Changing Health Care

Apr 17 10:08am NeoMetrix
The post 3D Printing: Changing Health Care appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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Swansea University researchers wrapped up in wound-monitoring 3D printed smart bandages

Apr 17 8:42am
Researchers at Swansea University in the UK are developing 3D printed “smart bandages” that can precisely monitor the healing of a wound. The bandages would use 5G data to transfer information about a wound to computers or other smart devices. In order to see how a wound is healing up, it is generally necessary to remove any obstructing bandages and dressing. That familiar practice could soon be a thing of the past, however, because researchers at Swansea University in the UK are developing 3D printed “smart bandages” that can do the observation for you.
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