Volkswagen launches pilot project for 3D printing spare parts

May 28 11:05am
While 3D printing is becoming increasingly established in the automotive industry as a valuable tool for prototyping, a growing number of car manufacturers are now looking to broaden those possibilities even further.
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Cadac Group to open new 3D printing and CAM fabrication lab in Heerlen, NL

May 28 8:44am
Cadac Group, an information tech company that serves the Benelux region, has announced a new joint venture with Netherlands-based CAM specialist CNC Machineworks.
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Gamer 3D prints replica of laser pistol from Fallout 3, complete with storage case and extra energy cells

May 27 12:01pm
Some of the most fun amateur uses of 3D printing we’ve seen have been from gamers, who have often sought to physically replicate iconic features of their favourite virtual universes. Weapons, helmets and much more besides have been 3D printed to impressive levels of accuracy, with fans of Konami’s Metal Gear Solid series and Bungie’s Destiny games being particularly active on this front.
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To Scan or Not to Scan, That is the Question

May 26 3:49pm NeoMetrix
The post To Scan or Not to Scan, That is the Question appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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Conch shells may inspire better helmets, body armor

May 26 2:37pm 3-D Printing News -- ScienceDaily
Engineers have uncovered the secret to the exceptional toughness of conch shells, and say the same principles can be used for body armor and helmets.
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Designer Spotlight: Aleksandar Kovacevic of AKK

May 26 12:00pm The Shapeways Blog
Aleksandar Kovacevic is a fashion designer from Serbia who discovered 3D printing and created AKK (the other K is short for Kiki) and his Poly collection, which looks like jewelry from the future. Here Aleksandar talks about the futuristic forms... The post Designer Spotlight: Aleksandar Kovacevic of AKK appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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Polish design studio Pillcrow uses 3D printing to create nearly 100 new fonts in an hour

May 26 11:49am
Maciej Kodzis and Grzegorz Owczarek, of Polish design studio Pillcrow, have been helping budding designers create new fonts with the help of 3D printed guides. The duo used a ZMorph 3D printer to make 3D printed grips for their typographical tools. While most of us rely on classic fonts like Helvetica and Times New Roman, the library of fonts these days goes way behind what Microsoft provides for us. In fact, font creation is now a popular field of design—you can make them by hand-drawing each letter, by cutting your own stamps, and by other means too.
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MIT researchers 3D print shape-shifting noodles in bizarre culinary research project

May 26 10:52am
Researchers at MIT’s Tangible Media Group have devised a method for 3D printing food that changes shape before you eat it. They say the weird shape-shifting food is also easier to store and transport. A surefire way to get kids engaged with reading is to present them with a pop-up book. There’s never a dull page in sight, and the dynamic nature of the experience ensures that even the most lit-phobic kids can get into a story.
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3D printed Cycloptic Mustard Monster combines best elements of 3 high-end cameras

May 26 10:10am
A resourceful London-based photographer has created an impressive piece of custom camera equipment with the help of 3D printing. Dubbed the Cycloptic Mustard Monster, the make is a fully functional large-format camera that was built by reverse engineering three other expensive high-end cameras, bringing together the best features from each. Paul Kohlhaussen started the project because of his desire to start shooting on larger negatives than was possible with the standard medium format.
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Canadas UNB opens $5M research facility for metal 3D printing in marine and defense

May 26 9:22am
Canada has launched its very first metal 3D printing research center geared towards the marine and defense industries. Dubbed the Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence, the new facility is being established at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton and was realized through a partnership between the latter, Custom Fabricators and Machinists (CFM), and community colleges in the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
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The Complicated Relationship Between Creative Commons, Copyright, and 3D Printing

May 26 3:00am The Shapeways Blog
The relationship between Creative Commons and the 3D design community is deep and complicated. Last month’s Creative Commons Summit in Toronto provided an opportunity to celebrate the depth and . . . work on the complications. Creative Commons was originally conceived... The post The Complicated Relationship Between Creative Commons, Copyright, and 3D Printing appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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Roy Stevens of Ryd Trains and His N Scale Krauss-Maffei

May 25 6:32pm The Shapeways Blog
Roy Stevens runs the Ryd Trains Shapeways shop. Most of his model trains are N scale, but he’s dabbled in Nn3 and Z scales, and even created a pair of earrings based on Dressel lamps. (“Perfect for the wife of a railroader,” he says.)... The post Roy Stevens of Ryd Trains and His N Scale Krauss-Maffei appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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Wax Waning: Talking With Krys Maniecki of Pamela Love

May 25 4:00pm The Shapeways Blog
Since 3D printing in wax has become available, many jewelry designers have shifted their design processes away from analog carving. Without abandoning traditional craft, the CFDA Award-winning studio Pamela Love has adapted its design workflow to incorporate digital design software and... The post Wax Waning: Talking With Krys Maniecki of Pamela Love appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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LLNL researchers adapt NIF tech for faster-than-ever DiAM metal 3D printing

May 25 3:52pm
A team of researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) says it has developed a new and faster method for 3D printing metal objects. Called Diode-based Additive Manufacturing (DiAM), the process is reportedly capable of printing “faster than ever” thanks to an OALV technology originally developed for the National Ignition Facility (NIF).
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Canadas University of Waterloo building one of worlds largest academic 3D printing facilities

May 25 3:02pm
The University of Waterloo, a “top innovation university” in Ontario, Canada, has just been given 8.9 million CAD in federal funding to develop its additive manufacturing lab. The facility will focus on improving metal 3D printing with sensors, quality assurance software, and machine intelligence. The University of Waterloo, perhaps best known for its famous cooperative education programs, is about to receive another impressive string for its academic bow.
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Envision The Future Designs At The Junior Blind School!

May 25 2:41pm Enabling The Future
After the completion of our Envision The Future design challenge, our wonderful partners at MatterHackers took some of the winning designs to Junior Blind of America, where students and teachers alike, had an opportunity to use the tools that were created and to give feedback! Director of Transition Services for Junior Blind of America, Rob […]...
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Thero: a 3D printed desktop device that lets you manage online encryption and privacy

May 25 1:54pm
These days, online privacy is a significant and controversial issue that affects practically every single person who uses the internet. That is, whether you are concerned about it or not, corporations and organizations have the means to track much of your online activity: what you search for, where you are, who you’re in contact with, etc.
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3D printed finger helps British teen take exams following grisly cycling acciden

May 25 12:18pm
A British teen who almost died in a freak cycling accident is using a 3D printed plastic finger to get through his GCSEs. Oliver Smith, 15, severed a main artery and two nerves, causing him to lose most function in his right arm. One of the most important applications of 3D printing these days is using the technology to fix our broken bodies. 3D printed arms and legs are reshaping the way people think about prosthetics, while 3D bioprinting goes a step further, with scientists attempting to create 3D printed human organs out of stem cells.
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Living cells allow MITs spectacular bioLogic workout gear to breathe, glow, and even deodorize

May 25 11:06am
MIT researchers have used a novel cell printing method to design extremely breathable workout garments with ventilating flaps that move as the wearer’s body produces heat and sweat. The project, called “bioLogic”, integrates moisture-sensitive microbial cells in the garment’s material, which cause scale-like details to open or close depending on the wearer’s condition.
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Robotic Industries BuildOne 3D printer offers auto bed leveling & WiFi connectivity for just $99

May 25 9:59am
Washington-based Robotic Industries LLC has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the BuildOne, a $99 3D printer with WiFi and automatic bed leveling. The campaign has raised almost $40,000 of its $100,000 goal. In 2017, 100 bucks won’t even get you a year’s worth of Netflix. Soon it will barely get you a bowl of cereal. But bargain-loving makers can rejoice, because Robotic Industries has just launched a Kickstarter for what must be the most affordable crowdfunded 3D printer of the year—yeah, it’s under $100.
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3D cell-printing Biopen successfully tested on sheep could be game changer in preventing osteoarthritis

May 25 8:50am
A team from the Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia has successfully tested its innovative Biopen. The 3D bioprinting pen, which can be filled with stem cell hydrogel ink cartridges, was used to repair a sheep’s knee.
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Designing New Fonts with the Help of 3D Printed Grips

May 25 5:15am 3D Printing Blog – ZMorph Blog – articles, case studies and news on 3D printing
Sometimes the simplest use of 3D printing can be the most useful one. Artykuł Designing New Fonts with the Help of 3D Printed Grips pochodzi z serwisu ZMorph Blog - articles, case studies and news on 3D printing.
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Display Your Jewelry in the Danish National Gallery

May 25 12:00am The Shapeways Blog
Today we are excited to announce a special jewelry contest in partnership with the National Gallery of Denmark. The contest gives the Shapeways design community a chance to have their jewelry displayed and sold in Copenhagen. The National Gallery (known by its Danish... The post Display Your Jewelry in the Danish National Gallery appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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Students and Community Shine at NYCxDesign Events

May 24 7:03pm The Shapeways Blog
NYCxDesign is a Shapeways hometown design event, a truly can’t-miss experience. This year Shapeways celebrated all things design by hosting several special design-themed events. The community team invited aspiring 3D designers into our digital manufacturing facility in Long Island City,... The post Students and Community Shine at NYCxDesign Events appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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3DFuel releases Hydro-Support, new water-soluble 3D printing filament for supports

May 24 5:57pm
One of the more tricky parts of the 3D printing process is the use of supports. Complex shapes can’t always be 3D printed on their own, and therefore require the addition of support structures which can then be removed after the object is printed. The removal of supports can be difficult, time-consuming, and hazardous due to the chiselling or chemical bathing it requires. The latest product from 3DFuel, a filament that is completely soluble in water and therefore incredibly easy to remove, could make support problems a thing of the past.
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Sculpteos newly released State of 3D Printing 2017 report shows a maturing market

May 24 4:52pm
French 3D printing company Sculpteo has just released the third edition of its ''State of 3D Printing'' report. The recent edition (which is for 2017) expands on and updates the company’s original State of 3D printing report, which was released in 2015.
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Share Cloths fashion design software to bring 3D printing to retail industry

May 24 3:26pm
The world of fashion retail could be completely revolutionized in the upcoming years, with the influence of 3D printing technology, and a new software solution released this year could be one of the first major signs pointing the way forward for the industry. Hitting the market in September, Share Cloths application of the same name will be compatible with Windows and Mac OS, and it will allow designers to create 3D designs for products or garments that can be 3D printed.
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3D printing news ICYMI: ViscoTec expands AM department, Nano Dimension working with solar energy company, more

May 24 2:18pm
With most additive manufacturing businesses using up their energy at RAPID + TCT earlier this month, this hasn’t been the busiest week for 3D printing. Nonetheless, here are a few of the smaller announcements that caught our eye over the last few days. ViscoTec, Nano Dimension, and Onshape all feature.
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MakerOS launches Public Autoquoter, customizable tool for 3D printing price quotes

May 24 1:10pm
Detroit-based software company MakerOS has announced its latest product for the 3D printing industry called Public Autoquoter. Described as “more than just a quoter,” the new tool lets businesses generate quick and accurate customer price quotes directly through their websites.
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From Prototypes to Production

May 24 1:05pm Blog – Stratasys Direct Manufacturing
The story of 3D printing started in prototyping. Now three decades after its invention, the industry has shifted, awakening the reality of production parts made with additive manufacturing across a range of applications. Products are typically designed to be mass manufactured in thousands or hundreds of thousands, with prototypes being built and tested throughout the […] The post From Prototypes to Production appeared first on Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.
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2017 International Paris Air Show to Feature 3D Printing Innovations

May 24 12:07pm NeoMetrix
The post 2017 International Paris Air Show to Feature 3D Printing Innovations appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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EDA to Assess Usage of 3D Printing in Military Operations

May 24 11:30am NeoMetrix
The post EDA to Assess Usage of 3D Printing in Military Operations appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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Improving Frosted Ultra Detail Starting With Pricing

May 24 10:52am The Shapeways Blog
For years, designers working with our Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) family of plastics (including Frosted Extreme Detail) have asked us to price the material more competitively. We saw the potential in rethinking our approach to pricing FUD, so we set... The post Improving Frosted Ultra Detail — Starting With Pricing appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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Motion Design Library Components

May 24 8:31am 3DVision Technologies
I like tools that increase productivity by reusing existing work.  Using the Design Library for SOLIDWORKS Motion components is one example of a productivity enhancer that I think users should take advantage of.  I guess the best place to start would be a quick description of the two tools mentioned.  SOLIDWORKS Motion is an analysis tool that utilizes assembly mates, part contacts, and driving forces to accurately predict mechanism performance.  SOLIDWORKS Motion included in SOLIDWORKS Premium and all three SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages – Standard, Professional, and Premium.  The Design Library, available in the Task Pane, is a common location for reusable design elements such as parts, assemblies, and even sketches. One possible reason for creating Motion Design Library components is ease...
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How to prevent 3-D printing hacks? Install secret flaws and share the decoder ring

May 24 4:33am Nanowerk 3D-Printing News
A group of researchers has discovered ways for manufacturers to turn the tables on thieves by deliberately embedding hidden flaws in CAD files to thwart intellectual property theft. In a new study, they show how certain intentionally induced defects can disappear when the part is printed under a very specific set of conditions.
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Aluminum 3D Printing Gets Bigger: We Increased the Printing Size By 162%!

May 24 1:10am i.materialise
Now that’s a big one: We’ve noticed that aluminum 3D prints are often demanded for large designs – and that’s why we decided to increase the printing size by a swooping 162\%. Formerly, the maximum printing size in aluminum was 250 x 250 x 295 mm. Now, however, you order prints with a size up to 500 x 280 x 345 mm! Simply upload your 3D file, choose our 3D printed aluminum from the list of material, and place your order.
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Tutorial Tuesday 18: Parametric Modeling With Grasshopper

May 23 3:00am The Shapeways Blog
Why create just one design when you can create infinitely many? Instead of designing a ring in just one size, you could use parametric design to control the ring size or the surface pattern, effectively creating many designs within one.... The post Tutorial Tuesday 18: Parametric Modeling With Grasshopper appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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A leap for 3-D printing

May 22 1:10pm Nanowerk 3D-Printing News
A $3 million Department of Defense fellowship to develop a platform for printing with new extreme-use materials.
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What I learned at AMUG 2017 Part 5

May 22 10:33am 3DVision Technologies
Your back for more?  This is part 5 of the What I learned at AMUG series.  This post is from Mark Oakes, Account manger, from our Novi, MIchigan office.  See here for part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. 1. Meeting and having a one-on-one discussion with industry inventors. Scott Crump; I asked him what would be the next great step in the industry. He asked me if I thought I could sell a 3D Printer that produced thousands of parts a day. I said Sell it!?, Heck, I'd buy one! (I made Scott Crump smile and Laugh). Carl Deckard; Met the Father of Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printing as calls him. Interesting but quiet fellow.I also met a...
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Fusion 360 3D Printing Tutorial

May 22 7:39am i.materialise
Autodesk Fusion 360 is one of the most popular programs among the 3D printing community, especially for those interested in industrial design. It combines powerful functionalities with a beginner-friendly interface and a relatively easy learning curve. In this tutorial, we will dive deeper into the 3D printing capabilities of Fusion 360. We will learn how to model, edit, prepare and 3D print a Fusion 360 design. So let’s get started! 1. 3D Modeling Rules for 3D Printing As with any other program, Fusion 360 users need to make sure to stick to certain design rules when it comes to 3D printing. A 3D model might look perfect on your screen, but would not be able to exist as a geometrical object in the real world. This is a problem in particular for programs mostly used by visual artists and game developers. Luckily for us, Fusion 360 is mainly used by industrial designers to create functional parts. That’s why the transition from virtual 3D model to actual 3D print is quite easy with this software. Nevertheless, keep these rules in mind. Chances are you already respect them in Fusion 360 without even knowing that they exist. Wall Thickness: Printers need information about how thick you intend the wall of your object to be (or if you want to print a completely solid model). Therefore, when turning a 3D model into a real 3D print, the wall thickness or volume information of the model is needed. You simply cannot print an object that has a ‘paper-thin’ wall without substance. Watertight: A printable model must not have any holes in its surface. Ask yourself the question: if I were to put water inside my model, would it flow out? If that’s the case, then you need to find those holes and close them. Sometimes this process is also called ‘creating a manifold model’ Grouped Models: While it is possible to export several bodies in a single STL file (so-called grouped models), we recommend you to export one model at a time 2. 3D Printing Commands Now that your design is ready for 3D printing, select the MAKE command. Now select the body that you intend to print by clicking on it. Once selected, you will see the body is previewed as a mesh. 3. File Resolution of 3D Print On the right-hand side of your screen, you will see a window with additional 3D printing settings to choose from. These are mainly about the resolution of your 3D print. A very low resolut...
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iNEXIV video measuring system accelerates PCB inspection

May 22 6:00am Nikon Metrology
A Nikon iNEXIV video measuring machine has successfully taken over quality control of printed circuit boards (PCBs) at Stevenage Circuits Limited (SCL) after the graphics card failed in a piece of similar, decade-old equipment from another supplier. The new iNEXIV VMA4540 is used virtually continuously for 2-D optical coordinate measurement of machined features and copper […] The post iNEXIV video measuring system accelerates PCB inspection appeared first on Nikon Metrology Blog.
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Giuseppe Finizia unveils latest update for 3D printed PCB workstation with low-cost needle probes

May 21 10:56am
Giuseppe Finizia, the Italian maker who two years ago brought us an innovative and endlessly useful 3D printed PCB workstation with articulated arms, has just posted a new and improved version of his design. The new 3D files for the project—which is called PCB Workstation with Needle Probes—are available on Finizia’s Thingiverse page.
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3D Printing News ICYMI: Organovos 3D bioprinting data, Metalysis, RP Platform, CPRIT grant, more

May 20 12:12pm
In another busy week for 3D printing we saw Organovo present data from its most recent research into 3D bioprinted liver tissue, Metalysis start research into producing a cost-effective 3D printable aluminum-scandium alloy...
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Envision The Future Design Challenge Winners!

May 19 5:11pm Enabling The Future
Throughout the past 4 years, the global e-NABLE Community has been focusing their attention on creating free 3D printed hands and arms for those in need of a “Helping Hand.” To date, they have gifted an estimated 2500+ devices in over 80 countries around the world. The power of innovation through collaboration and the benefits it […]...
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Sometimes we never know what will happen

May 19 1:47pm 3DVision Technologies
We all love hearing an inspiring story. Just the other day, a friend who works in our office building, stopped by our offices and was explaining to her friend what we do here at 3DVision Technologies. As she was explaining the Stratasys 3D Printers to her friend, I just happen to walk by. I introduced myself and shared a little bit about the technology and gave them a newly 3D printed fidget spinner to take with them. Little did either of us know until a couple days later, what impact this little gift would make on a close friend’s autistic son.  In her own words, you can read the touching story below. Dear 3DVision Technologies, I would like to share with...
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Advanced manufacturer Fathom to offer affordable metal 3D printing with new Desktop Metal 3D printers

May 19 10:56am
California-based advanced manufacturing company Fathom has partnered with Massachusetts-based 3D printing company Desktop Metal. Fathom will use Desktop Metal’s recently released Studio and Production 3D printers to offer more affordable metal 3D printing services to customers. It’s only been a month since Google-backed 3D printing company Desktop Metal launched two new metal 3D printers, the DM Studio and DM Production. However, that short timespan has apparently given advanced manufacturing company Fathom sufficient reason to adopt the new technology for its in-house 3D printing solutions.
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2D drawings are not flat... if you use SOLIDWORKS MBD. Get started with these resources.

May 19 10:22am 3DVision Technologies
Ever stop to consider what is going on when you make a 2D drawing of a 3D part in CAD and then go on to manufacture it? You make a 3D object into a 2D object so that you can make it back into a 3D object. Your 3D CAD part is 'flattened' into a 2D drawing, which is then used to manufacture a 3D part. 3D -> 2D -> 3D. This process is handy for when you need to transport your kayak, but can't we eliminate the 2D (drawing) step when going from 3D CAD to manufacturing the part? With SOLIDWORKS MBD you can. SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model-Based Definition) is an integrated, drawingless manufacturing solution for SOLIDWORKS. It helps define, organize...
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3D printed UNYQ Align back brace to be displayed at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

May 19 10:18am
3D printed prosthetics company UNYQ will soon have its 3D printed Align scoliosis brace on permanent display at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, where it will stand alongside other innovative and historic pieces of architecture, sculpture, painting, costume, and design.
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Dublins new Irish Manufacturing Research center opens up 40 jobs in 3D printing, robotics, more

May 19 9:29am
Around 40 new technology jobs, including positions related to additive manufacturing, are to open up in Dublin, where a €15 million advanced manufacturing center has just opened. Irish Manufacturing Research will create roles in robotics, mathematics, 3D printing, and other areas. Collaborative research hubs are becoming ever more common in today’s technology-driven world, though at first glance it may seem counterintuitive to share resources and a working environment with a potential competitor. After all, many manufacturing projects need to be kept top secret if they are to become a serious financial success.
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Listen to ViolinoDigitale, a 3D printed replica of a Stradivarius violin made with wood filament

May 19 8:43am
Harris Matzaridis of ViolinoDigitale has unveiled an incredible 3D printed violin that quite literally brings music to our ears. The project, which took over two years to complete, was realized through a combination of digital manufacturing processes (such as 3D printing) and more traditional luthier handcrafting techniques.
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This Weekend, Walk the Trial at the Ultimate Off-Road RC Gathering

May 18 2:24pm The Shapeways Blog
Hundreds of RC car enthusiasts will gather near Antwerp this weekend for Walk the Trial XV, guiding their remote-controlled 4WD vehicles over rocks, mud, and other rough terrain in the Belgian countryside. Shapeways will be there, too, sponsoring a Build-Off and showing off RC... The post This Weekend, Walk the Trial at the Ultimate Off-Road RC Gathering appeared first on Shapeways Magazine.
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Use 3D printing to customize your new favorite musical instrument: the Hyve Touch Synth

May 18 2:13pm
Musical enthusiasts and musicians of all levels will soon find their sonic palate expanding even further with the help of a new project from Hyve—a project that should also appeal to tech wizards. The startup has just raised over $100,000 in a successful Kickstarter campaign for its Touch Synth, a miniature synthesizer that is designed to be easy-to-use as well as hackable and customizable. Users can make their own back for the instrument using 3D printing technology.
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Bartlett designers 3D print intricate Voxel Chair using continuous line design software

May 18 1:18pm
A team from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London has unveiled its latest creation: a robotically 3D printed chair, designed using an innovative 3D printing software that models structures using a continuous line. The so-called Voxel Chair was realized by members of Bartlett’s Design Computational Lab (DCL).
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Oxford Performance Materials nickel-plated OXFAB-Ni 3D printing material as strong as aluminum alloys

May 18 12:11pm
Oxford Performance Materials, an advanced materials and 3D printing company based in Connecticut, has launched a new 3D printing material. The nickel-plated OXFAB-Ni material can be used to make 3D printed PEKK-based parts for aerospace and industrial applications. Designing a material that could replace high performance aluminum alloys is no mean feat, but that’s exactly what Oxford Performance Materials is attempting to do with OXFAB-Ni, its new PEKK (poly-ether-ketone-ketone) 3D printing material.
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3D Metalforge opens Singapores first end-to-end metal 3D printing facility

May 18 11:17am
Metal 3D printing company 3D Metalforge has opened Singapore’s first end-to-end Metal Additive Manufacturing Center (AMC). The facility, which offers a range of metal 3D printing solutions and services, was inaugurated on May 17 in cooperation with Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry Mr. S. Iswaran.
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Control your 3D printer from anywhere with $65 Waggle remote control

May 18 10:19am
A Kickstarter is underway for Waggle, a remote control that lets you monitor and control your 3D printer from anywhere, even if the printer is an older model. Early bird backers can secure the smartphone-compatible 3D printer remote for $65. Many modern 3D printers come with remote control capabilities—and for good reason too. Since it’s impractical to keep an eye on your 3D printer for hours at a time, it makes sense to be able to control and monitor the machine remotely. This way, prints can be aborted if something goes awry.
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Macro Plastics, Inc. Customer Story

May 18 9:13am 3DVision Technologies
Optimizing the design of plastic agricultural bins with SolidWorks Simulation Macro Plastics relies on SolidWorks Simulation Premium analysis software to optimize designs for its large agricultural bins, cutting material costs while maintaining strength. Macro Plastics, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of large agricultural bins in North America. The company’s products, which come in 70 different models, are a staple among fruit growers for picking, transporting, and bringing everything from apples and oranges to grapes and cherries to market. Bins from Macro Plastics are made from high-density polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, and are preferred over traditional wooden crates because they offer greater protection, delivering higher quality fruit, and are washable, reusable, and recyclable. When your product is made entirely out of plastic,...
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3D printing company Nano Dimension raises $4M through private placement, releases Q1 results

May 18 8:55am
Nano Dimension Ltd., an Israeli company that specializes in 3D printed electronics, has just announced that it has raised a total of NIS 14.4 Million ($4 million) through a private placement agreement (or non-public offering) with Israeli institutional investor Ayalim Trust Funds. At the same time, the company has also released its 2017 first quarter financial results.
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Sculpteo introduces CarbonMide, a carbon fiber reinforced polyamide suitable for aerodynamic components

May 18 8:20am
Online 3D printing company Sculpteo has introduced a new 3D printing material. CarbonMide, a fine black plastic polyamide powder (PA12) reinforced with carbon fiber, reportedly provides excellent stiffness, strength, and resistance. Last week was a busy one for 3D printing materials, with RAPID + TCT churning out more filaments each day than anyone could reasonably keep up with. The giant 3D printing event may have closed its doors, but—luckily for us—the spool party appears to be continuing, with Sculpteo yesterday lifting the lid on an exciting-sounding carbon fiber PA12 filament.
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