SXSW features Akinori Gotos stunning 3D printed light sculptures

Mar 14 10:35am
Japanese artist Akinori Goto, who is known for his stunning 3D printed and light-based art installations, has been given a platform at this year’s SXSW to display his innovative work. There, Goto will be showcasing an installation called Toki.
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BQ unveils Witbox Go!, the first Android 3D printer

Mar 14 9:40am
Madrid-based technology company BQ has unveiled the Witbox Go!, the world’s first Android-powered 3D printer. The printer is designed for consumer use, packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip under the hood, and will be released later this year. The consumer 3D printing community, founded as it is on the principles of open source technology, hasn’t exactly been crying out for the involvement of giant corporations. We have Stratasys; we have 3D Systems; we’re fine. Nonetheless, it was surely only a matter of time before the Google-developed Android OS found its way into a 3D printer.
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Prusa adds Smooth Variable Layer Height to Slic3r, enabling mid-print layer height adjustment

Mar 14 8:22am
Open-source 3D printer company Prusa Research has added a Smooth Variable Layer Height (SVLH) feature to its Slic3r Prusa Edition G-code generator. The feature enables users to print certain areas of a print with specific layer heights, allowing for perfect, ridge-free sloping surfaces. Selecting the layer height for a 3D printed object is usually a tradeoff between print quality and print time. Too low a print quality, and ugly layer lines will become visible in the printed part; too high, and you might fall asleep before printing is done. For many 3D printer users, choosing a layer height is therefore something of a compromise, choosing a resolution that is just high enough to make the object presentable, without it taking an age to print.
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Print the Future N.Y.C. pop-up shop showcases stunning 3D printed designer furniture

Mar 14 6:56am
If you are a Manhattanite or a visitor to the Big Apple, you might make a point to pass through Midtown Manhattan to see what’s brewing, or should I say printing, at the new Print the Future pop-up shop. Open until March 31, the Print the Future shop is displaying all sorts of amazing 3D printed designer furniture.
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New 3D-CMF 3D printing finishing technique uses solvent-filled pen to smooth surfaces

Mar 14 6:11am
Researchers at Waseda University in Japan have developed a new surface finishing process for 3D printed objects. The process, called 3D Chemical Melting Finishing, or 3D-CMF, involves using a pen-like device to selectively apply solvent to certain areas of the object. Surface finishing is one of the most important steps required to make a quality 3D print. Whether one opts to sand and polish the object manually, or use a chemical solvent to dissolve the rough, “ribbed” outer layer of a print, many find that this final stage of the 3D printing process is the one that ultimately determines whether a print ends up being beautiful or just “okay.”...
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Awesome DIY Pen Toolhead for ZMorph Multitool 3D Printer

Mar 14 5:57am 3D Printing Blog – ZMorph Blog – articles, case studies and news on 3D printing
Working pen toolhead designed by a ZMorph user. Just print it and start drawing with your 3D printer. Artykuł Awesome DIY Pen Toolhead for ZMorph Multitool 3D Printer pochodzi z serwisu ZMorph Blog - articles, case studies and news on 3D printing.
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Chinese funeral parlors are going high tech with 3D printing and robots

Mar 14 4:49am
China’s funeral industry has started adopting some high-tech elements, such as 3D printing and robots. 3D printing is being used to manufacture accurate facial reconstructions for corpses, and the robots are being used to decontaminate funeral parlors. Both technologies are aimed at making the undertaker business more automated.
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Which 3D Printed Resin Is Right for You?

Mar 14 4:17am i.materialise
Are you thinking about 3D printing in resin? Would you like to know more about the technology behind 3D printing in resin? Or you just can’t figure out which one of our five resins to choose? Then this blog post is perfect for you! The Technology: Stereolithography Stereolithography, the mother of all 3D printing technologies, has been around at Materialise since 1990. It is one of the most widely used 3D printing technologies for plastic 3D models. Instead of using powder or filament, Stereolithography technology uses a liquid resin to produce 3D prints. Since we are dealing with a liquid material, additional support structure is necessary for overhanging parts and cavities. The 3D printing process takes place in a large tank filled with liquid resin. To start the process, a layer of UV-sensitive liquid polymer is spread over a platform. Then, by applying a UV laser, selective parts of the liquid are hardened, depending on where the laser beam strikes. The remaining material in the tank stays liquid. In the next step, the platform, together with the model, is lowered, making room for the next layer of polymer to be drawn on top of the previous one. Again, the laser beam is applied to harden selective parts of the liquid material. This process is repeated until the model is finished. The required supports (for overhanging parts and cavities) are automatically generated and once the entire process is done, the model can be raised out of the tank and the supports are manually removed. 5 Different 3D Printed Resins The main advantages of our 3D printed resins are smooth surfaces, high-quality, detailed prints and a huge variety of finishing and post-processing possibilities. But let’s take a look at each of the five 3D printed resins in depth. Standard Resin Our most recently added resin is Standard Resin. It is a material that offers great quality at a low price, making it the ideal low-budget material. It is available with or without support; the support can be manually removed with tools and sanding paper. Standard Resin has a high level of detail, it is translucent, feels smooth to the touch and is easy to paint and post-process. Gray Resin Gray Resin, previously known as Prime Gray, is a very smooth resin, much smoother than almost all other 3D printing materials, and easy to paint. The standard finish comes in Natural Gray (Air Force Gray), but in tot...
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Tutorial Tuesday 8: Using Sculptris to 3D Model With Digital Clay

Mar 14 3:00am The Shapeways Blog
If you want to make an organic-looking sculpted character head or body, and you want to do it for free, then you’ll want to know how to use Sculptris. Sculptris is a free beginner 3D digital sculpting program made available by Pixologic, the company that produces the professional-grade sculpting software ZBrush. It’s very easy to […] The post Tutorial Tuesday 8: Using Sculptris to 3D Model With “Digital Clay” appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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Crohns Disease Patient Invites People to Look Inside His Virtual Colon

Mar 13 5:07pm NeoMetrix
The post Crohn’s Disease Patient Invites People to Look Inside His Virtual Colon appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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Dramatic improvement in surface finishing of 3-D printing

Mar 13 4:36pm Nanowerk 3D-Printing News
New process combines better quality with low cost and less waste, giant step towards home 3-D printing.
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Rize One 3D printer lets Boston Engineering print prototypes in the office

Mar 13 4:11pm
Using a Rize One 3D printer, Massachusetts-based company Boston Engineering has been able to speed up its prototyping process. The company used the Rize 3D printer in its office, rather than a dedicated lab, since the printer requires no post-processing equipment or chemicals. Consumer-level 3D printers can be used just about anywhere. You might even have one set up in your bedroom or lounge. At a certain level, however, 3D printing requires its own space. In professional settings, post-processing equipment is often needed to make 3D printed objects usable, presentable, or marketable. This post-processing equipment not only takes up extra space, it can also necessitate much more stringent safety measures...
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Alienologys Latest: Audiophile-Approved 3D Printed Speakers

Mar 13 3:51pm The Shapeways Blog
Designer Igor Knezevic, AKA Alienology, has had quite a year. After helping create artist Anouk Wipprecht’s incredible Living Pods and being nominated for an Academy Award for his work on “Passengers,” Igor’s taking things in a new direction: cutting-edge audio. Last week, Knezevic and sound engineer Edin Secibovic launched a Kickstarter for their innovative T3TRA […] The post Alienology’s Latest: Audiophile-Approved 3D Printed Speakers appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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The New R.A.M.B.O.

Mar 13 3:37pm NeoMetrix
The post The New R.A.M.B.O. appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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3D Scanning Helps to Preserve Korean National Treasure

Mar 13 3:06pm NeoMetrix
The post 3D Scanning Helps to Preserve Korean National Treasure appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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Oxford Performance Materials gains European patent for 3D printed bone implants

Mar 13 2:28pm
Oxford Performance Materials Inc. (OPM), a leader in high-performance additive manufacturing (HPAM), has made headlines again with a new European patent for its osteo-implants. Privately held OPM, which recently crossed our radar with a massive Boeing contract agreement, announced today that it has officially received a Notice of Decision to Grant a Patent from the European Patent Office.
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Urban Carry Creates Stunning Trade-Show Display with 3D Printing

Mar 13 12:42pm NeoMetrix
The post Urban Carry Creates Stunning Trade-Show Display with 3D Printing appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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Admatec Europe BV and ECN launch new ADMETALFLEX metal 3D printer

Mar 13 12:16pm
Admatec Europe BV, the Dutch company best known for its ceramic 3D printers, has joined forces with the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) to launch a new state-of-the-art metal 3D printer: the ADMETALFLEX. The new heavy-duty 3D printer is the latest addition to the ADMAFLEX series, and promises to deliver high-quality metal printed components, low surface roughness values, perfected features, and no residual stresses. Admatec and ECN will preview the 3D printer at the Additive Manufacturing User Group conference in Chicago later this March.
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Stylish 3D printed T3TRA speakers now on Kickstarter

Mar 13 10:28am
Music lovers will know that sound is of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing speakers, but if cool aesthetics can be worked in, why not opt for the most stylish set? Los Angeles startup Alienology Audio is aiming to bridge the gap between good quality and stylish speakers with its new 3D printed T3TRA speakers. The colorful and compact speakers are being featured in a Kickstarter campaign, which launched last week.
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Leading Canadian metals specialist Samuel, Son & Co. invests in metal 3D printing

Mar 13 8:49am
Leading Canadian metals and industrial parts manufacturer Samuel, Son & Co., Ltd. has announced it will be increasing its stake in 3D printing technologies through the acquisition of Burloak Technologies, a Dundas, Ontario-based additive manufacturing solutions company. Founded in 1855, Samuel, Son & Co. is one of the oldest and most established companies in the Canadian metals industry.
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Cazza plans to build worlds first 3D printed skyscraper using crane printing technique

Mar 13 7:57am
Cazza Construction Technologies, an architectural 3D printing startup that is currently working with the Dubai Government, says it is planning to build the world’s first 3D printed skyscraper. The company will purportedly use a new 3D printing technique called “crane printing.” For a company whose 3D printing technology has never been seen in public, Silicone Valley 3D printing startup Cazza Construction Technologies certainly seems to inspire faith in people. After drumming up a lot of interest over the last year or so, Cazza announced at the end of 2016 that it had been contracted by the Dubai Government to start 3D printing buildings there.
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Is the Goodyear Eagle 360 Urban 3D printed concept tire the future of autonomous driving?

Mar 13 6:41am
If self-driving cars are the future of the automotive industry, then Goodyear will be right alongside them, crafting and manufacturing the tires of the future. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, which has been making tires for over a century, has unveiled its newest concept tire, the Eagle 360 Urban.
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Researchers put 3D printed cheese under the microscope

Mar 13 5:56am
Researchers at University College Cork in Ireland have conducted a series of experiments to understand what happens to cheese when it is 3D printed. They found that the 3D printed cheese turned out softer, darker, and less sticky than untreated cheese. At the start of the month, California startup BeeHex raised $1 million to launch a pizza-printing 3D printer called the Chef 3D. Although seen by some as a novelty, the unusual food 3D printer has at least got people wondering about how the technology will work: how will the dough be 3D printed? How will the tomato be 3D printed? And last but not least, how exactly will the cheese be 3D printed?...
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Modular Snapmaker 3D printer combines laser engraving and CNC carving

Mar 13 4:38am
Keep a close eye on Kickstarter tomorrow, as a new modular hybrid 3D printer is set to launch. Called the Snapmaker, the new machine combines a 3D printer, CNC carver, and a laser engraver. The Snapmaker 3D printer will be available for as low as $299.
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Top 10 User Enhancement Requests 2017

Mar 12 11:51am 3DVision Technologies
Each year between November and January SOLIDWORKS opens up the opportunity to submit and vote on enhancements for the Top 10 list for that year. These are announced at SOLIDWORKS World, usually on Wednesday. This year they broke the tradition of announcing them in the giant General Session and instead did them in a break-out session in front of approximately only 30 people. Some of the statistics that were given at the beginning of the presentation were: -Since 2001 (when they started doing this) 70\% of all the Top 10 list have been implemented. -SOLIDWORKS gets about 6000 Enhancement Requests per year!!   They also reviewed which Top 10 Enhancements from previous years made it in to SW2017: -Ability to switch to “classic colors” interface -Converting between Fillet – Chamfer and...
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Six 3D printed accessories to fix common Nintendo Switch problems

Mar 12 9:22am
Since its worldwide release last week, the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed strong sales but mixed reviews, many of which point out irritating design flaws in the console. Makers are already popping up with 3D printed Nintendo Switch accessories designed to solve these problems.
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3D printed OpenScope is your ticket to affordable digital night vision

Mar 11 2:55pm
Instructables user MattGyver92, an architecture visualization specialist, has designed a 3D printed monocular night vision device. The device, dubbed OpenScope, features an adjustable camera, LED, and 3D printed enclosure.
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3D printing news ICYMI: Leapfrog Bolt prints Polypropylene, new 3D printed spinal implants, more

Mar 11 8:16am
3D printing technology never sleeps, but you do, so here's a helpful recap of things you might have missed in another busy week for the industry:...
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3D Printing: Creating Countless Possibilities in the Auto Industry

Mar 10 4:46pm NeoMetrix
The post 3D Printing: Creating Countless Possibilities in the Auto Industry appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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Siemens Successfully Completes First Installation of 3D Printed Part in Nuclear Power Plant

Mar 10 3:50pm NeoMetrix
The post Siemens Successfully Completes First Installation of 3D Printed Part in Nuclear Power Plant appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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Amazing miniature 3D printed solar systems, moons and planets that fit on your desk

Mar 10 1:11pm
Fans of astronomy and fans of miniature replicas alike can rejoice today, as a 3D printed scale model of our entire solar system has been made available for purchase. The online store Little Planet Factory is selling these amazingly detailed, high-resolution models...
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RC Customization Series: The Story so Far

Mar 10 1:04pm The Shapeways Blog
Two months ago, inspired by our amazing — and growing! — RC car community, I set out on a journey into the world of RC cars. Colleague Tijs Lochbaum and I took a Tamiya Hornet completely apart and gave it a whole new look. We’ll be ready for the big reveal soon, but in the meantime, we’re taking a […] The post RC Customization Series: The Story so Far appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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Boeing granted patent for virtual library of 3D printable aircraft parts

Mar 10 10:59am
Aerospace giant Boeing has had a patent approved for a new system that allows for on-demand 3D printing of aircraft parts. The company and its clients could use the system to order replacement aircraft parts, which can be manufactured more quickly and at a lower cost using 3D printing technology. The new system involves storing designs for parts in a virtual library, which could be made available to clients.
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France fired up for 3D printed ceramics: 3Dceram teams with national research unit

Mar 10 9:37am
3Dceram, a 3D printed ceramics specialist based in Limoges, France, has signed a three-year collaboration agreement with the Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatments (SPCTS) research unit to develop ceramic 3D printing technologies. 3Dceram first worked with the SPCTS in 2010. 3D printed ceramics might be one of the more niche applications of additive manufacturing, but it is nonetheless an area ripe for investment and development. Far more than a means of making pottery and tea sets, ceramic 3D printing technology offers manufacturers a new and efficient means of producing items like gas burner nozzles, biomedical implants, and even construction materials.
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Canadian 3D printed prosthetics non-profit is in the running to win $750K from Google

Mar 10 7:49am
The Victoria Hand Project, a Canadian non-profit that is helping to make 3D printed prosthetic hands more accessible in remote and developing parts of the world, is in the running for a $750,000 award through Google’s Impact Challenge. The British Colombia-based initiative is one of ten Canadian finalists in the challenge, which recognizes groups and organizations that are making a positive social impact with technology.
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India to expand virtual tourism with 3D reproductions of Buddhist Circuit monuments

Mar 10 5:25am
India’s Science and Technology Ministry has announced a plan to reproduce monuments from the country’s Buddhist Circuit using 3D technologies. Though the ministry has not released many details about the project so far, it says it is part of the effort to virtually promote India’s architectural heritage.
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Stratasys releases Q4 and full year 2016 financial results, lowers 2017 outlook

Mar 10 4:42am
Stratasys has released its fourth quarter and full year 2016 financial results, reporting $175.3 million in revenue for Q4. The 3D printing company says its 2017 revenue will be between $645 million and $680 million with non-GAAP earnings of 19 cents a share to 37 cents a share. Despite being able to shrink its losses during Q4, Stratasys’ latest financial results still came as a slight disappointment to Wall Street, with the company’s stock falling 9.42\% on Thursday as a result. The 3D printing giant also lowered its outlook for 2017, estimating that revenue for the year ahead will be between $645 million and $680 million with non-GAAP earnings of 19 cents a share to 37 cents a share. The net loss for 2017, it says, will be between $39 million to $53 million.
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Brand Spotlight: ALEPHba Jewelry

Mar 9 4:41pm The Shapeways Blog
Structured, minimal, and personalized are just a few words that describe ALEPHAba jewelry. ALEPHba was created by an architect and an artist who both needed to find a perfect present for a mutual friend. The initial ring transformed into an entire collection and with that, the team grew twofold. ALEPHAba now includes Morteza, Kylee, Tommaso, and Efthymia. We were […] The post Brand Spotlight: ALEPHba Jewelry appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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DIY: 3D print your own custom Apple Watch band using Ninjaflex

Mar 9 2:55pm
The Ruiz Brothers, the prolific Adafruit contributors, have come out with a new DIY 3D printing project that Apple enthusiasts are sure to enjoy: 3D printed wristbands for the Apple Watch. The tutorial shows makers how they can create their very own DIY wristwatch bands using only a few simple tools, flexible filament, and of course a 3D printer.
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Siemens produces first 3D printed part for Krko nuclear power plant in Slovenia

Mar 9 1:20pm
Global technology giant Siemens achieved a 3D printing world-first today, as a part it produced with 3D printing methods was installed in a nuclear power plant. This represents a major breakthrough and a huge vote of confidence in 3D printing technology from the nuclear power sector, as the parts it uses have to meet extremely high standards for safety and reliability.
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Announcing a New Evolution for Porcelain

Mar 9 10:37am The Shapeways Blog
At Shapeways, we’re always innovating in the materials and processes we use to bring your products to life. Innovation and experimentation go hand in hand, and that’s why every material offering is a work in progress. Today, to support the sustainable development of our most innovative material, Porcelain, we’re undertaking a one-time price increase that […] The post Announcing a New Evolution for Porcelain appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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Texas engineering students develop 3D printed Braille labels for consumer goods

Mar 9 10:19am
It’s always encouraging to see how many 3D technology innovations are geared towards making the lives of people with disabilities a little easier. We’re excited to report that a project by researchers at Texas A&M University will continue this trend, as they have come up with a new way to make Braille labels for all kinds of consumer products using 3D printing.
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Tongtai to commercialize hybrid 3D printing technology this year

Mar 9 9:48am
Taiwan-based machine tool manufacturer Tongtai Machine and Tool Co., Ltd. has announced plans to commercialize its 3D printing technology sometime later this year. The company has also set its annual sales target at NT$200 million (~6.48 million USD).
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Better insights, earlier with 3D laser scanning

Mar 9 8:44am Nikon Metrology
Whatever the product, be it a car, hand drill or mobile phone, customers expect its tightly-toleranced parts to fit together and function perfectly and at the same time be of high quality and attractive design. But how do manufacturers ensure this level of precision without delaying the development and launch of the product?      […] The post Better insights, earlier with 3D laser scanning appeared first on Nikon Metrology Blog.
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Madrid students propose UrbanBees, flying drones that turn pollution into 3D printing filament

Mar 9 7:39am
Students at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) in Spain have won a prize for UrbanBees, a 3D printing project which proposes using swarms of bee-like drones to capture contaminating particles in the atmosphere before converting them into filament for 3D printing. Unsure where to get your filament? Scratching your head over the cost of 3D printing materials? Well, how about plucking your next spool from thin air? Incredibly, that’s what a group of students in Madrid are proposing: they say that by using flying “bee” drones to collect pollutants from the air (like a bee harvesting pollen, you see), they can create recycled 3D printing filament.
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NVBots spinout Digital Alloys raises $5M to launch multimaterial metal 3D printers

Mar 9 6:10am
Digital Alloys, a spinout from the NVLabs division of New Valence Robotics (NVBOTS), based in Burlington, MA, has announced a $5 million Series A financing led by Khosla Ventures. Digital Alloys 3D printers will be able to mix multiple metals in a solid part. Without meaning to discredit the work of leading FDM 3D printer manufacturers, multimaterial 3D printing with plastics is relatively simple. These days, FDM 3D printers with multiple print heads are commonplace, allowing users to print with soluble support structures or multicolored areas, and you’re now unlikely to find a major 3D printer manufacturer that doesn’t offer some multi-head printing option or other. Even without multiple heads, it is also possible to simply switch up filaments mid-print.
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GE announces major expansion of metal 3D printing company Concept Laser

Mar 9 4:38am
Last year, multinational company GE acquired a 75\% stake in German 3D printing company Concept Laser with the plan to get full ownership in coming years. Now, it seems GE is upping its investment in Concept Laser as it has announced that the latter will undergo some serious expansion. This expansion will include establishing a bigger headquarters for Concept Laser, increasing its employee base and support teams, and investing significantly in next-gen additive manufacturing equipment and materials.
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ZBrush 3D Printing Tutorial: Preparing 3D Sculptures for 3D Printing

Mar 9 4:24am i.materialise
ZBrush is hands down the most popular and powerful digital sculpting software out there. That’s why this program is mainly used for designing figurines, sculptures, game characters, or any other design that needs an organic shape. Some users have trouble turning these 3D models into 3D prints – and that’s where we come in! In this hands-on tutorial, we will show you step-by-step how you can prepare your ZBrush models for 3D printing. Tutorial Overview 3D printing a ZBrush model typically requires three steps: 1st step: It all starts with you sculpting your piece of art with ZBrush and then adjusting it for 3D printing. This includes checking wall thickness, merging objects together, and hollowing the model (if needed). 2nd step: After the modeling part is done, you can optimize your design with the freely available Decimation Master plugin. This will allow you to reduce your poly...
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Polaroid first 3D pen, Polaroid Play, now available in Europe for 40

Mar 9 3:31am
At CES 2017, consumer electronics company Polaroid announced some products that piqued our interest: three new desktop 3D printers and two 3D pen models. Now, just a couple of months later, we are excited to say that Polaroid’s 3D pen, the Polaroid Play, has hit the European market for the low retail price of €39.99 (£29.99).
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Desktop Vs. Service-Based 3D Printing: A Tale of Spaghetti

Mar 8 5:38pm The Shapeways Blog
“What does this error message mean?!” “Wait, why is there only half a print?” “But… I JUST leveled it…” While owning (and maintaining) a desktop 3D printer may sound like fun, it’s not for the faint of heart… or for those who lack fairly in-depth technical ability. Between constant leveling of the print bed, double-checking […] The post Desktop Vs. Service-Based 3D Printing: A Tale of Spaghetti appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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HG2 Uses 3D Scanning & 3D Printing to Develop Next Generation Emergency Lighting

Mar 8 4:41pm NeoMetrix
The post HG2 Uses 3D Scanning & 3D Printing to Develop Next Generation Emergency Lighting appeared first on NeoMetrix.
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Low-cost FDM 3D printing can help in fight against liver cancer, says medical expert

Mar 8 3:46pm
The impact of 3D technology developments on healthcare in recent years has been undeniable, and a recent breakthrough by researchers in Poland suggests that the medical profession is poised to benefit even further from what 3D printing has to offer. A 3D printed model of a liver was produced, at a much lower cost than previously thought possible, and the model was used successfully as a surgical guide for a crucial operation to remove a potentially fatal tumour.
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Happy International Womens Day 2017! 42 most influential women in 3D printing

Mar 8 3:37pm
Today, on Internationals Women's Day 2017, women from all walks of life are celebrating their achievements, both individual and collective, and recognizing the ongoing equality struggles that women all over the world are still facing. Today, many women will take to the streets to make this recognition public and to break down barriers that continue to exist socially, politically, and professionally.
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3DHEART trial will study effects of 3D printed models in pre-surgical planning

Mar 8 2:01pm
3D printing company Stratasys has announced that enrolment for its new 3DHEART investigative trial is open. The 3DHEART initiative, which stands for 3D Hearts Enabling a Randomized Trial, is a clinical study to see the effects of 3D printed heart models for pre-operative planning for pediatric heart surgery. Stratasys will use its wealth of 3D printing technologies to provide the heart models for the trial.
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Frameless Hangprinter RepRap turns an entire room into a 3D printer

Mar 8 12:07pm
Torbjørn Ludvigsen, a Swedish maker and RepRap builder, is raising funds to develop the Hangprinter, a suspended 3D printer that uses the walls and ceiling of a room as its “frame.” The unusual 3D printer can be used to print extremely large structures. With 3D printing technology both improving and getting cheaper, experimentation with large-scale 3D printers is becoming more and more commonplace. There are now many giant 3D printers out there that can be used to fabricate houses, cars, furniture, and many other objects larger than your typical 3D printed Yoda head. But operating an extra-large 3D printer can be tricky. For starters, they’re obviously more expensive to buy or build than regular-sized ones.
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DMLS for Auto Parts: Jay Lenos Take

Mar 8 12:00pm Blog – Stratasys Direct Manufacturing
Recently, we had the chance to visit Jay Leno’s Garage and talk with him about making vintage auto parts with additive metals and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). As Jay said, “Remember the early days of 3D printing where you had to make it in plastic? You know, remember those days like four years ago? […] The post DMLS for Auto Parts: Jay Leno’s Take appeared first on Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.
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Artec releases Artec Leo, first ever handheld 3D scanner with onboard rendering

Mar 8 11:02am
Artec 3D’s innovations in the 3D technology world have been reported on regularly throughout the last few years, so it’s no big surprise that it has broken new ground yet again, this time with the industry’s first completely autonomous 3D scanner. The Palo Alto-based company today unveiled the new Artec Leo, a handheld 3D scanning device that is capable of automatically processing the data it captures into 3D images internally, without the need to connect to an external computer or tablet.
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Announcing the 2016 Shapeways Transparency Report

Mar 8 10:28am The Shapeways Blog
Today we are happy to announce the Shapeways transparency report for 2016.  This report is designed to give everyone in the Shapeways community insight into how our systems governing intellectual property disputes and third party access to Shapeways user information work. What is a transparency report, and why publish it? A transparency report is a public […] The post Announcing the 2016 Shapeways Transparency Report appeared first on The Shapeways Blog.
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Hyrels five-headed HYDRA 3D printer can complete Herculean tasks (like PCB printing)

Mar 8 9:46am
3D printer manufacturer Hyrel International has announced the launch of its HYDRA 3D printer. The HYDRA will come in both floor and desktop models, and can be fitted with up to five print heads for multimaterial 3D printing. In Greek and Roman mythology, the Hydra of Lerna was a giant serpent with many heads. Some stories also say that if you tried to cut off one of its heads, several more would grow back in its place. Both of these terrifying attributes appear to have inspired the creative team at 3D printer manufacturer Hyrel.
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Dutch 3D printing market expected to grow by 20M in 2017

Mar 8 8:52am
When most people think of the Netherlands, images of clogs, bikes, and tulips tend to come to mind. The way things are going, however, we wouldn’t be surprised if 3D printing soon entered that list. The Netherlands, a small but influential nation, has turned out some of the most innovative and inspiring 3D printing technologies and companies that we know of, from open-source 3D printer company Ultimaker, to filament brand ColorFabb, to 3D Hubs, to the 3D Print Canal House.
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