A Sad Update From the Chicken Coop

From Garden Betty
March 13, 2017 - 3:00am
Last week, a raccoon attacked our Barred Rock, Kimora, and our Golden Laced Cochin, Iman, in their coop. My husband heard the commotion but didn’t make it outside in time. According to him, it was the most heartbreaking sound he’d ever heard, like a peacock in angst. He found Kimora’s body in the coop, along with a shaken Iman. The latter sustained a small injury to her head, but our brave Kimora never had a chance. I’d like to think she died while trying to protect her sister, as it’s the only way I can accept what happened. No animal — no pet — deserves to die so helplessly and violently, and I’m devastated to think how frightened they must have been. When we brought Iman inside the house, there was a laceration straight across the top of her head and a large portion of her comb was severed and dangling. She suffered no other injuries to her body, her eyes were bright a

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