A Soldier's Know-How Pays Off: Man Leads Rescue of a Dog Trapped on a Hillside in Hawaii

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April 26, 2013 - 11:00am

For two days, residents who lived in the Aliamanu Military Reservation on the Hawaiian island of Oahu heard barking -- faint, plaintive barking, which needled their souls.  Divina Rocco and her family couldn't take it anymore. "The dog sounded like it was in distress," she told WCVB.com, "and it was distressing us."  Share this image function changeWidth(obj) { if(parseInt($(obj).parent().width()) > parseInt($(obj).width())) { $(obj).parent().css({'width':$(obj).width()}); } if(parseInt($(obj).width()) < 150) { $(obj).parent().find('div.image_overlay').hide(); $(obj).parents('div.embedded-Media-image').find('div.image_overlay').hide(); } else if(parseInt($(obj).width()) < 300) { $(obj).parent().find('div.overlay_text').hide(); $(obj).parents('div.embedded-Media-image').find('div.overlay_text').hide(); } } Her husband, Roy, and a bunch of neighborhood boys headed up the hill to look for the dog. They found nothing other than a lot of wet, dense, dangerous Hawaii hillside. They came back down. Roy couldn't let it go. He hiked up two more times alone, but again couldn't find the dog -- just more of that sad, lonely barking.   "He kept trying to think of different ways and he couldn't sleep because it felt like he really needed to rescue that dog,"&nb...

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