Tax Fraud Blotter: Five random dependents

May 28 10:33pm Accounting Today: Feed
More than $1 million bilked in state taxes; dead wrongs; life goes on (trial); and other highlights of recent tax cases.
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Create Your Marketing Plan

May 28 10:36am CPA Trendlines ť marketing
***. By Sandi Leyva The post Create Your Marketing Plan appeared first on CPA Trendlines.
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Thomson Reuters offers tax and regulation alerts

May 26 2:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
Thomson Reuters has introduced Checkpoint Marketing for Firms Emerging Tax and Regulation Alerts to allow accounting firms to keep clients informed about new and proposed tax legislation and regulatory changes.
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Prince Charless group offers guide to accounting for social and human capital

May 26 1:33pm Accounting Today: Feed
The Prince of Wales's Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) Chief Financial Officer Leadership Network has produced a new guide to help finance professionals consider social and human capital when making decisions.
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Mnuchin Rule against wealthy tax cuts comes back to bite him

May 26 12:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
A pledge not to give the wealthiest Americans an absolute tax cut is coming back to haunt Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.
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Powering the Modern Office

May 26 11:34am Blum Shapiro Knowledege Center
Join Brian Berry, Michael Pelletier and Noah Ullman from BlumShapiro Consulting as they discuss specific business challenges facing companies like yours and technology and process changes that can solve them. Competing in this age of disruption and digital transformation requires technology to be a significant part of your business strategy, not just a means to an end. You will see how you can effectively use technology to engage your customers, empower your employees, optimize operations and transform products.
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Were Recruiting Part Time Admin Assistant

May 26 11:25am
Administration Assistant (Part time). A leading independent Leicester accountancy practice is seeking an Administration Assistant. Ideally being immediately available or on short notice, you will be of strong character, able to work on your own initiative. Your role will involve the following; Setting up new clients taken on by the practice. This includes setting the […]...
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BlackLine now available to outsourcers serving small, medium sized companies

May 26 9:34am Accounting Today: Feed
Raffa and RSM are the first accounting firms to join the newly expanded strategic partner program.
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Unlocking the door to complete business visibility

May 26 9:00am Sage Blog
Take a look at the top three challenges that small and medium sized businesses have to deal with when they only have limited visibility of their business. The post Unlocking the door to complete business visibility appeared first on Sage Blog.
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Tax Pros for Reel: Whats Your Favorite Thing About Intuit ProConnect?

May 26 9:00am Tax Pro Center | Intuit ProConnect
Why do our customers love IntuitÂŽ ProConnect™ professional tax software? Find out in this video!       Leave us a comment and let us know your favorite things about Intuit ProConnect below. Check out other videos in the “Tax Pros... Full Story...
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Firms on the move: BlumShapiro opens doors to Career Walk

May 26 8:34am Accounting Today: Feed
CalCPA debuts new headquarters; Bloomberg BNA announces recipients for outstanding authorship in taxation; and more news from company news.
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5 ways you can re-energise your team

May 26 3:45am Sage Blog
There are numerous ways to re-energise your team — from the extravagant to the simple, depending on your budget. Take a look at our top tips. The post 5 ways you can re-energise your team appeared first on Sage Blog.
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Practicing in the Medical and Dental Industry

May 26 3:30am Training Center/Scaling New Heights
QuickBooks aficionado Carol King highlights why ProAdvisors should take advantage of opportunities in these health care marketplaces. #SNH17...
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The Art of Financial Analysis

May 26 3:00am Training Center/Scaling New Heights
QuickBooks expert Gale Kirsopp expands on the concept and shows how ProAdvisors can use the practice to help their clients succeed.
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Cant someone else do it?

May 25 10:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
A firm's staff-to-partner ratio says a lot about how well they're delegating.
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The biggest issues of 2017 for tax pros

May 25 6:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
Practitioner groups are taking their members’ concerns to Washington.
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EY now provides tax resources via CCH IntelliConnect

May 25 5:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
The Big Four firm will offer tax analysis, research and newsletters through the Wolters Kluwer product.
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Handling a death within the firm

May 25 4:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
How does one properly handle the various ways a death affects each co-worker, client and the firm itself?...
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Pensioners didnt qualify for health tax credits

May 25 3:35pm Accounting Today: Feed
The Internal Revenue Service had to roll out a manual process last year to provide advance payments on Health Coverage Tax Credits every month to health plan administrators on behalf of displaced workers and retirees, but it mistakenly provided the tax credits for thousands of people who were old enough to qualify for Medicare.
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What homeschool leaders should do this summer to be ready for next year

May 25 3:18pm
A few tasks that homeschool leaders should do this summer to make the fall much easier! Related posts: Homeschool leaders summer reading: Money Management in a Homeschool Organization Summer reading for homeschool leaders: Homeschool Co-ops How much money can a homeschool group keep year to year?...
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Boomers Blueprint: History impacts innovation ... and so can you

May 25 2:35pm Accounting Today: Feed
These five steps can help accounting firms become more innovative.
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PCAOB plans vote on audit report changes

May 25 1:36pm Accounting Today: Feed
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board is planning to hold an open meeting next Thursday, June 1, to consider adopting a long-discussed set of changes to the auditor’s reporting model.
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Eide Bailly to merge in Roth & Company

May 25 12:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
Top 100 firm Eide Bailly LLP plans to add Roth & Company PC, a firm based in Dubuque, Iowa, effective June 26.
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Support Your Local Team and Business!

May 25 9:09am Blog – Price CPAs
Have you noticed the FANGtastic local support for a certain sports team in Nashville lately?... The post Support Your Local Team and Business! appeared first on Price CPAs.
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New Tax Developments for 2017 and Beyond

May 25 9:00am Tax Pro Center | Intuit ProConnect
With a new Republican administration and Congress ensconced in Washington, it is unclear what the tax landscape will look like by the end of 2017. So, short of hauling out a crystal ball, let’s take a look at some recent... Full Story...
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5 lessons pop-up events can teach startups

May 25 5:28am Sage Blog
Figuring out how to make a name for your startup can be a minefield. Thankfully, experiential marketing offers a tried and tested toolbox for ambitious entrepreneurs.   Whether you’re a B2C retailer wondering how to penetrate a lucrative market or a B2B business on the hunt for some exciting new contracts, the ‘formula for success’ [...] The post 5 lessons pop-up events can teach startups appeared first on Sage Blog.
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The Revolving Door

May 25 3:00am Training Center/Scaling New Heights
QuickBooks expert Gale Kirsopp examines the essence of today's business acumen – who is coming to ProAdvisors' front door and how do they show them the backdoor? #SNH17...
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QBO Advanced ProAdvisor Certification Tour

May 24 8:05pm Training Center/Scaling New Heights
Intuit is offering ProAdvisor Training for QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification in six cities this summer. This training is geared toward the new version of the certification exam that launched on May 22.
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Call for Submissions: Accounting Today's 2017 VAR 100

May 24 5:35pm Accounting Today: Feed
Accounting Today is calling for participants in its annual ranking the top value-added resellers of accounting and accounting-related software by revenue.
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Operational Consulting

May 24 5:00pm Training Center/Scaling New Heights
Denise Bailey and Deborah Defer show you the 'how-to' of designing the right processes for solving operational challenges for your clients. #SNH17...
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AICPA issues new guidance on attestation engagements

May 24 4:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
The American Institute of CPAs’ Auditing Standards Board has released a new interpretation for practitioners performing attestations using more than one set of standards.
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Trump's first budget would restrict eligibility for EITC and CTC

May 24 3:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
President Trump's budget would aim to cut approximately $3.6 trillion in government spending over the next decade, some of which would be attributable to eligibility changes relating to the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, and some of which would result from specific actions undertaken by the IRS to reduce improper payments made by the government.
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Texas passes insurance services tax exemption for CPAs

May 24 1:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
The Texas legislature has passed a bill granting an exemption to CPA firms allowing them to provide a limited amount of insurance services to clients without being subject to sales taxes.
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Ted on Tech: Can you hear me now?

May 24 12:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
Voice augmented accounting could be a reality right now. Here’s what accountants should look out for in devices that listen.
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AICPA advises on cybersecurity risk management

May 24 10:34am Accounting Today: Feed
The association has published a guide on the subject to help CPAs figure out whether their clients’ web security programs are working or not.
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7 Steps to Transition Your Firm to Value Pricing

May 24 9:00am Tax Pro Center | Intuit ProConnect
In my first article for the Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Pro Center, I discussed why killing the timesheet benefits a firm and its clients. I touched briefly on the Pereto Principle and why it was important to pay attention to your... Full Story...
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IRS services down over Memorial Day

May 24 8:34am Accounting Today: Feed
The IRS will conduct its annual Memorial Day systems maintenance beginning Friday, May 26, at 6 p.m. EDT and ending on Tuesday, May 30, at 5 a.m. EDT.
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How Hires For Bookkeeping Services

May 24 8:00am
To date in 2015, received 2,238 applications for its bookkeeping, accounting manager and controller positions. For a small company (approximately 70 professionals—and growing!), those are not small numbers. In fact, sourcing the sheer volume of talented applications we receive takes considerable effort to produce valuable results—valuable results that we rely on to scale our services and ensure a continued adherence to excellence in procedures and execution. Why does this matter? Well, as part of a “behind the scenes” take on this week, today we are inviting you to explore how we hire and vet our prospective new employees, a fundamental part of how we grow our business and continue to provide superior bookkeeping services to support our clients.
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How to ensure your organisation gets the skills it needs

May 24 4:30am Sage Blog
So what are the specific actions and measures your organisation can put in place to maximise its chances of acquiring the skills it needs? The post How to ensure your organisation gets the skills it needs appeared first on Sage Blog.
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Companies spurned by top court on $1B Michigan tax change

May 23 11:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
The U.S. Supreme Court refused to question a Michigan tax change that companies including IBM Corp. and Procter & Gamble Co. say will hit them retroactively with a $1 billion bill.
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Mnuchin cites border-tax concern as House panel seeks tweaks

May 23 6:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady said he’s open to reviewing parts of the House Republican tax blueprint as Congress looks for a path forward on trying to make U.S. businesses more competitive globally—even as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin offered his most direct criticism of the plan yet.
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Could You Use a CPA Exam Tutor?

May 23 5:07pm CPA Exam Hub
CPA exam tutors.  You may wonder why they’re needed.  After all, don’t CPA course reviews have everything you need?  Maybe.  But there are some instances where working with a human being makes sense, because they can provide you with things that MCQs or video lectures can’t.   A tutor can provide feedback, answer specific questions, and help guide you based upon... The post Could You Use a CPA Exam Tutor? appeared first on CPA Exam Hub.
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Homeschool or microschool?

May 23 11:04am
A teacher has been asked by 15 families to homeschool their children. Is that a homeschool group or a microschool? Related posts: Fine line between a homeschool co-op and running a micro school Is my homeschool group considered a school? Co-ops, Support group? How to define homeschool organizations...
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Keep Moving towards Your Presentation Target

May 23 10:25am Communication for Accountants
In last week’s blog post I gave you My Five Top Tips for Presenting with Pizzazz. In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to zero in on the details. Today, I’ll focus on the fourth tip, Structure the Presentation around Your Key Message. We human beings have the capacity to think about many things, […]...
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Building and Leading High Performance Teams

May 23 10:00am Training Center/Scaling New Heights
ProAdvisor Deborah Defer helps unravel the keys to getting the most out of your team and why it matters to your clients.
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Make Your Life Easier Leverage Technology

May 23 9:00am Tax Pro Center | Intuit ProConnect
Leveraging technology to better the lives of accountants has increased in importance over the last several years. It started with the cloud and accountants trying to wrap their heads around what exactly that meant. Within the last year or so,... Full Story...
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How Can a Staffing Agency or a Recruiter Help Your Workforce Stay Agile?

May 23 8:37am Casey Accounting & Finance Resources
There are many benefits to having a flexible workforce. Having someone else screen, interview, hire, pay and let employees move to other opportunities frees up time and money that may be invested in other areas of your business. Fortunately, a staffing agency or recruiter may help with hiring and managing your workers. Here are four… The post How Can a Staffing Agency or a Recruiter Help Your Workforce Stay Agile? appeared first on Casey Accounting & Finance Resources.
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Meet the Worlds Fastest Camera

May 23 5:00am CPA Trendlines ť technology
It can capture 5 trillion (with a T) frames per second. By Rick Richardson The post Meet the World’s Fastest Camera appeared first on CPA Trendlines.
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Accounting firms see consulting revenue surpass $20 billion

May 23 1:33am Accounting Today: Feed
The consulting arms of U.S. accounting firms grew by 10.2 percent to $21.4 billion in 2016, compared to growth of 7.1 percent to $58.7 billion in in the overall consulting market, according to a new report.
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Depreciation: What Method to Choose and is None an Option?

May 22 5:45pm
Depreciation is one of the hardest accounting practices to get right, but avoiding calculating depreciation could cost you money. Here's why you need to talk to your controller services about depreciation and what your options for claiming depreciation are.
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Habits of Smart Communicators

May 22 5:07pm Goldin, Peiser & Peiser, CPAs
Communication has gradually become more digital and less personal, prompting us to slowly lose our personal communication skills. With the digital age being full of texts, emails, phone calls, and social media, we find ourselves struggling to personally engage with others. In an article from, Marcel Schwantes advocates for a transition to more traditional The post Habits of Smart Communicators appeared first on Goldin, Peiser & Peiser, CPAs.
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KPMG breaks ground on new learning facility

May 22 4:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
KPMG LLP has begun construction on a $400 million, 55-acre facility for learning, development and technology innovation in Orlando, Florida.
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AICPAs Melancon sees future for AI bots in accounting

May 22 1:33pm Accounting Today: Feed
American Institute of CPAs president and CEO Barry Melancon discussed the use of artificial intelligence, bots and other advanced technology, along with the future role of accountants, at the AICPA’s Spring Meeting of Council in Washington, D.C., on Monday.
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Puerto Rico's tax dodgers hide in plain sight on every corner

May 22 12:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
On Avenida Borinquen in San Juan, you can buy a DVD of “La La Land” or “Moonlight” for just $2. Cash only.
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The QuickBooks Online Sherpa

May 22 9:00am Training Center/Scaling New Heights
ProAdvisor Alicia Katz Pollock shares her insights on some new and creative ways you can work through QBO. See why you should reserve your spot for her 'Scaling New Heights' seminars.
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"On the Road Again" - QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Training

May 21 8:05pm Training Center/Scaling New Heights
Intuit has launched another multi-city training tour in which they will be providing free QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Certification preparation training.
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7 ways to keep client data secure

May 21 7:33pm Accounting Today: Feed
Every accountant and tax pro should make these steps part of their cyber-security strategy.
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H&R Block names interim CEO as Bill Cobb plans to retire

May 20 4:33pm Accounting Today: Feed
General counsel and chief admin officer Tom Gerke will take the reins in July.
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Tax Court: No MFJ status where spouse refused to sign

May 19 6:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
The Tax Court decided in favor of the Internal Revenue Service in a case involving a tax return in which a couple filed jointly, but one of the spouses was battling mental illness and didn't sign the return.
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IRS pilots new secure messaging program for correspondence examinations

May 19 4:34pm Accounting Today: Feed
The Internal Revenue Service is pilot testing a new program for conducting correspondence examinations of taxpayers using secure messaging technology that will also include their tax practitioners who have power of attorney.
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