That awkward moment when Republicans failed to kill Obamacare but they bought boastful TV ads anyway and now they're airing, LOL

Mar 25 12:37pm Advertising
Opponents of Donald Trump's failed healthcare bill got a big, meme-filled laugh yesterday. But fans of both basketball and the Affordable Care Act? Well, they got perhaps the biggest laugh of all. According to a report from Deadspin, a PAC called American Action Network purchased a series of ads thanking several Republican members of Congress for keeping [their] promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.  Of course, this didn't happen: As of Friday, Obamacare is alive and kicking, and the Republicans are facing the bitter sting of defeat. SEE ALSO: The White House doesn't want to call it Trumpcare, so Stephen Colbert's going to call it Trumpcare Read more...More about Affordable Care Act, Ads, Watercooler, and Watercooler...
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Adobe Experience Cloud, #Dreamvention and more: creative ideas of the week

Mar 25 12:20pm Bhatnaturally
Commercial messages, TV spots, outdoor, web-only films, print ads… are everywhere, but only a handful are memorable. A round up of creative ideas which caught my eye over the last week: Adobe Experience Cloud , Frito Lay’s #Dreamvention and more: Adobe Experience Cloud: The Heist Adobe Marketing Cloud highlighted the pitfalls of not using their […] The post Adobe Experience Cloud, #Dreamvention and more: creative ideas of the week appeared first on Bhatnaturally.
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Facebook Live via Desktop Rolls Out Globally: This Week in Social Media

Mar 25 6:00am
Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week Facebook Expands Ability to Broadcast Live from Desktops and Laptops to All Users: Facebook announced that everyone around [...] This post Facebook Live via Desktop Rolls Out Globally: This Week in Social Media first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle...
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More Big Advertisers Suspend Google Ads Over Offensive Videos

Mar 24 5:49pm
Another wave of marketers has suspended advertising on YouTube or in some cases other Google properties in what's shaping up as an unprecedented revolt against the world's largest digital media player over ads placed with objectionable content.General Motors, Walmart, Pepsico and FX Networks on Friday joined brand marketers that include Johnson & Johnson, Verizon and AT&T, which earlier in the week said they've halted YouTube advertising over brand-safety issues.The Association of National Advertisers also issued a statement Friday supporting several ANA members that have suspended their advertising on Google websites, including YouTube, after some ads were placed near objectionable content including hate speech and terrorist-oriented websites Continue reading at
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The 2017 Kia Cadenza, Christina Hendricks Are Impossible to Ignore in David&Goliaths Latest

Mar 24 5:28pm AgencySpy
Joan Holloway is back in the ad business after a stint in film production.
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Check out NASAs Latest Robot PUFFER that can explore risky areas

Mar 24 5:13pm TechnicalForweb
NASA’s Latest Robot PUFFER The Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the US Space Agency ‘NASA’ has developed a nifty companion for The post Check out NASA’s Latest Robot ‘PUFFER’ that can explore risky areas appeared first on TechnicalForweb.
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Sterling Rice Group and Buck Ross Talk Long Odds in March Madness-Themed Spots for California Almonds

Mar 24 3:47pm AgencySpy
What are the chances of picking a perfect bracket? Depends on who you ask!...
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Y&R, Jeffrey Wright Make It Real for Dell Technologies

Mar 24 2:54pm AgencySpy
Magic can’t make digital transformation happen, but we can. ...
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Scewo wheelchair can go up and down the stairs smoothly

Mar 24 1:38pm TechnicalForweb
Scewo wheelchair! This is Scewo Wheelchair, a self-balancing chair that can go up and down the stairs smoothly.  It provides The post Scewo wheelchair can go up and down the stairs smoothly appeared first on TechnicalForweb.
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Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: when Adland left YouTube

Mar 24 1:18pm More About Advertising
On this week’s #MediaSnack (not that anyone in adland will see it, having decided to boycott of YouTube), Tom and David sink their teeth into the juicy story that won’t go away, the ‘scandal’ of Google allowing advertisers to be placed against extremist and unsavoury content. So, who is actually to blame? Well, it’s marketers ...
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Our Power Play: How UX and SEO Work Together at Nebo

Mar 24 1:09pm The Nebo Blog: Interactive Marketing, Design & Ramblings
What is the main goal of a website? To give people what they want as quickly and as easily as possible. Users are always looking to do something, whether it’s finding information, killing time, being entertained, purchasing a product or staying up-to-date with the latest news. So how do we help people reach their goals? […]...
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Match To Attribution Partner: Your Reporting Sucks. Fix It.

Mar 24 1:01pm AdExchanger
AdExchanger | It seems crazy that a marketer at Match Group, which reported $295 million in dating-service revenue in the fourth quarter of 2016 alone, would spend half a day each week downloading and collating CSV files. But that’s just the way it’s been, said James Peng, head of mobile and social acquisition at Tinder and OKCupid... Continue reading » The post Match To Attribution Partner: ‘Your Reporting Sucks. Fix It.’ appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Anomaly Brings on 2 New ECDs and Partners to Lead Its L.A. Office

Mar 24 12:53pm AgencySpy
Paco Conde and Beto Fernandez move West from BBH London.
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BVK, United Way Ask Viewers to Join The Fight

Mar 24 12:26pm AgencySpy
The 60-second anthem ad takes a stark look at the problems United Way attempts to address.
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SXSW 2017: Rebooting Your Heart-Drive

Mar 24 12:02pm Ketchum Blog
SXSW is well-known as the launchpad for many technology start-ups like Twitter, FourSquare and Meerkat. While there are fewer breakout launches these days, the tech talk was still abundant with panel after panel diving deep on AI, VR, AR and an entire alphabet soup of acronyms changing the media, communications and computing landscape. One thing […]...
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Workspace: Doodle Den

Mar 24 11:34am News & Ideas Post – Beyond
The post Workspace: Doodle Den appeared first on Beyond.
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Brand Safety Is An Old Problem, And Its Getting Worse

Mar 24 10:52am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Ad-supported brand-unsafe content is on the rise. DoubleVerify, which validates tens of billions of advertiser impressions per month, has blocked 8 million ads from appearing on content pages classified as hate speech – up threefold since January. And according to keyword targeting tech platform Grapeshot, the amount of terrorism-related content it sees flowing through its systems... Continue reading » The post Brand Safety Is An Old Problem, And It’s Getting Worse appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Making Your Digital Media Job Automation-Proof

Mar 24 9:37am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | “Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Jay Friedman, chief operating officer at Goodway Group. One thing the human brain is conditioned to do is take shortcuts in making assessments and decisions. Without this, we’d be stuck in... Continue reading » The post Making Your Digital Media Job ‘Automation-Proof’ appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Podcast: Chatting With Essence, Google's Ambassador At GroupM

Mar 24 9:28am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Welcome to episode No. 19 of AdExchanger Talks, a podcast focused on data-driven marketing. Subscribe here. Since its acquisition by GroupM in 2015, digital agency Essence has played a quasi-ambassadorial role between GroupM and its client Google, Essence co-founder and Chief Product Officer Andrew Shebbeare says in the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks. We're trying to... Continue reading » The post Podcast: Chatting With Essence, Google's Ambassador At GroupM appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Dentsu manager in Indonesia commits suicide through alleged overwork

Mar 24 7:23am More About Advertising
Dentsu Media employee Jiro Inao has committed suicide in Indonesia, through the pressure of overwork according to police. Inao, 48, was a senior manager. His family have refused an autopsy. Dentsu’s CEO in Japan resigned last year over a similar scandal. Dentsu has expressed its regret. Inao’s tragic end is another PR and reputational disaster ...
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Virgin Medias new campaign from BBH: we bring you more rubbish quicker

Mar 24 6:47am More About Advertising
Virgin Media is taking the bull by the horns in its new campaign from BBH, claiming its fibre network is the fastest way to all the goodies on the internet and elsewhere, especially entertainment. So it has bunch of B-team “entertainers” (there are a lot of these around, maybe Super Heroes and the like are ...
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Facebook Messenger Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know

Mar 24 6:00am
Do you want to communicate with your customers via Facebook Messenger? Wondering how Facebook Messenger bots and Messenger ads can help? To explore this topic, I interview Molly Pittman. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and [...] This post Facebook Messenger Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle...
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Now post-merger AB InBev joins media review round

Mar 24 5:39am More About Advertising
It’s already a busy year for media agencies with clients on the warpath and the media agencies themselves in hot pursuit of Google and Facebook (we all love an enemy just when we need one) and it’s going to get busier with more big media reviews. They don’t come much bigger than AB InBev, the ...
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Gartners Magic Quadrant: Digital Agencies Wake Up To Consultancy Threat

Mar 24 12:30am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Digital agencies aren’t shrugging off management consultancies as competition anymore. Some are even promoting their consulting chops as they compete in an increasingly crowded market. “Until this year, traditional agencies had their heads in the sand about the threat management consultancies were bringing to the market,” said Jay Wilson, director at Gartner and author of... Continue reading » The post Gartner’s Magic Quadrant: Digital Agencies Wake Up To Consultancy Threat appeared first on AdExchanger.
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IPG Taps Arun Kumar To Scale Data And Technology Across The Holding Company

Mar 24 12:05am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Cadreon’s global president Arun Kumar has become IPG Mediabrands’ first-ever chief data and marketing technology officer. In addition to overseeing all data, technology and analytics assets within Mediabrands, he will still head up Cadreon. Among Kumar’s top priorities is scaling IPG Mediabrands’ data stack across the unit and IPG at large. “We’ve gotten pretty good... Continue reading » The post IPG Taps Arun Kumar To Scale Data And Technology Across The Holding Company appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Publishers: Data Strategy First, Then Management And Execution

Mar 24 12:05am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | “The Sell Sider” is a column written by the sell side of the digital media community. Today’s column is written by Ameet Shah, senior director of global technology, publisher and data strategy at Prohaska Consulting. Buyers (advertisers) and sellers (publishers) are crucially aware of the importance of data. But too often, departments develop siloed data... Continue reading » The post Publishers: Data Strategy First, Then Management And Execution appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Comic: Brand Safety

Mar 24 12:04am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | A weekly comic strip from AdExchanger that highlights the digital advertising ecosystem... AdExchanger: Origins AdExchanger: Crisis In Ad City (Part I) AdExchanger: Crisis In Ad City (Part II) AdExchanger: Enter Malware (Part I) AdExchanger: Enter Malware (Part II) AdExchanger: Enter Malware (Part III) AdExchanger: Enter Malware (The Conclusion) AdExchanger: Angels And Startups AdExchanger: Rumble In... Continue reading » The post Comic: Brand Safety appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Tencent Gains On Facebook; Michael Barrett's Salary Revealed

Mar 24 12:03am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Here's today's news round-up... Want it by email? Sign-up here. Getting To The Next Level WeChat owner Tencent is gaining ground against Facebook. Monthly active users (MAUs) grew 28\% year over year to 889 million, the holding company said during its earnings report this week. In contrast, Facebook MAUs grew 17\% in 2016 to 1.86 billion.... Continue reading » The post Tencent Gains On Facebook; Michael Barrett's Salary Revealed appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Despite Calls for Quality, Publishers Can’t Escape the Scale Trap

Mar 23 9:59pm Beyond Madison Avenue RSS News Feed
Category: Beyond Madison AvenueSummary: Condé Nast exec and Interactive Advertising Bureau chairman Jim Norton got a hero’s reception at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in January when he called on brands to make sure their ads only appear next to quality editorial content in the face of clickbait and fake news. Quality may be the rallying cry of 2017, but scale is far from dead in digital media.
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Google 'can't guarantee' ads won't appear by offensive content, Eric Schmidt says

Mar 23 9:56pm Advertising
Google can't say for certain that ads placed with its various massive platforms won't end up near an offensive video or website. At least that's the opinion of Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google's parent company, Alphabet, and the most prominent public face of the search giant. Schmidt conceded the point during an interview on Fox Business Network Thursday in response to a growing advertiser boycott against the company. More than 250 brands have pulled ads after reports that they were appearing near YouTube videos from terrorists, Nazis and other hate-mongers. SEE ALSO: It only took us five minutes to find a big brand advertising on a hate group's YouTube Read more...More about Advertising, Eric Schmidt, Alphabet, Google, and Business...
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Pedigree Child Replacement in NZ

Mar 23 6:29pm The Inspiration Room
Pedigree in New Zealand is promoting adoption with a campaign that pairs abandoned dogs with abandoned parents. The Pedigree Child Replacement program aims to connect adoption dogs with parents who find themselves alone after their kids move out. The integrated campaign drives parents to where they can find the perfect canine substitute for their […]...
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FCB Chicago, Radio Flyer Introduce Travel Agency for Kids

Mar 23 5:41pm AgencySpy
Radio Flyer Adventure Travel's destinations are only accessible via imagination.
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Sid Lee Collective Art Installation Addresses Refugee Crisis

Mar 23 4:49pm AgencySpy
Proceeds benefit the ACLU and the Refugee and Immigrant Fund.
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Marketers Halting YouTube Buys Puts Pressure on Media Shops

Mar 23 4:02pm
The move by major marketers like AT&T, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline to halt spending on YouTube due to ads running next to unsafe content is pushing media agencies to pressure Google to create a safer environment for advertisers.The biggest concern is over Google's self-policing process and at least several agencies are reviewing how they are working with Google moving forward. Brand safety is a critical factor across all channels that we manage for our clients. Our immediate priority has been to work with Google to address our concerns and hold the organization accountable for any questionable activity, a Horizon Media spokeswoman said. Continue reading at
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Deutsch Hires 2 New Creative Directors in New York

Mar 23 3:47pm AgencySpy
Heather English and Marques Gartrell had been freelancing with various area shops.
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Champion of Do-Not-Track Praises Senate's Vote to End ISP Privacy Rules

Mar 23 3:30pm
Restrictions on ISP data sharing and use lauded by privacy advocates and bemoaned by ad industry trade groups just got even closer to kaput. The Senate today passed a bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona to invalidate the Federal Communications Commission rule which, had it gone into effect as originally planned for earlier this month, would have blocked internet service providers from activities like using and sharing data on location and web-browsing habits unless consumers explicitly opted in.There is a companion bill sponsored by GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee that if passed, which is likely in the majority-Republican body, would seal the fate of the controversial rules.Today's vote earned praise from a supporter of other digital privacy initiatives, former Federal Trade Commission chairman Jon Leibowitz, who while serving as FTC chair stunned the ad industry when he called for a do-not-track mechanism for online ad privacy in 2010. Continue reading at
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A-B InBev Launches Global Media Review

Mar 23 3:25pm AgencySpy
The review is expected to conclude some time in the latter half of this year.
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Senate Kills Off FCC Privacy Regulations

Mar 23 3:19pm AdExchanger
AdExchanger | The US Senate on Thursday voted down Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations that would have required internet service providers to get users to consent to be targeted by advertisers. The law would have required the providers (ISPs) to get explicit consent from users before allowing advertisers to buy or target against web browsing histories, geolocation... Continue reading » The post Senate Kills Off FCC Privacy Regulations appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Facebook is still trying to get people to use it for shopping

Mar 23 2:36pm Advertising
Facebook still wants to turn your News Feed into an online shopping tool. Its latest effort to turn into an ecommerce giant is a new ad format that lets brands pair their commercials with collections of images and product listings in the same post. When clicked, the images lead to a catalog of a given retailers' items hosted within Facebook. But users will be directed off the platform if they actually want to buy something. Facebook has been trying to get people to shop through its site for years with features like buy buttons, in-platform stores and chatbots. It's even launched its own Craigslist competitor. Read more...More about Facebook, Business, and Advertising...
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It only took us five minutes to find a big brand advertising on a hate group's YouTube

Mar 23 2:24pm Advertising
Google's facing an advertiser revolt this week after it came to light that several big brands' ads were served on YouTube videos promoting terrorism, extremism, and other violent forms of hate. More than 250 brands have split from YouTube after various investigations in the Times of London outed the ad placements. Needless to say, brands don't want their ads being served on YouTube's most hateful content. And how often are their ads served in these cesspools? Well: It took us just around five minutes on YouTube to confirm how big of a problem this is. That's it. SEE ALSO: Google swears ads will stop showing up in the absolute worst places Read more...More about Advertising, Youtube, Business, and Advertising...
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Crossmedia Wins Pitch for Jgermeisters Media Business

Mar 23 2:00pm AgencySpy
Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot!...
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MAX is a Multilegged robot that can cross challenging environments

Mar 23 1:47pm TechnicalForweb
Multilegged robot This is an ultralight Multilegged robot that can traverse challenging indoor and outdoor surroundings. The Multilegged Autonomous eXplorer The post MAX is a Multilegged robot that can cross challenging environments appeared first on TechnicalForweb.
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A Seismic Shift in Our Eating Behavior

Mar 23 12:47pm Ketchum Blog
Remember the food pyramid from health class? It wasn’t that long ago that a meal was considered incomplete if portions of meat, dairy and other animal-based proteins were not included as part of the occasion. Nor was it that long ago when diets, like vegetarian and vegan, resided almost exclusively on the fringe. Today we […]...
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Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Primes A Programmatic In-House Strategy

Mar 23 12:00pm AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Until late 2016, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group had partnered with an agency to manage most of its programmatic and data capabilities. But like many marketers, the beverage brand saw value in making media its own remit. “It made more sense to pull that in-house so we’d have more transparency into how everything was working, what... Continue reading » The post Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Primes A Programmatic In-House Strategy appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Sandra Oh is The Woman Who Cant Lie in Leo Burnett Torontos Promotion of National Canadian Film Day 150

Mar 23 11:34am AgencySpy
The campaign for Reel Canada also features Vinay Virmani as The Man Who Was Always Late. ...
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Film At 150

Mar 23 11:18am AdPulp
As a signature event celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary, this year’s National Canadian Film Day 150 will see more than 1,500 screenings in schools, theatres and public squares across the country and in consulates and embassies around the world. To help promote and drive participation in the festival on April 19, Reel Canada, the non­profit that […] The post Film At 150 appeared first on AdPulp.
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Digilant Scoops Up Programmatic Media Consultancy Anagram

Mar 23 10:59am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Indie programmatic agency Anagram is indie no more. On Thursday, programmatic ad firm Digilant acqui-hired the five-person team behind Anagram in a bid to beef up its custom programmatic ad solutions. “Providing custom solutions is not just about technology,” said Digilant global CEO Alan Osetek. “Technology is only as good as the people who use... Continue reading » The post Digilant Scoops Up Programmatic Media Consultancy Anagram appeared first on AdExchanger.
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J&J Is The Latest Brand To Yank Its Google Ad Spend, But How Did We Get Here?

Mar 23 10:29am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | The UK boycott of YouTube and the Google Display Network jumped the pond Wednesday when AT&T, Verizon and Johnson & Johnson joined the ever-growing pile-on of advertisers suspending their ad spend over brand safety concerns. But the issue at the heart of this developing scandal – ads appearing next to extremist and offensive content –... Continue reading » The post J&J Is The Latest Brand To Yank Its Google Ad Spend, But How Did We Get Here? appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Discount Buying App Ibotta Opens Its In-Store Sales Visibility To CPGs

Mar 23 9:43am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | The mobile app Ibotta, which offers users cash back on purchases from retail and brand partners, is turning its receipt verification system into an in-store attribution tool. Ibotta users can link a loyalty card account or upload a picture of a store receipt to get cash back on products for which it offers discounts. But... Continue reading » The post Discount Buying App Ibotta Opens Its In-Store Sales Visibility To CPGs appeared first on AdExchanger.
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WCRS snaps up Direct Line sibling Green Flag from CHI

Mar 23 7:05am More About Advertising
Green Flag, the breakdown recovery brand of Direct Line Group, has appointed WCRS to its £12m advertising business following a competitive pitch. WCRS has worked worked with DLG on the Churchill business for eleven years. Saatchi & Saatchi handles Direct Line. Green Flag moves from CHI which won it in 2010. Direct Line Group head ...
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Sucuri Acquired by GoDaddy

Mar 23 6:33am Blog – AWESEM
GoDaddy recently announced their acquisition of online security firm, Sucuri, noted for their suite of robust web security packages and services. In a blog post outlining the move, GoDaddy have announced they ‘couldn’t be happier.’ Speaking about the link between the two companies and the reasoning behind the acquisition, GoDaddy’s... The post Sucuri Acquired by GoDaddy appeared first on AWESEM.
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Paul Simons: what the Top 100 billings tell us about the changing of the guard in adland

Mar 23 6:00am More About Advertising
The 2016 UK Top 100 agencies league table was published recently and it reveals some of the changing landscape of the industry if you dig a bit deeper into the information. One overarching caveat prior to commenting, I fully recognise the league table is based on Nielsen’s analysis of media spend by client, and not ...
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How to Choose the Best Live Video Platform

Mar 23 6:00am
Do you want to add a sense of urgency to your marketing? Interested in using live video on your social channels? Live video creates a unique, real-time experience that encourages your audience to comment and interact, turning individual customers into a community. In this article, you’ll discover the platform benefits and how to use live [...] This post How to Choose the Best Live Video Platform first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle...
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Now MoneySuperMarket offers Masters of the Universe

Mar 23 5:38am More About Advertising
There’s no doubt which campaign would win the Extra Cheese award of the past decade – Mother’s for MoneySuperMarket (although Gio Compario for rival Comparethemarket might run it close). Mother’s last iteration had chaps in hot pants – which led to a touch of controversy so that had maybe run its course. This time it’s ...
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Clickons Benjamin Potter: Air Max 30 year ad highlights

Mar 23 5:20am More About Advertising
March 26 marks Nike Air Max “Day” it seems (we thought it was Mother’s Day – how last year), marking the 30th birthday of the famous brand. So Benjamin Potter (left), co-founder and creative director of sports content specialist Clickon has kindly sent us what he deems to be seven of Nike’s most influential commercials ...
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Christmas tree made with hangers / completement cintrs?

Mar 23 5:10am Joe La Pompe advertising, publicité
THE ORIGINAL? Pierre Clarence shirts – 1994 Source : French ADC Agency : CLM/BBDO (France) LESS ORIGINAL Moraleja Green Mall – 2004 Source : Coloribus Agency : Zapping (Spain) LESS ORIGINAL Carla second-hand shop – 2017 Source : Coloribus Agency : DDB Vienna (Austria)...
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Can Samsonite and new John Lewis denim jig their way to unlikely success?

Mar 23 4:28am More About Advertising
Do you ever remember any of those ads – and there seem to be more of them than ever – featuring bright young things jigging about in the cause of fashion or, more recently, the wonders of their latest mobile? Not very often we’d surmise (although we’re hardly in the target market), especially in the ...
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Sainsburys rethinks m/SIX media win

Mar 23 3:56am More About Advertising
We all thought the Sainsbury’s consolidated media account worth £115m – it now owns Argus too – had gone to The&Partnership’s m/SIX media agency with Sainsbury’s moving from Omnicom’s PHD and Argos from WPP’s Mindshare. T&P is 49 per cent owned by WPP and m/SIX (below) uses WPP’s GroupM for some of the media heavy ...
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