We Hear: Smart & Final Reaches Out to Agencies for Creative Review

Mar 17 2:02pm AgencySpy
The California chain is in expansion mode.
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Luck of the Advertiser: The Long, Sordid History of Selling Irishness

Mar 17 1:57pm The Nebo Blog: Interactive Marketing, Design & Ramblings
If you’re like most Americans, you’ll probably spend Friday night wearing shamrock-shaped sunglasses, getting plastered on green Miller Lite and doing your best impression of the Lucky Charms leprechaun. I’m all for a good party (trust me, I’m Irish), but is this really the best we can do to honor a culture that has given […]...
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Why Your SaaS Sales Depend on Data More Than Ever

Mar 17 1:51pm The Kissmetrics Marketing Blog
Every SaaS business is aiming for sales success. However, earning more revenue isn’t always a direct path. It’s a winding road of trial and error with internal and external factors. Data is one solution to your sales woes. It can help your team discover gaps in the customer experience and transform your overall strategy. The […]...
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Nay Say All Day To Keep Ad People At Bay

Mar 17 1:47pm AdPulp
Do you get tired of reading about how the ad agency business sucks, and how no one wants to work in advertising any longer due to the long hours, low pay and lack of prestige? Personally, I see many of these sour takes on the industry as little more than ill-informed attempts to fill space. […] The post Nay Say All Day To Keep Ad People At Bay appeared first on AdPulp.
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Lolas same sex Ceremony launches a new age Magnum

Mar 17 1:05pm More About Advertising
Here’s Unilever doing its bit for inclusion/diversity once again, this time with a same sex marriage/ceremony in some Catholic country. Probably Spain, as the ad’s from the estimable Lola MullenLowe. For Magnum, of all things – once deemed, in the pre-Polman era, a phallic ice lolly, if you can have such a thing. Wasn’t sure ...
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Heres to the secular & sophomoric rituals of St. Patricks Day.

Mar 17 1:04pm Gods of Advertising
One of my all-time favorite episodes of the Simpson’s is about St. Patrick’s Day. The whole town of Springfield gets drunk and stupid. More so than usual. Everyone is stumbling, puking and fighting. Even the police. Especially the police. And all of them are wearing that dumbass shade of green. Only when Bart accidentally gets […]...
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ConAgra Moves Business From DDB San Francisco to DDB Chicago

Mar 17 1:00pm AgencySpy
The decision follows ConAgra's headquarters moving from Omaha to Chicago last year.
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What's Driving Ad Tech's Newfound Sense of Civic Duty on Travel Ban and Beyond

Mar 17 1:00pm
Earlier this month digital ad sellers including Twitter, Yahoo, Pandora and marketing platform firm Marin Software signed an amicus brief in support of transgender boy Gavin Grimm in his suit against his school's board, which denied denying him use of the boy's restroom.New Issues for a New Era?To any regular observer of technology companies and their typical approach to lobbying government, the stream of open letters and amicus briefs seems to signal newfound civic engagement extending far beyond the usual endemic issues industry groups tend to pipe up about -- things like taxation or government agency regulations restricting business practices, for example. Continue reading at AdAge.com...
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Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: Agency? Supplier? Partner? Vendor?

Mar 17 12:44pm More About Advertising
In this episode of #MediaSnack Tom and David look into the changes taking place within the agency landscape. First, they discuss the recent news that Havas has merged its media and creative companies into a single P&L and ask if is this a move back to full-service management. Other holding groups have gathered their divisions ...
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LeBron Has a Message for the Doubters in David&Goliaths Latest for Kia

Mar 17 11:57am AgencySpy
James compares doubt to a drizzle in the 60-second spot, Rain. ...
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Miami Ad School Students Launch Made by Refugee Project

Mar 17 11:01am AgencySpy
Creatives Kien Quan and Jillian Young placed stickers with the phrase on appropriate products in New York stores.
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Merkles Chief Media Officer On Its Evolution From CRM Shop To Digital Agency

Mar 17 10:30am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | When Merkle launched as a CRM and performance media agency in 1971, its strong data repository and direct-response focus set it apart from other media agencies. As marketing went increasingly digital, Merkle’s strong data foundation laid the groundwork for a natural evolution into programmatic buying, turning it into a competitor for digital and media agencies.... Continue reading » The post Merkle’s Chief Media Officer On Its Evolution From CRM Shop To Digital Agency appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Media Vendors Should Remember Who Pays The Bills

Mar 17 9:55am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Data-Driven Thinking is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Paul Wright, CEO at iotec. In the last few weeks I have had time to think about media before the web came into our lives. Before the first “Trainspotting” and... Continue reading » The post Media Vendors Should Remember Who Pays The Bills appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Mobile Ad Blocking Takes Off In Asia, Sparked By User Data Costs

Mar 17 9:37am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Want to know what large-scale mobile ad blocking looks like? Go to Asia, specifically China and India, where the bulk of the world’s new smartphone users are entering the market. A PageFair report last year said mobile browsers with pre-installed ad blockers more than doubled over the previous year and now outnumber those without ad... Continue reading » The post Mobile Ad Blocking Takes Off In Asia, Sparked By User Data Costs appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Seth Meyers rips Donald Trump for proposed Meals on Wheels budget cuts

Mar 17 9:08am Advertising
On Thursday's Late Night, host Seth Meyers laid into President Donald Trump's proposal to cut funding for the Community Development Block Grant program, which has provided assistance to Meals on WheelsPer CNN, federal grants go toward about 3 percent of the meal program's national office budget.  Meals on Wheels? asked an incredulous Meyers. How dead inside do you have to be to not want old people to get food? Old people voted for you ... They believed you when you said you care about them. There's nothing more low-life than lying to the elderly. Read more... More about Tv, Watercooler, Watercooler, Video, and Advertising...
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Nativo Opens Door To Programmatic Sponsored Content

Mar 17 9:00am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Sponsored content is going programmatic, courtesy of a partnership between native ad company Nativo, demand-side platform The Trade Desk and GroupM’s native ad division, Plista. The deals transact in a programmatic guaranteed fashion, with fixed pricing. Nativo added the programmatic option because it saw demand from buyers. “Agencies desire to consolidate their buying through a... Continue reading » The post Nativo Opens Door To Programmatic Sponsored Content appeared first on AdExchanger.
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George Osborne to edit London Evening Standard shock (and probably horror)

Mar 17 7:55am More About Advertising
Has April 1 arrived early this year? Just read courtesy of the FT that former Chancellor George Osborne (below) is to be the new editor of the London Evening Standard. Current editor Sarah Sands is going off to be a producer on the BBC’s Today programme. Osborne, who mostly messed up the UK economy in ...
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Tear Down These Walls: ANA Calls for Audits at Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest

Mar 17 7:00am
Amazon, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Foursquare were all put on notice by an advertiser group demanding they open up their walled gardens.The digital advertising platforms have yet to adopt independent audits of ad campaigns, according to a new report by industry group ANA.Google and Facebook recently announced plans to allow audits by the Media Rating Council, an advertising watchdog group. The rating council can verify ad campaign data such as audience size and other metrics, and does not rely on a platform's own analysis. Continue reading at AdAge.com...
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Underpopulated MullenLowe debuts for Sloggi

Mar 17 6:51am More About Advertising
MullenLowe has won the Sloggi account and here’s its debut effort, for Sloggi’s ‘Wow’ factor. Noticed the other day that ECD Richard Denney has now left the agency, part of a mass exodus that’s beginning to look like a pogrom. Will IPA president Tom Knox have a home to go to when he finishes his ...
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Paul Houlding: why Paul Arden is my ad hero

Mar 17 6:29am More About Advertising
The founder and managing partner of London independent agency Isobel chooses as his Ad Hero a “bonkers but brilliant” creative genius who put his stamp on Saatchi & Saatchi’s finest work. The other week I was at the Festival of British Advertising opening night. And I must admit it I loved it. For someone who ...
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Animated Visuals: How to Bring Still Images to Life

Mar 17 6:00am
Do you use visuals on your blog and social media? Have you considered animating them? To explore how to use animated visuals in your content, I interview Donna Moritz. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business [...] This post Animated Visuals: How to Bring Still Images to Life first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle...
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YouTube rogue ads threaten Googles online cash cow

Mar 17 4:34am More About Advertising
Google’s YouTube is facing a full-on ad crisis as a raft of important advertisers – including the UK government’s Cabinet Office, TfL, the Guardian and L’Oreal – have pulled their ads from the online channel following a further investigation by The Times into YouTube ads unwittingly funding so-called “hate preachers” and the like. According to ...
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M&C group motors on despite London agency travails

Mar 17 4:05am More About Advertising
Who needs an advertising agency? Revenues rose by 26 per cent to £225m last year at M&C Saatchi group as it capitalised on higher digital spending and direct marketing even as its flagship ad agency – also M&C Saatchi – dropped out of the UK top 20 with a 37 per cent fall in billings ...
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Broke But Not Busted: Publishers Epic Battle For Media Monetization

Mar 17 12:05am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | “The Sell Sider” is a column written by the sell side of the digital media community. Today’s column is written by Neil Lustig, CEO at Sailthru. The struggle that publishers are facing when it comes to monetization is so pervasive that many aren’t even bothering to hide the evidence. But it’s not earnings reports, revenues... Continue reading » The post Broke But Not Busted: Publishers’ Epic Battle For Media Monetization appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Comic: "One more time, Michael!"

Mar 17 12:04am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | A weekly comic strip from AdExchanger that highlights the digital advertising ecosystem... AdExchanger: Origins AdExchanger: Crisis In Ad City (Part I) AdExchanger: Crisis In Ad City (Part II) AdExchanger: Enter Malware (Part I) AdExchanger: Enter Malware (Part II) AdExchanger: Enter Malware (Part III) AdExchanger: Enter Malware (The Conclusion) AdExchanger: Angels And Startups AdExchanger: Rumble In... Continue reading » The post Comic: One more time, Michael! appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Google Inserts A Promotion Into Home; Rubicon Project Stocks Took A Hit This Week

Mar 17 12:03am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Here's today's AdExchanger.com news round-up... Want it by email? Sign-up here. AI, Meet Paid Media As part of a deal between Google and Disney, Google’s voice-activated assistant Home slipped a promo for the upcoming “Beauty & The Beast” premiere into its morning recitation (weather forecast, schedule, commute, etc.). Google maintains it’s not an ad, “but it’s definitely... Continue reading » The post Google Inserts A Promotion Into Home; Rubicon Project Stocks Took A Hit This Week appeared first on AdExchanger.
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The Goodyear Blimp is Technically No More as the Last True Blimp is Retired

Mar 16 10:02pm Beyond Madison Avenue RSS News Feed
Category: Beyond Madison AvenueSummary: The 92-year-old asset will live on in airship form, but will always be called the Goodyear Blimp. The Goodyear Airship doesn’t sound quite right, does it? And yet if Goodyear was to be pedantic, that’s technically what it will be from now on. That’s because the tire and rubber company said goodbye to one of its infamous blimps – and the last of its GZ-20 models...
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Ad Costs May Vary for Fast Food and Retailers for xAd's Location Data Model

Mar 16 6:30pm
In the past couple years, advertisers have looked to location data firms such as Placed, NinthDecimal and Arrivalist to verify whether people visited their stores, restaurants or auto dealerships. Today, digital ad firm xAd went another step by introducing an ad payment model that charges advertisers only if people showed up in a business location.Applebee's and The Home Depot are the first to try the new ad model, and several advertisers will launch cost-per-visit campaigns in the coming weeks, according to xAd CEO Dipanshu Sharma. I'm excited to see that there's a data point suggesting that marketers are really focused on place visit and focused enough on it to warrant a new cost model, said the founder of a location data firm who asked to remain anonymous. Continue reading at AdAge.com...
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KFC Irish Chicken on St Patricks Day

Mar 16 5:21pm The Inspiration Room
KFC UK and Ireland is marking St Patrick’s Day with the promotion of their 100\% Irish O’Sanders Feast bucket. The O’Sander’s Feast includes 14 pieces of 100\% Irish chicken, four servings of mashed potato, two sides, eight onion rings and a 1.5 litre bottle of soft drink. The bucket is available in Ireland until 23 […]...
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TBWAChiatDay L.A. Gets A Little Dark in March Madness Effort for Buffalo Wild Wings

Mar 16 4:27pm AgencySpy
It's a continuation of the agency's Hit The Button campaign, centered around the NCAA tournament.
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VML Expands Technology Team With New Hire, Promotions

Mar 16 4:10pm AgencySpy
The agency hired Perry Puccetti as executive director, technology and announced four promotions in the technology department.
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Someone From Boston Is Not a Fan of Commonwealths Real People Chevy Ads

Mar 16 3:49pm AgencySpy
His name is MAHK. Like the rapper.
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Adblock Plus Adds Brand Clout (And Gets Clouted)

Mar 16 3:25pm AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Soon after Adblock Plus (ABP) developer Eyeo revealed the publisher, brand and ad tech executives on its Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC) Wednesday, many of those members’ employers swiftly distanced themselves. Dell, Condé Nast and Rocket Fuel are among eight companies with members on the committee. The panel would manage ad policies for Eyeo’s Acceptable Ads... Continue reading » The post Adblock Plus Adds Brand Clout (And Gets Clouted) appeared first on AdExchanger.
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A Fresh Look at How to Market Your Ad Agency for New Business

Mar 16 3:09pm FUEL LINES
Stop selling your services, that’s not what prospects are buying. Agency business development programs are too often sales focused. They’re built around outbound, interruptive sales tactics designed to start engagements with prospective clients. The prospects have little, if any, awareness of the agency or how they’re different from their competitors. Success in “selling the agency” is proving to […] The post A Fresh Look at How to Market Your Ad Agency for New Business appeared first on FUEL LINES.
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W+K Promotes Neil Christie to Global Chief Operating Officer

Mar 16 2:41pm AgencySpy
He was formerly managing director of the London office.
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RPA and ampm Celebrate the First Anniversary of Goofy Brand Spokesman Toomgis

Mar 16 1:58pm AgencySpy
Think of him as an abominable convenience store man.
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How to Turn Cold Facebook Traffic into Red Hot Leads

Mar 16 12:56pm The Kissmetrics Marketing Blog
Breaking news! Facebook is popular, with 1.86 billion monthly active users, and 1.23 billion daily active users. Admittedly, not the scoop of the year. How about this? This just in! Facebook ads accounted for 97\% of its revenue in 2016, and the social media platform makes more from advertising than traditional sources like Disney, Comcast, […]...
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BBDO, AT&T Sing Through March Madness

Mar 16 12:51pm AgencySpy
The campaign promotes DirecTV's streaming service and Bracket App.
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#TBT: McDonald's and Trump Were Friends in This Big N' Tasty Ad (Co-Starring Grimace)

Mar 16 12:22pm
A tweet on the @McDonaldsCorp feed Thursday morning called Donald Trump a disgusting excuse of a President, adding that we would love to have @BarackObama back. Also: you have tiny hands. McDonald's quickly deleted the tweet and said Twitter had notified the company that its account had been hacked, perhaps avoiding the kind of Twitter war with the president that has caught up marketers such as Nordstrom.In addition to reminding marketers that stuff happens on social media, the incident resurfaced memories of a happier encounter between McDonald's and Mr. Trump, who co-starred with Grimace in this ad for the chain. Continue reading at AdAge.com...
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W+K Portland Promotes Jess Monsey to Director of Client Services

Mar 16 11:58am AgencySpy
She previously served as a group account director and business director.
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Will McDonald's Have to Tell Someone 'You're Fired' After Its Extremely Anti-Trump Tweet?

Mar 16 10:59am
The @McDonaldsCorp account involved has about 151,000 followers. The @McDonalds account for the McDonald's USA business has about 3.3 million followers.Before McDonald's blamed the post on a compromised Twitter account, many people were wondering whether someone on the McDonald's social media team perhaps meant to tweet from his or her own account, and mistakenly sent the anti-Trump missive from the corporate account.The Golden Arches, of course, is not the first company to deal with a social media nightmare, and it won't be the last. Some may recall Chrysler ending its relationship with New Media Strategies in March 2011 after an agency employee used the f-bomb and complained about Detroit in a tweet inadvertently sent from the client's Twitter account. Continue reading at AdAge.com...
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How Turner, Fox And Viacom Seek To Simplify TV Audience Segmentation

Mar 16 10:50am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Unlike in digital, where buyers can buy across multiple publishers, TV planning is largely limited to a single broadcaster’s inventory. Fox, Turner and Viacom have jointly formed an advanced audience platform called OpenAP, which will roll out to media agencies and advertisers in early April, to try to solve that challenge. While each network has... Continue reading » The post How Turner, Fox And Viacom Seek To Simplify TV Audience Segmentation appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Want to Improve Your Social Presence? Start with Video.

Mar 16 10:32am Ketchum Blog
Whether it’s on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Netflix, or the good old-fashioned television set, video has and will continue to be our preferred method of viewing and engaging with content and stories. Social media platforms – such as Facebook – have even put video at the forefront of their strategies. So why are so many brands […]...
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Location Player xAd Intros Performance Metric For Foot Traffic

Mar 16 9:45am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | XAd only wants advertisers to get paid if someone actually walks in the door. On Thursday, the location-based mobile ad network said it would allow brands to transact on a cost-per-visit (CPV) basis. Advertisers will be able to make media buys based on foot traffic-related KPIs and only pay for performance. It’s an appealing proposition... Continue reading » The post Location Player xAd Intros Performance Metric For Foot Traffic appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Heimat crafts a tears and laughter triumph for Hornbach

Mar 16 7:03am More About Advertising
Heimat in Germany is famous for its Hornbach D-I-Y ads and here’s another winner called “bereue nichts” which, I think, means no regrets. Well maybe a few. Suspenseful even, which is the blue riband for ads. MAA creative scale: 9 (and maybe that’s a bit mean).
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Hollister Targets Teens Where They Live: Their Phones

Mar 16 7:00am
Abercrombie & Fitch may finally be getting a clue about its core consumer. The teen-focused retailer recently debuted a mobile video game for its Hollister California-style clothing brand. The game activation, which was created with Rovio Entertainment and TreSensa, functions as an ad to connect the brand with loyal and potential shoppers. It keeps the brand breaking through in new and unique ways and helps us maintain our relevance day to day, said Will Smith, who joined the New Albany, Ohio-based retailer as chief marketing officer for its Hollister and kidswear brands six weeks ago. Mr. Smith formerly worked as CMO at Caleres, which was rebranded from Brown Shoe Co. This comes at the customer in an unconventional way and that's part of our brand ethos of not being staid and traditionalwe want to be young, credible and authentic. He's hoping the game will reach approximately 10 million teens in the Rovio network and lead to additional experiential opportunities.The retro-style game, accessible on the Rovio network and through select Snapcodes on Snapchat, allows players to surf while collecting points like pizza and avoiding shark obstacles. Hollister is promoting the effort through social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat as well as in select stores. Continue reading at AdAge.com...
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Lime-A-Rita shocker is by the girls for the girls

Mar 16 6:37am More About Advertising
Wanna know why there’s a shortage of female creative directors? Well FCB Chicago (enjoying an upturn it has to be noted) put together an all-female creative and account team for this new campaign for AB InBev’s Lime-A-Rita. Showing what women do when left to their own devices apparently. Er, back to the drawing board girls. ...
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Britvic calls review as it looks for two-strong agency line-up

Mar 16 6:21am More About Advertising
UK soft drinks leader Britvic is reviewing its agency roster as part of a plan to “streamline” what it calls agency support services. BBH, one of its three creative agencies alongside Iris and 101 is not repitching. Britvic says it wants to cut down its agencies to two, one handling ‘adult’ drinks, the other ‘kids ...
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How to Optimize Pinterest Content for Search

Mar 16 6:00am
Wondering how to find the right keywords to rank in Pinterest search? Have you considered using Google’s Keyword Planner? Identifying valuable long-tail keyword phrases will help you optimize your profile and pins for search. In this article, you’ll discover how to use Google’s Keyword Planner to research keywords and boost the visibility of your Pinterest [...] This post How to Optimize Pinterest Content for Search first appeared on . - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle...
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Neil Christie takes on global role at Wieden+Kennedy

Mar 16 6:00am More About Advertising
Long-serving Wieden+Kennedy London MD Neil Christie has been promoted to COO of the Portland agency’s network, effectively number two in the organisation to president Dave Luhr, COO until 2013. W+K, founded 35 years ago by Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, remains independent with offices in Portland, New York, London, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Delhi, Shanghai and ...
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What do the Campaign/Nielsen 2016 billings tables tells us about the health of UK agencies?

Mar 16 4:48am More About Advertising
Nielsen has produced its computation of creative and media agency billings for Campaign, published alongside Campaign’s diverting “school reports.” The latter can be hilarious with agencies looking resolutely on the bright side with their own self-assessments – marking their own homework – overlooking catastrophic business losses and “losing” half the staff to focus on a ...
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Digital Photo Book Upstart Chatbooks Tests TV And Vertical Video

Mar 16 12:30am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | As a challenger to Shutterfly, the digital photo book startup Chatbooks has sought to carve a niche with millennials and moms since its 2014 launch. The brand’s initial marketing strategy has been mostly organic and word-of-mouth, but last fall it stepped on the paid media gas pedal and bought its first linear TV ad. Since then, Chatbooks has invested... Continue reading » The post Digital Photo Book Upstart Chatbooks Tests TV And Vertical Video appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Introducing Marketing-Stack Management, Powered By Enterprise Machine Learning

Mar 16 12:04am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Data-Driven Thinking is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Nathan Woodman, senior vice president of strategic development at IPONWEB. There’s a scene in the 2002 Tom Cruise movie, “Minority Report,” that has become legendary in marketing and ad tech... Continue reading » The post Introducing Marketing-Stack Management, Powered By Enterprise Machine Learning appeared first on AdExchanger.
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The Ad-Supported Internet Helps The Economy; iHeartRadio Adds Targeting Options

Mar 16 12:03am AdExchanger
AdExchanger | Here's today's AdExchanger.com news round-up... Want it by email? Sign-up here. Ads Can Do It! The ad-supported internet is a boon to the US economy. According to an IAB report led by Harvard Business School professor John Deighton, the ad-supported internet drove more than $1 trillion into the US economy last year, more than doubling in the... Continue reading » The post The Ad-Supported Internet Helps The Economy; iHeartRadio Adds Targeting Options appeared first on AdExchanger.
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Kong: Skull Island Ominously Appears on Google Maps

Mar 15 10:59pm Beyond Madison Avenue RSS News Feed
Category: Beyond Madison AvenueSummary: Legendary Pictures is adding to the intrigue around the launch of Kong: Skull Island by having Google Maps feature the wild island on its service. The marketing stunt shows 200 photos of the island and directs users towards the movie’s website ‘discoverskullisland.com’.
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Top ad blocker seeks 'ordinary user' to decide which ads die

Mar 15 9:46pm Advertising
Do you fancy yourself as someone who should play god over millions of advertising dollars by which media companies live and die? If so, you might be in luck.  AdBlock Plus, the world's most popular ad blocker, just named the first members to the independent board it's tasked with deciding which ads are allowed to pass through its filter for free. The controversial program has been a flashpoint in the ongoing battle between ad blockers and the digital media and advertising industries. SEE ALSO: Why did Facebook pick a losing fight with ad blockers? Most of the committee's 11 seats are filled by industry professionals and consumer advocates, some of whom work at companies that openly despise AdBlock Plus.  Read more...More about Ad Blocking, Eyeo, Adblock Plus, Business, and Advertising...
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Apple iPhone Sticker Fight

Mar 15 5:29pm The Inspiration Room
Apple is promoting a range of iPhone 7 sticker collections with “Sticker Fight”, a commercial bringing the world of stickers into everyday city life. The ad begins and ends with sticker-powered attempts at romance, interspersed with a huge sticker fight on the street, in a diner. Hand-sized stickers are slapped on pedestrians and diners alike, […]...
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Adblock Plus Names 'Acceptable Ads' Committee, but Some Members Don't Seem Enthusiastic

Mar 15 4:25pm
Adblock Plus parent Eyeo on Wednesday said Conde Nast and Dell were among the companies that had agreed to join its Acceptable Ads Committee, which decides which ads the software blocks and which it lets through.Eyeo has been working on filling the committee since at least October 2015, when it announced its aim to form a completely independent review board to take over, enforce and oversee our Acceptable Ads initiative. Although Acceptable Ads has always been debated and conducted in an open and public forum, we're going that extra mile and removing ourselves entirely from the equation, the for-profit company wrote in a blog post then. Adblock Plus has no more say in what is deemed 'acceptable,' and we have no say in who gets whitelisted. Continue reading at AdAge.com...
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Greater Wildwoods Tourism Names Fuseideas as Agency of Record

Mar 15 3:45pm AgencySpy
The appointment marks the end of the brand's 17-year relationship with Signature Communications.
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CP+B Boulder Returns with More Captain Obvious for Hotels.com

Mar 15 3:15pm AgencySpy
Binge watching, online dating and drill sergeants get the Obvious treatment.
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