AM Inbox: Sometimes, It's the Little Things That Count

From The Retail Email Blog
April 26, 2013 - 1:58am

The Retail Email Blog monitors the email marketing campaigns of more than 100 top online retailers. Here are highlights from my inbox this morning: Customer Service, 4/25 -- Your TV Pass Episode Delivery I am a TV minimalist, but Mad Men is a must watch show for me, and per recommendation of a co-worker, I recently tried Amazon Instant Video for viewing the latest season. After some recent viewing frustrations with iTunes (my usual TV episode source), I was very willing to give AIV a shot. My initial impression of the streaming quality has been that there is room for improvement, but I am pleased by this email sent by Amazon. I was not even aware of the issue that delivery of my episode was delayed, but I appreciate Amazon's proactive measure to issue a credit nonetheless. Tiny Prints, 4/25 -- An Exclusive Gift for You! (Thanks for Everything) No Tiny Prints… thank you! This email offer of $20 off my next order is pretty sweet. What really stands out are these two sentences rarely seen in the footer text (fine print): There is no minimum purchase required for this promotion. This offer may be combined with other offers. Anthropologie, 4/25 -- Hemlines unfurled | 20% off: bottoms up! Anthropologie's emails are almost always a delight to open, and this one is no exception. The mini-animation in the pre-banner showing the upside-down pants, shorts and skirts illustrates and compliments the subject line. The placement of the animat...

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