Amazon Is Not A Commerce Company.

December 30, 2012 - 4:32pm

By TechCrunchSame-day shipping became the big retailer craze this holiday season. Why? As the New York Times points out, retailers are living in fear of and trying to match what the online retailer offers.The fear factor — Wal-Mart once had a trance on retail. Now it’s But it’s not just retail that has begun to show deeper anxiety about Amazon. It’s the enterprise giants, too, that pay far more attention to the moves Amazon makes. Commerce came first, and now Amazon is prepping to have the same impact on big data and the software markets.It’s why 2013 will be the big year for the retail and computing giant. It’s all coming together with its growing cloud infrastructure, voluminous data streams and content. It’s what Ray Wang ofConstellation Research calls “matrix commerce.”Wang argues that Amazon is not a commerce company at all. It’s a big data company that has developed a cloud infrastructure that is profitable and subsidizes its retail operations. It has the mobile devices and content that it can spread through a network of users who pay to get it.Wang said this to me in an email:It’s about dominating matrix commerce via big data. In matrix commerce, the channels from the network, the demand signals from big data, the supply chain from logistics, the payment technology from the interfaces, and the frictionless enablers from digital signatures, etc. These are the future.

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