HTC U11 available from 5th June

May 29 10:19pm Ausdroid
A couple of weeks ago one of our editors attended the launch of the HTC U11 and we have not been able to shut him up about it since. Apparently it is a return to form for HTC after what will be a quickly forgotten phone the U Ultra. At the time there was no … The post HTC U11 available from 5th June appeared first on Ausdroid.
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Kustom Widget Pro is free for a limited time

May 29 10:00pm Android Community
For streamlining the look on your smartphone, widgets are the next level of customization that you can go to. The problem is that the good looking and widget apps with nice features – like Zooper and Kustom Widget – are usually paid apps that you need to convince yourself if you really want to pay […]...
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Turn your LG G5 into a G6 with the Fulmics custom ROM

May 29 9:00pm Android Community
Ok, so your LG G5 is not going to magically turn into an LG G6. But if you don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars to upgrade to the LG G6, you might want to dress up the user interface of your older LG G5 with a custom ROM that mimics all the features […]...
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Path Guide lets you create indoor map-free navigation guide

May 29 8:00pm Android Community
Navigation apps are probably some of the most needed ones, in this age of people always being mobile and traveling one way or another. But what if what you needed to navigate was not a street or a city but inside a building or an indoor structure? Microsoft has recently released Path Guide, a “completely […]...
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Cookie Jam Blast aims to be the next casual gaming hit, now out to Android

May 29 7:00pm Android Community
If we want to mark the milestones in the history of casual mobile gaming, Candy Crush would be right there around the top tier, and a lot of outfits right now are aiming to put out the next casual gaming hit. It’s no surprise that this new game “Cookie Jam Blast” employs the same addictive […]...
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Samsung Galaxy Feel unveiled as a Japan-exclusive offering

May 29 6:00pm Android Community
Over the weekend, Samsung announced a new phone that will remind you a lot of the Galaxy A3 but it’s really just the Galaxy Feel. The naming convention is even new. There’s no Galaxy A, J, or S so we’re assuming this one will be a totally new line. The Galaxy Feel was launched in […]...
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How to Root the HTC U Ultra using SuperSU

May 29 5:41pm Android Geeks
An unlocked Android OS means unlimited tweaking possibilities for you. So, by unchaining your phone’s system you can begin your customization and optimization initiative for improving general performance and for changing everything else. However, getting rid of all the carrier branded and factory restrictions you first have to complete some additional procedures such as unlocking […]...
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How to Install TWRP Recovery on HTC U Ultra

May 29 5:34pm Android Geeks
If you want to change how your smartphone runs and if you want to play with the built-in settings and features, you will have to modify some processes and environments which are pre-loaded on the Android system. In that respect, using a custom recovery image is not optional as through this software you can initiate […]...
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Nokia 9 shows up at Geekbench with whopping 8GB RAM, HMD means business

May 29 5:00pm Android Community
We’re still waiting for the big Nokia flagship phone to blow us away, and it looks like HMD Global is meaning to do just that. The big bad Nokia flagship is rumored to be the Nokia 9, and it has apparently showed up at the Geekbench databases showing a monster 8GBs of RAM. We honestly […]...
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App Highlight: Evie Launcher

May 29 5:00pm AndroidGuys
The App Developed by Evie Labs Inc, Evie Launcher is an established app with over 1,000,000 installs. Having been updated on May 23, 2017, the developer is constantly fixing various bugs with the latest update bringing new folder styles. Evie Launcher is one of the best Android replacement launchers there is. What it does One of the best […]...
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Samsung SoundAssistant App is Here to Give You Ultimate Audio Power

May 29 4:05pm Droid Life
Samsung released a new app this past week called SoundAssistant. The app attempts to give you new control over your device’s audio that you probably wish you had always had. We’re talking about controls over individual app audio, an always accessible floating button for audio controls, and specific scenarios depending on time of day or […] Samsung SoundAssistant App is Here to Give You Ultimate Audio Power is a post from: Droid Life...
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More Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) images shown off

May 29 4:00pm Android Community
A couple of weeks ago, AT&T made available the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) with a $180 price tag. Interestingly, the phone is yet to be announced in most markets. The new edition of the Galaxy J3 (model SM-J330) has just been launched in Europe as another entry-level device. It will be released first in Germany […]...
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Grace Digital BTTV 100 Bluetooth TV speaker review: Awesome concept, but needs some work

May 29 4:00pm AndroidGuys
I don’t know about you, but I never seem to be satisfied with the current audio solutions that I have. Right now, I have a decent receiver running the show, but it’s nothing special and it comes with its own challenges. Since I have a smart TV, I’ve been keeping my eye on Bluetooth products […]...
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Easily handle your emails with the Newton skill for Alexa

May 29 4:00pm AndroidGuys
Despite the ludicrous amount of apps available for download in the Google Play Store, finding a third-party email client that can provide you with all the services you need might prove quite a complicated task. In a recent piece, we discussed AOL’s recently improved Alto email experience which among other things, includes better Amazon Alexa […]...
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New Judy malware on Android may have infected 36 million devices

May 29 3:39pm Android – BGR
There's a new piece of Android malware on the loose and it's a doozy. Originally discovered by researchers at Check Point last week, the malware has been dubbed Judy and is potentially one of the most widely spread pieces of Android malware we've seen to date. It's currently believed that upwards of 36.5 million Android devices may have already been infected. According to Check Point, the malware -- which is seemingly designed to underhandedly generate ad revenue -- was found lurking on 41 separate apps on the Google Play Store and was apparently able to skirt around Google's Bouncer system. Notably, some of the offending apps have been available for download for years, though at this point it remains unclear if the malware was always present or perhaps inserted later on via a software update. The malware uses infected devices to generate large amounts of fraudulent clicks on advertisements, generating revenues for the perpetrators behind it, the security report reads. As for how the malware operates, Check Point explains: Once a user downloads a malicious app, it silently registers receivers which establish a connection with the C&C server. The server replies with the actual malicious payload, which includes JavaScript code, a user-agent string and URLs controlled by the malware author. The malware opens the URLs using the user agent that imitates a PC browser in a hidden webpage and receives a redirection to another website. Once the targeted website is launched, the malware uses the JavaScript code to locate and click on banners from the Google ads infrastructure. Upon clicking the ads, the malware author receives payment from the website developer, which pays for the illegitimate clicks and traffic. Notably, Google is aware of the malware campaign and has removed the offending apps from its online store. As for the perpetrators behind the malware campaign, all we know at this point is that the malicious apps originate from a Korean company that develops apps for both iOS and Android.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Concept Sketch Leaks; Vertical Dual Camera Setup

May 29 3:18pm Droidmen
Samsung is all set to launch their second major flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 later this year. Samsung has been following the two-flagships-a-year model for a long time. Their first flagship smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy S8 which came out a couple of months ago. It is expected that the upcoming Note 8 would be […] Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Concept Sketch Leaks; Vertical Dual Camera Setup appeared first on Droidmen.
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Google Play Music trial period for new users extended to 4 months

May 29 3:00pm Android Community
Most paid apps and services want potential users to experience their product with a free trial. It’s usually just 14 days, 30 days, or if they’re feeling generous, even 90 days. Google Play Music is one of those that offered the 3-month free trial, but it seems like they realized that it takes more than […]...
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Deal: Amazon Echo & Echo Dot Discounted with Promo Code 5/29/17

May 29 2:24pm |
The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are currently being discounted over on Amazon’s website, something that doesn’t happen all that often. The Amazon Echo can be had for $139.99, which is $40 off of its regular price when you use the promo code ECHOSAVE40. Now the Amazon Echo Dot has a $10 price cut when you use […] The post Deal: Amazon Echo & Echo Dot Discounted with Promo Code – 5/29/17 appeared first on |.
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Apple ruthlessly targets Android in trio of new ads

May 29 2:08pm Android – BGR
Apple regularly boasts about how many of its new iPhone customers were previously Android users, and CEO Tim Cook has brought up the statistics during earnings calls on numerous occasions. Now, in an effort to make those figures even more impressive, the company just launched a trio of new TV spots aimed directly at getting Android users to jump ship in favor of the iPhone. Curiously, you won't actually see an iPhone in any of them. The short ads, each running no more than 15 seconds in length, are presented in the simple them and us style that Apple has had good luck with ever since the I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC series. In all three ads, the screen is split between Your Phone and iPhone, with bad things happening on one side, and much better things happening on the iPhone half. The three ads focus on performance, security, and the actual act of switching devices, showing a glitchy animation being corrected by the iPhone, a robber failing to break into the iPhone half of the screen, and contacts jumping from Your Phone to the iPhone. What's particularly interesting about the ads is how you never actually see an iPhone at all. Like the old I'm a Mac ads, the aim here isn't to directly sell any specific product, but simply to make sure you know that if you don't own an iPhone, you're not getting the best experience possible. Whether or not you — or any Android users in your life — will buy into that is anyone's guess.
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Moto Z2 Plays hi-res images leaked ahead of reported June 1 release

May 29 2:00pm Android Community
If you’re excited to have a new mid-tier smartphone, you might want to hold out until June 1, as Motorola is reportedly set to unveil its newest smartphone, the Moto Z2 Play on that date. But just a few days away, there have been leaked hi-res photos of the device from one of the more […]...
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New Leak Confirms Complete Specifications of the Upcoming Moto E4

May 29 1:04pm Android Geeks
Leakster Roland Quandt today shared the complete spec-sheet of Motorola’s upcoming entry-level Android smartphone, the Moto E4. Along with the spec-sheet, the leakster also revealed the Canadian pricing as well as a possible release date. The spec-sheet reveals the Moto E4 will come with a 5-inch IPS display offering 720 x 1280 HD resolution, giving […]...
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SongCast is a viable music discovery option for fans and bands alike (review)

May 29 1:00pm AndroidGuys
As a music listener and fan, while a great choice of upper-tier music streaming services is out there, it can be difficult to find a new venue to discover independent music….it can be lost in the grand sea of mainstream artists and playlists. And believe it or not, as an independent artist or band, it can be […]...
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Protecting your home is easier than ever with Sinji [DEALS]

May 29 1:00pm Android Community
Need to keep an eye on your house, even when not at home? Then you need the Sinji Panoramic Smart WiFi Camera, offered to Android Community readers at 57\% off the regular retail price for a limited time only. There’s a lot of good reasons why someone might want to keep an eye on their […]...
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Amazon Echo and Echo Dot now on sale

May 29 12:55pm Android and Me
We’ve seen some nice Amazon Echo and Echo Dot deals lately, but if you missed out on them for one reason or another, you’ve now got another chance at a discounted device. Amazon is now offering sales on both the Echo and Echo Dot. For the standard Echo, [...]...
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Leaked Samsung Galaxy C10 Renders Show Dual-Camera Setup, Dedicated Bixby Button, and More

May 29 12:51pm Android Beat | Android News, Hacks, Apps, Tips & Reviews Blog
Samsung Galaxy S8 was widely expected to be the company’s first handset to feature a dual-camera setup. However, that was not the case to be as the Galaxy S8 ended up shipping with the same camera setup found on the Galaxy S7. Now though, renders of Samsung’s first Galaxy smartphone with a dual-camera setup — the Galaxy C10 — have leaked online. Continue reading →...
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How to watch the Champions League in VR

May 29 12:30pm Android Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers
It's time for the Champions League finals, and now you can watch in VR! The UEFA Champions League finals are nearly here, and you know what that means. Great Football matches from teams all over Europe competing against one another. Soccer, for those americans, but Football to everyone else. The UEFA has some great games, and this year they are more accessible than ever because you can watch right from YouTube. Even better, you'll be able to watch in VR, provided you have a VR headset capable of using Youtube. We've got the details for you here! Read more at! ...
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Asus X00KD With Dual Rear Cameras & 4,020mAh Battery Certified by TENAA in China

May 29 12:05pm Android Geeks
China’s TENAA has certified an unannounced Asus smartphone that is likely to go official soon. Listed on the TENAA website as the ASUS\_X00KD, the smartphone is an entry-level device with a dual-camera setup at the back and the Android 7.0 Nougat software. The TENAA listing for the device reveals that it features a 5-inch display […]...
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Jamboard companion app now available for Androind smartphones, tablets

May 29 12:00pm Android Community
Now that the actual product is available in the market, Google has released the companion app, also called Jamboard. It has different functions and features for when you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet, of course. But at the end of the day, its main purpose is to help you make the Jamboard itself, a […]...
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Should I run a VPN on my Android phone?

May 29 12:00pm Android Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers
If you want or need to use a VPN, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to using one on your phone, too. With recent news of privacy-eroding deregulation and the ever-present threat of online data theft, VPNs are in the news more than ever. While the merits of which one is the best and why is a hot subject, little attention is paid to the obvious question — should I use one on my phone? We're here to talk about if you should and the reasons why! More: The best VPN services of 2017 What is a VPN? A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. That's a technical term for what's essentially a welcome middleman between you and the internet at large. A VPN is a service you connect to that sends and receives data across the internet on your behalf. When you set up and enable a VPN, all of your internet traffic goes through it, both ways. Ideally, this traffic is encrypted and only the two parties who should have access to the information are able to use it. A VPN is a gateway tha...
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Google now shows personal tab in search filters

May 29 11:00am Android Community
Google has made it its mission to make organizing and accessing all the information you need easier through various apps and app features. If you like including your emails, photos, and other information in your search results when you Google something, you’ll be pleased to know that it seems that there is now a new […]...
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Best Fitness Trackers Under $50

May 29 11:00am Android Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers
For those interested in checking out fitness trackers on the cheap! It's nearly summer which means many of us are scrambling to get more active and maybe slim down a bit before hitting the beach. And a fitness tracker can help you reach your goals, but there's nothing worse than investing hundreds of dollars into a top-of-the-line Fitbit or fitness smartwatch only to wear it for a few weeks and then leave it to collect dust in a drawer. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable fitness trackers out there for your consideration. They're offered across a range of designs and you're sure to find one that will meet your needs without breaking your bank. Here are the best fitness trackers you can buy for under $50! Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitbit Zip Jawbone UP MOVE Misfit Flash Xiaomi Mi Band 2 The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the latest fitness tracker from the Chinese company which is known for delivering quality products at a great price. It's a great option for someone looking for a more t...
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Samsung Galaxy C10 With Dual Rear Cameras Shown Off in Leaked CAD Renders

May 29 10:37am Android Geeks
The first CAD renders of the upcoming Galaxy C10 from Samsung have appeared online today, courtesy of leakster @OnLeaks and Pricebaba. As we told you in an earlier report, the Galaxy C10 is expected to be Samsung’s first smartphone to come with a dual-camera setup at the back. As can be clearly seen in the […]...
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Star Trek: Bridge Crew Review This right here is why VR exists

May 29 10:02am Android Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers
This is the beginning of something amazing, and I'm here for every minute of it. No introduction is necessary here, right? Star Trek: Bridge Crew has been teased and shown off and talked about for over a year now, and the dividing line between people who can't wait to work with friends to crew the USS Aegis and the people who would rather not already exists. And for good reason, because this game is exactly one thing — a multiplayer Star Trek simulator where you either communicate well and work together or your warp core turns your body into stardust as it explodes. If that's not your idea of a good time, stop reading right now. Everyone else? Suit up, we're got a lot to talk about. Read more at VR Heads! ...
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Android O will bring new home screen experience to Android TV

May 29 10:00am Android Community
Of course, we’re getting to around that time where people are starting to get excited about Android O. Before the launch that is sure to come later this year, Google is teasing us with a new Home Screen for Android TV. If you own an Android TV device eligible for the Developer Preview, you can […]...
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LG taking steps to ensure LG G7 will have Snapdragon 845 onboard

May 29 10:00am AndroidGuys
This year, LG tried to outsmart the competition by launching its flagship, the G6 ahead of anyone else. A strategy which had a few disadvantages – perhaps the most notable one being that the Korean company had settle for last year’s Snapdragon 821 instead of Qualcomm’s latest and greatest Snapdragon 835. While LG has claimed […]...
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Best mobile plan add-ons for international travel

May 29 10:00am Android Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers
Don't let your wireless bill spoil your summer vacation! With summer just around the corner, you've likely finalized your travel plans before you set for a summer vacation. If your travels are going to take you out of the U.S., you'll want to know your carrier's international roaming plans and policies before you accidentally rack up a massive bill. We've broken everything down in terms of the Big Four carriers. AT&T Sprint T-Mobile Verizon Advertisement AT&T AT&T offers plenty of great options for traveling throughout North America and internationally as well. There are two separate options for the Americans and crossing the ocean. For travel to Canada and Mexico If you're planning a trip to Canada or Mexico, AT&T gives you unlimited talk and text along with access to your plan data with no roaming charges. This unlimited roaming within North America is a feature included with all AT&T Unlimited Plus and AT&T Unlimited Choice plans, but you may b...
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Samsung Releases SoundAssistant App For Galaxy Devices With 150 Steps of Fine Volume Control

May 29 9:08am Android Beat | Android News, Hacks, Apps, Tips & Reviews Blog
Samsung has released a new app for its Galaxy handsets called SoundAssistant. The app provides one with granular control over the audio aspect of their device. Continue reading →...
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OnePlus intros new Referral Program to save you a few dollars

May 29 9:00am Android Community
OnePlus wants to thank its fans once again for all the support the past few years. Although we haven’t seen any single report on numbers and units sold, we believe OnePlus when it’s saying that the brand has grown “by leaps and bounds”. In preparation for the launch of the new OnePlus 5, the Chinese […]...
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Where to buy the HTC U11 in the U.S.

May 29 9:00am Android Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers
HTC U11 in the U.S.: where, when and for how much. HTC's relationships with the U.S. carriers have weakened, and with the launch of its 2017 flagship the U11 it has just one carrier on board. The HTC U11 is exclusive to Sprint at launch, already up for pre-order with a proper release on June 9. The pricing from Sprint is set at $0 down and $29 per month for two years, or a total price of $696. Sprint will be offering the U11 in black and blue colors, at least at launch. Thankfully, you are only stuck going to Sprint if you want to buy the phone directly from your operator. HTC will also be selling the U11 unlocked on Amazon and, continuing an excellent trend of selling directly to consumers who want to bypass the carriers. It's available immediately for pre-order from both storefronts for $649, with an additional color choice of silver alongside black and blue. Amazon Amazon is selling the U.S. unlocked model of the U11, coming in black, silver and blue colors. The listin...
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Rumor: UMIDIGIs Upcoming Flagship To Sport 8GB Of RAM

May 29 8:53am |
UMIDIGI (formerly known as ‘UMi’) had released some really compelling smartphones recently, and the company’s upcoming flagship seems to be really interesting as well. The company’s UMIDIGI Crystal smartphone was announced with really thin bezels, and the device that you can see in an image above this article seems to be UMIDIGI’s upcoming flagship, at […] The post Rumor: UMIDIGI’s Upcoming Flagship To Sport 8GB Of RAM appeared first on |.
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OEM Android Skins: A Pain for Users, but a Great Sandbox for Google

May 29 8:45am Android Beat | Android News, Hacks, Apps, Tips & Reviews Blog
Manufacturer customized versions of Android have been a pain for purists since time immemorial. One reason for that is because they end up delaying Android software updates. But despite all the hate that Android gets for this, haven’t these manufacturer tweaked flavors like Samsung’s Grace UX or Xiaomi’s MIUI contributed anything meaningful? Continue reading →...
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LG V20 Receiving May 2017 Security Patch From T-Mobile

May 29 8:43am |
T-Mobile started pushing out the May Android Security Update for all LG V20 units on its network, as revealed by the company’s recently updated support pages for the handset. The third largest mobile service provider in the country has been rolling out the new software package for LG’s 2016 flagship since Thursday, meaning the update […] The post LG V20 Receiving May 2017 Security Patch From T-Mobile appeared first on |.
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New Google Play Music subscribers are now offered 4 months of free, unlimited service

May 29 8:30am AndroidGuys
There are a lot of different music services out there, most of which come with a subscription fee attached. In a bid to differentiate itself from the competition, Google is now offering a promo for Google Play Music that offers users four free months of unlimited service. Up until now, Google offered music fans a […]...
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Four Color Variants Of Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) SM-J330 Leak

May 29 8:18am |
Four color variants of what’s said to be the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) bearing the model number SM-J330 have surfaced online on Sunday, having been revealed by known industry insider Roland Quandt. The source claims that the newly leaked device isn’t the same model that was recently launched in the United States through AT&T, with […] The post Four Color Variants Of Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) SM-J330 Leak appeared first on |.
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Leak: Galaxy Note 8 Sport A Dual Camera Setup In Sketches

May 29 8:09am |
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most anticipating smartphones of 2017, and its sketches just surfaced. We’ve already seen a couple of Galaxy Note 8 leaks and rumors thus far, and if the source is to be believed, these new sketches are showing off Samsung’s upcoming flagship phablet. If you take a […] The post Leak: Galaxy Note 8 Sport A Dual Camera Setup In Sketches appeared first on |.
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Leak: Galaxy Note 8 Sports A Dual Camera Setup In Sketches

May 29 8:09am |
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most anticipating smartphones of 2017, and its sketches just surfaced. We’ve already seen a couple of Galaxy Note 8 leaks and rumors thus far, and if the source is to be believed, these new sketches are showing off Samsung’s upcoming flagship phablet. If you take a […] The post Leak: Galaxy Note 8 Sports A Dual Camera Setup In Sketches appeared first on |.
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ARM launches Cortex A55, A75 processors, focus on deep machine learning

May 29 8:00am Android Community
It’s another year, and another generation of ARM Cortex processors are being launched to power the newer generation of smartphones and mobile devices. The Cortex-A55 and Cortex-A75 high-efficiency application processors may not yet be available for devices at this time, but they promise an amazing future filled with smartphones that get smarter as you use […]...
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My perfect smartwatch is a mashup of the LG Watch Style and Fossil Q

May 29 8:00am Android Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers
A hybrid watch would be the perfect smartwatch if it just had Google Assistant built in. I've been seriously ruminating over this since reviewing the LG Watch Style. I thought I would still be wearing the smartwatch by now, that it would be the device that would get me back into daily life with Android Wear. It's not; the smartwatch has since been been relegated to the bottom of my jewelry box and replaced with a hybrid variant from Fossil. The Fossil Q Tailor can only do half of what the Watch Style can do — if at that, since this is a mechanical smartwatch we're talking about here, with no screen in sight. If I want notifications, for example, I have to assign each of my special contacts to a number on the dial. As a result, I don't use notifications. And then I discovered what the Fossil Q hybrid can do, and that's all the simple stuff I'd wear the Watch Style for anyway. It can track my sleep, show me the time in another country, and wake me up every morning. Maybe the r...
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New Render Of Nubias Bezel-Less Smartphone Leaks Online

May 29 7:51am |
Another render of what’s said to be Nubia‘s upcoming bezel-less smartphone surfaced online on Sunday, depicting a thin handset with small top and bottom bezels and almost no side bezels. The device shown in the newly leaked render is seemingly identical to the one that surfaced online last week and presumably has the same origin […] The post New Render Of Nubia’s Bezel-Less Smartphone Leaks Online appeared first on |.
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Galaxy S8 Selling Twice As Fast As Galaxy S7 Series In Korea

May 29 7:32am |
The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are selling twice as fast as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in South Korea, the Seoul-based consumer electronics manufacturer revealed on Monday. Its latest pair of premium Android smartphones surpassed one million sales yesterday, 37 days after officially hitting the market. The Galaxy S7 and […] The post Galaxy S8 Selling Twice As Fast As Galaxy S7 Series In Korea appeared first on |.
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Cricket Wireless now offers switchovers $50 bill credit

May 29 7:30am AndroidGuys
Cricket Wireless has a new offer for customers looking to switch carriers. Port your number to the prepaid wireless provider now and you’ll receive $50 switcher credit. New subscribers can bring their own device or pick from one of the four free 4G LTE smartphones available including Alcatel Streak, ZTE Sonata 3, Samsung Amp 2 […]...
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New Google Play Music subscribers now get a four-month trial

May 29 7:16am Android Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers
New customers can try out Google Play Music for free for 120 days. Google typically offers a 90-day trial for customers looking to evaluate Google Play Music, but the company is now rolling out a four-month free trial for new subscribers. If you're using another streaming service and are looking to make the switch to Play Music, you now have an addition 30 days to decide if you want to continue. Once the trial ends, you'll have to shell out $9.99 per month. In addition to accessing Play Music's catalog of over 40 million songs, you'll be able to upload up to 50,000 songs from your own music collection — 100,000 if you're using a Samsung phone — to the service. The UI is in need of a revamp and the device usage policy is antiquated, but overall there's plenty to like in Play Music. There's no telling how long the offer will last, so if you're interested in seeing what the deal is with Play Music, hit up the link below to subscribe. Sign up for Google Play Music ...
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Galaxy Note 7R (FE) Leaks In Two New Real-Life Images

May 29 7:11am |
Two new real-life images of what’s said to be the refurbished variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 surfaced online on Monday. The device depicted in the images is apparently marketed as the Galaxy Note 7R in China, with some earlier reports indicating that the same handset will be sold as the Galaxy Note FE (Fandom […] The post Galaxy Note 7R (FE) Leaks In Two New Real-Life Images appeared first on |.
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Video: New LG V30 Concept Blends Together Galaxy S8 & LG G6

May 29 7:09am |
Following DBS DESIGNING’s concept take on the LG V30, a YouTube channel called ‘Concept Creator’ just released their very own concept design of the LG V30. Do keep in mind that this design is purely fictional, so it is not a leak of any sort. That being said, this design, much like the one DBS […] The post Video: New LG V30 Concept Blends Together Galaxy S8 & LG G6 appeared first on |.
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Upcoming Huawei Honor 9 phone hits TENAA, images and specs revealed

May 29 7:00am Android Community
Wasn’t it just last February when the Huawei Honor V9 was made official? It’s also known as the Honor V8 Pro but now we’ve got some information about the Honor 9. Yes, there will still be an Honor 9 as the next-gen of the Honor 8. Specs and images of the phone reached TENAA so this […]...
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New LG V30 renders show complete design overhaul

May 29 7:00am AndroidGuys
Back in February, we heard the LG V30 might not come with a secondary display, as its V10 and V20 predecessors. Well over the weekend a bunch of images showing a bunch of old-ish mockups of Project Joan aka the LG V30 have appeared online courtesy of reliable leakster @evleaks. The pictures reveal this year […]...
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May 2017 Security Patch Hitting Galaxy Note 4 & Note Edge

May 29 6:54am |
Samsung Electronics started distributing the May Android Security Update for unlocked variants of the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. The Galaxy Note 4 is receiving the firmware version N910FXXU1DQE2, while the Galaxy Note Edge is being updated with the build number N915FYXXS1DQE1. The South Korean consumer electronics manufacturer reportedly started rolling out the patch over […] The post May 2017 Security Patch Hitting Galaxy Note 4 & Note Edge appeared first on |.
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Gionee F109L Android Smartphone Certified By Chinas TENAA

May 29 6:30am |
A Gionee-made device bearing the model number F109L has been certified by China’s telecommunications regulator TENAA, as evidenced by a set of testing documentation published by the agency earlier this month. The smartphone boasts a 5-inch display panel with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels, indicating that its screen will feature a conventional 16:9 […] The post Gionee F109L Android Smartphone Certified By China’s TENAA appeared first on |.
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Charge six of your favorite devices at the same time for just $30 today

May 29 6:30am Android Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers
These days we’ve got lots of gadgets and charging them all can mean taking up a bunch of outlets around your house. Naztech’s 6 USB charging hub lets you get up to six of your favorite devices charged up easily, and today it is just $30. ...
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Rumor: Moto E4 To Launch On July 17, Priced At $185

May 29 6:05am |
Motorola Mobility’s Moto E4 will launch on July 17 and be priced at $149.99 CAD ($185) in Canada, industry insider Roland Quandt said on Sunday. The same source also shared a snapshot of the supposed specifications of the upcoming handset, corroborating many previous reports about Motorola’s upcoming Android device. According to the screenshot, the Moto […] The post Rumor: Moto E4 To Launch On July 17, Priced At $185 appeared first on |.
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