Western Digital Upgrades Suite of Storage Drives With Thunderbolt 3, Optimized Speeds, and More

Apr 24 10:30am MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
After revealing the G-Drive USB-C a few weeks ago, Western Digital today announced the launch of a trio of upgrades coming to a few of its G-Technology product lines, including the G-Drive with Thunderbolt 3, G-Raid with Thunderbolt 3, and G-Speed Shuttle XL. The performance upgrades mainly account for optimized speeds that will help creative professionals who capture and transfer heavy loads of high-resolution content. The new G-Drive with Thunderbolt 3 includes dual TB3 ports, a USB-C port, and supports USB 3.1, allowing users to daisy chain as many as five additional devices at once so multiple drives can remain connected, enabling complex workflows through a single connection. The G-Drive with Thunderbolt 3 includes a HGST-brand Ultrastar 7200RPM Enterprise-class hard drive, transfer rates up to 245 Mb/s, and includes the G-Drive line's usual Time Machine plug-and-play set-up. The G-Drive with Thunderbolt 3 Users interested can pre-order the G-Drive with Thunderbolt 3 now, and it's available with four optional storage capacities: 4TB ($399.95), 6TB ($499.95), 8TB ($599.95), and 10TB ($699.95). An additional 12TB version will debut sometime next quarter at $799.95. “G-Technology recognizes the need for a complete workflow solution that takes advantage of the power of Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C,” said Sven Rathjen, vice president of marketing, Client Solutions, Western Digital. “The result is a substantial upgrade across several product lines that delivers reliable, fast, and easy-to-use storage solutions to fit the current and future needs of our customers.” Western Digital is also updating its line of high-performance, removable dual-hard drives with the G-Raid with Thunderbolt 3, which features two TB3 ports, one USB-C port, and one HDMI port that is out-of-the-box ready for video running at 60fps in 4K as well as HDR content. The G-Raid has dual removable 7200RPM hard drives, can daisy chain up to five additional devices, and has a transfer rate of up to 500 Mb/s. The G-Raid with Thunderbolt 3 Storage tiers for the G-Raid with Thunderbolt 3 start at 8TB ($749.95), and increase to 12TB ($849.95), 16TB ($1,099.95), 20TB ($1,549.95), and 24TB ($1,999.95). The first four tiers will launch this June, while the 24TB model is set to launch next quarter. The last of Western Digital's updates centers...
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Tim Cooks Apples mic-drop moment; Why are all the Apple rumors accelerating?

Apr 24 10:27am MacDailyNews
Has anybody else noticed how the rate of emergence of new Apple rumors appears to be accelerating?...
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Apple almost banned Uber from the App Store over invasive tracking

Apr 24 10:26am Apple–Digital Trends
Uber's use of fingerprinting -- a method that allowed it to track iPhones that had been reset -- almost got it banned from the App Store. The ridehailing company reportedly used it to combat fraud. The post Apple almost banned Uber from the App Store over invasive tracking appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Ecobee4 HomeKit thermostat teased ahead of May 3 unveiling

Apr 24 10:21am 9to5Mac
Ecobee appears to be planning to show off its new Ecobee4 smart thermostat next week. The company teased out the date today on a new sign-up page that says ‘something big is in the works’ under what is likely a preview of the new smart thermostat hardware. more…...
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iPhone 8 Dummy Model Backs Up Embedded Display Touch ID Sensor

Apr 24 10:08am The Mac Observer
iPhone 8 mockups are popping up nearly daily, and the latest shows a physical model that’s in line with the designs we’ve been seeing over the past couple weeks. The model sports a glass front and back, vertical rear-facing camera lenses, but no Touch ID sensor on the back. The latest iPhone 8 model comes […]...
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Uber secretly tracked iPhones even after its app had been deleted; Apple CEO Tim Cook wasnt happy

Apr 24 10:03am MacDailyNews
Travis Kalanick, the chief executive of Uber, visited Apple’s headquarters in early 2015...
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Apple Maps gains public transit directions for Paris

Apr 24 9:46am AppleInsider - Frontpage News
Filling in an important gap in its native Maps apps for iOS and macOS, Apple this weekend introduced public transit directions for Paris, including detailed station information.
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Apple Maps Now Supports Transit in Paris

Apr 24 9:43am MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple Maps has been updated with transit data for Paris, enabling iPhone users in the city and the greater Île-de-France region to navigate with public transportation, such as the subway, commuter trains, and buses. Apple Maps supports many public transportation services operated by the RATP Group, including the Métro subway system, RER commuter trains, and buses. Transilien trains and select other services are also supported in the suburbs. Apple Maps is several years behind Google Maps in supporting transit routing in Paris, as in many other cities, but Apple's public transportation support is comprehensive, mapping all station entrances and listing departure times. Apple Maps has had a Transit tab since iOS 9. At launch, the feature was limited to Baltimore, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Sydney, Toronto, and over 300 cities in China. Since then, Apple has been working to expand support for public transportation to other cities around the world. Newer additions include Atlanta, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Honolulu, Houston, Kansas City, Manchester, Melbourne, Miami, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Montréal, New Orleans, Portland, Pittsburgh, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, and Vancouver, B.C. Apple Maps transit support in Paris was expected, as station outlines in the city increased significantly in the weeks leading up to today's rollout. Likewise, transit directions may soon be enabled in Adelaide and Perth in Australia, Las Vegas, Madrid, Phoenix, Rome, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. A smaller number of station outlines in Apple Maps are visible in the American and Canadian cities of Albuquerque, Buffalo, Calgary, Edmonton, Orlando, Ottawa, Nashville, Norfolk, St. Louis, and Tucson. A complete list of cities that support Transit in Apple Maps is available on the iOS Feature Availability page of Apple's website. (Thanks, Bernd!)Tags: Apple Maps, transit, France Discuss this article in our forums...
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Comment: With the iPhone 8, Apple appears to be tearing up its own rulebook

Apr 24 9:36am 9to5Mac
Growing evidence that the iPhone 8 may go on sale significantly later than the usual September timeframe speaks volumes about the very different approach Apple is taking to this year’s flagship model. It is breaking not just one, but two of the cardinal rules in the How To Be Apple manual. Rule 1 is that the company avoids ‘bleeding edge’ technology. When new tech rolls around, the company watches and waits while other manufacturers do the trial-and-error bit. Apple launches only when it is satisfied that the tech is stable and that it has figured out the optimal way to employ it. We saw this with the iPod. The first portable media player was invented in 1979, and the first actual mp3 player went on sale in 1998. Apple waited until 2001 to release the iPod. The first smartphones went on sale in the mid-1990s; the iPhone wasn’t released until more than a decade later. The first phone to have a fingerprint reader was the Motorola Atrix in 2011; Apple didn’t add one to the iPhone until two years later … more…...
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Get lifetime access to 2TB of Degoo Ultimate cloud storage for only $60

Apr 24 9:30am iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
The amount of data we all deal with on a daily basis is quite astounding, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of slowing down. To help contend with growing file sizes, there are plenty of cloud storage services out there promising easy backup and sync of your most important files. Get 2TB of cloud storage for life for only $60! Learn more The only problem with cloud storage is that renting space is usually quite pricey when you hit the 1TB or even 2TB mark. The price is usually subscription-based, so you can expect to be paying for a long time. To help cut down on storage and backup prices, Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal on a lifetime subscription to Degoo Ultimate. You get a lifetime subscription with 2TB of storage for only one payment of $60. That's 95\% off the regular price of $1,200. Share files easily via email or unique links, and rest easy knowing your data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption. You can even set up automatic file change detection to keep...
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3D and VR plugin developer Tim Dashwood joins Apple; all of his plugin products are now free

Apr 24 9:27am MacDailyNews
3D and VR plugin developer Tim Dashwood has joined Apple and he has also made his existing plugin products free...
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CNC blank of 'iPhone 8' appears on Twitter, likely based on previous questionable diagrams

Apr 24 9:15am AppleInsider - Frontpage News
A purported Foxconn CNC model of the "iPhone 8" has surfaced online -- but as with the diagrams leaked over the last two weeks, there is no way to tell how accurate the model is, or if it is even close to what Apple will ship.
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Get an HD dash cam for your car for only $24!

Apr 24 8:47am iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
We've all seen some stunning dash cam footage posted online. As dash cams have come down in price, they've become more widely available. The practical uses for them are plentiful, from recording an epic road trip to documenting traffic accidents. Get an HD dash camera for only $24.99! Learn more If you've been thinking of picking one up for your vehicle, have we got a deal for you! You can get this high definition dash cam or only $24 from iMore Digital Offers! Featuring 4x digital zoom, motion detection, and infrared night vision, this camera will be your expert witness in a fender bender no matter what time of day it happens. This compact camera shoots in 1920 x 1080 resolution, and features a built-in microphone. To get set up in your car you'll need to supply your own microSD card (the camera supports up to 32GB), and then it's simply a matter of connecting it to your dash via the included suction cup mount in your car. The back features a big vibrant screen so you can see...
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Apple Hires Tim Dashwood, Popular 3D and VR Plugin Developer for Final Cut Pro

Apr 24 8:36am iPhone Hacks | #1 iPhone, iPad, iOS Blog
Apple has hired popular third party Final Cut Pro plugin developer Tim Dashwood who is known for plugins like 360VR Toolbox. The plugin costs upwards of $1000 and helps in creating 360-degree videos in FCP. Continue reading →...
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Ming-Chi Kuo Agrees iPhone 8 Will Launch in September With 'Severe' Shortages Due to Delayed Production

Apr 24 8:33am MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
As more alleged design schematics and dummy models of the iPhone 8 leak online, one of the biggest questions remains the smartphone's actual launch date. Although some industry sources believe the tenth-anniversary iPhone will still launch in September -- perhaps in very short supply -- Japanese site Mac Otakara earlier this year suggested the OLED iPhone 8 would launch very much behind the the LCD models. Today, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has published a report supporting the theory that Apple will debut the OLED iPhone in September, but the device will face severe supply shortages for some time. Kuo believes that production ramp-up on the OLED iPhone model won't begin until as late as October-November, two months later than previous ramp-ups in August-September. Similar delayed production rumors have been circulated by Bloomberg, analysts from Barclays, and Brian White. Kuo believes that this delay won't undermine actual demand, as long as the iPhone 8 lives up to the hype, but the heaviest demand might be pushed back until as far as the first quarter of 2018, when the bulk of users could get their hands on the device according to Kuo. Production ramp up of OLED iPhone could be delayed to October-November (previously estimated to be August-September, as in previous years). That said, if new features, such as 3D sensing, can provide good user experience, a temporary supply shortfall won’t undermine actual demand, which may be deferred to 1H18. In that case, potential contribution starting late-2Q17 from OLED iPhone could be partially delayed by 3-6 months for related suppliers. This delayed production ramp-up is listed by Kuo as a potential downside risk to shipments of all three iPhone models believed to launch this year, with a second risk coming from Apple's competitors. Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi are all gearing up to launch high-end full-screen smartphones in 2017, and all could have an impact specifically on the LCD models of the 2017 iPhone, according to Kuo, because those models do not have full-screen form factors. Because of these potential risks affecting the iPhone's shipments this year, Kuo adjusted shipping estimates for the device accordingly. The analyst believes that the worst case scenario could see iPhone shipments decrease by 15 to 20 percent and result in 80 to 90 million units shippe...
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KGI Analyst Believes iPhone 8 Production Will Be Delayed to October-November

Apr 24 8:24am iPhone Hacks | #1 iPhone, iPad, iOS Blog
KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in his latest note issued to investors note that the mass production of the OLED iPhone 8 will be delayed to October-November. This is a significant delay as Apple usually starts mass producing iPhones in August/September. Continue reading →...
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'Severe supply shortages' of Apple's 'iPhone 8' said to be a major concern through end of 2017

Apr 24 8:12am AppleInsider - Frontpage News
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is once again cautioning investors that Apple's anticipated flagship "iPhone 8" could be in extremely limited supply to end 2017, thanks to the expected adoption of a number of new technologies, namely an edge-to-edge OLED display.
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Drone Diary: Shooting a dance video really demonstrated the value of a flying camera

Apr 24 8:11am 9to5Mac
Unusually for me, there aren’t many words in this drone diary – mostly I’m going to let the video do the talking! When I reviewed the Litchi app last time – an app that lets the drone fly completely autonomously on a pre-programmed path – I mentioned a plan I had in mind for a future project at that tumbledown castle. The plan was to take a dancer there and shoot a dance routine from the air in a beautiful setting. This required the cooperation of the weather, but it all came together earlier this month. It was a lot of fun, and I think the result really shows the value of a video camera you’re able to position exactly where you want it – whether up high or down low … more…...
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KGI: iPhone 8 mass production delayed to October/November as major component upgrades cause supply bottlenecks

Apr 24 7:47am 9to5Mac
We’ve been hearing several reports that the launch of the iPhone 8 could be delayed compared to previous years. Reputable Apple analyst KGI Ming-Chi Kuo has also weighed in today, reporting that mass production of the OLED iPhone will likely be pushed back to October/November, instead of the normal August/September timeframe for new iPhone launches. KGI says the reason for the production difficulties is that the new iPhone 8 includes several major cutting-edge components that Apple has custom-ordered. The analyst still expects the iterative ‘7S’ models to launch on the normal schedule … more…...
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Dummy 'iPhone 8' Images Appear Online Suggesting Touch ID Embedded in Edge-to-Edge Display

Apr 24 7:36am MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Pictures of a dummy iPhone 8 model appeared on social media over the weekend depicting a handset with a front and rear made of what looks like 2.5D curved glass and a stainless steel edge design. The dummy device is purportedly a CNC model according to Foxconn , according to the original Twitter poster, but there's no way to verify the claim one way or the other, so take the following with a big pinch of salt. The front of the device appears to have an edge-to-edge screen with no discernible bezels, while around the back there's a vertically aligned dual-lens camera, but no other identifiable markings. That includes no rear-mounted Touch ID sensor, but also no Apple logo, either. The sides look like stainless steel, similar to those of the iPhone 4. There are volume buttons and a mute switch on the left, and a power button and SIM tray on the right. The power button appears to be longer than on previous iPhones, however. The poster of the images offered additional details supposedly from a source with links to Foxconn, suggesting that the iPhone 8 will have a thickness and size similar to the current iPhone 7, while the steel edges will be finished in a polished Space Black color. Apart from a further image showing off the latter feature, the poster has also shown off schematics based on blueprints that depict a series of components hidden beneath the top of the display, where the edges of the display are indicated by a red outline. An alleged schematic of the internal components of the next iPhone has also been shared. Apple is thought to be testing more than 10 prototype iPhone models, so it's not yet clear what we should expect. Most rumors so far suggest the upcoming OLED iPhone will have a 5.5-inch bezel-less screen with Touch ID embedded in the front display, so there will be no home button. However Apple is said to be having trouble integrating the Touch ID technology into the screen, and leaked design schematics have indicated that the fingerprint sensor could be moved to the rear of the device, so the final design is far from certain. Some rumors suggest the display itself may feature edges that are curved on both sides like the Galaxy S7, but the phone may have the same slightly curved 2.5D display as the iPhone 7 due to technical challenges manufacturing the more curved version. According to analyst Ming-...
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iMore show 555: Like Watch Band Amiibo

Apr 24 7:30am iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in Apple and tech! LivePhotosKit is here but is it too late? NikeLab has its own Apple Watch, but who will buy it? The environment vs. thinner tech, Apple's Earth Day Challenge. Plus, yes, the new Star Wars trailer. Listen now Subscribe in iTunes: Audio Subscribe in RSS: Audio Download directly: Audio Show notes Meet LivePhotosKit Apple Watch NikeLab Apple and the environment How to crush Apple's Earth Day challenge Star Wars: The Last Jedi — AAAAHHHHHH! Hosts Mikah Sargent Lory Gil Rene Ritchie Be part of the show! Send in your comments, questions, feedback, or follow-up to: Email: imoreshow@imore.com Twitter: @iMore with hashtag #askimore Web: Leave a comment below! ...
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Heres a probable explanation of what Uber was & wasnt doing when it tricked Apple

Apr 24 7:17am 9to5Mac
We learned yesterday that Tim Cook almost pulled Uber from the App Store over the way it was tracking iPhones and tricking Apple engineers. Uber had seemingly found a way to ‘fingerprint’ individual iPhones even after the app was removed, and had taken steps to try to hide this behavior from Apple – one of many questionable business practices the ride hailing firm has made in recent years. Mr. Kalanick told his engineers to “geofence” Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., a way to digitally identify people reviewing Uber’s software in a specific location. Uber would then obfuscate its code from people within that geofenced area. The original NYT piece suggested that Uber was somehow able to track iPhones even after they had been erased, but well-connected John Guber has come up with what seems like a more probable description of what the company was and wasn’t doing … more…...
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Yes, You Can Code on the Go: 7 of the Best HTML Editors for Android

Apr 24 7:00am MakeUseOf
What do you use your Android device for? Making phone calls? Facebook? Gaming? Reading the news? Coding? Yes, that’s right — coding on your Android device is not only possible, but also popular. The top HTML editors in the Google Play Store have been downloaded millions of times, proving both professionals and enthusiasts increasingly view the operating system as a viable productivity platform. If you find yourself needing to code on-the-go, you need to read this article. I’m going to introduce you to seven of the best HTML editor apps for your Android device. 1. WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite WebMaster’s...Read the full article: Yes, You Can Code on the Go: 7 of the Best HTML Editors for Android...
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How to create a new iTunes Library on Windows

Apr 24 7:00am iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
How do you create multiple iTunes libraries on your Windows PC? With a few simply clicks! Using multiple iTunes libraries on the same computer is a good way to keep different collections of music, movies, and apps separate when you have to share your machine with someone else. That way, you just need to maintain your media, without worrying about messing up anyone else's. With this guide, you'll learn how to create and switch between separate iTunes libraries on a Windows PC. How to create a new iTunes library on Windows Creating a new iTunes library isn't the most straightforward of tasks. Here's how you do it on Windows. Click the Start menu. Click on the iTunes folder under in the program list. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. Click iTunes from the All Programs menu. Let go of the Shift key. Click Create Library... Choose where you want your library to be located Name your iTunes library. Click Save. And that's it. Your iTunes library is there, ready for you ...
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This Killer Feature Makes OneNote Perfect for Math Notes

Apr 24 6:30am MakeUseOf
OneNote is a fantastic app for every facet of your life that requires keeping notes. It’s especially useful for students — whether you need a place to keep everything from lectures or want to collaborate on drawing with classmates, OneNote can handle it. Microsoft recently announced a new OneNote feature that will prove helpful to anyone using the app for math work. The Ink math assistant can now create graphs from equations written by hand, letting you visualize them instantly. First, use your finger or stylus to draw out an equation, like y = x + 5. Then, click the...Read the full article: This Killer Feature Makes OneNote Perfect for Math Notes...
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Add a slim layer of protection to your iPhone 7 Plus for just $12.50 today

Apr 24 6:30am iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
If you don't want a bulky case for your iPhone 7 Plus but still want to keep it protected, Spigen's thin fit case is the way to go. It adds a thin layer of protection and grip to the phone, and right now you can pick one up for just $12.50. ...
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Tim Cook Threatened to Remove Uber From the App Store Over iPhone Tagging Tactics

Apr 24 6:00am MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple CEO Tim Cook threatened to pull Uber's app from the App Store in early 2015 after discovering the ride-hailing company was secretly fingerprinting iPhones that used the app, it emerged on Sunday. The claim appeared in a New York Times report profiling Uber's risk-taking chief executive Travis Kalanick, who was apparently summoned to Apple's campus for a face-to-face meeting with Cook over the app's behavior. Travis Kalanick (left) and Tim Cook at a 2016 fashion gala (Image: Reuters) According to the report, Uber was trying to prevent fraudsters from creating multiple fake accounts on the same device to collect new account bonuses, but to do this it had been recording the UUID serial numbers of iPhones so that it could identify them even after the app had been deleted and the phone wiped. Knowing that the approach was a clear violation of Apple's app privacy guidelines, Uber implemented the tactic regardless, and even went so far as to geofence Apple's Cupertino campus so that Apple engineers using the app wouldn't see its fingerprinting behavior. Mr. Kalanick told his engineers to geofence Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., a way to digitally identify people reviewing Uber’s software in a specific location. Uber would then obfuscate its code from people within that geofenced area, essentially drawing a digital lasso around those it wanted to keep in the dark. Apple employees at its headquarters were unable to see Uber’s fingerprinting.However, the tactic didn't go unnoticed by Apple engineers for long. Soon after the discovery was made, Tim Cook had a meeting with Kalanick and demanded that Uber stop the fingerprinting immediately, otherwise the app would be removed from the App Store. Facing the loss of millions of iPhone customers which would essentially destroy the ride-hailing business, Mr. Kalanick acceded. This isn't the first time reports have emerged over the Uber app's dubious-sounding behavior. Concerns were raised late last year when users complained that the app appeared to track them for days or even weeks after they last used the ride-hailing service, forcing an explanation from the company. The New York Times article offers more detail on the Uber CEO's history of controversial business tactics and can be read here.Tag: Uber Discuss this article in our forums...
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Best Pokmon Go cheats Latest update!

Apr 24 6:00am iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
What are the best cheats for Pokémon Go that'll help you get ahead faster and easier than ever? These! Updated April, 2017: Pokémon Go keeps updating to fix old bugs — and old cheats — but that just means people keep coming up with new ones! If you can't win, cheat. Hell, cheat anyway. That's how the saying goes. Whether you choose to apply that saying to Pokémon Go is up to you. If you prefer to earn your rewards honestly, through hard work and determination, then stop here and go check out my Pokémon Go tips and tricks instead. Otherwise, if all you want to do is win at all costs, here's how people are hacking and cheating their way to the top! New: Major change to spawns | Next Pokémon Go Event | Shiny Pokémon Hot: Best Power-Ups | Where to find rares | Catch bonuses Guides: Pokémon Go tips + tricks | Pokémon Go cheats Warning: Stuff that can and should get your account banned There are some cheats that a...
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4 Places to Find Inspiration for Your Bullet Journal

Apr 24 5:30am MakeUseOf
If you’re new to the custom planning system known as bullet journaling, it can be a little overwhelming. Trying to figure out how to set up a planner with nothing more than a pen and a blank journal is no easy task. Luckily, the online bullet journal community is an incredibly active one that is chock full of inspiration. Instagram There’s an incredibly active bullet journal community on Instagram sharing ideas for layouts, bullet journal pages, embellishments, and more. These are some of the busiest Instagram hashtags you should follow: #BulletJournal #Bujo #bulletjournaljunkies #bulletjournalcommunity #bujojunkies #bulletjournallove #plannercommunity #planneraddict  #bujoaddict #leuchtturm1917 #showmeyourplanner #bulletjournalcollection #bujoinspire...Read the full article: 4 Places to Find Inspiration for Your Bullet Journal...
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This New Dictionary Explains Complex Tech Concepts in Simple Terms

Apr 24 4:30am MakeUseOf
The popular subreddit called Explain Like I Am Five is now internet slang (ELI5). Why is it so popular? Because it breaks down complex questions into simple answers. Forget five-year-olds — these days, even adults need to make sense of the technobabble around us. A new tool from Google’s Jigsaw incubator and Washington Post aims to solve that problem with a simple but ground-breaking tool: Sideways Dictionary. Is Sideways Dictionary Just Another Book of Meanings? The short answer is No. The longer answer is that this is like the Urban Dictionary for tech terms, which are often difficult to explain. The Sideways Dictionary...Read the full article: This New Dictionary Explains Complex Tech Concepts in Simple Terms...
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Apple Caught Uber Secretly Tagging iPhones and Threatened to Remove its App From the App Store

Apr 24 12:18am iPhone Hacks | #1 iPhone, iPad, iOS Blog
A report from The New York Times details how Uber was flouting Apple’s App Store rules and identifying and tagging iPhones even after its app was deleted from them. The ride-hailing company was doing this to prevent the creation of fake accounts. Continue reading →...
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Michael Kors next-generation smartwatches focus on design, innovative tech

Apr 23 5:42pm Apple–Digital Trends
Michael Kors announced a slew of new smartwatches at Baselworld 2017, chief among them the Access Sofie and Access Grayson. The brand also previewed new hybrid smartwatches and an update to its smartphone companion app. The post Michael Kors’ next-generation smartwatches focus on design, innovative tech appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Logic Pros: Taking a closer look at Outputs Signal pulse engine synth for Mac

Apr 23 4:59pm 9to5Mac
Today we will be taking some time out to detail another fantastic software instrument for Logic Pro X and all major DAWs. Signal has become a go-to for me when it comes to rhythmic synth lines and organic poly-rhythms. It uses 40GB of dynamically recorded material and a dual-layer pulse engine amounting to nothing less than a monster arpeggiator/rhythm gate beast… more…...
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Apple hires 3D, 360VR Toolbox developer Tim Dashwood to Final Cut Pro X team

Apr 23 3:59pm AppleInsider - Frontpage News
Apple has hired Tim Dashwood, the author of a series of 3D and 360 VR plugins for video editing software. Dashwood has since made his existing plugins for apps such as Final Cut Pro X free to download.
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After tricking govt regulators, Uber got caught breaking Apple's iOS App Store rules

Apr 23 3:25pm AppleInsider - Frontpage News
In 2014, Uber was discovered to be blocking authorities from seeing its cars in order to evade regulations or bans in a series of locations including Paris, Las Vegas, China and South Korea. The next year, Apple found out Uber was also flouting its iOS developer rules to identify users' devices by hardware ID--and nearly got kicked out of the App Store over it.
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Weekly Roundup: New and Noteworthy Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week (April 23)

Apr 23 3:22pm iPhone Hacks | #1 iPhone, iPad, iOS Blog
In case you were busy this week and didn’t get a chance to check Cydia, don’t worry as we have compiled a list of all the new tweaks that were released in the week which are worth checking out. Continue reading →...
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How to use your Joy-Con controller to play video games on your Mac

Apr 23 3:00pm iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
Want a gaming controller for your Mac? Why not use a Joy-Con? Playing games on your Mac with a keyboard and mouse doesn't always offer an optimal experience, and with plenty of gaming controllers out there, it's easy to get that console feeling of control. Gaming controllers on Mac have varying degrees of success, but if you play a game that accepts Bluetooth controllers (and doesn't need a ton of buttons to play), your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons can connect to your Mac! How to pair a Joy-Con to your Mac How to pair the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to your Mac How to pair a Joy-Con to your Mac You can only pair the Joy-Con separately, so you won't be able to use them together in the Joy-Con grip formation on Mac; however, you can pair both Joy-Cons at the same time, giving you two controllers to work with. Turn off your Nintendo Switch. This will kill the connection between the Joy-Con and the Switch. Press and hold the Sync button on the Joy-Con you want to pair until you see...
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How to Skip Forward or Backwards by 10 Seconds in YouTube on iPhone or iPad

Apr 23 2:55pm iPhone Hacks | #1 iPhone, iPad, iOS Blog
When using the YouTube app on iPhone, you can use the scrubber for navigating the video. This is a handy tool for making long jumps in the video but not so good when it comes to making short skips. Continue reading →...
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Apple hires developer who made 3D virtual reality plugins for Final Cut Pro

Apr 23 12:57pm 9to5Mac
Tim Cook and other Apple executives have been chatty about the company’s interest in virtual and augmented reality in past months. There have been several reports that Apple is exploring an AR smart glasses product internally. To add some fuel to the fire, Apple has recently hired prominent Final Cut Pro plugin developer Tim Dashwood, most well known for making 360VR Toolbox, which helped creatives make virtual reality videos … more…...
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How to Enable Two-Factor Login Verification for Twitter on iPhone

Apr 23 12:25pm iPhone Hacks | #1 iPhone, iPad, iOS Blog
Twitter is a popular social media service where users can share messages, tweets, photos and videos, GIFs, and much more. Given the amount of information that can be shared on Twitter, it is important that you keep your account secure and avoid unauthorized access. Continue reading →...
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Tim Cook reportedly threatened to remove Uber from the App Store in CEO meeting

Apr 23 11:50am 9to5Mac
Uber has long been the suspect of user tracking allegations on iOS, with the company itself addressing the problem as recently as last year. A new wide-raging profile from The New York Times, however, offers more detail on Uber’s location tracking habits, and how they almost got the app banned from the App Store… more…...
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Save nearly 60% off this Pentax DSLR Camera!

Apr 23 11:39am iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
Owning a DSLR camera is great: they take incredible photos and videos, have tons of interchangeable accessories depending on what you're shooting, and make your photos and videos look crisp, eye-catching, and professional. Get your own DSLR camera for just $299.99! Learn more But you know what one thing isn't great about a DSLR? The price. Some DSLR cameras can cost you over a thousand bucks, while a decently priced one might set you back a couple of hundred. Sure, you could keep shooting with your iPhone or an older point-and-shoot camera, or you could pick up the Pentax K-S1 DSLR Camera for only $299.95, down from from a whopping $723.99 thanks to iMore Digital Offers! Big, expensive DSLR cameras aren't for everybody, but sometimes you still want to capture the moment with something a little better than your smartphone camera. For those times, there's the Pentax K-S1, a compact DSLR camera that will let you take incredible pictures wherever you go. With the Pentax, you get...
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EduTech: The best cross-platform apps for group messaging

Apr 23 11:39am 9to5Mac
EduTech is a 9to5Mac weekly series that focuses on technology’s application in education, lower and higher level, both for productivity and enjoyment. If you have suggestions for topics or specific questions you’d like to see answered, feel free to let me know. Catch up on past installments here.  In education, group communication is almost essential. Whether you’re a student working through a dreadful group project, or a teacher communicating with colleagues, group communication is a must. A variety of applications exist that make group communication incredibly easy. Read on as we highlight one of the best, while also offering some alternatives… more…...
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How to use MacOS Wireless Diagnostics to get the best possible Wi-Fi settings in your area

Apr 23 9:00am iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
How can you ensure that you're getting the best Wi-Fi connection on your home router to avoid disconnects or slow transfer speeds? With the Wireless Diagnostics application on macOS! Are you getting the best possible Wi-Fi connectivity with your devices? Do you experience frequent disconnects or slow transfer speeds? You may be experiencing network congestion on your Wi-Fi network due to interference from the myriad Wi-Fi access points in your area. You can ensure that you're getting the best Wi-Fi connection possible with the Wireless Diagnostics application on macOS. Here's how! Scan your Wi-Fi area You're going to need to scan your area for all of the Wi-Fi networks that your Mac can reach by starting the Wireless Diagnostics Application. Hold the option key on your keyboard and click on the Wi-Fi network icon in your Title Bar. Click Open Wireless Diagnostics. A Wireless Diagnostics window will open. Ignore it for now. Click on Window in the Title Bar. Click Scan from ...
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iPhone 8 dummy model surfaces with edge-to-edge display, no rear Touch ID, and elongated power button

Apr 23 8:14am 9to5Mac
The rumor mill for the iPhone 8 is seemingly flip-flopping between two distinct designs for Apple’s 2017 flagship iPhone, one made of aluminium and another more drastic look with a curved glass front and back. The latest unverified leaks from today depict the latter device. These photo show an iPhone made of glass and stainless steel with the front screen seemingly going edge-to-edge with no discernible bezel. There is also no Touch ID visible on the back, implying it will be integrated under the display. More photos after the jump … more…...
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Where to find rare Pokmon in Pokmon Go Updated for Shiny

Apr 23 7:00am iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
How do you find rare Pokémon and complete your Pokédex? With Nearby, Sightings, nests, and more! Updated April 2017: New information on Pokémon Go Gen 2, nests, and spawn point biomes, and Shiny Pokémon. Before you can catch any Pokémon in Pokémon Go, you first have to find them. And that can be easier said than done, especially for rare Pokémon like Tyranitar, Snorlax, Blissey, Ampheros, Togetic, Muk, and more. It took a long time for me to complete my Gen 1 Pokédex, but Pokémon has made some changes since then and Gen 2 was much faster! That's due to the new Nearby, the restored Sightings, and crowdsourced tools like the nest atlas and Facebook groups. Put it all together, and you have a really good chance of finding all the rare Pokémon you need! New: Major change to spawns | Next Pokémon Go Event | Shiny Pokémon Hot: Best Power-Ups | Where to find rares | Catch bonuses Guides: Pokémo...
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You can grab this durable Lightning cable for just $10 today

Apr 23 6:30am iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
Every time you think you have enough Lightning cables you go to charge your phone with one, only to not have one there. Griffin's 3-foot option is a great one to consider with its durable coating to prevent fraying, and right now you can pick one up for just $10. ...
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Lowest price anywhere! 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in Space Gray for $1,599 ($200 off) with no tax in 48 states

Apr 23 1:58am AppleInsider - Frontpage News
B&H Photo is taking $200 off Apple's Late 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in Space Gray exclusively for AI readers. Now $1,599.00, each MacBook Pro also comes with free expedited shipping. Plus, B&H will not collect sales tax outside NY and NJ, making this the lowest price available from an authorized reseller.
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Four months after release, are you using Apples completely wireless AirPods? [Poll]

Apr 22 11:53pm 9to5Mac
Apple’s AirPods first started to arriving to customers just over four months ago and were met with a generally positive response. The highly anticipated completely wireless earbuds were announced alongside the iPhone 7 to make up for the lack of a headphone jack. Now that AirPods have been on the market for four months, are you using them? Take Our Poll (function(d,c,j){if(!d.getElementById(j)){var pd=d.createElement(c),s;pd.id=j;pd.src='https://s1.wp.com/wp-content/mu-plugins/shortcodes/js/polldaddy-shortcode.js';s=d.getElementsByTagName(c)[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(pd,s);} else if(typeof jQuery !=='undefined')jQuery(d.body).trigger('pd-script-load');}(document,'script','pd-polldaddy-loader')); more…...
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Apple's 2017 Earth Day Challenge for Apple Watch awards iMessage Stickers

Apr 22 7:37pm AppleInsider - Frontpage News
In recognition of today's Earth Day, Apple created an "Earth Day Challenge" to reward reaching 30 minutes of exercise on the day with a special achievement badge in the Activity app, as well as stickers for use within iMessage.
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Apple acknowledges earlier iCloud subscription errors, says everything has been resolved

Apr 22 4:57pm 9to5Mac
Earlier this week, some iCloud users noticed that the $0.99/mo 50 GB and $2.99/mo 200 GB iCloud plans had seemingly disappeared. Furthermore, some users received emails informing them that their 50GB or 100GB plan had been discontinued. While the issues eventually resolved themselves, Apple today has sent out an email to affected customers offering a bit more insight… more…...
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Get SelectTV is the Top Choice For Cord Cutters, And Score A Free HD Antenna [Deals Hub]

Apr 22 4:08pm iPhone Hacks | #1 iPhone, iPad, iOS Blog
Why bother with the monthly fees for your cable subscription when you can get everything you need from SelectTV by FreeCast. Get a 1-year subscription to this massive media library—plus score a free HD antenna with your purchase—from iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. Continue reading →...
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Apple Confirms iCloud Subscription Tier Cancelation Emails Were Sent in Error

Apr 22 3:55pm MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple on Saturday emailed some iCloud users to apologize for a bug that caused them to receive an email earlier this week stating their paid storage subscription plan had been canceled. The emails went out to predominantly 50GB iCloud subscribers on Wednesday, causing some MacRumors readers to speculate that Apple was discontinuing the storage tier completely. Options to purchase some of the plans through macOS and iOS were also reportedly affected. However, as predicted, the emails were sent in error. Apple has now followed up the errant message to clarify that it was a mistake and that there has been no change to users' subscription plans. You recently received an email incorrectly stating that your iCloud storage plan has been discontinued, the email read. Your 50 GB iCloud storage plan is not affected and will continue to renew automatically. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions, please contact us. (Via AppleInsider.) Discuss this article in our forums...
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How to Download Snapchat++ iPA for iOS on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Apr 22 3:34pm iPhone Hacks | #1 iPhone, iPad, iOS Blog
Snapchat++ is one of the most popular hacks for Snapchat on iOS that brings a number of new features to the app, such as the ability to save photos and videos to your Camera Roll. Continue reading →...
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Apple apologizes to users for mistakenly saying their paid iCloud subscription was canceled

Apr 22 3:18pm AppleInsider - Frontpage News
Days after an error led to false iCloud cancelation emails sent to subscribers, Apple has followed up with another note apologizing for the bug, and reassuring them that their plan remains in good standing.
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Is your daily commute a drag? Here are some of the best car apps for iPhone

Apr 22 3:15pm Apple–Digital Trends
Your morning commute doesn't have to be a drag. We've compiled a list of some of the best car apps for iPhone. You'll find apps for your music, audiobooks, or maps, and some are even compatible with Apple's CarPlay. The post Is your daily commute a drag? Here are some of the best car apps for iPhone appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Best shooter games for iPhone and iPad

Apr 22 3:00pm iMore - The #1 site for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all things Apple!
Ready, aim, fire! These great shooters will keep your iPhone and Pad smoking! Shooters are typically high octane fast-paced adrenaline-pumping games that are filled with explosions, acts of violence, and of course, lots of gunfire. They are among the most popular titles when it comes to console and PC gaming, but there are a ton of great shooters for your iPhone and iPad too; here are some of my favorites! Modern Combat 5: Blackout Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved Into the Dead World of Tanks: Blitz Ready Steady Bang Dead Trigger 2 Overkill 3 Modern Combat 5: Blackout Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a first-person military shooter that provides a console-like gaming experience right on or iPhone or iPad. Beginning with a mission in Italy, the solo campaign follows Caydan Phoenix as he travels around the world to gun down plenty of soldiers of the World Liberation Army. You can customize your soldier's loadout and special abilities, meaning you can adjust each mission to the pl...
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The Daily Express reviews Apples new iPad: Worlds greatest tablet just got more affordable

Apr 22 1:47pm MacDailyNews
If your old iPad feels like it’s running out of steam or you are thinking of buying a tablet...
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This weeks top stories: Apple celebrates Earth Day, iPhone 8 leaks continue, and more

Apr 22 12:04pm 9to5Mac
In this week’s top stories: Apple celebrates Earth Day with a promise to stop mining completely, iPhone 8 design leaks continue, we go hands-on with NVIDIA’s new Pascal drivers for Mac, and much more.  more…...
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