Be Wary Of Fitness Apps

From Elite Daily Women
December 28, 2012 - 9:56am

A great new way to get in shape and get fit is to use the aid of technology. I mean obviously, it’s 2013 (give or take a few days) and what would this world be if even our caloric intake weren’t meticulously tracked via Smartphone app?   For those of you beginning a New Year’s resolution in which you plan on losing weight, downloading one of these fitness apps to your iPhone or Android may seem like a great idea. Well, maybe.   Before you download any of these apps, make sure you check the fine print. The NPR has just released a statement claiming that the majority of fitness app users don’t read privacy agreements on apps and devices prior to downloads.   For example, the app FitBit, a fitness-tracking app, has started selling their devices to companies, so the companies can distribute the devices to their employees as apart of their health benefits packages. &nb...

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