Ben Stein: 'It's Truly Hopeless, Deficit Will Grow Until It Destroys The U.S.'

From The Daily Bail
January 21, 2013 - 9:11pm

Stein splits with Krugman, admits truth about deficits. I shudder at posting Ben Stein, but he's dead right.  Watch the first 2 minutes. BEN STEIN: I mean the situation is just hopeless.  I mean poor Mr. Lew, who was just nominated to be secretary of the Treasury.  It's a very prestigious post.  I've been in that room in the Treasury Department many times.  It's a magnificent office.  It has its own fireplace.  But he might as well burn himself up in it.  I mean there's nothing to be done about this budgetary situation.  The budgetary deficit is just going to grow and grow and grow until it eats us all alive.  There's nothing to be done but accept things that are very, very uncomfortable.  And as I say, you have to laugh to keep from crying. CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN: But Congress won't do anything uncomfortable.  This Congres...

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