Best Mortgage Calculator

From The Passive Income Earner
December 27, 2012 - 12:18am

Often times, when you want to make a decision about your mortgage, you want to try different mortgage interest rates and different mortgage terms to see where you land. I do that quite often. When I get a raise, I go and test what an extra bi-weekly payment of $25.00, $50.o0 or $75.00 would do to my amortization. Mortgage math is not simple math you do in your head unfortunately. It’s really important to get it right and that’s why it’s recommended to use a mortgage calculator. I wanted to see what the landscape had in terms of calculators and decided to compared them. I have outlined all the calculators I have reviewed below with screen shots. Please let me know what you think. Related: How To Evaluate The Benefits Of Breaking Your Mortgage Mortgage Calculator Testing Criteria In order to test the mortgage calculators, I am Continue reading Best Mortgage Calculator

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