Best mounts for your Apple TV

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March 20, 2017 - 2:00pm
Hide your Apple TV out of the way or hang it front and center with these great mounts. Updated March 2017: We've checked through all current products and these are still the best Apple TV mounts around. If you're sick of your Apple TV hanging from its cords or collecting dust on your TV stand, hide it or display it properly with one of these great Apple TV mounts. Because not everyone may have upgraded to the new Apple TV 4 (2015), we've also included mounts for Apple TV 3 (2012) and Apple TV 2 (2010). HIDEit Apple TV 4 mount TotalMount for Apple TV 4 TotalMount for Apple TV 3 TotalMount mounting shelf for Apple TV 3 QualGear QG-AM-017 Apple TV 3 mount HIDEit Apple TV 4 mount Manufactured in the USA, HIDEit mounts uses high-quality materials that promise to endure no matter how many times you remove and replace your Apple TV. You can fasten the mount to the wall in any direction—which matters when it comes to plugging in cords—using the provided drywall anchors an...

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