Big Banks To Pay $8.5 Billion To Settle Foreclosure Fraud

From The Daily Bail
January 7, 2013 - 4:43pm

Happy Hawaiian Holidays from Dear Leader. Big Banks to Pay $8.5 Billion to Settle Foreclosure Fraud - Bloomberg Google's Eric Schmidt Arrives in North Korea Legal Larceny by Lawyers - LA Times (Must Read) SEC Enforcement Chief Khuzami Issues Wounded Reply to Simon Johnson NY Times Loses Bid to Uncover Details on Drone Strikes | Reuters Dear SEC, This Is HFT "Cheating" At Its Most Obvious 2012 Bond Market Performance: Year in Review Venture Capital Fundraising Richest Since 2008 - MarketWatch Apple Cooking Up TV, Radio, Retina iPad Mini, New OS For 2013 Who Got Rand Paul's Teenage Son Drunk on a 10AM Flight? Former NYC Mayoral Candidate Equates Gun Owners With Child Molesters Occupy Wall Street Harvard Grad Charged with Possession of Bomb Making Materials How Aurora Shooter James Holmes Might Get Away With Insanity Defense American Kennel Club: Dognapping Cases Are Up By Almost 70 ...

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