Big Trend in China Social Media: Live Streaming

From Maximize Social Business
March 13, 2017 - 8:05am
Live streaming is broadcasting video content in real-time. It’s often used to share events, but it’s starting to mature and diversify in China. Gaming has been around for years with platforms like Twitch (acquired by Amazon) in the West, or Douyu TV (supported by Tencent) in China. “Showroom” genre, where famous music stars and unknowns […] Author information Olivier Verot Olivier Verot contributes a monthly column on Chinese Social Media. Olivier, who describes himself as, "A French man lost in China for several years," speaks Chinese, reads Chinese, and uses Chinese social media almost everyday. Passionate about Digital Marketing, in 2012 he realized his dream : to open an agency to live from his passion. Olivier likes to share his knowledge with others, exchange ideas, and is always open to meeting new and interesting people in Shanghai. | Twitter | Fac

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