Southie Crime Alert: Loaded Firearm retrieved from juvenile.

May 17 5:10pm Caught In Southie
Yikes!  On Wednesday morning BPD made an onsite arrest of a 17 year-old male from Somerville that was packing heat in the area of Old Harbor and Dorchester streets.  This was the third arrest of a juvenile carrying a gun in less than 24 hours in Boston. One less gun in the community – thanks […] The post Southie Crime Alert: Loaded Firearm retrieved from juvenile.  appeared first on Caught In Southie.
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Harvard study: LeBron is great for local bars and restaurants

May 17 4:06pm - Local breaking news, sports, and culture
While LeBron James may cause opposing fans to drown their sorrows, a new Harvard study says the three-time NBA champion also drives the food and drink industry for his home city — from Cleveland to Miami and back. In a study released this month, Harvard Kennedy School professor Daniel Shoag and the American Enterprise Institute resident […]...
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Map: Heres how hot it could get Thursday

May 17 4:01pm - Local breaking news, sports, and culture
Boston is getting a glimpse of summer weather with the arrival of balmy temperatures Thursday. The National Weather Service is predicting mostly sunny skies and potentially record-breaking high temperatures in the low to mid 90s for most of the state. If you're looking to escape the heat then look no further than the S-shoreline of […]...
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Vince Wilfork revealed why he thinks Tom Brady never tried his BBQ ribs

May 17 3:55pm - Local breaking news, sports, and culture
After two seasons with the Houston Texans, it appears that former New England Patriot Vince Wilfork has taken a liking to a dish famous from the city of his new team. Wilfork posted a sponsored video on Wednesday to announce that he’s on a mission to make barbecue ribs “the official food of America.” In […]...
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One way to know you go to college in Massachusetts

May 17 3:50pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
UMass Amherst practiced some good IT hygiene last week and required students to change their network passwords. Students were sent to a password-change page with helpful password tips, including words not to use: No popular terms such as umass, redsox, password, etc.
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Today in Storrowing: Truck peeled back like a sardine can in Arlington

May 17 3:44pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
Arlington Police report issuing a citation to the driver of this truck, who proved unable to figure out just how high his truck was today.
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Might want to consider hydration if your commute involves Forest Hills this evening

May 17 3:41pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
It's not even rush hour yet and already the parkways are a parking lot between Forest Hills and Faulkner Hospital due to issues related to the Washington Street re-do.
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It's officially 90 degrees in Boston

May 17 3:22pm - Local breaking news, sports, and culture
After a few cold and rainy weeks, it looks like summer is finally arriving in Boston. Temperatures hit 90 degrees in Boston and Hartford, Conn. for the first time this year on Wednesday afternoon, according to National Weather Service Boston. This heat wave comes earlier than usual: On average, temps in the two cities don’t reach […]...
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America's next favorite NBA star: Isaiah Thomas

May 17 3:06pm - Local breaking news, sports, and culture
COMMENTARY There’s a chance — if Celtics announcer Tommy Heinsohn’s urgent critiques of NBA refs are not your bedtime soundtrack — that you don’t know much about Isaiah Thomas. Thomas is already star in Boston, but he’s about to be fully introduced to a national audience as the Celtics play LeBron James and the Cleveland […]...
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Beasts of Burden: A look back at the misguided execution of Alien vs. Predator

May 17 3:05pm Vanyaland
The post Beasts of Burden: A look back at the misguided execution of ‘Alien vs. Predator’ appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Welcome to the neighborhood: Lola 42

May 17 2:14pm Caught In Southie
If you’ve been to Nantucket, most likely you’ve been to the wildly popular Lola 41, well, how lucky are we?  Southie welcomes its new sister restaurant Lola 42 in the Seaport District!  This new bistro and sushi bar just opened its doors at 22 Liberty Drive will feature an eclectic menu with such items as Japanese […] The post Welcome to the neighborhood: Lola 42 appeared first on Caught In Southie.
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Sleep in a bed, order lobster to your tent when you 'glamp' in Maine

May 17 1:43pm - Local breaking news, sports, and culture
When you think of camping, you likely imagine roughing it in the woods without your creature comforts, not eating fresh lobster in a furnished luxury tent. But if the latter—aka, “glamping,” or glamorous camping—sounds more up your alley, you’ll want to take a look at Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine, which will offer professionally decorated, safari-style “glamp tents” […]...
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5 New England spots are among the most popular summer destinations

May 17 1:08pm - Local breaking news, sports, and culture
As cold, bleak, and drawn out as New England winters can be, our summers can be pretty stunning. Now TripAdvisor has added to the evidence, naming five New England spots to their list of the top 50 U.S. summer destinations, released Tuesday. TripAdvisor compiled the list based on hotel booking data from their site. Places on […]...
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Boston city councilors unanimously back the Haitians here because of 2010 earthquake

May 17 1:05pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
The Boston City Council voted unanimously today to tell the federal government to cut the nonsense and let Haitians here on temporary protected status visas stay here, because the awful conditions in their homeland that brought them here persist. The visas expire in June and Haitian advocates worry the Trump Administration will not provide another 18-month extension as has been done in the past. Council President Michelle Wu (at large) said the conditions that prevent the Haitians from returning to Haiti haven't changed - their country has yet to recover from the earthquake, suffered more damage during a hurricane last year and is now in the midst of a drought and epidemics of mosquito-borne zika and chikungunya. In addition, she and co-sponsor Tim McCarthy (Hyde Park, Mattapan, Roslindale) said, the roughly 4,000 Haitians in the Boston area who have these visas are hard working, pay more than $40 million a year in taxes - including for services they can't use, such as social security - and help Haiti recover through payments sent back home. What people have to understand is that the Haitian TPS holders are hard workers, McCarthy, whose district has a large Haitian-American and Haitian population, said. Wu said she found it absurd that Trump officials have started asking questions ahead of a May 23 deadline for extending the visa on such things as how many of the Haitians receive public benefits such as Medicaid, since they are not eligible for it to begin with. Let's stand up for neighbors, our loved ones, our city, Wu said. Councilor Josh Zakim (Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Fenway, Mission Hill), who chairs the council's human-rights committee, urged Bostonians to resist Trump-administration efforts to divide neighbors. Councilor Andrea Campbell (Dorchester), whose district also has a large Haitian-American population, said Boston, which she said has always been a city of immigrants, should both send a message and take specific steps, such as ensuring that any Haitians potentially affected by whatever happens next week have access to legal services and advice on their rights.
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How the Celtics can (maybe) stop LeBron

May 17 12:58pm - Local breaking news, sports, and culture
Three keys to defending the four-time NBA MVP.
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Orioles' Adam Jones says Curt Schilling has 'never experienced anything' like he has

May 17 12:54pm - Local breaking news, sports, and culture
Following Orioles center fielder Adam Jones’ account of racial taunts at Fenway Park earlier in May, former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling seemed incredulous regarding Jones’s claims. According to the New York Daily News, Schilling said on his webcast: I don’t believe the story, given the world we live in. I don’t believe it, for this […]...
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People move to luxury apartments next to nightclub, shocked to hear music from that club

May 17 12:18pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
The Herald reports on the noise battle between residents of the luxury AVA apartments on Stuart Street and Bijou, the club next to which their high rise was built.
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Fenway Park nominated for Venue of the Year by the Academy of Country Music

May 17 12:15pm Vanyaland
The post Fenway Park nominated for ‘Venue of the Year’ by the Academy of Country Music appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Steve the White Squirrel knows the drill in the Public Garden

May 17 12:12pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
Brad thinks Steve the White Squirrel (yes, of course he has a name) should start charging at least one nut for every photo. Earlier:The pale squirrel of winter.One of the fabled West End white squirrels.
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Soon to be empty husk of Globe building in Dorchester remains unloved, unbought

May 17 11:18am Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
The Boston Business Journal reports that for the second time, a buyer has walked away from buying the Globe plant on Morrissey Boulevard that will soon be empty of people as the outlets moves its publishing operations to Taunton and its editorial and sales departments to State Street.
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Kind Of A Big Deal: Paz Lenchantin completes Pixies modern renaissance

May 17 11:07am Vanyaland
The post Kind Of A Big Deal: Paz Lenchantin completes Pixies’ modern renaissance appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Wicked Smart Investor: A Financial Fluffernutter

May 17 10:57am Caught In Southie
I wonder if former State Senator Jarrett Barrios ever admitted he overreacted to his son’s request for a fluffernutter sandwich? While most parents would have just said no, Barrios proposed some “anti-fluff” legislation in 2006. The resulting public outcry was equally overblown. Callers to talk radio shows complained of a totalitarian regime dictating our food […] The post Wicked Smart Investor: A Financial Fluffernutter appeared first on Caught In Southie.
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Mass Bay Credit Union hosts a toiletry drive!

May 17 10:34am Caught In Southie
Be a part of the community and help pitch in!  Mass Bay Credit Union is holding a Toiletry Drive to benefit Rosie’s Place, a local women’s shelter.  The charitable drive, which lasts through the end of May, will help benefit those women and moms in need. “In South Boston, we have a long tradition of […] The post Mass Bay Credit Union – hosts a toiletry drive! appeared first on Caught In Southie.
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Long awaited Roslindale restaurant finally open

May 17 9:37am Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
753 South, where Derna's used to be, had its soft opening this week, according to the folks at Keep Roslindale Quirky. Look for small plates - served on a patio in nicer weather - as well as beer and wine since the place, which has the same owners as Delfino across the street, was one of the first places in Boston to get one of the city's then new neighborhood beer-and-wine licenses, back in 2014.
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New road alignment at Forest Hills driving people nuts

May 17 9:27am Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
In a few days, maybe people will have adjusted, but at least this morning, the re-alignment of traffic on Washington Street between Ukraine Way and New Washington Street caused headaches for motorists and people trying to get to the T station by bus. Darryl Houston summed it up: Complete gridlock into Forest Hills this am. The state basically created two new lanes immediately next to the T stop to allow for work on the original roadway related, of course, to the creation of a new ground-level Arborway where the Casey Overpass used to be. Matt Morong reports it took him 35 minutes to go a mile and a half. Steve H reports: Utter disaster - doubled the usual commute time to the T and that was before I got off the bus to walk.
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White nationalist leaves his calling card behind in Jamaica Plain

May 17 9:21am Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
Adam Sell reports spotting an It's OK to be white sticker on a utility pole at Boylston and Beecher yesterday afternoon. He adds he did his civic duty and removed it.
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Guy breaks into and vandalizes Old Ironsides

May 17 9:11am Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
WFXT posts surveillance photos of the history desecrator.
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Old snow never dies; it just slowly melts away

May 17 9:04am Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
Gary C. spotted this snow pile this morning at the Street (the old lower Chestnut Hill Mall).
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Brotherly Love: Watch the trailer for Robert Pattinsons bank heist drama Good Time

May 17 8:33am Vanyaland
The post Brotherly Love: Watch the trailer for Robert Pattinson’s bank heist drama ‘Good Time’ appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Dust off your boots! Patriot Fest is back

May 17 8:28am Caught In Southie
Massachusetts Fallen Heroes is bringing the crowd-favorite Patriot Fest back for another year. The 2nd annual party will be hosted at the Lawn on D on May 20th with country favorites Tyler Farr and Eric Paslay rocking out all day long. The fun starts at 4pm with local artists Dalton and The Sheriffs and Louie […] The post Dust off your boots! Patriot Fest is back… appeared first on Caught In Southie.
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Vanyaland 4th Anniversary Party Spotlight: Photocomfort

May 17 7:58am Vanyaland
The post Vanyaland 4th Anniversary Party Spotlight: Photocomfort appeared first on Vanyaland.
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"Mayor Walsh says pedestrians, cyclists need to take more responsibility"

May 17 7:48am Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
Some bicycle and pedestrian safety advocates aren’t pleased with comments Mayor Martin J. Walsh made on Boston Public Radio Tuesday. Boston Globe reports. Free tagging: BicyclingMarty WalshmayorNeighborhoods: Boston...
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Marian Hill, Dreamers, SWMRS lead Providences 2017 Summer Concert Series

May 17 7:23am Vanyaland
The post Marian Hill, Dreamers, SWMRS lead Providence’s 2017 Summer Concert Series appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr. go deep to lift Red Sox over Cardinals

May 17 12:10am - Local breaking news, sports, and culture
Mookie Betts homered and drove in two runs, Jackie Bradley Jr. also went deep and the Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals 6-3 to take the opener of a two-game interleague series...
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Give and Take: Evelyn Rydzs Floating Artifacts

May 16 10:37pm Big Red & Shiny
Evelyn Rydz’s Floating Artifacts, at the Aidekman Arts Center, is presented as a part of SMFA’s larger project, The Ocean After Nature, which examines the human effects on the ocean. Rydz’s collecting, cataloging, and display of the “floating artifacts” is an ongoing process in which our collective fascination with the open water and our tangled [...]...
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Milton man ordered to stay the hell out of Allston after allegedly pointing a loaded gun at two people for no damn reason

May 16 6:39pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
Tue, 05/16/2017 - 02:30A Milton man was arrested early this morning after he allegedly went up to a car parked on Linden Street and pointed a gun at its two occupants after one of them asked if he was OK, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more. Free tagging: Linden StreetNeighborhoods: AllstonTopics: Crime...
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This Haverhill convenience store has sold six million-dollar scratch tickets

May 16 3:48pm - Local breaking news, sports, and culture
Feeling lucky? Consider making a stop at the Qwik Mart in Haverhill. Last Wednesday, the convenience store sold its sixth million-dollar scratch ticket, store owner Inderpal Gill told the Eagle-Tribune. Qwik Mart’s most recent winner was the Donbern Nominee Trust of Quincy, which cashed in on the “$10,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular” instant game. Trustee David Spillane opted for a one-time […]...
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Please Dont Storrow: The Rickmobile is set to hit Newbury Street this Saturday

May 16 2:46pm Vanyaland
The post Please Don’t Storrow: The Rickmobile is set to hit Newbury Street this Saturday appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Alleged MS-13 leader from East Boston charged with ordering murders of two teens

May 16 2:39pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
Oscar Demente Moran, arrested in January, 2016 as part of a local crackdown on the MS-13 gang, is now formally charged with ordering the murders of Wilson Martinez, 15, and Cristofer Perez de la Cruz, 16. The feds had previously placed Moran, 25, at a large MS-13 conclave in Richmond, VA at which the decision to murder somebody - who turned out to be Perez de la Cruz was made. But in a new indictment, a federal grand jury identified Moran as a national MS-13 leader, the FBI reports: The new indictment alleges that Duran was the leader of the Molinos Loco Salvatrucha (MLS) clique of MS-13 for the entire United States, as well as the Boston-area clique of MLS, and in those positions authorized (i.e. “greenlighted”) the murders of Wilson Martinez and Christofer Perez de la Cruz. Federal authorities have said local MS-13 members murdered at least six people, either as part of an ongoing feud with the 18th Street Gang, or as an initiation rite for members seeking to move up in the organizations. Innocent, etc.
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Real Talk: Whitney just gave us five life lessons we all need in 2017

May 16 2:24pm Vanyaland
The post Real Talk: Whitney just gave us five life lessons we all need in 2017 appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Locally based tech publisher shrinking

May 16 2:21pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
IDG, which earlier this year was acquired by a Chinese company, is laying off a sizeable number of employees. Newsrooms in Framingham and California are being hit hard. More to come ...
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Court orders worker's comp court hearing for Boston paramedic injured on the job before he was indicted for stealing painkillers

May 16 12:46pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that Boston may have to resume paying worker's comp to Brian Benoit, who suffered an incapacitating ankle injury while transporting a patient in 2011, a little more than a year before he was indicted for stealing painkillers and sedatives from vials in the backs of Boston EMS ambulances. After Benoit was indicted, the city halted the worker's comp payments, claiming state law let it do so because he was suspended from his job. Benoit ultimately pleaded guilty and agreed to resign in 2015. But the state Department of Industrial Accidents ordered Boston to resume the worker's comp payments because they were not compensation allowed to be suspended. When the city refused to resume payments. Benoit then filed suit in Suffolk Superior Court to try to force the city to accept the state order, but a judge instead dismissed his suit, saying the payments were too compensation. Nope, the state's highest court ruled today. State law defines compensation as payments made in return for services rendered, which rules out worker's comp, because that is only paid after a worker is injured, the justices wrote in their decision. So the matter goes back to Superior Court where Benoit can again ask a judge to order the city to resume his payments. Because workers' compensation benefits do not constitute compensation for purposes of the suspension statute, that statute accordingly does not proscribe the receipt of such benefits by suspended employees.
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Woman who helped kids through sports now faces trial on fraud, kickback charges

May 16 12:25pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
Brianna Forde, 35, a one-time Boston basketball standout who has spent her adult life working with youth sports programs, was one of three people indicted yesterday for an alleged scheme to defraud Bank of America via kickbacks from some of those programs. Forde was indicted along with Palestine Ace, a Bank of America marketing vice president, and Ace's husband, Jonathan. The feds allege the three funneled donations from the bank's marketing department to charities, then demanded kickbacks in exchange for promises of future donations. Forde, a Boston native, played for Burke High School, where she was a four-time Boston City All Star and a three-time member of the Globe All-Scholastic Team. In 1999-2000, she led the Bulldogs to a perfect record. She graduated into a full basketball scholarship at Bentley University in Waltham, after which she served as an assistant women's basketball coach at Curry College and UMass Boston and coached the New Mission High School women's team. She also volunteered for a number of Boston-area youth-sports programs. According to the indictment, between 2010 and 2015, Ace sent a total of $1 million to seven Boston-area charities focusing on basketball and educational programs for Boston area youth, which the indictment does not name, but which specifies were unaware of the scheme. The indictment continues that Forde first contacted four of the programs and said that as a condition of the donations, they had to give back 50\% of the funds to her. Ace's husband made similar demands of the other three, and of charities in Atlanta. Without their knowledge, Forde then submitted fraudulent invoices - purportedly from the non-profits - to Ace to facilitate the payments to the non-profits and the embezzlement of the funds. As an example, the indictment alleges that on March 6, 2014, Ace sent $30,000 to Boston Non-Profit 2, which in turn cut a check to Forde the next day for $15,000. After depositing the check, Forde then withdrew $7,500 in cash, then, on March 25, transferred $7,500 from the account to an unnamed relative of Ace's. If convicted, Forde faces up to 20 years in federal prison on charges of one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud and two counts of wire fraud. She would also have to forfeit roughly $119,000 the government says remains in the bank account she allegedly used for transferring the money. C...
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Colombian college student who likes Theater District clubs might have to worry about a visit from Homeland Security

May 16 11:40am Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
A routine hearing on underage foreign students with fake IDs trying to get into a Theater District club could turn into a Homeland Security investigation because one of them allegedly tried to get into another club the next week with a forged US passport. At a Boston Licensing Board hearing this morning, Sgt. Det. Robert Mulvey said he and his partner found two underage students, one a 20-year-old Northeastern student from Venezuela with a fake Spanish ID, the other a 19-year-old Bentley student from Colombia with a forged Colombian ID, inside Cure Lounge, 246 Tremont St., at a day party around 4:50 p.m. on April 1. Both students were summoned to court to face a charge of being a minor in possession of alcohol, which, if they have no other outstanding charges, would normally just be continued without a finding for several months and then dismissed if they stay out of trouble during that time. Unfortunately for the Colombian, the company that provides security at Cure Lounge also performs that task at the nearby Icon - which has had its own problems with underage foreign students. The guy showed up at Icon with a new set of forged IDs, including a forged US passport, a manager at the company told the board. Homeland Security tends to frown on passport forging and detectives said they would hand over the new information to the feds for a possible investigation. The licensing board, in the meantime, decides Thursday what action, if any, to take about the incident.
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Hordes of beer-mad BC undergrads are overwhelming Cleveland Circle pizza place

May 16 11:25am Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
The co-owner of what was initially billed as a family-friendly pizza place on Chestnut Hill Avenue now says he is spending every night at the front door, turning away 200 to 250 underage BC students trying to take advantage of his restaurant's beer and wine license. It's just shocking, Dimitrios Liakos, co-owner of Agoros Bar and Grille, told the Boston Licensing Board of his three weeks on doorman duty. It's mind blowing to me. ... It's crazy. It's absolutely insane to see that many students go out with fake IDs and try to get in. And the students are persistent - he said one young woman has been trying for five weeks to get into the bar. Liakos was before the board to answer the two most recent citations issued for underage drinking. In one case, on April 6, police detectives said two underage BC students managed to worm their way to the bar. Liakos actually denied entry to one, a 19-year-old from Connecticut, but the guy then went to semi-separate pizza-by-the-slice area Agoros has, then, when nobody was looking, slipped through the door to the bar. The second, a 20-year-old pal of his from DC, went out back and waited until a kitchen worker opened the back door to throw out trash, then slipped in through that door, detectives said. Detectives said that when they entered the bar area shortly before midnight, they found the two at the bar, enjoying Bud Lights. In the second incident, on Feb. 17, an underage woman had the bad luck of hoisting a friend's beer to her lips just as detectives entered the restaurant and spied her. Although they agreed they had no evidence she purchased any beer herself, they said they confiscated a fraudulent West Virginia license from her. Liakos said he's doing what he can to stem the tide - he asks particularly young would-be patrons the capital of the state their licenses are from, for their Zip code or for the name of their favorite restaurant in their alleged hometown; as police have learned, the kids often trip up in their answers. He said he paid $1,000 for a license scanner, but returned it after a couple weeks because it was approving too many fake IDs. Board Chairwoman Christine Pulgini said that despite his night hours and the questioning, Liakos needs to do even more. She noted that the board cautioned Liakos before he opened last year in what was the former Roggie's, that he'd face a tough job keeping the you...
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Hail Caesar: Go bananas for the final War for the Planet of the Apes trailer

May 16 10:54am Vanyaland
The post Hail Caesar: Go bananas for the final ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ trailer appeared first on Vanyaland.
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New Sounds: Courtney Barnett jangles up a guitar-pop storm on How To Boil An Egg

May 16 10:40am Vanyaland
The post New Sounds: Courtney Barnett jangles up a guitar-pop storm on ‘How To Boil An Egg’ appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Nearly1600 Units proposed for Boston Edison Plant

May 16 10:36am Caught In Southie
Hang onto your hats – nearly 1600 units could be coming our way at the newly proposed Boston Edison project.  Last month, project manager Ralph Cox of Redgate Real Estate teased us with a sneak peek of the new mammoth development which included plans partial demolition and re-use of the existing power plant plus the […] The post Nearly1600 Units proposed for Boston Edison Plant appeared first on Caught In Southie.
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As electronic music absorbs the mainstream, ADULT. remain faithful to their own beat

May 16 10:17am Vanyaland
The post As electronic music absorbs the mainstream, ADULT. remain faithful to their own beat appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Coolidge Corner Theatre acts as the real hero, brings Drive back to the big screen

May 16 9:31am Vanyaland
The post Coolidge Corner Theatre acts as the real hero, brings ‘Drive’ back to the big screen appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Ed Flynn Earns Top Labor Support

May 16 8:44am Caught In Southie
Ten Unions Back Flynn for District 2 Council Seat District Two City Council Candidate Edward M. Flynn has earned endorsements from 10 labor unions in the district – and counting – as officials from the locals cited Flynn’s record of supporting workers’ rights and working families. “Ed Flynn is dedicated to making lives better for […] The post Ed Flynn Earns Top Labor Support appeared first on Caught In Southie.
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Live Review: Perfume Genius crowns himself queen at Royale in Boston

May 16 8:27am Vanyaland
The post Live Review: Perfume Genius crowns himself ‘queen’ at Royale in Boston appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Learning to diagnose at Harvard Medical School

May 16 8:22am Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
First-year students at Harvard Medical School go through some rigorous training in diagnosing illnesses - and also make annual parody videos.
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New Sounds: Lana Del Reys Coachella Woodstock in My Mind should stay in the VIP tent

May 16 8:02am Vanyaland
The post New Sounds: Lana Del Rey’s ‘Coachella — Woodstock in My Mind’ should stay in the VIP tent appeared first on Vanyaland.
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Developers propose nearly 1,600 residential units at old South Boston power plant

May 15 11:15pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
Architect's rendering. See it larger. The developers working on transforming the 15-acre Boston Edison power-plant site today filed formal plans with the BPDA and state environmental regulators for 2.1 million square feet of development, including 1,588 residential units, a 150-room hotel, 340,000 square feet of office space and 68,000 square feet of retail, 987 parking spaces and more than an acre of public space along the Reserved Channel. In their filing, developers Hilco Global and Redgate Capital Partners said they would mostly tear down the current behemoth structures - except for the historic early-20th-century turbine hall - and replace them with eight blocks of building, with three residential buildings reaching 20 or 21 stories. The filing states the units will be split between apartments and condos. The developers estimate the total buildout will take 10 to 15 years once the project is approved by both city and state regulators - they hope to begin work next year. They write they would start with renovation of the turbine hall and construction of residential units along East 1 Street, to re-link the Site to the neighborhood and create an active edge. Hilco and Redgate are counting on residents and visitors using public transit - and bicycling and their feet: The Project Site has convenient public transit access and is located approximately 0.5 miles from the Silver Line at Design Center Place, and 1.5 miles to South Station, which provides access to the Red Line, Silver Line, commuter and passenger rails, Amtrak, and local and regional bus service. The Project Site is also located along local bus routes that provide access to South Station, which facilitates opportunities to minimize vehicle trips and encourages alternative modes of travel. Because of the site's location on the Reserved Channel, the developers said they are taking several steps to deal with potential flooding, including having the first floors be three feet higher than an anticipated 100-year flood in 2070, putting emergency generators on the roof - and electrical systems in general higher than the 100-year-flood level, giving units windows that can be opened by hand should the power go out, and making sure plantings along the channel can survive saltwater inundation. Also planned: An emphasis on art and start-up industry: To further its goal of creating an Arts and Industr...
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Pregame Post-Ups: 'Do Your Job'

May 15 7:53pm The Official Site of the BOSTON CELTICS
Monday, May 15 - Wizards at Celtics Pregame – 'Do Your Job'...
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Feds charge bank VP and husband figured out way to create real-life Human Fund

May 15 7:02pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
A senior vice president at Bank of America, her husband and a Boston woman were indicted today on charges they figured out how to steal $2.7 million from the bank through transactions with non-profit groups in Boston and Atlanta, the US Attorney's office reports. Palestine Pam Ace, aka Pam Ace, 45, one-time senior vice president of Bank of America’s Global Wealth and Investment Management Division and her husband, Jonathan R. Ace, 46, both of Rockland, and Brianna Alexis Forde, 35, of Boston, were each indicted on one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud. Palestine Ace was also indicted on 12 counts of bank fraud and four counts of wire fraud; Jonathan Ace was also charged with two counts of wire fraud and one engaging in an unlawful monetary transaction; and Forde was also indicted on two counts of wire fraud. According to the US Attorney's office, the three cooked up a scheme in which they donated large sums to various charities, then asked them to return large parts of the money as proof they could be trusted with further donations. But instead of making out checks to the banks, the non-profit groups were told to write checks in the name of Jonathan Ace or Forde, the feds say. On various occasions, Jonathan Ace pressured the recipients of the donated funds to return a higher percentage of the funds to him, by using intimidation and threats of public humiliation. Ace's outgoing checks, misappropriated from a bank marketing fund, were each for $50,000, the US Attorney's office says, adding she sent out at least 75 such checks between 2010 and 2015. The indictment also alleges that Palestine and Jonathan Ace used a portion of the funds they embezzled from Bank of America to support their lifestyle and pay for personal expenses, including lavish birthday parties and the purchase of a $17,000 Kawasaki motorcycle.
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Xperience Creative announces State Of The Union discussion on hip-hop and genre equality in Boston

May 15 5:31pm Vanyaland
The post Xperience Creative announces ‘State Of The Union’ discussion on hip-hop and genre equality in Boston appeared first on Vanyaland.
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The confused pheasant of Beacon Hill will not be taken easily

May 15 5:16pm Universal Hub - All Boston, all the time
The confused pheasant one Beacon Hill resident reported this morning has made it up to the roofline of the storied neighborhood, as J shows us.
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Late Night Eats at LaMottas

May 15 4:51pm Boston Chefs
Whether you’re an industry regular or a night-owl feeling peckish, let La Motta’s cater to your nocturnal needs. The newest...
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