Webchat: The Latest in Brain Tumor Research and Care

May 26 2:00pm Insight
In honor of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, David Reardon, MD, and Patrick Wen, MD, of Dana-Farber’s Center for Neuro-Oncology, went live on Facebook to answer questions about brain cancer. The doctors discussed advice for brain tumor patients, answered audience questions, and described the difference between the two major categories of […]...
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This Repurposed Diabetes Drug Could Help Treat Breast Cancer

May 26 11:47am The Breast Cancer Site Blog
Epalrestat has been shown to block the growth and metastasis of aggressive triple-negative cancers.
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9 Things To Keep In Mind When The Going Gets Tough

May 26 11:41am The Breast Cancer Site Blog
Remind yourself these tidbits of wisdom during times of trouble.
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Immunotherapy Gives Retired Dentist and Melanoma Patient a Reason to Smile

May 26 6:00am Insight
For nearly 50 years, Jay Schwab wondered whether the melanoma he survived as a young man would return in a more serious form. When it did, in 2016, Dana-Farber was ready with a revolutionary response. A retired pediatric dentist, Schwab is one of a growing number of Dana-Farber patients thriving […]...
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New benchmarking resource for tricky type of gene mutation

May 26 5:40am Institute of Cancer Research
Researchers have made available a vital resource that will allow labs throughout the world to assess how accurately they are detecting an important type of mutation.
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Scientists discover enzyme that supports brain tumor growth

May 26 3:00am Cancer / Oncology News From Medical News Today
New research conducted by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center reveals the mechanism behind how brain tumors feed, grow, and spread.
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The Air You Breathe Might Be Increasing Your Chances of Developing Breast Cancer

May 25 12:11pm The Breast Cancer Site Blog
Find out how high your risk is.
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10 Ways to Become Infected with Helpers High, Even After a Cancer Diagnosis

May 25 12:00pm OncoLink Cancer Blogs
Did you know that giving and volunteering stimulate the reward center in the brain, releasing endorphins and creating what is known as helper’s high? And like other highs, this one is also addictive. My husband, Gary, volunteered at Shepherd’s House, a men’s rescue mission, three mornings a week for two or three years while living with terminal […] The post 10 Ways to Become Infected with ‘Helper’s High’, Even After a Cancer Diagnosis appeared first on OncoLink Cancer Blogs.
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The Numbers Dont Lie: The AHCA Will Cost Us

May 25 11:34am Triage Cancer Blog
The Congressional Budget Office has released its “score” of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and the bottom line is that the AHCA will cost the cancer community greatly. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is a non-partisan agency that is … Continue reading → The post The Numbers Don’t Lie: The AHCA Will Cost Us appeared first on Triage Cancer Blog.
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My Lucky Break!

May 25 10:13am Lung Cancer Alliance
By Dann Wonser Eleven years ago, in 2006, I got the luckiest “break” of my life: I broke my ribs. While that may not seem all that lucky, those broken ribs led to an X-Ray, which led to the discovery … Continue reading →...
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Low physical activity increases risk of bladder, kidney cancer

May 25 10:00am Cancer / Oncology News From Medical News Today
A new study investigates the link between chronic physical inactivity and the risk of developing bladder cancer and kidney cancer.
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Understanding the Risk of Late Recurrence of Breast Cancer

May 25 9:00am Cancer.Net Blog
Language English May 25, 2017Crystal.MooreThe reasons why some women experience a late recurrence of breast cancer are complex. In this post, Dr. Crystal Moore describes who may be at risk of late recurrence and 5 things you can do to thrive in your life and survivorship.
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New Online Tool Guides Genetic Testing for Lynch Syndrome

May 25 6:00am Insight
A new online assessment tool developed at Dana-Farber can help rapidly identify people who should undergo genetic testing for Lynch syndrome, an inherited disorder that greatly increases the lifetime risk of colorectal, endometrial, ovarian, stomach, and other cancers. An estimated 1 in 279 individuals – nearly a million people in […]...
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FDA approves first cancer treatment for any solid tumor with a specific genetic feature

May 25 3:00am Cancer / Oncology News From Medical News Today
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted accelerated approval to a treatment for patients whose cancers have a specific genetic feature (biomarker).
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What is a Gleason score?

May 25 3:00am Prostate / Prostate Cancer News From Medical News Today
A Gleason score is used to help determine the treatment and predict the outlook for prostate cancer. How is it measured? What do the results mean?...
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Statement from Colon Cancer Alliance CEO Michael Sapienza on AHCA assessment by the CBO

May 24 4:39pm Live Your Best Life
“Today the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provided an assessment of what will happen if the American Health Care Act (AHCA) becomes law. The synopsis provides ... read more The post Statement from Colon Cancer Alliance CEO Michael Sapienza on AHCA assessment by the CBO appeared first on Live Your Best Life.
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Are Strawberries the Cancer Treatment of the Future?

May 24 3:48pm The Breast Cancer Site Blog
Mother nature for the win!...
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QUIZ: How Much Do You Really Know About Breast Cancer?

May 24 2:33pm The Breast Cancer Site Blog
These little-known but intriguing facts will show you how much you still haven't learned.
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Study leads to breakthrough in better understanding acute myeloid leukemia

May 24 12:00pm Cancer / Oncology News From Medical News Today
A study led by the University of Birmingham has made a breakthrough in the understanding of how different genetic mutations cause acute myeloid leukaemia.
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Whats New in Pediatric Brain Tumor Research and Care?

May 24 11:15am Insight
Mark W. Kieran, MD, PhD, director of Pediatric Medical Neuro-Oncology at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, spoke to pediatric patient families in a recent Facebook Live Webchat addressing pediatric brain tumor care. Kieran answered questions from audience members about the most common of the 300 brain tumor types […]...
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Prostate biopsy: What to expect

May 24 9:00am Prostate / Prostate Cancer News From Medical News Today
A prostate biopsy is the most effective way to diagnose prostate cancer. Learn more about this essential procedure for early detection.
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Where body fat is carried can predict cancer risk

May 24 9:00am Cancer / Oncology News From Medical News Today
Scientists have found that carrying fat around your middle could be as good an indicator of cancer risk as body mass index (BMI), according to research published in the British Journal of Cancer.
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What Are the Symptoms of Bladder Cancer?

May 24 6:00am Insight
Bladder cancer accounts for only five percent of new cancer cases in America – a small piece of the pie – but considering it is the fourth most common cancer in men, it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of this disease. The most common sign […]...
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Prostate cancer surgery: Types and what to expect

May 24 3:00am Prostate / Prostate Cancer News From Medical News Today
In this article, we take a close look at the types of surgery used to treat prostate cancer, as well as what to expect during and after the procedure.
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Suicide risk elevated among lung cancer patients

May 24 3:00am Cancer / Oncology News From Medical News Today
Suicide rates among lung cancer patients are significantly higher than the general population and people with breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers.
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BREAKING: Keytruda (Pembrolizumab) Approved for MSI-H Colorectal Cancer Patients

May 23 9:50pm Live Your Best Life
Merck’s Keytruda has just been approved by the FDA for patients with a microsatellite instability-high (also known as MSI-H) or a mismatch repair deficient (dMMR) ... read more The post BREAKING: Keytruda (Pembrolizumab) Approved for MSI-H Colorectal Cancer Patients appeared first on Live Your Best Life.
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Study suggests new approach to assess patients cancer genetics

May 23 8:41pm Institute of Cancer Research
Scientists have used mathematics to predict how many biopsy samples need to be taken from a patient to give an accurate picture of the genetic make-up of their cancer.
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Celebrating the impact of patients on cancer research

May 23 7:43pm Personal Stories
The patients who participated in the NExT study offered a wealth of information on what worked and what didn’t work, which informs us on how to proceed with Phase II.  For example, part of the study focused on testing new ways to individualize exercise for each patient, according to the ups and downs of chemotherapy treatment.  The participants provided feedback at each study visit on whether they met the exercise target for that visit and if not, why not.  We have used these results to further refine our approach and, when we present this research, we receive a lot of interest from other r...
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Mowing down cancer: A podcast featuring Stanford chemist Carolyn Bertozzi

May 23 6:31pm cancer – Scope Blog
To explain her work, Stanford chemistry professor Carolyn Bertozzi, PhD, often turns to analogies. Cancer cells, she says, are like M&M’S with a hard sugar coating. As she recently explained on the “Future of Everything” radio show, the coating’s function has remained a mystery for years, but now researchers are making real progress. “We have come to think ...Read More...
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This Is the Future, and Were Gonna Nuke that Cancer from Orbit (And Other Encouraging Words)

May 23 12:05pm The Breast Cancer Site Blog
Internet high-fives all around!...
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How to Help Healthy Children Cope When a Sibling Has Cancer

May 23 9:00am Cancer.Net Blog
Language English May 23, 2017Sonja.HibbsSiblings of a child with cancer face their own challenges. Follow these 3 steps to get a better understanding of your healthy kids’ unique viewpoint so you can help them cope.
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Prostate cancer: Stages and outlook

May 23 9:00am Prostate / Prostate Cancer News From Medical News Today
What does TNM mean? What is a Gleason score? What are stages 1 to 4? In this article, we explain the staging system used to categorize prostate cancer.
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What to Say When a Loved One Has Cancer

May 23 6:00am Insight
Empathizing with a cancer patient can be difficult. After all, many people haven’t had the experience of being diagnosed with cancer themselves, so knowing what to say when a loved one tells you about their illness can be tricky. “When someone you love is dealing with something like cancer, there’s […]...
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Aliscia: Diagnosed at 39 & Trying Immunotherapy

May 22 5:51pm Live Your Best Life
Aliscia Krecisz was only 39 when she was diagnosed. For years she was told her symptoms were only a result of her colitis and she ... read more The post Aliscia: Diagnosed at 39 & Trying Immunotherapy appeared first on Live Your Best Life.
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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving Medical Advice on Facebook

May 22 8:18am OncoLink Cancer Blogs
I’m often startled by the medical advice that people give to their friends on Facebook. Sometimes it takes the form of saying, “You should do this,” but often it’s more subtle and simply involves sharing a link. Before people post something of this nature, I wish that they would consider the following questions: Have you […] The post Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving Medical Advice on Facebook appeared first on OncoLink Cancer Blogs.
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What Is a PD-L1 Test?

May 22 6:00am Insight
A PD-L1 test helps doctors determine whether a patient is likely to benefit from cancer drugs known as immune checkpoint inhibitors. It involves sending a piece of tumor tissue to a lab for analysis. PD-L1 is a protein that allows some cells to escape an attack by the immune system. Extending […]...
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One Family, One Researcher: How Mikeys Journey is Fueling an Attack on DIPG

May 20 6:00am Insight
This story first appeared on Vector, a blog of Boston Children’s Hospital. “It’s a brutal disease; there’s just no other way to describe DIPG,” says Steve Czech. “And what’s crazy is that there aren’t many treatment options because it’s such a rare, orphan disease.” Czech’s son, Mikey, was diagnosed with […]...
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Womens Cancers: What You Should Be Screened For and When

May 19 6:00am Insight
It’s never too early or too late to work toward being your healthiest you. That’s the motto of National Women’s Health Week, an initiative developed to help women of all ages take control of their health. Following proper cancer screenings is an important part of maintaining health and well-being – […]...
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Free-breathing MRI scan is accurate enough for clinical trials

May 18 8:38pm Institute of Cancer Research
A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique that can measure tumours in the body could be an easy and reliable way to assess lung cancer’s response to treatment, a new study shows.
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This Innovative Technology May Reduce the Need for Second Surgeries

May 18 3:37pm The Breast Cancer Site Blog
This procedure-within-a-procedure takes just 5 minutes!...
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Tree nuts may lower risk of colon cancer recurrence, death

May 18 12:00pm Cancer / Oncology News From Medical News Today
Eating at least 2 ounces of tree nuts every week could reduce the chance of cancer recurrence and death for colon cancer patients, study suggests.
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Cancer Has Allowed Me to Live

May 18 10:00am Lung Cancer Alliance
By Trish Strulson I am a survivor, fighter, traveler and explorer. Three and a half years ago I was none of these. My daughter, Taylor, had the difficult task of telling me I had lung cancer. I was only 44 … Continue reading →...
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Putting Dreams on Paper

May 18 9:46am OncoLink Cancer Blogs
I’m at a coffee shop—one of those fabulous local places where the high ceilings thrum with industrial pipes and funky lighting, and a large garage door is open to let in the mountain air—waiting for two of my creative team members. Jim and Michelle are meeting me here to brainstorm over some needed changes to […] The post Putting Dreams on Paper appeared first on OncoLink Cancer Blogs.
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Facing Fertility Issues as a Pediatric Cancer Survivor

May 18 6:00am Insight
In her research studies with young adult survivors of childhood cancers, pediatric oncologist Natasha Frederick, MD, MPH, of Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, explored sexual dysfunction in survivors between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. She found that most of these young survivors reporting such problems keep their concerns from partners, […]...
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Cancer Patient Creates Living Art for Her Wedding Day

May 18 6:00am Insight
This story originally appeared on Offbeat Bride. By Jordan Kraft “Will you postpone the wedding until after your cancer is gone?” my friend asked the week I was re-diagnosed with lymphoma. My response was so feral it surprised even me: “Honey, come hell or high water, I am motherloving having […]...
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ASCO Annual Meeting 2017: A Preview of This Years Research

May 17 5:00pm Cancer.Net Blog
Language English May 17, 2017Monika.JoshiRead highlighted cancer research that will be presented at the 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting, where oncology professionals from around the globe will gather in Chicago in June.
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Testing Nutrition and Exercise During Treatment

May 17 2:46pm Personal Stories
My name is Dr. Kristin Campbell and I am thrilled to be blogging alongside my colleague Dr. Ryna Levy Milne this month for the BC Cancer Foundation.
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Study shows cancer therapy may work in new and unexpected way

May 17 2:30pm cancer – Scope Blog
The body’s immune cells constantly work to achieve the right balance between being shoot-first, ask-questions-later enforcers that efficiently wipe out all diseased and infected cells (but risk hitting innocent, healthy cells and causing autoimmune disorders), and being easy-going, small town sheriffs that let healthy cells happily get on with their lives (but risk being over-matched ...Read More...
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In Memoriam: Remembering Pam W.

May 17 1:13pm Live Your Best Life
Our friend and volunteer Pam Weyant died on April 14th after living with active disease for 7 ½ years. Pam was loving and real. She ... read more The post In Memoriam: Remembering Pam W. appeared first on Live Your Best Life.
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QUIZ: Which Comfort Food Will Soothe Your Soul During Chemo?

May 17 12:56pm The Breast Cancer Site Blog
Cancer is as much a battle of the spirit as it is a battle of the body.
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5 Tips for Cancer Patients if You Struggle with Survivor Guilt

May 17 10:05am Live Your Best Life
Recently, we asked our Facebook community if they’ve experienced what’s known as “survivor guilt” and how they cope with the myriad of challenges beyond the physical that ... read more The post 5 Tips for Cancer Patients if You Struggle with Survivor Guilt appeared first on Live Your Best Life.
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Taking Time Off: How laws work together

May 17 9:09am Triage Cancer Blog
Often the ways that federal laws, state laws, and employer policies work together are like puzzle pieces fitting together.  Except that everyone’s puzzle is going to look a little different, depending on which laws apply to you, which state you … Continue reading → The post Taking Time Off: How laws work together appeared first on Triage Cancer Blog.
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Battling Cancer: Restructuring and Enjoying Your New Life

May 17 6:00am Insight
In September 2013, I had a bone marrow transplant that doctors advised was the only potential cure for a blood cancer known as MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome). Although we lived in New York City, we chose to have the transplant done at Dana Farber because we were impressed with everything we […]...
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Potent targeted cancer drug shows promise in first patient trials

May 17 5:40am Institute of Cancer Research
An experimental cancer drug which targets cancer cells’ DNA repair could be an effective treatment for a range of cancers, the first clinical trial in patients has shown.
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Studies: Concerns for bladder cancer risk of e-cigarette smokers and traditional smoking

May 17 3:00am Cancer / Oncology News From Medical News Today
Data being presented at the 112th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA) shows harmful links between the use of e-cigarettes and bladder cancer risk, and associates...
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Controlling Cancer With Diet and Exercise

May 16 2:53pm Personal Stories
Currently, the BC Cancer Agency’s therapeutic oncology program conducts research to address lifestyle related issues including nutrition, physical activity and symptom management for people living with cancer. This research is related to rehabilitation, patient safety and risk management from diagnosis through to survivorship and end-of-life. ...
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