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Caputo’s concerned about the Wings’ moves to come

From Kuklas Korner
March 18, 2017 - 4:39pm
The Oakland Press's Pat Caputo feels that the Red Wings are "stuck in the middle" between needing a few tweaks to restore the roster and a total rebuild (and tear-down) to re-set the franchise, and he's concerened that Ken Holland will whiff on his opportunities to add to the team's assets: A total rebuild is not as ideal as has often been suggested. Yet, the notion the Red Wings are a tweak or two away is equally ridiculous. The trade market is going to be particularly active this off season because of the addition of the Las Vegas Knights and, subsequently, the expansion draft. It could make it easier to reshape the organization. Where people get it wrong is suggesting the method. It’s more about being right. The right draft pick. The right trade. The right contract signing, internally and via free agency. The Red Wings have gotten to this point because general manager Ken Holland has gotten it a lot more wrong than right lately. If he and the Red Wings don’t wise up, they will be the mirror image of the Avs again. Only this time, for all the wrong reasons. Caputo continues...

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