CHART SHOCK: The REAL Inflation Rate Is 10%

From The Daily Bail
January 26, 2013 - 1:34pm

UPDATE - The chart above has been updated to include data for December, showing the true CPI at just under 10%. --- If the CPI were still calculated as it was in the 1980s under Paul Volcker, it would show a very different picture of inflation than what is promulgated by Chairman Bernanke. Source - Shadow Stats The CPI on the Alternate Data Series tab here reflects the CPI as if it were calculated using the methodologies in place in 1980.  In general terms, methodological shifts in government reporting have depressed reported inflation, moving the concept of the CPI away from being a measure of the cost of living needed to maintain a constant standard of living.  Further definition is provided in our CPI Glossary. --- History of the CPI By John Melloy Executive Producer, CNBC's Fast Money After former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker was appointed in 1979, the consum...

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