Bears Reportedly Showing The Most Interest In This QB

Apr 23 5:45pm Sports Mockery
Do the Bears want Mitch Trubisky as their next quarterback? They'll never tell, but another respected source emerged to say that's the case.
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These Were Actual Trends The Last Time Bears Drafted Top 5 Quarterback

Apr 23 3:46pm Sports Mockery
Who was the last Bears drafted top 5 quarterback? Knowing the answer to that means you're old, and so is knowing what was cool the last time it happened.
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Artist Sparks Outrage For Ripping Off Design For Michelle Obama Mural

Apr 23 3:37pm Chicagoist
The muralist, who crowdfunded thousands of dollars for the project, at first didn't acknowledge the designer of the image. But social-media detectives sure did. [ more › ]...
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The NBA Just Punished Rajon Rondo For His Tripping Incident

Apr 23 2:10pm Sports Mockery
A tough week just got more annoying for Rajon Rondo as the NBA made a decision on whether to punish him for the Game 3 tripping incident.
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Cubs Prospect Is Already Landing Endorsement Deals

Apr 23 1:55pm Sports Mockery
He's yet to see one big league pitch and this Cubs prospect has already landed an endorsement deal.
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History Shows The Entire Bears 2017 Season Hinges On Opening Day

Apr 22 11:49pm Sports Mockery
It may sound ridiculous when first hearing it, but this is not a joke. The entire Chicago Bears 2017 season hinges on whether they win opening day.
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Photos: 30+ Beautifully Nerdy Signs From The Chicago Science March

Apr 22 4:38pm Chicagoist
  Scientific Evidence Trumps Alternative Facts. [ more › ]...
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Ryan Pace Could Luck Out Again By Snagging Brand New Free Agent

Apr 22 4:18pm Sports Mockery
Remember that Bears Jaye Howard mania that briefly swept Chicago a year ago during free agency? Seems the fates may yet bring the two together after all.
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Blackhawks Bowman Calls Season Unacceptable And Says There Will Be Change

Apr 22 4:05pm Sports Mockery
A visibly upset Stan Bowman used harsh words to describe the Blackhawks' past season and vowed there will be change during his address to the media today.
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WATCH: The Bryzzo Souvenir Co. Now Has A Hilarious New Jingle

Apr 22 3:44pm Sports Mockery
Every good company needs a catchy jingle right?...
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Jason Heyward Is Still Killing Baseballs, Smacks A 3-Run HR

Apr 22 3:29pm Sports Mockery
Yeah, Jason Heyward is back. He’s hitting the ball hard and now Heyward is hitting them out of the ballpark. After a long home run on Friday, Heyward smashed another bomb against the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday. The three-run blast gave the Cubs an 11-5 lead. This was his second home run of the season...
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Latest QB Rumors Hint This Bears Dream Draft Scenario May Come True

Apr 22 2:23pm Sports Mockery
The Chicago Bears dream draft scenario does involve quarterbacks in a sense, but not in the way most people are thinking. Now it could come true.
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Willson Contreras Crushes A Grand Slam!

Apr 22 2:11pm Sports Mockery
What a start to Saturday’s game between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds? After the first inning the Reds led 4-3 and after the top of the second inning the Cubs took a 7-4 lead. Anthony Rizzo and Joey Votto each hit three-run home runs in the first, but then Willson Contreras cranked a grand...
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Who's lending to South Side homebuyers?

Apr 22 4:00am Chicago Business News
In a region where home values have sputtered and many people have damaged or poor credit, some lenders are stepping up to write mortgages.
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Bears Now Could Have Stud Linebacker Fall in Their Laps

Apr 22 12:23am Sports Mockery
Would the Bears draft Reuben Foster? Certainly not at #3. So what if the unthinkable happened and he fell from the heavens into Day 2?...
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Anthony Rizzo Hits Game-Tying, 3-Run HR With 2 Outs In The 9th vs. Reds

Apr 21 10:27pm Sports Mockery
You don’t put “We never quit” on a World Series ring if it isn’t true. For the third straight game, the Chicago Cubs have come back late to tie things up in dramatic fashion. On Friday night, it was Anthony Rizzo’s turn, as he launched a line-drive, three-run home run in the ninth inning that...
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Cincinnati Reds Scoreboard Has Fun With Cubs Fans

Apr 21 9:42pm Sports Mockery
The Cincinnati videoboard took the time to joke around with Cubs fans. No matter what team you support, this is hilarious.
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WATCH: Rajon Rondo Attempts To Trip Jae Crowder From Bench

Apr 21 8:42pm Sports Mockery
Did Rajon Rondo intentionally try to trip Jae Crowder while seated on the bench? It sure looked like it.
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Jason Heyward Hits A BOMB For 1st HR Of The Season

Apr 21 8:21pm Sports Mockery
Jason Heyward is still hitting rockets three weeks into the 2017 season and all Chicago Cubs fans should be loving it. We didn’t see a lot of good results with his new swing during spring training, but there’s been a notable difference since the season opener against the St. Louis Cardinals. On Friday, Heyward blasted...
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Change Of Plans: United CEO Oscar Munoz Will Not Become Board Chairman

Apr 21 5:38pm Chicagoist
Insert re-accommodated jokes here. [ more › ]...
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Financial kneecapping of state universities means Rauner must act

Apr 21 4:44pm Chicago Business News
It could take our universities a decade or more to recover as the state hobbles them by refusing to make full appropriations.
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United, Aviation Department Both Miss Senate's Deadline On Removal Fiasco

Apr 21 4:38pm Chicagoist
Not the best look. [ more › ]...
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United puts CEO Munoz's promotion in a holding pattern

Apr 21 4:20pm Chicago Business News
The airline delays his elevation to chairman next year as it continues dealing with the fallout from its public-relations disaster.
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Resolution Would Allow Police To Check Your Phone After A Crash To See If You Were Texting & Driving

Apr 21 3:37pm Chicagoist
It could be an important tool to combat distracted driving, or a disturbing invasion of privacy, depending on how you look at it. [ more › ]...
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Predictions For Final Bears 2017 Record Are Remarkably Consistent

Apr 21 2:52pm Sports Mockery
What will the final Chicago Bears 2017 record end up being? Anything better than 3-13 would be a start, experts warn not to hope for much more.
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Geico plans 4.4% rate hike in Illinois

Apr 21 2:23pm Chicago Business News
But higher prices aren't stopping drivers from flocking to the lizard.
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Geico revs Illinois growth engine despite more rate hikes

Apr 21 2:23pm Chicago Business News
Most Geico policyholders in Illinois will see a 4.4 percent increase in June. But higher prices aren't stopping drivers from flocking to the lizard.
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WATCH: Kris Bryant And Anthony Rizzo Pick On David Ross In Latest Bryzzo Ad

Apr 21 2:20pm Sports Mockery
The new 'Bryzzo' ad shows the two founders of the Souvenir Company giving their new intern a hard time for messing up a coffee order.
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Justice Department threatens Chicago, sanctuary cities in immigration fight

Apr 21 2:11pm Chicago Business News
The Trump administration intensified threats to crack down on cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration authorities, saying they are crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and violent crime. ...
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Cubs Land Four Players On MLBs Most Popular Jersey List

Apr 21 2:05pm Sports Mockery
Everybody wanted to get a piece of the Cubs last season (including their jerseys)...
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Don't underestimate damage done to U of I in budget war

Apr 21 2:00pm Chicago Business News
Want to pick a fight with any one of the University of Illinois' 709,000 living alumni? Start by saying the university doesn't really matter that much. That's the message Illinois pols are sending.
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17 Of Our Favorite Events In Chicago This Weekend

Apr 21 1:37pm Chicagoist
There's so much going on this weekend! Make time to pack in some movies, music, eats and more. [ more › ]...
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Pols fiddle as our kids' future burns away

Apr 21 1:10pm Chicago Business News
Credit downgrades or warnings of every public university in Illinois. CPS threatening to close early. This is a public disgrace and it's time to get mad.
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Will Illinois be the first junk-bond state?

Apr 21 12:52pm Chicago Business News
Both Moody's and S&P rank Illinois only two steps above junk with negative outlooks, signaling the rating could fall again.
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These CES-Honored Noise Cancelling Headphones Are Back At 73% Off

Apr 21 12:38pm Chicagoist
Life is all about choice, and these industry-approved headphones boast 3-Stage Technology, allowing you to select between three unique listening modes: passive audio, bass enhanced, or active noise cancellation. [ more › ]...
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Hiring freeze at Advocate Health

Apr 21 12:05pm Chicago Business News
The move comes a month after the collapse of the hospital system's proposed North Shore merger.
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CH Distillery continues rebirth of booze in Pilsen

Apr 21 12:00pm Chicago Business News
CH's 20,000-square-foot production facility will join brewers and distillers opening in the neighborhood, including Alulu, Lo Rez and Moody Tongue.
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Home sales rise strongly in March

Apr 21 11:55am Chicago Business News
In both the city and the metro area, the number of sales last month was higher than in any other March going back to at least 2008.
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Was There Any Anticipating The Blackhawks' Five-Star Flop? Kinda

Apr 21 11:37am Chicagoist
How does a team favored to win it all get swept in the first round? There were hints even before the series started. [ more › ]...
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Obama returns to public life with Chicago speech

Apr 21 11:22am Chicago Business News
The former president plans to speak at the University of Chicago next week.
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Court upholds Blagojevich's prison sentence

Apr 21 11:06am Chicago Business News
The former governor argued that his 14-year term for corruption should be cut because of his good behavior behind bars.
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Get Your Urban Garden Started At The Peterson Garden Plant Sale, Starting Saturday

Apr 21 10:38am Chicagoist
Get there early if you want the largest selection of edible plants, and start growing your own food right here in the city. [ more › ]...
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Former Quaker exec buys $3 million Gold Coast condo

Apr 21 10:05am Chicago Business News
Jose Luis Prado, who now heads Chicago-based pork rind-maker Evans Foods, bought the 15th-floor condo with his wife earlier this month.
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Ranking The 2017 Blackhawks Among Biggest Chicago Sports Disappointments

Apr 21 8:29am Sports Mockery
The 2017 Blackhawks hoped to make history, just not this kind. The kind that puts them among the greatest Chicago sports disappointments ever.
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Most Beautiful Road Trips in Australia

Apr 21 8:06am THE CHICAGO CHIC
When wanderlust grips you, there’s nothing to do but answer its call. There’s something particularly poetic... The post Most Beautiful Road Trips in Australia appeared first on THE CHICAGO CHIC.
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Obama taps Chicago pro to handle finances

Apr 21 6:30am Chicago Business News
The former president reached out to E. Robbie Robinson Jr. of Chicago investment titan BDT & Co.
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Blackhawks Beaten By The Team They Once Were As Cup Window Closes

Apr 20 10:58pm Sports Mockery
The Chicago Blackhawks’ 2017 postseason run ended on 4/20 and it’s safe to wonder whether we were all hallucinating when projecting this team for a deep Stanley Cup run. With Thursday’s 4-1 defeat in a do-or-die Game 4, the Blackhawks proved they were probably more of a mirage than anything else. The question we have...
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Photos: The Chicago Skyline, Seen From Michigan (!), Thanks To An Incredible Mirage

Apr 20 6:37pm Chicagoist
  The effect is called superior mirage, or fata morgana. And it's dazzling. [ more › ]...
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A Restaurant Called Pink Taco Set To Make River North Grosser Still

Apr 20 5:38pm Chicagoist
Pink Taco. Get it?! Ugh. [ more › ]...
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Argo Tea testing cashless stores

Apr 20 5:22pm Chicago Business News
Argo Tea is nixing cash at seven of its cafes starting next week in a bid to simplify store operations, speed service and move more of its customers to mobile ordering.
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HB40, aka the abortion bill, is a flank attack on Republicans

Apr 20 4:55pm Chicago Business News
The bill puts Rauner in a very awkward position. And that's entirely the point.
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This is why HB40 is a big deal

Apr 20 4:26pm Chicago Business News
Gov. Rauner is poised to veto a bill preserving abortion rights. Diana Rauner donated thousands to a pro-choice PAC. Here's a policy expert's perspective on how Illinois fits into the national scene.
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The Bears 2017 NFL Schedule Is Out and It Starts With a Bang

Apr 20 4:16pm Sports Mockery
The Chicago Bears 2017 NFL schedule is leaked and it definitely has the look of a true test of will. Nowhere more so than the start.
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The Cubs World Series Victory Finally Completes This Awesome Chicago Man Cave

Apr 20 4:01pm Sports Mockery
My love of Chicago sports has officially taken over my basement.
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Young Fan Getting Cubs Tickets From His Dad Goes Viral, Cubs Players Make It Even Better

Apr 20 3:58pm Sports Mockery
It seems that when a video goes viral it’s usually something bad, or embarrassing for the people involved. You know, like when you’re at Wrigley Field and flash everyone around you. However, this is one those viral videos that will bring a smile to your face and actually have hope for humanity. A young Cubs fan...
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Chicago Police Recover Old-Timey Gun; Hilarious Pillorying Ensues

Apr 20 3:37pm Chicagoist
A quick and steady outpouring of gleeful mockery did flow. [ more › ]...
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Another Team May Have Just Given Bears a Huge Draft Assist

Apr 20 3:12pm Sports Mockery
If the Bears are indeed seeking out a trade down from the #3 pick, then they'll need an assist from another team. They may be getting it now.
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Illinois net pension debt tops $119 billion

Apr 20 2:48pm Chicago Business News
Here's more evidence we remain a national basket case when it comes to underfunding government worker pension funds.
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New Type Of Gatorade Introduced In Awesome Patrick Kane Commercial

Apr 20 2:44pm Sports Mockery
Patrick Kane and his confidence are on full display in the commercial for Gatorade's new line of Flow sports drinks.
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2 Beloved Chicago Figures Made TIME's 2017 List Of Most Influential People

Apr 20 2:38pm Chicagoist
If you guessed Rahm Emanuel and the United Airlines CEO, you'd be wrong. [ more › ]...
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