China Showing Promise as Chinese Stocks Pick Up Steam

From Profit Confidential
January 22, 2013 - 1:50am

There are still numerous pundits calling for China to collapse. I’m not sure where this reasoning comes from. It’s true the country has stalled, and there are more issues associated with an economy that has been expanding over the past decade. Yes, there’s a move by some manufacturers to the cheap labor markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia, but China will continue to have its share of the global manufacturing business. Armed with its new leaders and a thrust to aggressively grow its gross domestic product (GDP), I’m bullish on China. In 2012, the Chinese economy expanded at 7.8%, the lowest reading since 1999. (Source: Yao, K. and Wang, A., “China’s economy posts slowest growth since 1999,” Reuters, January 18, 2013.) While the below eight-percent readings have been somewhat new to get used to after a decade of mad growth, I remain positive, especially given the coun...

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