2013 Could Be Another Big Year for Banks

From Profit Confidential
January 7, 2013 - 10:09am

The major bank stocks all closed off 2012 near their respective 52-week highs. An upside break appears to be in the works, as the banking industry continues to assume less risky businesses, while shoring up their balance sheets and producing stronger units. The subprime credit crisis that surfaced in 2008 and drove the U.S. and the global economy into a recession was not what we wanted to see. But in some sort of twisted way, the events have led to an industry that has restructured the way banks do business, specifically the amount of risk that is assumed by a bank via sophisticated strategies. So far, the change coined the “Volcker Rule,” set in place by economist and ex-Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, appears to be capping the speculative trades made by the banks, which is good. Banks have altered the way they do business and have shown positive strides along the way. In my view, the op...

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