Cult Brand of the Year: Lessons from Zappos

May 5, 2017 - 11:00am
Businesses aggressively strive to establish trust with their customers but often neglect the need to cultivate confidence in their workplaces. Economist John Helliwell researched the determinants of workplace happiness and found that trust is the greatest contributor, beating out pay, workload, or perks. A one-point increase on the trust scale can mean the equivalent of the psychological benefits associated with a 40\% wage increase. Online retailer Zappos embraces trust as an essential ingredient in cultivating an enthusiastic and happy workplace. Zappos made its inaugural debut at #23 on Fortune Magazine’s List of “100 Best Companies to Work for,” making them the highest-ranking initiate for 2009. For Zappos, trust is a core business value, established through a steadfast commitment to transparency. In 2017 Zappos was awarded Cult Brand of the year continuing their success with both their culture and their customer. Here are five ways that Zappos champions trust within their organization: The Culture Book: Zappos publishes an annual book, a compilation of employees’ thoughts and reflections on the Zappos culture. Every submission is included and edited only for spelling and typos. The book is given to potential hires for an unfiltered look into the Zappos culture, inclusive of the good, […]

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