Daily Digest 1/17 - Global Economic Challenges 2013, UK Beer Gets Watered Down

From Chris Martenson Blogs
January 17, 2013 - 11:29am

Graphene: Patent surge reveals global race Singapore steps up property curbs to bring down prices George Soros, SDR, US Dollar and Gold: Time For A New Reserve Currency Gold & Silver Miners Set To Begin Bullish Trend Inflation Rocks The UK As Beer Gets Watered Down We are on the threshold of 'currency wars' Rocky road ahead: Global economic challenges 2013 Patrick proposes gas tax, income tax hike, plus new taxes and fees Alaska: Gas Rich, but No Longer Relevant Shale gas is not a game-changer for the UK, says BP Beijing Orders Official Cars Off Roads to Curb Pollution Greenland rare earths: No special favours for EU Sell US Coal to China and Watch Carbon Emissions Fall Join the conversation »

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