Daily Market Commentary: Late Selling

From Fallond Stock Picks
January 30, 2013 - 6:00pm

Profit taking paid a visit to the market. Small Caps experienced the worst of the day's selling. The index finished with a loss over 1% and is fast tracked towards its 20-day MA. The Russell 2000 also closed with a MACD trigger 'sell'.The heavier loss in the Russell 2000 translated into a relative gain for the S&P, despite the loss in the index.  Selling volume was also well below yesterday's buying. Upcoming losses in the S&P should come in lighter than respective losses in the Russell 2000.The Nasdaq also experienced a modest loss, but is still range bound.  The Nasdaq was the first index to touch 20-day MA support, and the first to trigger an On-Balance-Volume 'sell'.  There was also a MACD trigger 'sell'.  This suggests the mini-breakout from January will fail, and the index will retest the sizable breakout gap.For Thursday, look for some follow through se...

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