Dimon Stirs Up Trouble In Davos: 'Stop Blaming The Banks!'

From The Daily Bail
January 28, 2013 - 10:46pm

Dimon's Davos complaint.  Wall Street and whine. 'Our business is far too complex for you to understand.  We are like an aircraft engine manufacturer.  Just shut up and pay us.' Jan. 23, 2013.  Runs 2 minutes. Video details at CNBC... --- Thoughts from Davos: Jamie Dimon, Mario Monti, John Chambers of Cisco and IMF head Christine LaGarde. Runs 1 minute. --- Dimon tells Obama: Stop the 'scapegoating and finger pointing at Wall Street.' Jamie complains about negative press. Runs 2 minutes. Davos: Was the Mood Too Good to Be True? Shadow Banking Facing Tougher Regulations - Reuters   Photo by William Banzai7... This Bankster is holding a knifeThe bombs that he builds causes strifeYour car and your houseYour health and your spouseHe'll steal before taking your life The Limerick King   Read more here: J.P. Morgan's Food S...

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