DOJ COMPLAINS: 'The Untouchables Was A Hit Piece'

From The Daily Bail
January 28, 2013 - 2:24pm

Lanny Breuer on line 1. 'We will never co-operate with Frontline in the future.' --- Hilarious. Not a huge story but still incredibly satisfying for molecular-level Wall Street revenge seekers.  A win is a win except in the Harbaugh family, and this is a victory for our side.  We can celebrate the fact that the Justice Department contacted Frontline producers last week after 'The Untouchables' aired Tuesday night and and threatened to blackball the award-winning PBS show. You read that right.  And they called it a 'hit piece' for good measure. Thin skin much, Lanny and Eric?  The truth hurts and the knives come out. Did Wall St. Get Away With It? - Frontline Chat John Titus, who attempted to participate, offered the following summary. DB--At your suggestion, I took part in the online chat and submitted nearly 20 questions, none of which was answered or acknowledged...

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