History Project Vignettes

May 29 9:28pm Free Technology for Teachers
The History Project is a service that I like to describe as StoryCorps With Timelines. When the service launched last summer it was designed to help people record and share personal stories in a timeline format. Each event on a timeline can include multiple pictures, text, and audio that you either record in the service or upload from a previously made recording. After using The History Project for a while I realized that although it was made for recording and sharing personal stories, it can be used to create timelines of any series of events.Last week The History Project added a new format in which users can share stories. That new format is called Vignettes. Vignettes are essentially short slideshows of up to twelve images with minimal text. The slideshows automatically display in full screen at web addresses that are automatically assigned to them.Applications for EducationThe History Project Vignettes could provide your students with a quick way to share the highlights from a long timeline that they have constructed. Think of it as providing a summary of a timeline in a slideshow format.See this blog post for a comparison of The History Project with six other multimedia timeline tools. This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission.             Related Stories7 Good Tools for Creating Timelines - From the ArchiveScreencastify and Nimbus Screenshot ComparedBitly vs. Goo.gl ...
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Screencastify and Nimbus Screenshot Compared

May 29 8:53pm Free Technology for Teachers
I recently received an email from a reader seeking a comparison of Screencastify and Nimbus Screenshot. Back in March I published a comparison of both tools along with Capture Cast. Here's a short recap of that comparison.My preference is for Nimbus Screenshot because its free plan offers more of what I need than Screencastify's free plan offers. Nimbus Screenshot's free plan includes a countdown timer that displays before the recording starts, it records in higher resolution than Screencastify, and it doesn't apply a watermark to my video.Here's a video that I made with Nimbus Screenshot on my Chromebook. This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission.             Related StoriesThe Week in Review - The Most Popular PostsViewedIt - Quick and Easy ScreencastingBitly vs. Goo.gl ...
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7 go-to apps for students with special needs

May 29 8:38pm Educational Technology
BY LAURA ASCIONE,eSchool News When used properly as a teaching tool, technology has the power to engage students and elevate their learning. High-quality, effective teachers know this–and they also know that students of all abilities can use technology to assist with learning. A plethora of technology tools, including apps for tablets and mobile devices, can meet [...]...
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Bitly vs. Goo.gl

May 29 8:36pm Free Technology for Teachers
I recently received an email from a long-time reader who wanted to know my opinion of using Bitly compared to Goo.gl for shortening and sharing URLs. I have a slight preference for Bitly, but I don't think that you can go wrong by using either tool to shorten and share URLs. Here's my quick comparison of the two services.Bitly - Pros & ConsPro - If you create a free Bitly.com account you can customize your shortened URLs so that they spell words or at least have initials and numbers that are related to an event. For example, I often use Bitly to shorten the URLs that I share at workshops. When I shorten the URLs I customize them with the initials or name of the school at which I am working that day. I find that doing this makes it easier for people to copy URLs that I display on a screen.Con -  A few years ago Bitly removed the option to create QR codes while also shortening URLs. So if you need a QR code to go with your shortened URL, you might want to try Goo.gl.Goo.gl - Pros & ConsPro - Goo.gl is available in your Google Account. You can create shortened URLs and QR codes at the same time in Goo.gl.Con - Goo.gl doesn't let you customize the shortened URL that is generated for you. You're stuck with the randomly generated characters that are given to you.Applications for EducationBoth services make it easy to shorten the URLs that you want to display on a whiteboard or screen for students to write down. Rather than copying a long, complex URL like freetech4teachers.com/2011/03/two-simple-tools-every-classroom.html you could have students just copy bit.ly/2011simple. Both tools also provide you with the option to track how many times your shortened URLs have been used. So from a classroom management standpoint, if I post a shortened URL then see that it has only been used fifteen times and I have twenty-five students, I know that at least ten students aren't on the right page. This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission.             Related StoriesAdapting by Using Voice Commands in Google DocsHow to Create a Progress Chart in Google Sheets - From the ArchiveDream Seeds - A New eBook of Writing Prompts from Make Beliefs Comix ...
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New report reveals 10 ways students are outpacing their schools

May 29 8:35pm Educational Technology
BY LAURA ASCIONE, eSchool News Students reveal their favorite technology learning preferences and talk about where digital learning can take them. Although technology changes at a rapid pace, one thing is constant: today’s students have a deep desire to learn using digital tools and resources that engage them and help them develop real-world skills. From mobile [...]...
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Why higher ed needs to eradicate the university term

May 29 8:30pm Educational Technology
BY CHERRON HOPPES, eCampus News What do education and music have in common? Rhythm. We gain our first introduction to the rhythms of education in kindergarten. The natural order of fall starts, winter breaks, spring starts, and summers off provide the mile markers that guide us through the year and organize our memories. Then there is [...]...
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ASU athletes rely on online classes for high-demand schedule

May 29 8:10pm Online Learning Update
By Samantha Pell, Cronkite News Whether it is football, basketball, soccer or gymnastics, student-athletes have the added pressure to perform not only on the field but in the classroom. Practices, workouts, film sessions and travel days take up chunks of their weeks and demand creativity to build schedules with full-time academic loads. Enter online classes. At [...]...
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Who is MasterClass for? Talking to the people who take online classes with big-name celebs

May 29 8:05pm Online Learning Update
by Lizzie Plaugic, the Verge Nick Kennicott lives in rural Georgia, so when Gordon Ramsay asked him to go buy truffles and sea urchin to make an omelette, he balked. “I can’t get sea urchin and white truffle,” he said. “They’re like $500 per ounce.” Kennicott is a student in Ramsay’s MasterClass, an online course made [...]...
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3 must knows about the rising phigital student-and why their impact is enormous

May 29 8:03pm Online Learning Update
BY MERIS STANSBURY, eCampus News A major generational clash is underway, says a foremost expert, and it’s affecting all industries, including education. The clash is coming from so-called Gen Z, the first generation to be considered fully “phigital”—unwilling or unable to draw a distinction between the physical world and its digital equivalent. So what does that [...]...
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Reading _Lower Ed_: Jesus is my Backup Plan

May 29 3:50pm Bryan Alexander
We continue our reading of Tressie McMillan Cottom‘s Lower Ed: The Troubling Rise of For-Profit Colleges in the New Economy (publisher; Amazon). Here we’ll discuss chapter three, “Jesus is my backup plan.” I’ll begin with a short summary, followed by questions. As a … Continue reading →...
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Showing Movies in Class: Its Not Just for Subs

May 29 11:46am MiddleWeb
Showing short video clips to her history students is easy for Sarah Cooper to justify, but with full-length movies she is more cautious about the time investment. Here she shares three films that make the cut: Iron Jawed Angels, Glory, and All the President's Men.
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Generation Z Is Here; Are You Ready?

May 29 8:56am TechNotes Blog – TCEA
Generation Z students want to learn in short bursts with lots of graphics. Discover a free tool they can use to master your content.
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What Is Digital Transformation, and What Does It Require?

May 28 8:39pm Educational Technology
by eMarketer Most executives agree that a digital transformation is necessary to remain competitive, keep pace with disruptive technologies and evolve with shifting consumer expectations. Still, many are unsure of how to start the process, or even what it entails. eMarketer defines digital transformation as the process by which business leaders harness the capabilities and advances [...]...
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What Higher Education Can Learn From Summer Camps

May 28 8:35pm Educational Technology
by Steven Mintz, Inside Higher Ed The American higher educational system has proven to be remarkably adaptable and resilient. As we’ve recently learned in the case of Sweet Briar, it’s awfully hard to close a college. The value of an institution – to faculty, staff, alumni, and the surrounding community – is simply too great to [...]...
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Ten Characteristics of Teachers Who Successfully Use EdTech

May 28 8:30pm Educational Technology
by Matthew Lynch, tech Edvocate Technology is changing the landscape of teaching and learning. Textbooks are being phased out, makerspaces are becoming increasingly common, and communication between teachers and students has never been easier or more abundant. Technology is unavoidable, and while some teachers may still feel hesitant about the changes that are coming fast and [...]...
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Whos Up and Whos Down in Online Education?

May 28 8:10pm Online Learning Update
By Goldie Blumenstyk, Chronicle of Higher Ed Online enrollments at private, nonprofit institutions are growing at the fastest rate, and these institutions now enroll more distance students than do the for-profits, the report shows. The for-profit declines have come overwhelmingly at the undergraduate level; the private nonprofits have seen growth among both undergraduate and graduate students. [...]...
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Questions stack up for Purdues new online school

May 28 8:04pm Online Learning Update
by Meghan Holden , Journal & Courier At Purdue, faculty passed a resolution that called out the university for failing to seek their input on the plan and requested inclusion in future decisions made about the new online university. The resolution came after a special University Senate meeting in which faculty grilled Purdue President Mitch Daniels [...]...
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How Google Has Not Taken Over the Higher Ed Classroom

May 28 8:02pm Online Learning Update
by Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed My theory is that the reason that Google feels less present in higher ed is the LMS (learning management system). The LMS may be, as Phil Hill has so memorably opined, the minivan of education. A lack of glamour, however, does not mean that the LMS has [...]...
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Thoughts on Alien: Covenant

May 28 6:06pm Bryan Alexander
My son and I watched Alien: Covenant today.  We were the only ones in the theater, so Owain and I could indulge in our bad habit of talking while a movie plays. Here I’ll continue my infrequent practice of blogging movie … Continue reading →...
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Tips for Working with Millennial Teachers

May 28 3:35pm MiddleWeb
Baby Boomer teachers are rapidly retiring and being replaced by members of Generation Y or Millennials who hold very different beliefs about the workplace and the way principals work with them. Ronald Williamson and Barbara Blackburn share ideas to help them thrive.
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Seven Tips for Preparing for the CORE Subjects Exam

May 28 9:41am TechNotes Blog – TCEA
Studying for the CORE Subjects EC-6 teacher certification exam can be overwhelming. Learn a few simple tricks that will help ensure you pass.
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Liberating young minds with technology

May 27 8:39pm Educational Technology
BY MICHAEL PENN, JAPAN TIMES Education in Japan, within the nexus of business, science and internationalization, is currently developing progressive initiatives. One such trend is to move university teaching out of brick-and-mortar classrooms and into the online sphere. This could be, in its more modest form, simply supplementary resources for the classroom experience that students can [...]...
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More kids could go to school online under Texas bills to expand virtual learning

May 27 8:35pm Educational Technology
by Eva-Marie Ayala, Dallas News Texas could greatly expand the reach of virtual charter schools even after the digital campuses have faltered across the state and nation. This week, the Senate passed a bill by Sen. Van Taylor, R-Plano, that would expand the state cap on charter schools by allowing operators to hold more than one [...]...
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Virtual school offers alternatives

May 27 8:28pm Educational Technology
By Erin Weeks, Independent Tribune Field trips, commencement, even dances—all aspects of a traditional school experience that might fall by the wayside in a digital learning environment. But North Carolina Connections Academy has found a way to blend the two concepts, using virtual classrooms, enrichment and student engagement to bring students and families an alternative education [...]...
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Report: Americans Value College Degrees But Say Higher Ed Falls Short on Delivering Promises

May 27 8:10pm Online Learning Update
By Sri Ravipati, Campus Technology Top survey findings include: Slightly more than half (51 percent) of respondents agree that there are well-paying jobs that do not require a college degree; However, there still is widespread agreement across groups that a college degree carries weight in the job market, with 75 percent of respondents answering that it [...]...
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5 Online Learning Sources to Boost Your Business Acumen

May 27 8:06pm Online Learning Update
by Dan Scalco, Entrepreneur There’s never been a better time to be in business. As the world has grown increasingly interconnected, the internet has become a veritable treasure trove of information on how to run a successful company. No matter your industry or experience level, there’s always something new you can learn. Here are five online [...]...
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How Long It Takes to Earn an Online Masters Degree

May 27 8:03pm Online Learning Update
By Jordan Friedman, US News Experts say many prospective online master’s students – who often plan to balance their education with a job – wonder about how much time they will spend earning a degree as they aim to move up in their current role or switch careers. “They want to know how long they should [...]...
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Engage Students with Google Slides Q&A

May 27 9:35am TechNotes Blog – TCEA
If you’re looking for a way to actively engage your students in the classroom, try utilizing the Google Slides Q&A feature.
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BFTP: Buy experiences

May 27 7:46am Blue Skunk Blog
Recent analyses of why many shopping malls and department stores are closing their doors conclude, of course, that more people are shopping online. But one story mentioned that younger people are not as materialistic as we boomers, spending more of their income on travel, nice meals, and other experiences. Glad they took this advice I wrote five years ago. \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ Johnson's Rule of Savings: The person in the nursing home with the best stories, not the most money, wins. When asked in a recent workshop to place myself into a group that represented how I felt about money, I was a bit torn. My choices were Saver, Spender, Avoider, and Monk. The first two categories are self-explanatory and the Avoider perhaps should be called the Procrastinator. But the Monk, as I understood it, believes thinking about money is somewhat irrelevant. I was the only person in that group. I don't much like thinking about money. It's boring. I can't tell you how much my networth is or my annual salary (very accurately anyway). Long ago I set it up so I automatically max out my 403B contributions and I don't see what goes into my state retirement fund. I make my mortgage and no-interest car loan payments every month. I pay the balance of my credit card. I like money for what it will buy, not as a means of keeping score or rating one' success in life. I just want enough money to buy everything I want - and pray my needs and wants remain fairly modest. When I croak, my plan is to neither be a burden nor a jackpot to my family.   Cartoon source Research (and personal experience) shows that spending on experiences rather than things makes a person happier. I spend money on travel, on books, on technology toys - and on my grandchildren. Increasingly, I try to find ways to purchase experiences (or future experiences) for them as well: vacations, summer camps, swimming pool memberships, college costs, theater performances, etc. As precocious 11-year-old grandson Paul wrote recently: Thanks for the toys, books, and food, but especially for the quality family time. He gets it. A question that has been at the back of my mind is When we buy computers are we buying things or are we buying experiences? While they are virtual experiences to be sure, the ability to create, to inhabit a virtual world,...
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Saying Goodbye to a Great Friend

May 27 7:30am Free Technology for Teachers
Good morning from Maine where I'm mourning the loss of my big buddy Max. Max was a wonderful dog who I adopted from Harvest Hills Animal Shelter five years ago when he was two or three years old. We had many wonderful years together and I was looking forward to many more, but it was not to be. Max passed away peacefully on Wednesday afternoon. I like to think that he's now free to run and swim with again with his older brother, Morrison, who passed away just 18 months ago. I'll miss them both and remember them both for the rest of my own days.As long time readers of this blog know, I'm a huge advocate for adopting not shopping when it comes to pets. Max was a classic case of a second chance dog. Some members of the shelter staff thought he should have been euthanized, but I gave him a chance and he gave me a chance. We ended up having five wonderful years together. Please consider adopting from your local animal shelter. Just like kids, they all deserve multiple chances at a great life.Finally, a huge thank you to the staff of Bridgton Veterinary Hospital for providing great care for Max until the very end. This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission.             Related StoriesLike Dogs? Have Kids That Like Dogs? - Watch This VideoDogs and Humans - A Long History of FriendshipTwitter Bingo - A Fun Way to Introduce Twitter to Teachers ...
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Greenvilles virtual learning programs report success

May 26 8:40pm Educational Technology
By Emilee Nielsen, Greenville Daily News The landscape of learning is changing rapidly and Greenville Public Schools officials are working to stay ahead of the curve. The first semester of the year saw 177 students signed up for classes through the program. Students can choose to take their entire class load online or they can choose [...]...
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Digital learning: how to keep your students switched on

May 26 8:35pm Educational Technology
by Leonard Haux, the Guardian Digital learning is growing in sophistication. It can be developed for fully online remote learning courses, or added to traditional classroom-based courses as blended learning. But how do you ensure it adds value, and avoid the risk of miscommunication? As an instructional designer, one of the most common things I [...]...
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Face-Face VS Online Courses

May 26 8:10pm Online Learning Update
by Monique Shifflette, Cactus Online classes may be more convenient for someone with little free time, as they can access their course at any time of day, and anywhere they have internet access. Online classes provide an opportunity for people with mental or physical disabilities to get their education, or students from different states can enroll [...]...
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College Board: 115-Point Rise with Free Khan Academy Online Class

May 26 8:04pm Online Learning Update
by 2Paragraphs The College Board anointed Khan Academy the king of score improvement, releasing data that credit 20 hours spent on the free Official SAT Practice with an average 115-point score lift on the new SAT. The study considered nearly 250,000 test takers using Khan Academy program. Even those students with a less rigorous commitment showed [...]...
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Jordan joins hands with Google to launch Arabic online learning platform

May 26 8:03pm Online Learning Update
by Xinhua The Queen Rania Foundation and Google.org announced Wednesday that they have joined forces to create an online learning platform for Arabic open educational resources. The online platform will target students from kindergarten to 12th grade and their teachers across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, said the foundation in a statement a [...]...
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Public universities move away from supporting poor students

May 26 11:14am Bryan Alexander
State funding for American public universities has been declining for a generation.  The New York Times catches on updates us on the latest data. David Leonhardt (Twitter) cites the Times’ recent scorecard of higher education and poor people’s access to … Continue reading →...
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Hacking Project Based Learning: A free webinar!

May 26 10:26am Blog – Tom Murray
School leaders across the country are working to create meaningful, authentic, and real-world learning experiences inside their schools and classrooms. Hacking Project Based Learning: 10 Easy Steps to PBL and Inquiry in the Classroom, by authors Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy, is a dynamic read and addresses many of the myths associated with leveraging a PBL approach to teaching and learning. The practical advice offered by Ross and Erin is highly effective and supports great, personal experiences for kids. I’m excited to have Ross and Erin join me in just a few weeks for this FREE Future Ready webinar on #HackingPBL. Check it out! All for the kids we serve, Hacking Project-Based Learning Thursday, June 15, 2017 4:00 PM EST Panelists Ross Cooper, Supervisor of Instructional Practice K–12, Salisbury Township School District (PA) Erin Murphy, Middle School Assistant Principal, East Penn School District (PA) Thomas C. Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools®, Alliance for Excellent Education  Please join Future Ready Schools® (FRS) for a webinar that is part of its Leadership Hub, a one-stop-shop of professional learning opportunities for school leaders. This webinar will focus on demystifying project-based learning. Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy will introduce ten hacks that construct a simple path educators and students can easily follow to achieve success. Speakers will elaborate on the these frequently asked questions: How can a learning space that promotes risk-taking and lends itself to inquiry be developed? What needs to be done to create a vision for a project? How can student learning be assessed and guided? How can students share their work outside their classroom’s walls? Panelists will share strategies and resources for implementing and leading project-based learning, and they will address questions submitted by viewers from across the nation. Register for this FREE Webinar here...
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27 Ideas for Teaching With & About Topographic Maps - From the Archive

May 26 9:51am Free Technology for Teachers
Due to an injury and some pressing personal matters requiring my attention, posts for the rest of the week will be favorites from the archive.The USGS offers free topographic maps for most of the United States. The maps can be downloaded as PDFs through the USGS store. The maps can be used in the 27 suggested topographic maps lessons found in the USGS education site. All of the lessons are rated by grade level and time required for completing the activity. In the list of lesson ideas you will find suggestions for lessons about typical geography topics like coordinates, scale, and map projections as well as lesson suggestions for less common things like analysis of stereo aerial photographs and analysis of humans and hydrography. This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission.             Related StoriesHow to Find Old Maps Online7 Good Tools for Creating Timelines - From the ArchiveHow to Create Your Own Placemarks in the New Google Earth ...
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How to Create a Progress Chart in Google Sheets - From the Archive

May 26 9:46am Free Technology for Teachers
Due to an injury and some pressing personal matters requiring my attention, posts for the rest of the week will be favorites from the archive. New posts will resume on Monday.Flippity provides a handful of great Google Sheets templates. I've featured their Random Name Picker, Flashcard, and Jeopardy templates in the past. The latest Flippity template that I've tried is their Progress Indicator template. With that template you can create a progress chart that will update whenever you update the data in the chart. In the video embedded below I provide an overview of how to use Flippity's Progress Indicator template. This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission.             Related StoriesAdapting by Using Voice Commands in Google DocsHow to Create MadLibs Story Starters in Google Sheets27 Ideas for Teaching With & About Topographic Maps - From the Archive ...
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10 Ways to Use Adobe Spark in School - From the Archive

May 26 9:44am Free Technology for Teachers
Due to an injury and some pressing personal matters requiring my attention, posts for the rest of the week will be favorites from the archive. New posts will return on Monday.On Tuesday morning I published a video about how to use Adobe's new creative suite called Adobe Spark. That video was focused on how to use the three parts of Adobe Spark; post, page, and video. If you haven't seen the video, it is embedded below. Now that we know how the tools work, let's take a look at some ways that teachers and students can use Adobe Spark.Post:Post is the part of the Adobe Spark that lets you create graphics like posters, announcements, and Internet memes.Students and teachers can create simple posters to print and post in their schools to announce club meetings, campaigns for class elections, or to post encouraging messages to students.To help students understand and show that they understand what propaganda messages look like, I have had them create simple early 20th Century-style propaganda posters of their own. Adobe Spark has built-in Creative Commons search that can help students find pictures to use for those posters. Students can also upload pictures they've found in the public domain.Create a meme-style graphic to share on your classroom, library, or school website. The graphic could be intended to encourage students and parents to remind each other of an upcoming school event. You could also create a meme to encourage students to continue reading over the summer. Video:As the name implies, this is the Adobe Spark tool for creating videos. Videos are created by adding text and images to slides. You can record yourself talking over each slide. A library of free music is available to layer under your narration or you can use that music in lieu of narration.Create a short flipped-lesson with Adobe Spark. The recording tool makes it easy to precisely record your narration over the slides in your lesson. Have your students create video lessons. The slide aspect of Adobe Spark's video tool lends itself to students creating short Ken Burns-style documentary videos. Have them use Spark's search tool to find images to use in their videos or have them use a place Flickr's The Commons to find historical images. I've had students make this style of video to tell the stories of people moving west across the United States in the 19th Century. This is the...
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TCEA Responds: Grants and Tech Planning

May 26 9:13am TechNotes Blog – TCEA
TCEA Responds is a new way for you to ask questions and have our team research answers for you. This issue focuses on grants and technology planning.
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The reign of the $100 graphing calculator required by every US math class is finally ending

May 25 8:37pm Educational Technology
by Amy X. Wang, Quartz If you took a math class at some point in the US, there is likely a bulky $100 calculator gathering dust somewhere in your closet. Enter Desmos, a San Francisco-based company that offers a free online version of TI’s graphing calculator. Users across 146 countries, most of them teachers or students, [...]...
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Is Two Hours Really Too Much Screen Time for Kids?

May 25 8:35pm Educational Technology
by Matthew Lynch, tech Edvocate In a nod to the increasing ubiquity of technology in our world, the American Academy of Paediatrics announced in October last year that it is beginning the process of revising its guidelines for children and screens. The academy says it has realised that in a world where screen time is becoming [...]...
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May 25 8:30pm Educational Technology
by Matthew Lynch, Tech Edvocate A California school district is using a revolutionary writing improvement technology in a revolutionary new way. According to the IMS, the award sponsors, the prestigious recognitions are intended to, “recognize outstanding, innovative applications of educational technology to address the most significant challenges facing education.” And what the Newport-Mesa Unified School District [...]...
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The University of Chicago Re-Engages Alumni Through Online Learning

May 25 8:10pm Online Learning Update
by Elyse Dupre, DMN Not every interaction generates an immediate return. Brands often have to engage target audiences multiple times to establish relationships and get them to perform desired actions. Take the University of Chicago, for instance. The school is exploring the benefits of engaging former students through an online learning community to drive donations later [...]...
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How to Sell Your Online Course

May 25 8:05pm Online Learning Update
by Greg Rollett, Entrepreneur Have you created an online course that could really make a difference, and then been disappointed to find it isn’t selling? In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Greg Rollett explains three reasons why your product might be failing and how to correct it. First, have you spent enough time and resources on [...]...
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4 Things You Might Not Know About Online Education

May 25 8:02pm Online Learning Update
by Stephanie Larson, US News When you are deciding whether to pursue your education online, there are more than a few things to consider. The flexibility of online students’ schedules and the fact that they can be anywhere in the world are great when you are traveling for business or the military, or if you just [...]...
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Practical Ed Tech Handbook 2017 - From the Archive

May 25 7:32pm Free Technology for Teachers
Due to an injury and some pressing personal matters requiring my attention, posts for the rest of the week will be favorites from the archive.In 2015 and 2016 I published a 30 page PDF that I called the Practical Ed Tech Handbook. Those have been accessed more than 100,000 times. Today, I revised the Practical Ed Tech Handbook for 2017. Within the pages of the 30 page document you will find short reviews of my favorite tools for creating videos, the best tools communicating with parents including blogging and text messaging, and my favorite options for creating digital portfolios. The Practical Ed Tech Handbook also includes reviews of tools for recording and publishing audio files and tools for conducting formative assessments. Finally, the Practical Ed Tech Handbook includes resources for teaching digital citizenship and for helping students improve their web search skills.The free Practical Ed Tech Handbook can be downloaded here or through the display embedded below. The file is hosted on Box.com. If your school blocks Box.com you won't be able to see the embedded display.  This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission.             Related StoriesThe Week in Review - The Most Popular Posts7 Good Tools for Creating Timelines - From the ArchiveThe Origin of Memorial Day ...
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7 Good Tools for Creating Timelines - From the Archive

May 25 7:28pm Free Technology for Teachers
Due to an injury and some pressing personal matters requiring my attention, posts for the rest of the week will be favorites from the archive.Timeline creation is a go-to project for many history teachers. When I made timelines as a student and in my first year or two of teaching, timelines were made on paper. Today, there are better ways to have students create timelines. In their web browsers and in stand-alone iPad and Android apps students can create multimedia timelines. In the chart embedded below I showcase the key features of seven multimedia timeline creation tools. Join Teaching History With Technology to learn more about these tools including how to use my favorite timeline tools in the chart. This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission.             Related StoriesHow to Find Old Maps OnlineHSTRY is Now SutoriPractical Ed Tech Handbook 2017 - From the Archive ...
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The Origin of Memorial Day

May 25 7:18pm Free Technology for Teachers
Due to an injury and some pressing personal matters requiring my attention, posts for the rest of the week will be favorites from the archive.Memorial Day is on Monday. Here are a couple of quick resources that you may want to include in a lesson about Memorial Day.The Meaning of Memorial Day is a two minute video covering the origin of the holiday in the United States. The video is embedded below. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers the following video overview of the history of Memorial Day. For more resources for teaching about Memorial Day, visit Larry Ferlazzo's list of resources. This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers if you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission.             Related StoriesThe History of Mother's DayAdapting by Using Voice Commands in Google DocsHow the Human Body Processes Medicine ...
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Python, Hackathons and Job Opportunities: Meet, Ravi

May 25 4:03pm edX Blog
Ravi, an electrical engineering student from India, shares how the accessible materials on edX helped him participate in a Hackathon. I am a fourth-year electrical engineering student at IIT Madras. I wanted to participate in a Hackathon for the visually impaired that the university was hosting with Vision-Aid, so I took the Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python from MITx on edX in... Read More about Python, Hackathons and Job Opportunities: Meet, Ravi The post Python, Hackathons and Job Opportunities: Meet, Ravi appeared first on edX Blog.
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A System to Teach Short-Response Writing

May 25 12:59pm MiddleWeb
Literacy coach Amber Bartlein finds Alan Sitomer's Mastering Short-Response Writing to be a quick read with practical ideas that can be implemented tomorrow. His Three C's System has already helped all of Barlein's writers, including the ones who struggle most.
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How to Write Better Lesson Plans

May 25 12:17pm MiddleWeb
Ben Curran offers a future classic on lesson planning as a reflective, deliberate, on-going practice built with precision and thought. Teacher Linda Biondi thinks pre-service teachers, teacher educators and classroom veterans will all benefit from his practical advice.
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8 Things Every Educator Should Know About Learning Analytics

May 25 10:00am Whooo's Reading Blog
By Bob Hand As many modern teachers know, data can be a blessing and a curse. Ideally, data can be used to help students on a personalized basis. However, an increased national focus on data-driven decisions in education has forced school districts to adopt less-than-ideal practices, designed to measure the school’s performance, rather than assess […]...
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Build Logical Reasoning in Content Areas

May 25 9:27am MiddleWeb
If a school can agree to have both ELA and content area teachers use the ideas in Strategic Journeys for Building Logical Reasoning there is potential for students to achieve more intense thinking rather than surface learning, says reviewer Mary Langer Thompson.
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Free Online Conference on Digital Literacy and Fake News

May 25 8:44am TechNotes Blog – TCEA
Take advantage of this free online conference and learn what libraries can do to help students understand fake news and be more digitally literate.
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How Machine Learning Will Impact Online Security This Year

May 24 8:40pm Educational Technology
by Justin Blanchard, Forbes Last year wasn’t a great year for security on the web. Every month, the media reported another major breach, many of which had an impact at the corporate and even state level. Online criminals want to remain hidden — if they’re discovered, it’s game over. They invest significant resources into hiding their [...]...
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Free online math tool plots new course for old graphing calculators

May 24 8:30pm Educational Technology
by Greg Toppo, USATODAY Young people these days live most of their lives online, so why shouldn’t they be plotting graphs and performing advanced calculations there as well? For the first time this spring, students taking basic skills tests nationwide will be using a free, online, embedded graphing calculator that its developer says may finally bring [...]...
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Home-based K-12 schools on the rise in Washington

May 24 8:27pm Educational Technology
by Sheila Hagar, Union Bulletin In 30 minutes, teacher Erika Montgomery has wrapped up the weekly “live lesson” over the computer connection. Preston, 7, leaves his seat at the kitchen counter in the family’s home in Walla Walla to find a spot on one of several couches in the living room. Preston is a first-grader enrolled [...]...
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New MOOC-Based Online Programs Take Aim at Career Prep

May 24 8:08pm Online Learning Update
By Jordan Friedman, US News “You can start just by sticking your toe in the water and try a completely free MOOC, auditing that, all the way up to a full degree, and everything in between,” says Adam D. Fein, assistant provost for educational innovation at the University of Illinois. Many MOOC-based credentials explore fields where [...]...
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