A Big Week at Copyblogger

May 26 9:00am Copyblogger
Ever been frustrated with putting a site together and wished someone could just do the whole thing for you? With custom graphics, copy, marketing automation, and even content strategy — all using Copyblogger principles? Very soon, we’re going to be able to make that happen. Our big news this week is that we’ve entered into Read More... The post A Big Week at Copyblogger appeared first on Copyblogger.
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Top designs for May

May 26 6:01am Email Design Review
Another month has passed here, meaning we are ready to gather up our favourite email designs! Here are the ones we have chosen from the last few weeks: Ann Taylor Chosen for: + Simplistic and bold design showcasing main brand […]...
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How to Drive Website Traffic and Convert Visitors into Subscribers

May 25 3:27pm Email Marketing Tips
Get your exclusive bonus content up front by downloading this Sign Up Form Checklist + 25 Content Upgrade Ideas bundle now! What’s the point of a website if no one sees it? And why write emails if no one receives them? It’s not enough to just create a website. You need to drive traffic to that content to connect with a larger audience. Why? Because more people visiting your website means more potential email subscribers. And when you have more people on your website and signing up to your valuable email list, it becomes easier to sell your product or service. To help you identify ways to drive website traffic, there are three easy steps every business owner should keep in mind: 1. Get visitors to your website 2. Keep them there 3. Optimize the sign up experience Let’s get started! 1. Get visitors to your website There are a lot of ways to drive people to your website. The three I'm going to focus on are social media, partnerships and increased company visibility. Use social media Social media helps you reach new audiences in unique ways. By posting articles and supporting media on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and StumbleUpon, you can increase traffic to your website. But which platform is best? Social media is changing every day. Data from Pew Research Center shows that Facebook remains the most popular social media site, with “nearly eight-in-ten online Americans (79 percent) now using Facebook, more than double the share that uses Twitter (24 percent), Pinterest (31 percent), Instagram (32 percent) or LinkedIn (29 percent).” Overall though, the best platform to be on is the one that your target audience is already on. Each of these platforms will capture a different audience, so it’s important to identify where your target audience likes to spend their time so you can follow suit. Use Google Analytics and/or the analytics provided by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to track engagement and see where your audience is most engaged. Or, check out the social profiles for brands that have similar audiences to you. Where are they most active? Those platforms are probably ones you should have a presence on, too. How are you getting your share of attention there? You could include links to your company’s social media pages on your website. Also, include links so that people can share your content on their p...
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UPDATE: Email Testing Using The Taguchi Method

May 25 3:00pm Trendline Interactive
DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? Q: What is the best time of  day  to send an email? A: Test it Q: Does lifestyle imagery in emails perform better than other imagery? A: Dunno…test it Q: How does the placement of buttons affect my email click through and subsequent conversion rate? A: We should test that  ... Read more » The post UPDATE: Email Testing Using The Taguchi Method appeared first on Trendline Interactive.
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Email Subject Lines: Specific Is the New Short

May 25 10:00am Email Marketing Tips - Blog GetResponse
For years now the best practice for writing email subject lines has been “keep it short”. This became even more important when more and more people started reading their emails on mobile devices. But – when you look at the data – does this advice really hold true? I have numbers that say something a […]The post Email Subject Lines: Specific Is the New Short appeared first on GetResponse Blog - Online Marketing Tips.
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Last Chance to Get the Rainmaker Platform at the Current Pricing

May 25 9:00am Copyblogger
TL;DR version: The Rainmaker Platform is shifting from a pure technology play to software with services included before the end of June, at much higher pricing. That means if you want Rainmaker at its current pricing, you should start your free trial now. \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ When we rebranded from Copyblogger Media to Rainmaker Digital in September Read More... The post Last Chance to Get the Rainmaker Platform at the Current Pricing appeared first on Copyblogger.
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Streamlining Flexible Packaging: An Interview with Leo Lee, Co-Founder of Sinoway Pouch Station

May 24 2:13pm Blog – Internet Marketing Company | Phoenix, AZ | Markitors
We recently interviewed the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Sinoway Pouch Station, Leo Lee. How did the idea to start Sinoway come about? After working in the flexible packaging industry for a couple of years, assisting in my family-owned factory, … Read More The post Streamlining Flexible Packaging: An Interview with Leo Lee, Co-Founder of Sinoway Pouch Station appeared first on Internet Marketing Company | Phoenix, AZ | Markitors.
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NoTrove Malware is Killing Ad Network

May 24 12:57pm Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com According to RiskIQ, a new malware is seriously damaging the advertising industry, and ad networks have no idea how to really combat it. William MacArthur, a threat researcher at RiskIQ said, “NoTrove harms not only visiting users, but also legitimate advertisers, adversely affecting those reliant on the credibility of the digital advertising ecosystem such as online retailers, publishers, and networks. Constantly shifting infrastructure means simply blocking domains and IPs isn’t enough. We must now begin utilising machine learning to leverage human security teams who increasingly depend on accurate, automated scam detection.” Put simply, it is the person behind the most Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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Quoras New Ad Platform is Now Available Globally

May 24 12:45pm Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com Quora is one of the most popular sites around for people to go to either ask questions, or provide answers to the questions provided by other people. It is a great way to gather crowd sourced answers to questions on just about any topic you can imagine. This company is valued at $1.8 billion with their last funding round, which is going to be surprising to many people. To help build revenue, Quora has been beta testing a native ad platform to take advantage of their traffic. This beta version of the system has been running with more than 300 Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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Driving Leads with LinkedIn: 4Lead Magnet Strategies to Grow Your Marketing Automation

May 24 12:20pm Email Marketing Tips - Blog GetResponse
In my last article, I mentioned the importance of not adding every brand-new connection to your email list (without their permission). However, it is a good practice to send a message with a (valuable) lead magnet to anyone who invited you to connect. Let’s dive a little deeper into this strategy. 1. Lead magnet & responding […]The post Driving Leads with LinkedIn: 4 Lead Magnet Strategies to Grow Your Marketing Automation appeared first on GetResponse Blog - Online Marketing Tips.
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The Pulp Fiction Technique for Engaging and Persuasive Content

May 24 9:00am Copyblogger
You’ve seen Pulp Fiction, right? It’s the classic 1994 black comedy crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The film is highly stylized, presented out of chronological order, and filled with eclectic dialogue that reveals each character’s perspectives on various subjects. And yes, it’s profane and violent. Pulp Fiction was nominated for seven Oscars, Read More... The post The ‘Pulp Fiction’ Technique for Engaging and Persuasive Content appeared first on Copyblogger.
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The future of digital and its impact on the travel industry

May 24 8:40am A brand new view
Customers now expect innovative brands to engage them on the device and medium they are using at the time. Therron Hofsetz,  Director, Enterprise Applications at Holland America Line explains how Holland America is connecting first and third-party data, predictive analytics and machine learning to enhance email, online and onboard experiences for guests. Get Therron’s take […] The post The future of digital and its impact on the travel industry appeared first on A brand new view.
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Choosing the Best Pop-Up Design for Your Goals

May 24 7:37am Email Marketing Blog
If you’re ready to grow your email list then a pop-up on your website is a must-have. Getting started designing a pop-up may be a bit daunting, though. There are so many things to cover: Do you include an incentive? What design do you choose?Allow me to help! I’ve picked out a few pop-up designs that I love and hope that my thoughts will help you choose the best pop-up design for your goals. Keep it light and airyThis traditional lightbox-style pop-up is very simple and clean while still maintaining the look and feel of the brand. Using CSS transitions, it slides onto the homepage about three seconds after you’ve arrived. Using the angled photo, this pop-up adds visual interest while drawing a literal line down to the widest (and most important) part of the form: the email input box. This subtle but effective direction to the input plus the free shipping note in light blue really makes me want to enter my email and click that “send” button. Tip: If your website content is more central to the browser window, this design is a great option for you.Be big and boldAnother sibling in the pop-up family is the full-screen. In order to really grab your user’s attention, these pop-ups completely hide the website behind them. While designing these, it’s important to maintain the look and feel of your brand just in case your customer forgets what website they’re on (hey, it happens!). This one in particular does this perfectly. The background color is the brand’s gorgeous green, and they even took it a step further and included the logo at the top of the form. This way the user always knows what site they’re on. Another element I like about this pop-up is the offer used to entice the customer to sign up. Not only is the offer large and distinct in the headline, but it's also reiterated in the call-to-action button. Another bonus element I enjoyed: the pretty cool JavaScript counter directly under the button! I don’t see those too often in pop-ups so that really stood out.Tip: If your website content is stretched across the whole screen, this design would fit seamlessly.Try clean and subtleHere we have the simplest pop-up of the bunch: the banner. These are great because they aren’t in your face or pushy; they’re simply there for you whenever you decide you’d like to subscribe. This means a first-time visitor to your website is given the...
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How to Fight Procrastination

May 24 3:07am Email Marketing Blog | Mailigen
Everyone procrastinates on occasion, but a full 20 percent of the U.S. population puts off today what they can do tomorrow on a regular or chronic basis, according to a study on the topic. Procrastinating leads to everything from filing...
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3 Tips on High-Conversion Copy from a Sales Page Specialist

May 23 9:00am Copyblogger
I know what some of you are thinking. You’re asking: “Do I really need a sales page anymore? Can’t I sell using social media/webinars/live events/blog posts/podcast episodes?” I don’t know the details of your exact situation, but I will say this: If you need to spell out the benefits of your product or service in Read More... The post 3 Tips on High-Conversion Copy from a Sales Page Specialist appeared first on Copyblogger.
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The Road to More Intelligent Lead Generation with Email

May 22 9:38am Email Marketing Blog | Mailigen
Ask a marketer to list their priorities in 2017 and most of them would put driving traffic and lead generation at the top. Hubspot’s State of Inbound report reveals just that with more than 60\% of them listing generating traffic...
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Pet Peeves from the Copyblogger Editorial Team, and What they Reveal

May 22 9:00am Copyblogger
We’ve written quite a bit lately about identifying core values in your content. Creating content around a positive value like integrity, fairness, humility, or faith will attract an audience that shares those values — and that fosters a powerful sense of unity. But our friend negativity bias tells us that the flip side of that Read More... The post Pet Peeves from the Copyblogger Editorial Team, and What they Reveal appeared first on Copyblogger.
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A Day in the #AWeberLife: Celebrating STEM for Kids

May 19 1:38pm Email Marketing Tips
Here at AWeber, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring small businesses owners and entrepreneurs like you have everything you need to be successful with email marketing. As part of this mission, we feel just as strongly about empowering future generations to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – this way, they can continue to do amazing things for people launching their own businesses, too. That's why we led a program to help educate kids in the local community about the real-life application of these skills, as well as what it's like to work within a tech company. Ready to get a behind-the-scenes look into how we made this possible? Read on! Empowering kids to pursue STEM A few months ago, one of our AWeber team members, Jason D., had a simple idea: to create a learning opportunity for students that would inspire them to work with technology and/or pursue a career in STEM. We immediately turned to our friends at one of our local school districts in Souderton, PA to see if they were interested in partnering together. Luckily, they were ecstatic! “I'm a parent of students in the Souderton Elementary schools… Souderton High School has some very passionate people who share a similar vision for all of their students,” said Jason. “After the details of this event were worked out, it was easy to find other AWeber team members who were interested in participating.” Within no time, we were brainstorming ideas to bring it to life. As we thought about ways to educate students and introduce them to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, we realized we also wanted a program that could be repeated and shared with even more kids again and again. That’s when we landed on a Tech Girlz curriculum, “Developing a Mobile App.” Through this program, students would learn how to brainstorm an idea for an app, identify personas, create a prototype and present it to others. “We specifically chose the TechGirlz course for “Developing a Mobile App” because it allowed us to demonstrate the broad range of expertise that goes into building a type of 'tech' that is very familiar with today's students, “ Jason said. “Students benefit because they get to see that developing a mobile app isn't all about 'coding'. The ability to brainstorm, to think about how your decisions impact your users and to pitch ideas is a...
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Listrak Receives World-Class Net Promoter Score of 80

May 19 10:44am Email Marketing Blog
According to a 2016 Nielsen study, the vast-majority (more than 80\%) of Americans seek recommendations when making a purchase of any kind. What our friends, colleagues and neighbors think truly matters, even when it comes to business decisions. One standard industry rating, known as the Net Promoter Score® or NPS®, offers an easy way to gauge how your customers truly feel about you. It boils down to one simple question: Would you recommend this product or service to a friend? Listrak recently surveyed clients to see how satisfied they are with Listrak solutions and services and the results were quite revealing. The results showed that Listrak’s Net Promoter Score came back as an 80 -what NPS considers “world-class.” To give you some background, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) ranks a customer’s willingness to recommend a product or service to others on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being extremely likely to recommend and 0 being not likely at all to recommend. Respondents are then divided into three categories: Promoters (9 or 10); Passive (7 or 8); and Detractors (6 and below).According to product and NPS specialists, Net Promoter Score is recognized as a key performance indicator. Any score above 50 is excellent, while anything above 70 is deemed “world class.” As Customer Marketing Manager with Listrak, my main focus is and always will be customer awareness and satisfaction. How do our customers feel about us? Are they content? Do they know enough about our products? So, when Listrak decided to use this ever-telling question in a recent survey focused on satisfaction, I was ecstatic when more than 31\% of our active clients responded. This, compared to the average 10-15\% response rate for external surveys according to SurveyGizmo.com.The satisfaction survey also included an open-ended question asking customers what one thing Listrak could do to improve its Client Services team, followed by sentiment questions asking respondents to rate their Account Manager from 1-10 on qualities that included their responsiveness, product knowledge, knowledge of client business, and overall satisfaction. The average rating for Client Services personnel yielded a 9.4.“One of our core values at Listrak is Customers come first in everything we do.” says Carly Povilaitis, VP of Client Services. “It’s a commitment that we live by as an organization and...
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The Landing Page Optimization Secrets You Need to Amplify Subscriber Growth

May 19 10:22am Email Marketing Tips
This is a contributor post written by Brandon Weaver, Director of Content at Instapage, the world's most customizable and designer-friendly landing page platform. He writes about landing pages and marketing, and has a healthy obsession with the Golden State Warriors. Say “hey” on twitter: @bkweav. In 2015, MarketingSherpa published a survey revealing that 72 percent of US adults prefer to communicate with companies through email. Many industry experts believe this is the result of targeted email marketing, which helps brands provide customers with even more relevant information.  In order to capture email addresses from customers and prospects who want to hear from you, however, it's important to leverage dedicated landing pages to convince them to sign up. Since landing pages use persuasive elements like compelling headlines, benefit-oriented copy and testimonials, people are more motivated to take action. Plus, they can go a long way in helping you make a lasting first impression. However, simply creating landing pages isn’t enough to convince people to redeem offers. The best conversion results are achieved through landing page optimization techniques. Before we get into the specific elements, let’s cover a few basic principles. Providing a strong user experience When it comes to creating a high-converting landing page, a consistent experience is key.  To provide a great landing page experience, it’s important to embrace: a distraction-free zone, white space, readable copy and message-matching. Let’s look at how companies are using these tactics to enhance their user experience for visitors. A distraction-free zone Optimized landing pages focus on persuading visitors to take action on a specific offer. If your landing page is focused on a newsletter offer, for example, don’t include links to your homepage, pricing or blog. This way, you keep your visitor’s focus entirely on the page’s goal. Take a look at this page from Zendesk in which they use Google AdWords to push prospects here: The navigation menu in the header and the links in the footer distract from what could be an otherwise solid landing page, focused on scheduling a demo. Eliminating those links would keep prospects focused on the offer. Try this: As you look for opportunities to improve conversion rates on your landing pages, try keeping it simple. Test a version t...
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The difference between B2B and B2C email marketing

May 19 5:50am The Email Marketing Chronicles
As B2B marketers we tend to look at others for inspiration. To innovate we often take what other marketing organizations have done and built on those ideas to improve and make them more interesting. When it comes to using email marketing to develop leads, though, there is one tricky part of the equation. There are B2B […]...
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How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business

May 18 8:23pm Blog – Internet Marketing Company | Phoenix, AZ | Markitors
Choosing a digital marketing agency is tough and overwhelming. There are 15,000+ agencies in the US and searching “digital marketing agencies” on Google brings up 8,320,000 results. So which agency would you choose and who should you trust? As a … Read More The post How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business appeared first on Internet Marketing Company | Phoenix, AZ | Markitors.
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SEO Strategy: Your Approach to SEO is Broken

May 18 3:28pm Fathom Blog
Or, Why Heart Surgeons Don’t Use Band-Aids Here is an actual quote I heard during a recent strategy meeting: “Our primary focus is content marketing, so we really don’t need... The article SEO Strategy: Your Approach to SEO is Broken appeared first on Fathom.
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How to Be Successful at Sending Email to Generation Z

May 18 3:00pm Trendline Interactive
  Generation Z is the newest generation to enter into the marketing world over the past few years.  Defined as those born between 1996 and 2010, Generation Z matches if not outsizes the over 60 million millennials. Many companies have been gearing up to find ways to connect with this generation and while some have... Read more » The post How to Be Successful at Sending Email to Generation Z appeared first on Trendline Interactive.
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Navigating the inbox: Knowing when to say goodbye

May 18 12:08pm A brand new view
Saying goodbye is never easy. It can be difficult and complicated, but when it comes to your email program it may be a necessary task. What makes it so difficult for marketers to say farewell? Largely it is tied to the fact that they still want to try to engage and the customer hasn’t specifically […] The post Navigating the inbox: Knowing when to say goodbye appeared first on A brand new view.
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9 Steps to Creating a Magnetic Blog

May 18 10:00am GetResponse Blog – Online Marketing Tips
It’s not surprising that you decided to dedicate yourself to work in the world of web. Perhaps you’ve seen lots of websites that get an enormous amount of traffic every single day. The owners of these web resources become popular, they earn solid money, and they are happy with the life. You might think a […]The post 9 Steps to Creating a Magnetic Blog appeared first on GetResponse Blog - Online Marketing Tips.
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What Not to Do (in Content Marketing)

May 18 9:00am Copyblogger
Some weeks are all sunshine and lollipops. This week is not that week. Actually, all week we’ve been warning you of various colorful ways online professionals can shoot themselves in the foot. On Monday, I talked about a bunch of ways (around 30, I think) that people mess things up for themselves when they’re conducting Read More... The post What Not to Do (in Content Marketing) appeared first on Copyblogger.
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Dont cry protect and prepare your systems from ransomware

May 18 6:54am Blog | The Email Experience Council
The WannaCry ransomware/malware that’s making its way around the Internet has infected countless organizations and government institutions in over 150 countries, including China, Russia, the U.S. and most of Europe. As you may know, ransomware is a type of malicious software that restricts access to your computer or network and threatens to delete your data […]...
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Things to Start, Stop and Keep Doing with Your Email Marketing

May 18 4:09am Email Marketing Blog | Mailigen
Is your email marketing strategy not responsive enough to bring high conversions? Then, friends, it is not the mistake of this useful tool, but the lagging lies on your approach. Email marketing can still be an influential tool which can...
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Everything You Should Know About Customer Onboarding Emails

May 17 6:01pm Pinpointe Marketing Blog
Ready to get new customers excited about your product or service? By creating a series of onboarding emails, you can get your customers pumped about your product and encourage them to use it at the same time. What does "onboarding" mean? Onboarding is marketing speak for familiarizing customers with your product via email. In short, you make […] The post Everything You Should Know About Customer Onboarding Emails appeared first on Pinpointe Marketing Blog.
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New Study Show Massive Mobile Fraud, with Some Networks 100% Fraud

May 17 12:17pm Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com Tune, a digital marketing firm based in the United States, has just released a new report that looked at mobile ad fraud. The report is likely the largest of its kind, analyzing more than 24 billion clicks across over 700 different ad networks. During the research they revealed that as much as $16 billion in fraudulent ads may be being displayed each year. Eight of the networks that they analyzed were listed as 100\% fraudulent, and another 35 of them had fraud rates of over 35\%.  When looking at all the ads across all the networks, Tune estimated that 15\% Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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76% of Businesses Fail with Facebook Ads with Negative ROI

May 17 12:07pm Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com Facebook is making billions of dollars, most of which is coming from running advertisements on their social network. It stands to reason that these advertisements are producing positive results for the advertisers, or people would stop using them, right? According to a new survey from Manta, that might not be the case. Manta reached out to more than 4700 small businesses (> 10 employees) to survey them about how they used social media advertising, and what their results were. They found that of those that responded, just 24\% reported that they were seeing a positive return on investment from Facebook. Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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A Quick Copywriting Lesson Taken Directly from an Email Marketing Fail

May 17 9:00am Copyblogger
Ten years ago, a tattoo shop I went to subscribed my email address to their email newsletter. They didn’t send updates very often, so I never unsubscribed. However, new owners recently acquired the business — and apparently their email newsletter list — because lately I’ve been getting not very good emails more frequently. I should Read More... The post A Quick Copywriting Lesson Taken Directly from an Email Marketing Fail appeared first on Copyblogger.
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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

May 17 7:32am Email Marketing Blog
I’ve been with Listrak over 17 years, from the very early days of digital marketing. In that time, I’ve seen it all and done it all - from a technology and marketing perspective.The recent surge of terms, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, on the popular scene has me interested. And I’ve heard a lot of questions - do people talking about it truly understand what it is? Are companies in Silicon Valley realizing the dreams and nightmares of so many science-fiction authors? Are there huge teams of PhDs using supercomputers? The answer to all of these questions is the same: not really.I wanted to explore what these terms really mean, how they exist in marketing today and how humans can support the usefulness of AI.First, we should define the terms:Artificial Intelligence (AI) is any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal. In a word, it’s path-finding. The most obvious example of AI is GPS navigation. The system takes a series of inputs and a data set of possibilities, then determines the best route to your destination. Apps like Waze have taken this to another level by incorporating traffic, hazards and accidents as reported by users. This allows the AI to choose better routes that avoid slowdown and get the driver to their destination quicker.Machine Learning (ML) is the ability of computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. To borrow the words of the T-800, “My CPU is a neural-net processor; a learning computer.” A neural net is one application of machine learning, which is a sub-discipline and therefore a potential component of AI. A good example of ML in everyday life is the Nest Thermostat. You see, using sensors and feedback, it learns when to heat or cool or hibernate. More advanced applications would include things like IBM’s Watson ability to learn sentiment and pun usage on Jeopardy or advanced visual recognition of self-driving cars to collect data and feedback. This can then be used to better understand scenarios it is likely to encounter on the road in the future.Predictive Analytics is simply a grouping of statistical techniques that pull from predictive modeling, machine learning and data mining to make predictions about future or otherwise unknown events. If last year’s reports are business intelligence, next year...
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Why Sex Doesnt Sell

May 16 9:00am Copyblogger
In his essay, “It’s Necessary for the Scene,” American playwright David Mamet explains why no play or movie he writes or directs include explicit sex scenes. Mamet is no prude. He cut his teeth in the theatre, working in and around that last great institution of vagabonds and players, excess and fornication. No, what he’s Read More... The post Why Sex Doesn’t Sell appeared first on Copyblogger.
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Boost Your Conversion Rates: 4 Top Email Marketing Ideas For MCommerce

May 16 3:19am Email Marketing Blog | Mailigen
The verdict is in: mcommerce is the new ecommerce. With over 40\% of emails opened on mobile devices first, it is now more important than ever to get your brand’s email marketing down to a tee. From newsletters to cart...
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7 Simple Steps to Get Started with Segmentation

May 15 2:42pm Email Marketing Tips
Email segmentation makes it easy to sort and filter subscribers into relevant groups and send them content they care about. In fact, it's key if you're aiming to improve your open and click through rates: Studies show that sending personalized content can result in 6x higher conversion rates. Yet nearly 70\% of brands aren't even scratching the surface of targeting and personalization. It could be that you don't know how to segment your audience. Or maybe you're not sure what type of content to send them once you've sorted them into groups. Whether you're new to email segmentation or looking for ways to use it more effectively, we'll break down the seven things you need to get started. What is segmentation? Segmentation is the act of taking a list and filtering and sorting your subscribers into relevant groups. There's a million different ways to segment your audience, and they can all help you better target your email sends, which can lead to higher open and click-through rates. For example, if you're a healthy food blogger, you can create segments based on dietary preference (i.e. vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free). You can do this by asking subscribers to select an option when they signup to your list or linking out in your welcome email. https://twitter.com/1fete/status/862701640352182277 https://twitter.com/lizwillits/status/862701805477777408 https://twitter.com/oliviadello/status/862701829745987584 Why send segmented campaigns? We already shared how segmentation can result in higher opens and clicks. But did you know it can also lead to increased engagement with your email campaigns? Sending to smaller, more targeted lists can help you build trust with your subscribers. They're more likely to stick around if they feel that the content you're sending is relevant to their needs and interests. https://twitter.com/oliviadello/status/862702845342216195 https://twitter.com/1fete/status/862703025609220098 https://twitter.com/eedawson/status/862703101144420354 When should you start segmenting your subscribers? Capturing information about your subscribers on your sign up form is a great place to start. By asking them questions right away, you're better able to address their needs from their first touchpoint. A more subtle approach (though arguably more effective) is to segment subscribers based on their behavior. This could include things like purchase h...
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The Goofus and Gallant Guide to Success on the Web

May 15 9:00am Copyblogger
Back when I was a very nerdy little kid, every month I would anxiously await my copy of Highlights magazine, and read it cover to cover. I’m charmed to discover that Highlights is still publishing, and that they still feature the regular comic strip “Goofus and Gallant.” Gallant was a kid who always did the Read More... The post The Goofus and Gallant Guide to Success on the Web appeared first on Copyblogger.
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The Importance of Live Text in Email

May 15 8:01am Email Marketing Blog
Imagine a subway commuter on his cellphone with barely any signal. He’s trying to read an email from his favorite shoe brand, but none of the images will load. And because there’s no live text in this message, he has no idea what this brand is trying to tell him. Is there an exclusive sale? A brand-new line? In frustration, he deletes the email.That’s exactly what we don’t want to happen. When designing an email, it’s easy to put on your creative cap, hop into Photoshop, and go to town. But with mobile on the rise, it’s extremely important to not only create beautiful emails, but functional ones. Having text inside images may look beautiful, but when on a mobile device, the text scales down making it difficult to read. And in Mr. Commuter’s case, the images didn’t even load so he couldn’t read the text at all!So what’s the solution? Live text. No matter where in the world your reader is opening your email (whether on the subway or not), HTML text (or live text as I’ll call it) will maintain a readable size (simply wrapping to a new line if necessary) and will display even when images don’t. This balance of beauty and function has blossomed into one of my favorite things: creative ways to incorporate live text. With Listrak Composer by your side, you can create stunning emails without needing to learn all the quirks of coding for inboxes. Here are a few of my favorite little tricks to make Composer messages with live text extra fab.Add text within an image (yes, it’s possible!)If you have a great image for your hero, it is actually possible to include text in that image! You just have to be a little creative about it. Here, you can see I used a solid colored box to cut through the image. In Photoshop, I sliced the image into two parts: above the box and below. In Listrak Composer, I stacked the top half of image, added the text area, then the bottom half of the image. To add color to the text, simply select the structure for the area and add Content Background Color. Voilà! Your test email will now display the text in an easy-to-copy and mobile-friendly manner while maintaining a fantastic aesthetic.Create unique headingsWant something a little more intriguing for your headline text? You can create a headline combining the powers of an image and a content structure with a background color. In this example, I created a rectangle cont...
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Acting FTC Chair Confirms Changing Civil Investigation Demand Policies

May 14 4:18pm Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com Acting FTC Chair Maureen Ohlhausen continues to reinforce her intent to ensure that the Commission will be focusing on consumer injury when the agency decides what cases to bring and what remedy to seek. “In every consumer protection case we bring, we must ensure that we seek and obtain for consumers relief that is tied to consumer injury,” said Ohlhausen recently. “Having a lot of cases is one measure,” Ohlhausen told attendees at last month’s International Association of Privacy Professionals’ Global Privacy Summit. “But in a way, that’s like a doctor saying, ‘I performed a lot of operations so I’m Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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Legendary Affiliate Expert Releases Performance Partnerships Book for $0.99

May 14 2:27pm Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com Performance Partnerships: The Checkered Past, Changing Present and Exciting Future of Affiliate Marketing is the first in-depth look at the affiliate (performance) marketing industry, examining its roots, evolution and ongoing transition into one of the most important forms of direct-to-consumer digital marketing. In the book, Glazer, defines the elements of true affiliate marketing and demonstrates for marketing leaders how to benefit from its model of paying partners after they have delivered a desired outcome and how to integrate all these partners in a brand-aligned system. Glazer interviewed more than twenty industry leaders about their views on the history, present, and Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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Tips to get your Hash tag trending on Twitter

May 14 2:18pm Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com A trend on Twitter states to a hash tag-driven subject or a saying that is instantly widespread at the same time. On Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps, you can discover tendencies by merely patter on the search button. When logged in to twitter.com on a personal computer or laptop computer, tendencies are itemized in numerous places, comprising the Home, Announcements, Search answers, and Profile folios. There are many whys and wherefores that firm hash tags trend. Some trend for the reason of a big fan following while others trend for the reason of the news. Getting your hash tag to Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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Looking for Digital Assistant Marketing? Turn to Amazon

May 14 2:16pm Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com The digital assistant industry has really started to take off in a big way. This started primarily with smart phone options like Siri, but has now transitioned into devices such as the Amazon Echo and similar devices that help to improve home automation, entertainment, and much more. The potential to use these devices for advertising, data gathering, and marketing is quite significant, and will only be growing in the future. Some people even expect that digital assistants could be the next ‘big thing’ for marketing, adding to the existing search & social environments. Regardless of how big it eventually gets, Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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5 ways to stay up to date with email code

May 12 9:55am Email Design Review
The long-peddled phrase about email development being stuck in 1999 isn’t true any more, with some of the best and most popular email clients matching web standards pretty much toe-to-toe. Recently we’ve seen Gmail fix almost all of their rendering […]...
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6 Ways to Constantly Improve Your Email Marketing

May 12 5:00am Email Marketing Blog | Mailigen
Email Marketing is the mainstay of modern marketing. You don’t believe me? No worries. Check out McKinsey & Co report that clearly states that US companies acquire 40 times more customers through emails than Facebook and Twitter combined. In short...
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15 Email Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow

May 11 5:32pm Pinpointe Marketing Blog
Staying on top of all-things-email-marketing is a challenge, especially for small businesses. Research shows forty-nine percent of small business owners handle their own marketing. Even if you're an experienced email marketer with a team of people at your disposal, studying new trends, reviewing best practices and finding ways to improve ROI is a daily chore. […] The post 15 Email Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow appeared first on Pinpointe Marketing Blog.
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Subject Line Formulas You Can Steal to Boost Your Open Rates

May 11 5:09pm Email Marketing Tips
Email subject lines can be tricky. Let’s imagine you spend hours writing an email that you’re proud of – an email you think may help you surpass your goals. You send it. You wait at your computer trying to focus on other work while you keep thinking about that email. Finally, you can’t wait any longer and you check out your email analytics. And the worst thing happens. Your open rate is low. This exact scenario has happened to me. It's a big letdown, and it has an impact. After all, your subject line is the main factor in determining whether an email is opened or ignored. To save you from bad open rates, I’ve collected the subject lines from our most opened emails and analyzed them to see why they work. In this post, I’ll share what I found. Say something unexpected Similar to seeing a dog walk on two legs, great subject lines grab your audience’s attention. The best ones stop your subscribers mid-scroll as they’re sorting through emails in their inbox. One way to write subject lines like this is to surprise your audience by taking a perspective or stance they don't expect you to hold. For example, here's a subject line that lead to one of the highest open rates for our blog newsletter (57 percent above average!): Since we are an email marketing platform, our audience was most likely surprised by us saying the email blast is dead. When they saw this subject line in their inbox, they probably wanted to learn why we took this stance and clicked the email to find out. Another way you can use this tactic is to surprise your audience by challenging their commonly held beliefs about your industry. For example, many businesses feel they need a huge email list to see success with email marketing. To challenge this idea, we wrote a blog post explaining why you don’t need a huge email list. When we promoted it to our audience, we made sure to take that angle in the subject line: This subject line gave us a high open rate, and because the content featured the blog post, we also got a high click-through rate. However, when using this tactic, take care to only say something unexpected if it's a belief or idea that you can defend and truly believe in. Click-bait subject lines will likely annoy your audience and cause you to lose their trust. Ask the questions your audience is asking You may have tried asking a question in your subject line before...
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UPDATE: Top 5 EmailMarketing Challenges

May 11 3:00pm Trendline Interactive
  Whether it’s an in-house FTE (full-time equivalent) or a digital or marketing agency you’re talking to, the general impression people have is that email marketing is easy.  Basically, it’s a digital version of direct mail. Well, we have a saying here at Trendline Interactive: “Email marketing is hard.” Here’s why: 1) DATA This is... Read more » The post UPDATE: Top 5 Email Marketing Challenges appeared first on Trendline Interactive.
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7 Important Lessons for Using Google Analytics After Scaling Upwards

May 11 12:46pm GetResponse Blog – Online Marketing Tips
Many websites use Google Analytics to track visitor data and action within the site. However, as websites grow bigger, Google Analytics (GA) must retrieve large amounts of information. Many webmasters run into problems related to sampling and other factors. The following tips will help you get the best service from your GA reports and hence […]The post 7 Important Lessons for Using Google Analytics After Scaling Upwards appeared first on GetResponse Blog - Online Marketing Tips.
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Tough Love Week on Copyblogger

May 11 9:00am Copyblogger
I got an email from my team last week saying, “Seth Godin just wrote a post about an interesting new program he’s doing. Should we try to get him on the podcast?” The answer to that question is always Hell, yes. It’s always great to talk with Seth, and he shared a little bit about Read More... The post Tough Love Week on Copyblogger appeared first on Copyblogger.
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Setting the Goals for Your Marketing Automation Program

May 10 11:10am Email Marketing Tips - Blog GetResponse
Marketing automation allows you to shift from random towards intentional marketing. Technology is crucial but even the most sophisticated software will fail unless you know exactly what you want to achieve. In other words, you need to set clear goals for your marketing automation program. Whether you are about to start using marketing automation or […]The post Setting the Goals for Your Marketing Automation Program appeared first on GetResponse Blog - Online Marketing Tips.
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How to Automate Your Lead Gen with Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier

May 10 10:02am Email Marketing Tips - Blog GetResponse
GetResponse is loaded with features right out of the box that make it easy to communicate with your customers via email and increase sales. What can be easy to forget is how much more power you can add by connecting the other apps you use during your work day—like lead gen form tools—to your campaigns […]The post How to Automate Your Lead Gen with Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier appeared first on GetResponse Blog - Online Marketing Tips.
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6 Rules for Stellar Email Marketing Copy

May 10 9:45am Email Marketing Blog | Mailigen
Americans are bombarded with anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 advertising messages and well over 100 emails every day. That means email marketers have their work cut out for them when it comes to capturing readers’ attention and inspiring them to...
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Master This Writing Practice to Find More Loyal Readers

May 10 9:00am Copyblogger
If you want to write about anything you’d like, as often as you’d like, there’s a place for that: your own website. It’s a modern privilege that gives writers the freedom to digitally publish their work publicly, with the potential to reach any reader with an internet connection. Can you imagine going back in time Read More... The post Master This Writing Practice to Find More Loyal Readers appeared first on Copyblogger.
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New Affiliate Platform Promises Offline Credit Card Purchase Tracking

May 9 11:53am Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com Empyr media has revealed a new performance and affiliate marketing platform that claims it can completely verify when campaigns send customers to your offline, brick and mortar location. Yep, the claim is that marketers would be better off spending their money on verified foot traffic, than only online purchases. This is a great opportunity, that will bridge a much needed gap between everything from social media marketing to influencer marketing of brands, allowing for tracking if there is an actual purchase by consumers. The CPR (cost-per-revenue) platform from brings together customer rewards and card-linked tech to reveal when digital ads Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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Social Customer Service Trends to Watch

May 9 10:00am Email Marketing Tips - Blog GetResponse
Social media is one of the biggest channels available to marketers these days, whether they represent a large company or a grassroots startup. However, marketers hoping to use social media for effective brand development need to keep a close eye on the platforms they use. This is because technology is changing the way social media […]The post Social Customer Service Trends to Watch appeared first on GetResponse Blog - Online Marketing Tips.
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How to Become a Great Copywriter

May 9 9:00am Copyblogger
Copywriting is not writing. It is assembling. The best copywriters collect the varied parts of their research and assemble those parts into a true story that resonates with the particular worldview of an audience. Then that story is tested, tweaked, and deployed again. A story that enters the conversation an audience is already having, can Read More... The post How to Become a Great Copywriter appeared first on Copyblogger.
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Is Data More Precious than Diamonds?

May 9 12:09am Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com According to a recent report from The Economist, Data is now the most valuable resource in the world. While this sounds a little odd on the surface, look at the list of the largest and most profitable companies in the world. While they may produce some physical products, the real value is in their data. Google, for example, generates billions in revenue by simply gathering and sorting data, and then displaying it (along with ads) in a desirable way. Apple may produce powerful phones and tablets, but their iOS is a huge part of the reason why they are so Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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Performance Marketers Becoming Savvier with Android while iOS Continues to Dominate for Spending

May 9 12:06am Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com New research was recently released from Fiksu, which shows that while brands are continuing to spend much more on iOS marketing, performance marketers are capitalizing on the potential that Android is offering to the smart marketers. It has long been known that iOS users tend to spend more than Android users, and are an overall more attractive demographic. Because of this, most of the big advertisers keep their main ad investments on iOS. A growing number of performance marketers have found that this leaves a lot of open ad spots on Android devices available for very low prices. When properly Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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Important update with Google Analytics: say hello to cross-device retargeting

May 8 5:16pm Performance Marketing Insider
PACEDm.com Starting May 15, 2017, Remarketing Audiences created in Google Analytics will be enhanced to automatically take advantage of new cross-device remarketing functionality now available in AdWords and DoubleClick. This will allow reaching the customers across devices when using Google Analytics Audiences. Now that cross-device transactions account for over 30\% of online purchases, shifting from device-centric to user-centric analytics has become a critical step for e-commerce retailers. Brad Bender, VP of display and video advertising at Google, announced the shift in a blog post :“Admitad is introducing cross-device remarketing for Google Display Network and DoubleClick Bid Manager to help you reach the same Brought to you by Pace Lattin...
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