Essential Reading On The Road To College

From the-college-whisperer
May 12, 2017 - 10:22am
College is closer than it appears in the rearview mirror! That said, here is a short list of required reading as we prepare for yet another exciting college application season: Prelude To The Common App: A Primer To "Getting Started" College Admissions & Affordability: It's All About EnrollmentNew Meaning To "Safety School?" Rankings Matter To Colleges. They Should To You, Too!Top Ten Tidbits Of Advice For Those About To Embark On The Road To CollegeAnd, for those who are absolutely enamored with the Ivies. . .  An Anecdote For Ivy-Envy Let the college admissions game begin!  As always, the answers to your college questions are only an email, text message, phone call, tweet, or smoke signal away! [Smoke signal rates may apply :-)] - - - At COLLEGE CONNECTION, We've Got Your Back. And Your Best Moves Forward!GET THE KNOWLEDGE OF COLLEGE... Now scheduling college planning & counseling sessions for high school students.  CONTACT US! College Connection on Twitter - Follow UsThe College Whispererâ„¢ on Facebook - Like Us

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