Estimating Conditional Probabilities for the Detection of Unfavorable Copy Number Alterations in a Targeted Therapy

From MedWorm: Breast Cancer
September 19, 2013 - 6:15pm

Emerging targeted therapies have shown benefits such as less toxicity and higher effectiveness in specific types of cancer treatment; however, the accessibility of these advantages may rely on correct identification of suitable patients, which remains highly immature. We assume that copy number profiles, being accessible genomic data via microarray techniques, can provide useful information regarding drug response and shed light on personalized therapy. Based on the mechanism of action (MOA) of trastuzumab in the HER2 signaling pathway, a Bayesian network model in which copy number alterations (CNAs) serve as latent parents modifying signal transduction is applied. Two model parameters $M$-score and $R$ -value which stand for the qualitative and quantitative effects of CNAs on drug effecti...MedWorm Sponsor Message: Have a look at The Breast Cancer Daily, the new breast cancer portal with all the latest breast cancer news and research powered by MedWorm, updated daily.

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