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Encouraging Signs for an Oil Services ETF

Mar 17 11:13am ETF Trends
With oil prices and energy equities sagging to start 2017, it is not surprising that the oil services industry, a group often highly correlated to oil prices, is following suite. For example, the VanEck Vectors Oil Service ETF (NYSEArca: OIH), the largest oil services exchange traded fund, is lower by 7.1\% year-to-date. However, some analysts…...
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Heres Why Interest Rates Arent Going Anywhere, Despite Fed Hikes

Mar 17 11:06am ETF Daily News
From Bill Hall: On Wednesday, the Federal Open Market Committee announced – as expected – its decision to raise the benchmark federal funds rate by .25\%, bringing it to .75\%. This marks the third time that the Janet Yellen-led Federal… Read more ›...
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Silver ETFs Searching for Bottoms After Interest Rate Hike

Mar 17 10:33am ETF Trends
While March has been rough for silver and exchange traded funds, such as the iShares Silver Trust (NYSEArca: SLV) and ETFS Physical Silver Shares (NYSEArca: SIVR), some technical signs could be emerging that the white metal might be nearing a bottom. Impressively, SLV and SIVR traded higher Wednesday after the Federal Reserve unveiled its first…...
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Expect a Bumpy Ride for Gold Miners ETFs

Mar 17 10:27am ETF Trends
The VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (NYSEArca: GDX) and the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (NYSEArca: GDXJ), the two largest gold miners exchange traded funds, are up an average of almost 11\% over just the past week. That is encouraging after the recent weakness experienced by gold mining stocks, but investors should remember this can…...
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Wall Street Is Inexplicably Still Bullish On Oil

Mar 17 10:27am ETF Daily News
From Nick Cunningham: Oil prices have given up some of the gains achieved since the OPEC deal was agreed to in late November, and confidence in the buoyancy of crude prices is starting to falter. There are plenty of reasons… Read more ›...
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Weak Transports Issue A Warning For The Dow Jones Industrial Average

Mar 17 10:07am ETF Daily News
From Sean Brodrick: Do you believe in Dow Theory? If so, then the fact that the Dow Transports are not confirming the rally in Dow Jones Industrials should be setting your Spidey Senses tingling. It’s a warning of potential ugliness.… Read more ›...
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Is The Federal Reserve Hiking Rates Right Into A Recession?

Mar 17 9:55am ETF Daily News
From Tyler Durden: During the FOMC press conference this week, Janet Yellen was pushed by Bloomberg’s Kathleen Hays to explain why she hiked rates amid what was evidently not a surging economy. While Q1 looks to be the weakest economic… Read more ›...
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Right Place, Right Time For This Fixed Income ETF

Mar 17 8:45am ETFs
The Federal Reserve unveiled its first interest rate hike of 2017 and third in 15 months earlier this week. Now, bond market participants appear comfortable betting the Fed is heading toward another two rate increases before 2017 ends, a scenario that predictably has some investors reviewing the bond portions of their portfolios. Simply because rates are rising doesn't mean all fixed income investments will be punished. In fact, exchange traded funds have increased accessibility to corners of the bond market that can prove durable in the face of a more hawkish fed. That includes senior loans or bank loans, which can be accessed via several active and passive ETFs. The SPDR Blackstone/GSO Senior Loan ETF (NYSE: SRLN) is a compelling idea for investors looking for ...Full story available on
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The Dow Jones Industrial Average Fails To Follow Through On Fed Rally

Mar 17 8:22am ETF Daily News
Technical analyst Dave Chojnacki of Street One Financial wraps up the trading week with a look at the major U.S. averages, which took a breather on Thursday after Wednesday’s big Fed-inspired rally. A plethora of economic numbers yesterday morning were primarily… Read more ›...
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Retail ETFs Shrug Off Very Weak February Sales Data

Mar 17 8:12am ETF Daily News
From Zacks: After witnessing moderation at the close of 2016 and a rebound in January, U.S. retail sales nosedived in February. Sales in February grew 0.1\% sequentially, after an upwardly revised 0.6\% rise in January, and matched market expectations. On… Read more ›...
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Is Smart Beta Smarter Than Indexes?

Mar 17 8:00am ETF Trends
By Henry Ma, Julex Capital Management In the past 10 years, smart beta has become one of the fastest growing investment segments. Being called by different names such as strategic beta, fundamental indexing or factor investing, smart beta represents rules-based strategies that aim to deliver better returns than traditional market-cap-weighted indexes by selecting stocks or using…...
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This India ETF Is Soaring

Mar 17 7:47am ETFs
Buoyed by a key in for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party in India's Uttar Pradesh state, India stocks and the corresponding U.S.-listed exchange traded funds have been ripping higher. That includes the PowerShares India Portfolio (NYSE: PIN). On Thursday, nearly 10 India ETFs hit 52-week highs and PIN was part of that group. That brings PIN's year-to-date gain to 18 percent, or 500 basis points better than the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. PIN tracks the Indus India Index and holds 50 the largest companies in Asia's third-largest economy behind China and Japan. Remember, India stocks and ETFs have been soaring after the country, in November, removed high-denomination currency notes from circulation. That was seen as a controversial move because it affected more than 85 percent of Indian currency ...Full story available on
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With The Fed Behind The Curve, Gold Prices Perk Back Up

Mar 17 7:29am ETF Daily News
From Mike Burnick: On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve raised the benchmark Fed Funds rate … for only the third time in nearly a decade. Since their first move in December 2015, short-term rates have gone from effectively zero up to… Read more ›...
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Markets Cool, Tech Stocks Lead, As Post-Fed Euphoria Fades

Mar 17 7:11am ETF Daily News
From Taki Tsaklanos: It was a boring day in markets on Thursday. After the volatilty from yesterday caused by the Fed’s interest rate hike, which resulted in a clear winner being emerging stock markets, markets reacted totally different today. The… Read more ›...
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Hedging Against The French Election

Mar 17 7:09am ETFs
Speaking on Bloomberg Markets, Pravit Chintawongvanich of Macro Risk Advisors explained how to hedge the French election risk. See Also: Citi Sounds The Alarm Over Owning French Bank Stocks He would sell ...Full story available on
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Dan Nathan Sees Unusual Options Activity In The China ETF

Mar 17 6:46am ETFs
On CNBC's Options Action, Dan Nathan spoke about unusually high options trading volume in iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index (ETF) (NYSE: FXI). The options trading volume in the name was two times higher ...Full story available on
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Why Didnt Bonds Sell Off When The Fed Raised Rates?

Mar 17 6:40am ETF Daily News
From Bryce Coward, CFA: The post-Fed action in the bond market Wednesday was impressive, yet left some begging for answers. If the Fed raised short rates yesterday and reiterated its plans for the subsequent five rate increases through 2018, shouldn’t… Read more ›...
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Small Caps Volatility Diverges From Price: Which Will Blink First?

Mar 17 6:34am ETF Daily News
From Dana Lyons: Though the Russell 2000 is off its highs, its volatility expectations are hitting 52-week lows; which is correct? A couple times in recent months (here and here), we have written posts pointing out odd behavior between the… Read more ›...
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Is Europes Populist Surge Over?

Mar 17 6:28am ETF Daily News
From Franklin Templeton Investments: Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group’s David Zahn examines the issue of populism in Europe, including Dutch elections and a possible second Scottish referendum. The failure of far-right politician Geert Wilders to make the expected breakthrough in… Read more ›...
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Here Are The Best Performing ETFs Of 2017 Thus Far

Mar 17 6:21am ETF Daily News
From Moby Waller: A huge amount of money goes into passive stock market tracking these days, through the S&P 500 Index (SPY) and other major U.S. indexes (DIA) (QQQ) (IWM). This strategy has done well in general in recent years… Read more ›...
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Dont Write Off Low-Volatility ETFs

Mar 16 5:38pm ETF Trends
The low-volatility investment style has grown out of favor as more traders turned to high-octane growth stocks in the ongoing bull market rally. Nevertheless, exchange traded funds investors should not completely write off the low-volatility factor as it has proven to produce long-term outperformance. Low beta investments, or securities that exhibit low volatility traits, have…...
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Innovations in Indexing Help Support ETF Growth

Mar 16 4:21pm ETF Trends
One of the unsung heroes of the phenomenal growth in the exchange traded fund space is the index providers behind the scenes that helped expand the passive, index-based ETF universe. ETF Trends publisher Tom Lydon spoke with Shaun Wurzbach, Managing Director and Global Head of Financial Advisor Channel at SPDJI S&P Dow Jones Indices, at…...
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Sector, Factor ETF Strategies to Capitalize on a Changing Market Environment

Mar 16 3:42pm ETF Trends
As the economy moves towards the late business cycle, with shifting fiscal and monetary policies, exchange traded fund investors should consider targeted strategies to capitalize on the changes ahead. On the recent webcast, Finding Strategic and Cyclical Exposure: Sector and Factor Investing, Denise Chisholm, Sector Strategist at Fidelity Investments, pointed out traders have been facing…...
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A Tactical Income ETF for a Shifting Market Environment

Mar 16 2:33pm ETF Trends
Each week, ETF Trends publisher Tom Lydon sits down for “ETF of the Week” for MarketWatch on Chuck Jaffe’s MoneyLife Show where he highlights big movers and losers among exchange traded funds. This week, Lydon looked at the SPDR DoubleLine Total Return Tactical ETF (TOTL). The end of a three-decade long bull bond market rally does not mean investors will ditch fixed-income…...
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U.S. Stock ETFs Lose a Step on Obamacare Uncertainty

Mar 16 1:49pm ETF Trends
U.S. equity and stock exchange traded fund weren’t able to maintain their momentum, following the Federal Reserve rate hike decision on Wednesday, as the healthcare sector drags on the broader market. The S&P 500 Index, along with related funds including the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSEArca: SPY), iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (NYSEArca: IVV) and…...
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These Major Banks Are Poised To Benefit From Rising Rates

Mar 16 1:34pm ETF Daily News
From Bob Ciura: It’s official: The Federal Reserve raised interest rates at its March meeting. On March 15, the U.S. central bank announced its second interest rate hike in the past three months. The Fed funds rate, which is the… Read more ›...
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This Dividend-Focused Fund Is Thriving Amid Rising Rates

Mar 16 1:21pm ETF Daily News
At times, ETF issuers that read our daily piece will bring things to our attention that may have initially escaped our gaze, especially when markets are actively trading around events such as yesterday’s FOMC rate decision and the resulting rally… Read more ›...
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Traders Are Betting On Further Downside For Oil & Gas Producers

Mar 16 1:10pm ETF Daily News
Analyst Paul Weisbruch of Street One Financial brings us his daily fund flows update, which today points out continued weakness among energy producers amid the recent oil meltdown, along with big inflows into a large dividend-focused fund. Energy equities have… Read more ›...
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ETF Stats for February 2017: Market Beats Inflows Again

Mar 16 12:47pm Invest With An Edge
Despite financial headlines touting record inflows into ETFs, market gains continue to dominate total industry growth. February market gains increased assets by $61.4 billion, while inflows accounted for the other $49.3 billion of February’s $110.7 billion jump in assets for the U.S. ETF industry. Year to date, market gains contributed $114.6 billion and net inflows […] The post ETF Stats for February 2017: Market Beats Inflows Again appeared first on Invest With An Edge.
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An Energy ETF That Needs Oil to Rally

Mar 16 11:27am ETF Trends
With oil prices sliding, it is not surprising that the energy sector and its related exchange traded funds are struggling. However, some parts of the energy sector take oil’s struggles particularly hard. That includes exploration and production stocks and ETFs. For example, the SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF (NYSEArca: XOP) is…...
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U.K. ETF Winners & Losers Nine Months After Brexit

Mar 16 10:39am ETF Trends
After ranking as one of last year’s worst-performing developed market currency exchange traded funds, the CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling Trust (NYSEArca: FXB) is trading lower to start 2017 and analysts remain less than enthusiastic regarding the pound’s upside prospects. The pound has been the worst performing asset since the U.K.’s decision to leave the E.U.…...
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Silver Could Finally Be Putting In A Long-Term Bottom

Mar 16 10:34am ETF Daily News
From Chris Kimble: Below looks at Silver Futures over the past decade. The Power of the Pattern in 2011 suggested that metals should be flat to down for years to come. Since that posting, Gold and Silver have continued to… Read more ›...
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Brazil ETFs try to Run Faster as Economy Improves

Mar 16 10:33am ETF Trends
The iShares MSCI Brazil Capped ETF (NYSEArca: EWZ), the largest exchange traded fund tracking Brazilian equities, is up about 10\% this year as the Brazilian economy looks to keep climbing its way out of what has been a lengthy recession. Brazil’s central bank as been actively cutting the selic rat to help prop up the…...
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Tesla Will Raise Over $1 Billion To Address Capital Concerns

Mar 16 10:29am ETF Daily News
From Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is seeking to significantly boost its capital reserves by selling a combination of stock and convertible notes, as it looks to mitigate rising risks associated with its Model 3 auto production. The company announced via… Read more ›...
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Data Lays a Solid Foundation for Homebuilders ETFs

Mar 16 10:22am ETF Trends
The SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF (NYSEArca: XHB) and the iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF (NYSEArca: ITB) have been surging to start 2017 and data suggest there are solid fundamentals backing the moves for these homebuilder ETFs. The equal-weight XHB mixes stocks such as Tempur Sealy (NYSE: TPX), Williams-Sonoma (NYSE: WSM) and Restoration Hardware (NYSE: RH)…...
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Small-Cap ETFs Fading to Start 2017

Mar 16 10:17am ETF Trends
To end 2016, small-cap stocks were one of the hottest trades, but to start 2017, enthusiasm is waning for smaller stocks and the related exchange traded funds. For example, the iShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETF (NYSEArca: IJR) and the iShares Russell 2000 ETF (NYSEArca: IWM) are badly lagging large-cap benchmarks. In fact, IJR has traded…...
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Americas Crumbling Infrastructure Represents A Huge Investing Opportunity

Mar 16 9:47am ETF Daily News
Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) releases its report card on the condition of America’s infrastructure, and for the second time since 2013, our nation’s roads, bridges, waterways, airports and more scored a barely-passing D+. As… Read more ›...
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Bank Of Japan Surprises No One, Leaves Policy & Outlook Unchanged

Mar 16 9:11am ETF Daily News
From Tyler Durden: Confirming the expectations of all 41 economists, The Bank of Japan changed absolutely nothing about its monetary policy tonight following The Fed’s 3rd rate hike in 11 years. The BOJ said in a statement that it would… Read more ›...
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The Workplace Robot Revolution Is Accelerating

Mar 16 8:59am ETF Daily News
From Jon Markman: Don’t kid yourself. Those manufacturing jobs that politicians keep prattling on about are never coming back. Most of them no longer exist. It might be the worst-kept secret of the New Gilded Age. Robots are replacing humans… Read more ›...
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Watch The U.S. Dollar Closely Amid Rising Interest Rates

Mar 16 8:47am ETF Daily News
From Taki Tsaklanos: Markets moved sharply as the U.S. Fed announced the 25 basis points interest rate increase. Markets were volatile, but which market was the real winner? The answer will be surprising to most. First and foremost, when markets… Read more ›...
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Investors Can Expect More Rate Hikes Ahead, As Risk Assets Stay Strong

Mar 16 8:34am ETF Daily News
From Invesco: The Fed’s constructive growth and inflation outlook likely paves the way for further hikes. The US Federal Reserve (the Fed) hiked its benchmark short-term interest rate by 25 basis points today, as expected. The statement was generally neutral,… Read more ›...
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Can The Fed Push The Dow Jones Industrial Average To Unforeseen Heights?

Mar 16 8:19am ETF Daily News
Market technician Dave Chojnacki of Street One Financial examines Wednesday’s Fed-fueled market rally and updates the important technical levels for the major U.S. indices that investors should focus on. Equities opened higher on Wednesday, as most economic reports came in… Read more ›...
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That Was Fast: Healthcare ETF Races To New Highs

Mar 16 8:09am ETFs
The healthcare sector, the third-larges sector weight in the S&P 500, is providing a case study for the theory that one year's laggard group can be a leader the following year. As was widely documented, healthcare was the only one of the 11 sectors tracked by the S&P 500 to notch a negative annual performance last year. For example, the Health Care Select Sector SPDR (NYSE: XLV), the largest healthcare exchange traded fund by assets, fell modestly last year, notching its first negative annual performance since 2008. However, XLV is proving to be one of 2017's more notable rebound acts. The behemoth healthcare ETF is up nearly 10 percent and was one of 110 ETFs to hit new 52-week highs Wednesday. Underscoring some ...Full story available on
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European Stocks Surge On Fed Rate Hike, Dutch Vote Sigh Of Relief

Mar 16 7:34am ETF Daily News
From Tyler Durden: While some were worried about an “unexpected outcome” from yesterday’s Dutch general election, in the end the country’s center-right Prime Minister Mark Rutte managed to fight off the challenge of anti-Islam, anti-EU rival Geert Wilders to score… Read more ›...
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Time To Buy Pharmaceutical ETFs?

Mar 16 7:32am ETF Daily News
From Zacks: 2016 turned out to be a challenging year for pharma stocks with the sector facing a lot of criticism for rising drug prices. Although the election results provided a breather for the sector on hopes that drug pricing… Read more ›...
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Gold Investors Cheer The Goldilocks Fed Decision

Mar 16 7:27am ETF Daily News
From Brad Hoppmann: You know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. When Goldilocks stumbled upon the house in the forest, she walked in and found three bowls of porridge. The first bowl was too hot, and the second… Read more ›...
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Passive Aggressive Measuring Risks of Passive Investing Using the Pain Index

Mar 16 7:00am ETF Trends
By Marc Odo, Swan Global Investments The battle between active and passive management has been raging for years, but in 2016 the momentum was all on the side of passively managed ETFs and mutual funds. BlackRock, Vanguard, and StateStreet occupy the top spots on the AUM tables, each passively managing trillions of dollars. Meanwhile, traditional…...
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BorgWarner, Oracle, Mexico And Emerging Markets: Fast Money Picks For March 16

Mar 16 6:57am ETFs
Pete Najarian said on CNBC's Fast Money Final Trade that Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL) is going higher. The company is trading 5.92 percent ...Full story available on
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U.S. Shale Continues To Threaten OPECs Dominance

Mar 16 6:57am ETF Daily News
From Tsvetana Paraskova: The U.S. shale cowboys are back on their horses and leading a strong recovery in the oil patch that is not expected to falter even as WTI prices dropped last week below $50 per barrel for the… Read more ›...
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Mike Khouw Sees Unusual Options Activity In QQQ

Mar 16 6:55am ETFs
On CNBC's Options Action, Mike Khouw spoke about unusually high options activity in PowerShares QQQ Trust, Series 1 (ETF) (NASDAQ: QQQ). He said the options volume was two times higher than the ...Full story available on
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Emerging Markets ETF Officially Breaks Out After Fed Announcement

Mar 16 6:51am ETF Daily News
From Taki Tsaklanos: The U.S. Fed decided to hike rates with another 25 basis points. Markets were quite volatile after the announcement. Interestingly, there was a lot of fuzz on price changes in stocks, gold and currencies, but almost nobody… Read more ›...
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Has The Dow Jones Industrial Average Hit Its Speed Limit?

Mar 16 6:46am ETF Daily News
From Dana Lyons: The Dow is presently hitting the upper bound of its post-2009 bull market, and the rally may need a speed check. Given Wednesday’s Fed-juiced stock market rally, Wednesday’s Chart Of The Day seems rather appropriate (not to… Read more ›...
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Why Bond Investors Shouldnt Worry Too Much About Rising Rates

Mar 16 6:28am ETF Daily News
From Franklin Templeton Investments: Following the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates at its March policy meeting, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group CIO Chris Molumphy weighs in on why fixed-income investors shouldn’t fret. The markets were widely anticipating the… Read more ›...
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These Technical Patterns Say S&P 500 Will Jump To New Highs Again Soon

Mar 16 6:16am ETF Daily News
From Corey Rosenbloom: If you’re keeping track, the market is poised to complete its fourth successful Bull Flag Retracement since reversing higher in November 2016. While it’s an impressive feat, it’s our job to make it profitable as price continues… Read more ›...
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Strong Fundamentals Could Still Support Precious Metals ETFs

Mar 15 4:32pm ETF Trends
Precious metals exchange traded funds have experienced a wild swing over the past few months, but strong fundamentals could help the asset class maintain its forward momentum. ETF Trends publisher Tom Lydon spoke with Steven Dunn, U.S. head of Distribution at ETF Securities, at the Inside ETFs conference that ran Jan. 22-25, 2017 to talk…...
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Energy Sector Enters a Correction

Mar 15 4:29pm Invest With An Edge
As expected, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates a quarter-point today. This is the third hike of the past 15 months and places a range of 0.75\% to 1.00\% on its benchmark short-term Fed Funds rate. However, crude oil has been the primary market mover the past week. Oil has been trading for less than […] The post Energy Sector Enters a Correction appeared first on Invest With An Edge.
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Fund-of-Funds ETFs Defined

Mar 15 4:24pm Invest With An Edge
The fund-of-funds ETF structure provides an efficient and economical approach to the implementation of many investment strategies. Although critics often complain that fund-of-funds ETFs only put fees on top of fees, the reality is often quite different, making the structure a welcome addition to the investment world. Typically, an ETF directly owns the securities in […] The post Fund-of-Funds ETFs Defined appeared first on Invest With An Edge.
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Strategic and Cyclical Exposure: ETF Sector and Factor Investing

Mar 15 3:50pm ETF Trends
Market segments will perform differently during various economic cycles, and as the U.S. may be heading toward the late business cycle, exchange traded fund investors should consider which areas could drive returns or increase portfolio risks. On the upcoming webcast, Finding Strategic and Cyclical Exposure: Sector and Factor Investing, Denise Chisholm, Sector Strategist att Fidelity…...
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Fed Rate Hike: Surprising ETF Movers & Shakers

Mar 15 2:52pm ETF Trends
Exchange traded funds that track assets typically associated with high interest rate risk are pushing higher after the Federal Reserve tightened its monetary policy, suggesting that Wednesday’s expected rate decision was already fully priced into the market. The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark lending rate a quarter point and projected two more rate increases this…...
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