Fast Food Offers More Value Menus—and More Cash, Too

From Profit Confidential
January 18, 2013 - 1:49am

Trading action in this stock market is a little worrisome. We’re getting decent earnings, but the stock market just yawns. There’s been a few misses on revenues so far, but the bottom line is showing real strength. Of course, some of the yawning is due to the fact that many of the brand-name companies already have done well on the stock market and earnings expectations were previously reduced. In today’s market, surprising news doesn’t always mean that a company’s share price is going to advance. It is the age of austerity, and a definite malaise has set in. I view the stock market’s reaction to corporate earnings so far as sounding something like, “Oh good, this thing hasn’t fallen apart just yet.” The Wendys Company (NASDAQ/WEN) perfectly illustrates the kind of earnings season we’re having among non-financial companies. (The big banks are reporting excellent earnin...

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