Fine Tune Your Cult Brand

March 10, 2017 - 11:24am
I have observed and quantified the phenomenon of Cult Brands since 2001, and Crown Business published these findings in 2002. One thing that I quickly learned is that Cult Brands have mastered the art of building meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers. When you start to understand the mechanisms behind businesses with raving fan communities, you can apply the same principles to your business to attract more valuable clients and accelerate the growth. Cult Brands are successful because they draw from the power of humanity. If you’re new to this topic or interested in deepening your knowledge, here are a selection of articles that will give you the competitive edge. Cult Branding Essentials What Are Cult Brands: A closer look at what Cult Brands are (and what they are not). Seven Rules of Cult Brands: All Cult Brands knowingly or unconsciously adhere to these seven powe

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