Five things investors learnt this week

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January 18, 2013 - 7:00pm

HMV’s importance to other businesses This week we got some hard numbers behind the music and film industry’s concerns about HMV – they were not just worried about being squeezed more by online firms but about losing part of the overall market. Analyst Kantor World tells the Financial Times that a complete HMV closure will cost the entertainment industry £300m a year or around 9 per cent of the market especially ‘impulse buyers’. There are still winners to be found in UK retail Here is Invesco Perpetual fund manager Martin Walker: “Over the past three years Dixons’ cost base has been fundamentally re-engineered and its stores re-energised. Dixons prices are not only on a virtual par with internet-only operators such as Amazon, but the group boasts good-quality customer interaction that comes with its portfolio of stores. The co...

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