Fuinhaz $SPY read for February 11 2013

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February 11, 2013 - 9:14am

And the market flipped on us again. Like many of my friends, I am getting the sense that this market is now being moving up with a huge help from the high frequency trading machines. These bots does not respect anything technical about the market, but I still find a lot of loopholes. Unfortunately it is too much info to write in this daily blog, and I don't want to bore new traders with too much information that may lead them to what they see on other site. I think that keeping it simple and pointing out levels is better than turning this into another boring site. So the $NYMO (McClellan Oscillator) is back to neutrality, so we could go either way, and I am carefully watching the $SPY Fibonacci Level at 151.47. Anything under that and we could slide down. My 151.83 level was tested on Friday, and even this morning pre-market, but still it has not been breached. Again I am anxious to se...

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