Fusion Informatics Explain About How To Begin Android Apps Development

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September 20, 2013 - 8:00am

Fusion Informatics Explain About How To Begin Android Apps Development Android is one of the most popular operating systems designed for smart phones. Being a flexible platform, it lets the android apps developers utilize their skills optimally. It is an open source language which is preferred by most of the businesses as it brings down the overall development cost. The code can be easily modified and this makes room for creating tailor made applications. Android apps development has resulted in the introduction of variety of useful applications for various businesses across the globe. When you are thinking about creating an android application you should have a basic idea about the application. The basic concept of the application helps you in developing the application further. Even if you don't have detailed knowledge about application development, you can go through the basic development lessons from online tutorials. However, it is not just enough to go through these lessons because design and development are just a small part of the process. The most vital aspects of the development process include defining the goal, usage, features and launching time of the application. Due to popularity of Android applications, the demand for android development is in high demand. The flexibility offered by the platform makes it a favorite of all. There are several instances where developers have created mind-blowing applications whereas there have also been cases where the application development has failed due to lack of attention towards user's interest and convenience. Following are the essential aspects of development: The purpose behind app development Target audience of your application Inclusions/features of the application Development process Deadline set for completion of the project If you have defined the above aspects of android apps development then you have accomplished half of the development task. Many of the developers might consider this as an unimportant task. However, creating an application without any understanding of these points is like walking on a path without knowing the destination. Prior to beginning the android apps development process, you should go through the following sections: The purpose - You must decide the purpose for which you are creating the application and the usefulness of this application. This will help you justify your development. Target Audience - It is essential to define the target audience of your application. You have to ensure that the users face convenience in navigating through the application you create for them. If your application is not of special value then nobody will download it even if it is for free. Features of Application - After deciding the target audience, you should focus on details and features of the application. You should define the features the application will support. You should know prioritize the features as per the preference of the users. The development process - After deciding the features you should frame development plan. A development plan lists the tools you will need, type of app you will be building, the development time and other related aspects.

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