5 Awesome Micro-USB Cables to Charge Android, Chromecast, or Other Devices

Mar 22 4:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Micro-USB cables are incredibly useful. While USB cables to charge Android and other devices aren’t yet standardized, Micro-USB cables rank among the most common. Yet Micro-USB cables differ significantly. It’s not merely the port that matters. Rather, length and durability remain crucial to quality USB cables. Several factors determine Micro-USB cable robustness and length. Considering how much use Micro-USB cables get, it’s worth upgrading from the stock Micro-USB cable packaged with your phone, tablet, or mp3 player. Check out the top five sturdy and long Micro-USB cables to charge Androids and other devices. Anatomy of a USB Cable Not all...Read the full article: 5 Awesome Micro-USB Cables to Charge Android, Chromecast, or Other Devices...
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How to Take Apart a Hard Drive and What to Do With the Magnets

Mar 22 3:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
We’ve previously discussed ways you can upcycle your old hard drive, but how exactly do you take them apart? And what do you do with the most valuable part — the magnets? If you want to be absolutely certain that your data has been wiped before attempting this, make sure you check out our ways to completely delete your hdd. All mechanical hard drives contain rare earth neodymium magnets. These can be expensive to purchase, but did you know just how easily hard drives can be harvested for these precious materials? Let’s jump right in. What You Need You only need...Read the full article: How to Take Apart a Hard Drive and What to Do With the Magnets...
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Nintendo blames Switch Joy-Con issue on manufacturing variation, offers fix

Mar 22 2:54pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
 Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, has been received quite favorably by us and others (having one of the best games ever on it helped) — but one recurring complaint concerned the Joy-Con L, or left controller, as everyone else calls it. Interruptions in the wireless signal were rare for me but more common for others, and Nintendo has finally acknowledged the problem as a… Read More...
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The Talelight Electronic Bumper Sticker will let you change your opinions

Mar 22 2:30pm Coolest Gadgets
Bumper stickers have long since been a way of communicating your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the state of the world in a very public manner. You can cheer on a politician, encourage people to smile, or give warning that others are too close behind your car for your liking, all from a paper sticker on your bumper. The problem with this form of communication is that the sticker is ...
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iPhone Spam? 3 Great Apps for Blocking Spammers and Robocalls

Mar 22 2:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
There’s been a bit of a spam call epidemic going on recently, on both sides of the pond. Sometimes it’s a robot on the other side, sometimes it’s a tone, sometimes it’s a real human being making an effort to scam you, sometimes it’s nothing at all. In iOS 10, Apple rolled out a little-known feature called CallKit. This allows developers access to something they’ve never had before: the Phone app. Developers can now hook into the Phone app and pre-screen calls for you. We now have a selection of call blocking apps that actually work, reliably. If you’re sick of the phone...Read the full article: iPhone Spam? 3 Great Apps for Blocking Spammers and Robocalls...
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7 of the Best Mac Window Management Tools

Mar 22 1:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Does your Mac desktop look like a 10-car pileup with app windows all over the place? Is this disorganization slowing down your workflow and productivity? You’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll take a look at seven of the most popular window management apps for Mac, and how they can help you keep your desktop organized so you can get more done. The Best Window Management Solution for Mac 1. Magnet for Mac ($0.99) With Magnet for Mac, you can snap windows to different locations on your screen. The arrangement eliminates the need for app switching by offering more workspace efficiency. To...Read the full article: 7 of the Best Mac Window Management Tools...
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Your Taxes Are Due! 7 Tips for Claiming a Tax Return This Year

Mar 22 12:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
No one likes paying taxes. But we have to do it. Nonetheless, there are a few easy ways you can minimize your tax burden. Nothing so complicated — or morally questionable — as the Double Irish or Apple’s tax dodging. Just a few simple things you can do to save money. These seven tips will help you get your taxes in, save money on them, and get your refund faster. So get started today! (And share your best tax-filing tips in the comments below.) 1. File Early In 2017, taxes are due on April 18th, which means you have three...Read the full article: Your Taxes Are Due! 7 Tips for Claiming a Tax Return This Year...
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The Casio Edifice EQB501 takes a licking, connects to your cellphone

Mar 22 11:57am TechCrunch » Gadgets
 Casio makes beefy watches for not-always-beefy people. Their latest, the Edifice EQB-501 is an interesting amalgam of form, function, and high tech features and it has enough dials, buttons, and sensors to keep well-connected on your trek through the jungle, urban or otherwise. This monster watch is 44.4mm wide and water resistant up to 100 meters. It connects to your phone and the CASIO… Read More...
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7 Best Apps to Enhance Default Windows Features

Mar 22 11:00am MakeUseOf Directory
A lot of default Windows software doesn’t cut it. We’ve covered five stock programs that you should replace with superior downloads, but not all software needs a total uproot. Some standard Windows tools become even better when supplemented with another app. Here are our favorite tools for adding features and fixing annoyances in default Windows features. 1. Classic Shell Classic Shell became wildly popular when the lack of a Start Menu in Windows 8 left users in the cold. Even though Windows 10 brings back the Start Menu, Classic Shell has its uses in making your Start Menu and File...Read the full article: 7 Best Apps to Enhance Default Windows Features...
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Love Silicon Valley? 8 TV Shows You Should Watch on Netflix

Mar 22 10:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Silicon Valley is a geeky show, but it’s not just for geeks. What makes Silicon Valley so compelling is that it isn’t just a show that aims for laugh-out-loud comedy, but also provides both satire and insight into the whole startup craze that’s been happening over the past decade in the real Silicon Valley. The problem is, while Silicon Valley makes HBO Now worth the money, there aren’t many other shows on HBO that can scratch the Silicon Valley itch once you’re caught up. You might enjoy Veep, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and maybe even Hello Ladies, but that’s about it....Read the full article: Love Silicon Valley? 8 TV Shows You Should Watch on Netflix...
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Ra. 3-in-1 Radio GPS Adventure Lantern

Mar 22 9:01am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $129Make the most of your journeys with the Ra. 3-in-1 Radio GPS Adventure Lantern. More than just a light source, the Ra. Lantern keeps you connected. Using radio wave technology, you can send messages from your smartphone even when you’re... Continue Reading...
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Apollo 11 Printed Sweatsuit by Fusion

Mar 22 9:00am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $158Set your sights on the moon with the Apollo 11 Printed Sweatsuit by Fusion. This ultra comfy outfit includes super soft sweatpants as well as a cozy sweatshirt. For both men and women, the Apollo 11 Sweatsuit would make Neil... Continue Reading...
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10 Strategy Games You Can Play on Linux Today

Mar 22 9:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Linux is becoming a strong alternative to Windows as a PC gaming platform. We’ve seen more and more games released for Linux, and given compatibility with the operating system via Steam and Steam OS, it’s a natural fit. After years of open-source ports, things are looking up. One of the biggest booms in PC gaming is the availability of strategy titles. Recently, more strategy games have been released on Linux. The relevance of this should not be overlooked — strategy games are time-intensive. Thus, more time spent playing a strategy title means more time spent using the corresponding gaming platform....Read the full article: 10 Strategy Games You Can Play on Linux Today...
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Trump Backwards Running Watch

Mar 22 8:51am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $49Make your political stance known with the Trump Backwards Running Watch. Complete with an all-pink design, the dial of this watch uses Donald Trump’s nose as a center point. Unlike traditional, forward-progressing watches, the Trump Backwards Watch displays the numbers... Continue Reading...
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ANAs new C-3PO jet is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication

Mar 22 8:12am TechCrunch » Gadgets
 Fancy paint jobs for airplanes are nothing novel, but few airlines ever really commit to making their jets look unique like Japan’s ANA. The air carrier’s latest custom craft is one of its Star Wars series of planes, commemorating everyone’s favorite golden protocol droid with a C-3PO yellow fuselage wrap, and interior decorating to match. The C-3PO ANA Jet follows R2-D2… Read More...
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Raising Smart Kids in Smart Homes: Ideas for Parents

Mar 22 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Today’s children are tech-savvy. Known as “Generation Z,” they’re kids who were born after the turn of the millenium and grew up in an internet-dominated world. If you’ve currently got a Generation Z child living under your roof, how can you maximize smart home technology to improve their life? What smart home gadgets are child-centric? In this article, I’m going to introduce you to five smart home gadgets and tricks for kids that you can deploy around your home. 1. Night Lights Is your child constantly waking you up in the middle of the night because they’re scared of going...Read the full article: Raising Smart Kids in Smart Homes: Ideas for Parents...
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Can Super Mario Run Succeed on Android?

Mar 22 7:36am
Can a premium game such as Super Mario Run succeed on Android? We discuss on this week's episode of our gaming podcast - Transition.
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iPhone concept design reimagines new red model with neat black front

Mar 22 6:59am The Next Web » Gadgets
Apple might have only dropped its special (RED) edition of the iPhone 7 less than 24 hours ago, but one resourceful designer has already imagined a whole new appearance for the handset – and it looks absolutely stunning. Render artist Benjamin Geskin took to Twitter to share an intriguing concept design that reimagines the (RED) iPhone with a black front. While the overall changes essentially boil down to replacing the white front with a black one, the outcome is quite appealing – especially to connoisseurs of black and red. You can catch a peek at Geskin’s design here: iPhone 7 (RED) with black front.#iPhoneRED #iPhone7RED… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: iPhone...
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Android O Developer Preview: Top New Features in the Latest Android Version

Mar 22 5:07am
Google’s next version of Android promises improvements to battery life and greater control over notifications, among many others.
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Elvie pulls in $6M Series A to build a global female health tech brand

Mar 22 3:00am TechCrunch » Gadgets
 The UK startup behind a connected kegel exerciser called Elvie is today announcing a $6 million Series A round led by European VC firm Octopus Ventures. Female focused VC AllBright is also joining the round… Read More...
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Flipkart Electronics Sale Best Deals: Discounts, Exchange Offers on iPhone 7, Google Pixel, and More

Mar 22 1:36am
Under Flipkart Electronics Sale, Flipkart is giving discounts on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, Moto Z, and iPads, among others.
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Apple Watch Gets New Bands; iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Get New Colour Cases

Mar 22 1:10am
In addition to a red version of the iPhone 7, Apple is also giving some cosmetic upgrades to the Apple Watch, with a series of new bands.
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Apple Tax Incentive Demand Said to Have Been Turned Down by Revenue Department

Mar 22 12:40am
PTI sources said the demand of the technology major was sent by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) to its revenue counterpart.
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Wanna hack your car? Macchina is a plug-and-vroom solution

Mar 21 5:38pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
 You can hack your IKEA furniture to be more awesome. You can hack video games to make your fellow gamers hate your guts. And with the help of Macchina — now on Kickstarter — you can teach your car a few new tricks, too. What could possibly go wrong? Read More...
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The 5 Best Office Chairs You Can Buy Right Now

Mar 21 4:30pm MakeUseOf Directory
A few months ago I herniated a disc in my lower back — and I’m only 28 years old. Physical trauma or exertion causes most spinal disc issues. Mine came from decades of slouching and excessive pressure on the lumbar region of my spine. This is why it’s so important to invest in a high-quality office chair that promotes good posture, especially if you sit in front of a computer all day. Even if you feel fine right now, you could be damaging your discs. The thing about spinal disc deterioration is that it tends not to show symptoms until it’s...Read the full article: The 5 Best Office Chairs You Can Buy Right Now...
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You Can Now Order From Amazon Prime Now Using Alexa

Mar 21 4:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
You can now order everyday essentials from Amazon Prime Now using nothing but Alexa. The usual caveats apply, but assuming you meet the criteria you’ll be able to get a host of products delivered in under two hours. And all without ever having to actually browse Amazon. Amazon Prime Now is Amazon’s instant delivery service. You can order a range of household items and have them delivered to you within two hours. Amazon Prime Now has never previously worked with Alexa, but now Amazon has given its digital assistant the ability to order from Prime Now. A Cavalcade of Caveats...Read the full article: You Can Now Order From Amazon Prime Now Using Alexa...
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Relax: The Mac Isnt Going Anywhere Any Time Soon

Mar 21 3:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
For the past couple of months, there’s been a storm brewing, deep inside the Apple community. Apple commentators, writers and fans alike have been thinking about the future of Mac. Sparked by the fact that the Mac Pro hasn’t seen an update in 3 years, the Mac Mini’s sad state of affairs, and the new MacBook Pro’s lukewarm response. Some are questioning the existence of the Mac platform years down the line. Some are looking for alternatives. If you’ve come across such articles online, let me give you the other side of the story. The Mac platform (both hardware and...Read the full article: Relax: The Mac Isn’t Going Anywhere Any Time Soon...
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Paracord Zipper Pulls Dont throw out that jacket!

Mar 21 2:30pm Coolest Gadgets
Our society is heavily based in an endless cycle of buying, throwing out, and upgrading the things we own. It’s not like we want to cover our country in a landfill, but there isn’t much of a push to fix, recycle, or reuse things. That being said, there are lots of ways you can make your current belongings last longer, and that goes for everything from gadgets and gizmos to ...
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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a VPN

Mar 21 2:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Virtual Private Networks are affordable, easy to use, and a vital component in your PC and smartphone set up. Along with a firewall and antivirus/anti-malware solution, you should have a VPN installed to keep every moment you spend online completely private. That overarching summary covers just why you should be using a VPN. Here are 10 more reasons to convince you of the importance of private, secure browsing. 1. Browse the Web Securely on Public Wi-Fi You’re out shopping, stopping for coffee somewhere, or you’ve just booked into a hotel. You notice there is free Wi-Fi. The common reaction is...Read the full article: 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a VPN...
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The Gladius underwater drone will shoot in 4K as it reaches the briny deep

Mar 21 1:31pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
 First drones took to the air. Now they take to the sea! The Gladius is basically a remote-controlled submarine with a 4K camera that can dive to 100 meters. A big, yellow double-barreled monster, the beast is controlled via a phone-connected remote and it is semi-tethered, which means it can roll out about 500 meters with the right gear. Read More...
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Improve Your Photography With These 8 Facebook Groups

Mar 21 1:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
A photography support network is an extremely useful tool for improving your photography skills. But for most of us, it’s not going to be easy to find. Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic Facebook groups that let you share your own photography knowledge, find inspiration, and sponge off the experience of others. These groups aren’t just great for helping you become a better photographer. They’re also a great place to network with people who share your passion. You can get advice on improving your skills. On going pro. Even on finding new photography clients. If you’re looking to make connections to improve your...Read the full article: Improve Your Photography With These 8 Facebook Groups...
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NASAs pop-up robot can tackle tight spots where rovers cant reach

Mar 21 12:59pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
 NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is pretty much a non-stop source of amazing things, and the latest is the PUFFER, or Pop-Up Flat Folding Robot. The design of the robot is inspired by origami, and folding is its speciality. The robot can tuck in its wheels and flatten out to fit under overhead limits that might prevent a typical rover from gaining entry, meaning it can explore… Read More...
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What iPhone SE's Massive Price Cut Means for India

Mar 21 12:25pm
Apple doubled the storage on iPhone SE and launched a new variant of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with a new iPad. We talk about what this means for India.
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ZEEQ smart pillow is now ready to be purchased

Mar 21 12:04pm Coolest Gadgets
You might be one of those filthy rich people who are able to afford the best bed possible, but on the other hand, you might be one who finds it difficult to fall asleep on that mighty expensive bed. Perhaps having too much to worry about concerning your fortune sprouting wings and flying away, eh? Well, the ZEEQ smart pillow is something that might help you get to sleep better, ...
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The 100 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Mar 21 12:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
You may have heard that Netflix has dumped a lot of content, but that shouldn’t be a cause for concern. What’s actually happening is that Netflix is ditching the filler in order to pay for more compelling content. And boy, it’s working out extremely well. Netflix’s library has never been packed as densely with high-quality content as it is right now. So despite the drop in quantity, I still think Netflix is worth far more than it costs. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to see just how many excellent movies you can watch, and remember that this doesn’t even touch...Read the full article: The 100 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now...
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Turn Gmail Into an Unexpected Note-Taking Tool With These Tips

Mar 21 11:00am MakeUseOf Directory
If you live in your Gmail inbox all day every day, how about turning Gmail into your go-to note-taking application? The same features that make Gmail an effective email client can make it a decent note-taking app (albeit an unconventional one). And to help you use it as such, I’ll list a few tweaks and tips in this article. Let’s see how you can repurpose Gmail for taking notes. Start With a Gmail Recon By now you have probably figured out that we mean to use Gmail drafts as notes. This gives you a few benefits right away. For starters, you can:...Read the full article: Turn Gmail Into an Unexpected Note-Taking Tool With These Tips...
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How to Clean Up Your Windows Desktop Once and for All

Mar 21 10:40am MakeUseOf Directory
Clutter is far more detrimental than you might think. And while most people only concern themselves with workstation clutter, I’m here to tell you that desktop clutter matters just as much. A tidy desktop not only makes things easier to find, thus reducing inefficiency, but is more pleasing to look at and doesn’t cause as much cognitive stress. But as you probably know, the Windows desktop can be a tough beast to tame. Maybe you want it to be clean and organized, but no matter how many times you purge it, and no matter how hard you try to keep...Read the full article: How to Clean Up Your Windows Desktop Once and for All...
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Create a Futuristic Kitchen With These 7 Smart Devices

Mar 21 10:00am MakeUseOf Directory
It’s hard to know where to draw the line between useful and gimmick when discussing smart home devices for the kitchen. Do you really need a $85 toaster that prints the weather on your breakfast or a fridge that runs Windows 10? Probably not. But is an internet-connected smoke detector system in your kitchen a valuable addition to your home’s security? Almost certainly. Which kitchen-based smart home technology is worth buying? In this article, I’m going to introduce you to seven awesome kitchen gadgets for smart homes. 1. Honeywell Smoke Sensors Honeywell makes one of the best smart security systems...Read the full article: Create a Futuristic Kitchen With These 7 Smart Devices...
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You Can Get a Red iPhone Now

Mar 21 9:29am
Apple’s online store was down for maintenance this morning, leaving us all in wonder as to what mystery product would soon be available to purchase. Would it be a new iPad Pro? A souped-up MacBook? The mass-availability of AirPods? Not quite, but there is now a red iPhone 7 or 7 Plus!Read more...
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ITEM #001 Wrist Watch

Mar 21 9:01am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $99Refine your style with the ITEM #001 Wrist Watch. Combining stylish materials and precise timekeeping, this watch is the ultimate everyday accessory. The Item Watch has a lug-free design which allows the interchangeable strap to blend in seamlessly with the... Continue Reading...
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Brew Solider Titanium Beer Opener

Mar 21 9:00am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $12Never cry over spilled beer again when you use the Brew Soldier Titanium Beer Opener. Featuring Grade 5 Titanium, this opener is strong and solid to handle any bottle. In addition, this lightweight material allows the Brew Soldier to be... Continue Reading...
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Fidget Spinner Tri-Spinning Stress Reducer

Mar 21 9:00am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $29.95Relax by keeping your hands busy with the Friendly Fidgets Fidget Spinner Tri-Spinning Stress Reducer. These spinners are sold as a set of 2. Each Fidget Spinners is made with high-quality ball bearings with removable holding caps. Made with an... Continue Reading...
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Apple launches special new red iPhone and revamped iPad

Mar 21 9:00am The Next Web » Gadgets
Earlier today, Apple unexpectedly took down its online store and replaced it with a mysterious message, promising ‘something special’ is on the way. Now we know what the surprise was: a new iPhone and an upgraded iPad. While the online stores continues to be unavailable, the company has updated its homepage with new photos, revealing a revamped (RED) edition iPhone – which as you can guess comes in red – as well as a brand new 9.7-inch iPad. The special handset is the outcome of Apple’s continued partnership with (RED) which aims to fight and raise awareness of AIDS. The device… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: iPad,iPhone,Apple...
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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies starts building its first full-size passenger pod

Mar 21 9:00am TechCrunch » Gadgets
 In the world of Hyperloop, the race is on to see who can produce the first viable commercial system. Hyperloop Transportation technologies announced a key move in its own progress towards that goal on Tuesday: It has begun construction on its first full scale passenger capsule, to be completed and revealed in 2018. The capsule’s not just being built to show that HTT can make it a… Read More...
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12 Amazing Google Photos Features You Didnt Know About

Mar 21 9:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Google Photos has grown into an awesome service. From automatically backing up your phone’s pictures to letting you easily share your photos, there’s a lot to love for anyone who works with photos. However, you might have missed some of Google Photos’ lesser-known functionality. Once you’ve set up free unlimited storage at high quality, check out some of these deeper features. 1. Create Animations Whether you want to make a mini stop-motion animation or just make a slideshow of related pictures, Photos can help. Select the Animation button under the Assistant tab, and you can choose from 2–50 photos to...Read the full article: 12 Amazing Google Photos Features You Didn’t Know About...
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Palette Cube Portable Color Digitizer

Mar 21 8:54am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $139Identify every color around you with the Palette Cube Portable Color Digitizer. Super advanced, this device works on anything from fabric to paint. Simply place the Cube Color Digitizer on top and tap. The device instantly captures the exact color.... Continue Reading...
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Bragi Headphone review: Comfy wireless buds with enough stamina for a long day

Mar 21 8:36am The Next Web » Gadgets
German audio gear maker Bragi’s first product, The Dash, was incredibly ambitious – a pair of wireless headphones with built-in fitness tracking and onboard storage to play music without relying on a phone. The imaginatively named sequel, The Headphone, is a simpler affair with just the ability to play music and handle calls when connected over Bluetooth with your phone. – but with its clever design, intuitive controls and commendable performance, it’s no less desirable. I put them through their paces over the past few weeks to see if they lived up to the hype and the $150 asking price. Read… This story continues at The Next Web...
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Samsung Galaxy S8 video shows TouchWiz no longer looks that horrible

Mar 21 8:07am The Next Web » Gadgets
Samsung’s official launch event for the much-awaited Galaxy S8 flagship is fast approaching, but the rumor mill is still in full swing. Dedicated leak platform Slash Leaks has dug up yet another video of the upcoming premium handset and – although rather brief – it shows Samsung has finally tweaked its signature TouchWiz interface to appear slightly less obnoxious. While the company’s previous flagships received high praise for their elegant design and silky smooth performance, TouchWiz remained one aspect that repeatedly attracted the harsh heckles of tech aficionados from across the globe. A punishment suitable of the crime that is TouchWiz. https://t.co/q31l2OhxBT — koush… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Samsung Galaxy,Samsung...
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7 Essential Tips for Rainbow Six Siege Newcomers

Mar 21 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Rainbow Six Siege has never been better. Over a year after release, the game continues to receive free updates from Ubisoft to add new maps, operators, and weapons. If you’re new to the game and looking for advice, we’ve rounded up some of the top tips and tricks so you can catch up to longtime players. I’ve sunk over 400 hours into Siege and am learning all the time. That said, there are a number of basics that you should know before hitting the battlefield to ensure that you’re a valuable asset to your team. If you think we’ve missed an...Read the full article: 7 Essential Tips for Rainbow Six Siege Newcomers...
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Laptops and tablets may soon be banned in cabins on some US-bound flights

Mar 21 4:55am The Next Web » Gadgets
It’s not quite the travel ban President Trump was trying to float earlier this year, but this upcoming regulation is still sure to ruffle US-bound travelers’ feathers. A government official told CNN that the US will bar passengers from carrying electronics larger than a cellphone on board; they’ll need to be checked in instead. According to the BBC, the ruling will affect nine airlines operating nonstop flights to the US out of 10 airports in eight countries, most of which are in the Middle East and North Africa. Royal Jordanian Airlines is almost certainly on the list as it tweeted… This story continues at The Next Web...
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Tuesday Deals: Rare Discounts on Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire, Epson Expression, and More! [UK]

Mar 21 3:00am MakeUseOf Directory
An early mid-week surprise as Amazon has given us a rare 10\% discount on their incredibly successful smart home assistant; the Echo. To sweeten us even further theres 30\% off the Fire tablet, more than 50\% off an Epson Photo printer, and big savings on SanDisk flash drives. Amazon Echo (Black) [10 \% Off] Epson Expression Photo XP-760 All-In-One Printer [57\% Off] XP-760 2400X4800 XP-760 2400X4800 This product is by Epson Buy Now At Amazon $208.00 Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet (Black, 8GB, Special Offers) [30\% Off] SanDisk iXpand 128GB USB Flash Drive For iPhone & iPad [16\% Off] SanDisk iXpand...Read the full article: Tuesday Deals: Rare Discounts on Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire, Epson Expression, and More! [UK]...
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If you like to linger where its shady the Populele wants to linger too

Mar 21 1:33am TechCrunch » Gadgets
 If music be the food of love then get ready to hit the Old Country Buffet. A wild new startup is about to unleash Populele, an electric Ukulele that will teach you how to play old Uke standards like Ukulele Lady, D’yer Maker, and Tiptoe Through The Tulips. The $149 ukulele has surpassed its goal on Indiegogo and is slated to ship this year. The instrument has a 72-led fretboard that… Read More...
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iPhone 8 Said to Get Range of Augmented Reality Features

Mar 21 12:08am
Apple is working on several AR products, including digital spectacles that could connect wirelessly to an iPhone and beam content-movies, maps and more-to the wearer.
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Formlabs retires the Form 1+ printer

Mar 20 6:09pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
 Formlabs’ Form 1 Kickstarter project was the first stereo lithography printer that ended up on peoples’ radars. Its successor, the Form 1+, looked identical but had upgraded internals for increased speed and reliability. Following Formlabs’ $35 million raise last year, the company has focused its attention on its more professional-grade Form 2 printer instead. Read More...
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7 Tips to Help You Find Kindle Books to Read on Vacation

Mar 20 4:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Vacations provide the perfect opportunity to catch up on your reading. When spending your time off at home you might find it most enjoyable to snuggle up in front of the fire with an actual book. But what if you’re going away on a holiday and taking multiple books with you isn’t an option? In that case, it’s worth considering other ways of reading. Why Kindle? Want to carry a full year’s worth of books on a week-long trip? Then buying an Amazon Kindle might be your best option. It’s lightweight, can hold thousands of books at a time, and you...Read the full article: 7 Tips to Help You Find Kindle Books to Read on Vacation...
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Top 10 Sites for Online Coupons & Promotional Codes

Mar 20 3:15pm MakeUseOf Directory
Everyone loves saving money when shopping online. After all, price comparison and reduced prices are some of the biggest draws to online shopping. But, it can be difficult to find the coupon codes you want when you need them most! You can always try searching for specific coupons on Google. Unfortunately, chances are that you’ll end up filtering through several months’ worth of expired codes before maybe finding something that will work. Want a better option for online bargain hunting? Try using quality websites dedicated to finding discounts and collecting coupons. These ten websites are some of the best that the internet has to offer. They collect current...Read the full article: Top 10 Sites for Online Coupons & Promotional Codes...
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Combine Multiple ISO Files To Burn A Single Bootable ISO Image

Mar 20 3:14pm MakeUseOf Directory
There are hundreds of Live CDs available online, almost all absolutely free. Many are indispensable for a variety of purposes, such as desktop recovery. For instance, you can have GParted for partitioning, Backtrack for penetration testing, System Rescue CD as a rescue CD, CloneZilla to clone your hard disk, and DBAN to completely wipe data from your hard drive. And then there are hundreds more Linux distributions that you can find as a bootable CDs. While all these tools are great, carrying multiple CDs around is a hassle. So let’s try something else: like using MultiCD to build a multiboot CD image. Let’s look at how it is done. What Is...Read the full article: Combine Multiple ISO Files To Burn A Single Bootable ISO Image...
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