Huaweis prettier Watch 2 Classic is now on sale for $370

May 26 6:28pm The Next Web » Gadgets
The Huawei Watch was one of the most attractive Android Wear watches last generation, so when Huawei unveiled the Watch 2, some users were disappointed Huawei had opted to transition into a more sporty aesthetic. Fret no more: The Huawei Watch 2 Classic – in fancy metal and leather – is now available in the US. While the regular Watch 2 launched in April and introduced features like a bigger battery, ambient light sensor, faster processor, improved display, and much better heart rate sensor, its build was decidedly plastic-and-rubbery. The Classic instead opts for a metal body and a combination leather and… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Huawei...
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Create a Virtual Machine Clone of Your Existing Windows Hard Drive

May 26 4:40pm MakeUseOf Directory
Virtualization allows one operating system (OS) to run on another OS. But did you know that a Virtual Machine (VM) clone of your hard drive can put your entire computer inside of another computer? With VMs, the possibilities are endless. For most people, though, virtualization enables playing older games using emulation, the ability to sandbox, running multiple OSes, and much more (practical VM uses). You can even set up a Windows virtual machine in Linux. This article covers how to create a VM clone of your system and how to use it once you’ve managed to create the virtual machine. Creating...Read the full article: Create a Virtual Machine Clone of Your Existing Windows Hard Drive...
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6 Best Free Mac Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)

May 26 4:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
You don’t need a Mac to make music, but it helps. Apple’s desktop platform is home to a vast library of creative software, like image editors, vector graphics suites, RAW photo processors, audio manipulation software, video editors. And then, of course, there are digital audio workstations (DAWs) for making music. But owning a Mac doesn’t necessarily mean you’re swimming in cash, and music production suites can run into thousands of dollars. Today we’ll look at how you can start making music without spending any dollars. 1. GarageBand In short: Probably the best free music production software on the platform. It has a user-friendly interface, rich library of sounds, and...Read the full article: 6 Best Free Mac Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)...
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How to Introduce Yourself in Any Situation (And Stop Being Afraid)

May 26 3:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Introductions are hard. You’ve probably been asked to introduce yourself at a meeting before — and been struck with a total lack of anything to say. Or been at a party and wanted to make a good first impression, but fell flat. These situations suck. And a poor introduction can zap your self-confidence for the rest of the interaction. Fortunately, a few tweaks can help you make great introductions. All you need to do is master a few simple tricks. And in this article, we’ll show you what those things are. Don’t Make Your Introduction About You It sounds weird, but...Read the full article: How to Introduce Yourself in Any Situation (And Stop Being Afraid)...
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The Firebuggz Fishing Pole will let you fish for Smores

May 26 2:30pm Coolest Gadgets
When you cast out a fishing line, you would imagine you’re going to have a wriggling aquatic creature on your hook when you pull it out. This beloved summer pastime isn’t for everyone, since not everyone is fond of sitting on a boat for hours, hoping to catch a single fish. If you’re aiming to turn that fish into dinner, then you’ve also got the fun of gutting and cleaning ...
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Love The X-Files? 10 More Shows to Watch on Netflix

May 26 2:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
The X-Files has been a hit TV show from the time it first aired in the 1990s right up to today. Unfortunately, for Mulder and Scully fans, The X-Files, isn’t always available to watch, even on Netflix. With that in mind, it’s good to have other shows to watch when The X-Files is off the air. Never fear! The truth is out there in the form of many other shows that fans of The X-Files can enjoy on Netflix. Here are 10 shows on Netflix we think fans of The X-Files will enjoy. 1. Crazyhead A Netflix co-production with the U.K.’s Channel 4, Crazyhead follows a...Read the full article: Love The X-Files? 10 More Shows to Watch on Netflix...
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You Should Be Using the Google Home App and Heres Why

May 26 1:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
It can be a challenge to stay on top of all your smart home devices. With hundreds of competing brands, industry standards, and manufacturer apps, managing everything is akin to a full-time job. However, if you’re invested in the Google ecosystem of products, there’s some good news: you can use one app to control all of your products and settings. Better yet? It’ll even work with plenty of non-Google products. The app is Google Home. Not to be confused with the speaker of the same name and Google Assistant, the Google Home app used to be called Google Cast. But what...Read the full article: You Should Be Using the Google Home App and Here’s Why...
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17 Brain Boosting Podcasts That Will Delight Your Kids (And You Too)

May 26 12:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
The secret to turn off the television and still keep your children entertained? Try podcasts! But it’s surprisingly hard to find podcasts created with children in mind. These 17 podcasts are designed especially for kids, and cover a multitude of topics. Whether your child is interested in science, the arts, or just wants to listen to stories, there’s a perfect podcast out there for them. Podcasts are an ideal way to keep kids engaged (but not plugged into screens) during car rides, in school, while drawing, before bed, while playing, or while waiting for an appointment. And, unlike certain TV shows, these podcasts...Read the full article: 17 Brain Boosting Podcasts That Will Delight Your Kids (And You Too)...
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Should You Be Using Google Photos on Your iPhone?

May 26 11:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Google just announced that their Photos app that comes preinstalled on a variety of Android devices now has more than 500 million users. Google also announced upcoming features in the Photos app that will integrate machine learning right inside the Photos app. If you read any of that coverage, or you’ve seen Google’s ads about helping you reclaim storage space on iPhones, you might be wondering: should you be using the Google Photos app on your iPhone? Google Photos Does a Lot Google Photos has been available on the iPhone for more than a year now and while it doesn’t have...Read the full article: Should You Be Using Google Photos on Your iPhone?...
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Automate Tedious Tasks on Trello With This Amazing Bot

May 26 10:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Trello is an uncomplicated and intuitive tool for managing projects and tasks. But what if it could get even easier? Butler for Trello is the answer. This new bot lets you automate Trello tasks. Using triggers and actions, you can automatically create lists, move cards, set due dates, add labels, and much more without lifting a finger. All you have to do is set up a command to take care of your Trello task — it’s basically set it and forget it. You can create many commands for all sorts of tasks and it takes only minutes. The Big Plus:...Read the full article: Automate Tedious Tasks on Trello With This Amazing Bot...
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10 Old Viral Videos That You Absolutely Need in Your Life

May 26 9:00am MakeUseOf Directory
YouTube is an absolute abyss of weirdness. When you’re looking for something funny, slightly disturbing (in an entertaining way), or just plain strange, you know exactly where to go. But YouTube wasn’t the first place to find viral videos. In the early 2000s, before YouTube was around, Newgrounds and Albino Blacksheep were havens for strange videos that got to be extremely popular. Forums, humor websites, and even email sharing were popular ways of spreading weird videos. If you remember those days, you’ll probably remember these videos. They might even make you a bit nostalgic. If you don’t remember those days, you’ll probably just be...Read the full article: 10 Old Viral Videos That You Absolutely Need in Your Life...
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The 5 Best Productivity Features in the Creators Update

May 26 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
The Windows 10 Creators Update comes packed with new features and apps. Some improve the user experience, some expand the operating system’s functionality, and some help you become more productive. The final group of upgrades is an exciting development. We’re all striving for the holy grail of becoming more productive in less time. The new features go a long way to helping you realize that goal. What new productivity features can you expect to find after you hit the upgrade button? Keep reading to find out. 1. Browser Tab Management Finding an effective way to manage browser tabs has been...Read the full article: The 5 Best Productivity Features in the Creators Update...
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These flat-pack turtlebots will crawl across minefields for safetys sake

May 25 6:33pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 The threat of minefields is an ongoing and horrifying one, and the duty of clearing them is as difficult as it is dangerous. All the more reason, then, that it should be done by robots! A new type of inexpensive, versatile bot modeled after turtles could be a great tool for this and other jobs. Read More...
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Android co-creators new Essential smartphone will probably be revealed next week

May 25 6:17pm The Next Web » Gadgets
Back in March, Andy Rubin, co-creator of Android and former exec at Google, teased the secret smartphone he’s been working on with his new company, Essential. Now it seems we’re finally getting a date for its reveal: May 30. Essential tweeted for the first time earlier today, teasing the announcement: Hi, welcome to our Twitter page. We're here to let you know something big is coming May 30th! Stay tuned… — Essential (@essential) May 25, 2017 Then just a few hours later, it shared what appears to be a sillhouette of the next device, along with some sort of protruding accessory (probably… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Android...
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Microsoft Launches Mixer as a Twitch Alternative

May 25 4:30pm MakeUseOf Directory
Did you know Microsoft owned a live-streaming service called Beam? No, neither did we. But just as we’re finding out it exists, Microsoft is rebranding it to Mixer. As well as a new name, Mixer has gained new features, signalling Microsoft’s intent to compete with Twitch and YouTube. If someone had told me a few years ago that people would watch other people play video games online, I would have branded them bonkers. But now, in 2017, that’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in. I don’t particularly understand it myself, but millions of people can’t be wrong, right? Mixer...Read the full article: Microsoft Launches Mixer as a Twitch Alternative...
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10 Reasons Why You Should Care About WWDC

May 25 4:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
From June 5 through June 9, Apple will be holding its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The five-day event, which is being held in San Jose, California, isn’t just an opportunity for macOS and iOS developers to get together and have a good time. It’s also when Apple has historically announced or updated products that eventually become a huge part of our digital lives, including iPhone, Apple Music, and more. Let’s take a look at the WWDC events of years gone by and consider why this is such an important event for Apple. WWDC by the Numbers 71 seconds — The amount of time...Read the full article: 10 Reasons Why You Should Care About WWDC...
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Yevo 1 wireless headphones target the active minded

May 25 3:00pm Coolest Gadgets
Yevo Labs might be based in Stockholm, but this does not mean that they are short on ideas. In fact, Sweden is a hotbed of ideas, taking into consideration Ikea and Volvo (alongside Abba) being some of their most famous exports. Yevo’s latest flagship device? The Yevo 1, which is a new generation of smart headphones that has been specially engineered to deliver musical perfection and superior performance thanks to ...
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Ultimate Guide to Connecting LED Light Strips to Arduino

May 25 3:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
The rise of LED lighting has been stratospheric, and it’s easy to see why. They are cheap to produce, consume significantly less power than other lighting options, and in most cases don’t get hot, making them safe for a variety of uses. One of the most common LED products is the LED strip. In this article, we will cover how to set up the two most common types with an Arduino. These projects are very simple, and even if you are a beginner with Arduino or DIY electronics, you will be able to do this. We will also use the...Read the full article: Ultimate Guide to Connecting LED Light Strips to Arduino...
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The Litter Kwitter Toilet Training System No More Sand!

May 25 2:30pm Coolest Gadgets
Cats are great pets because they only want attention on occasion, don’t eat your shoes, and you don’t have to take them on walks multiple times a day. Despite all the pros of having feline friends, they do come with some cons. The most notable of which is having to scoop their poop and vacuum all the cat sand around their litter box, as well as keeping on top of ...
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What You Need to Know About Apple Watch Security

May 25 2:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Even though the Apple Watch needs an iPhone to complete most tasks, the wearable still stores some of your personal data. With only your wrist and a passcode protecting it, how secure is your Apple Watch really? Apple’s wearable can control a smart home, pay for purchases, track exercise and much more. But while the many security measures Apple uses to protect your information on iOS devices is well-known, the issue is not always so clear when using the Apple Watch. Let’s take a look at Apple Watch security and how to protect the sensitive data stored within. What You Need to Protect For daily use, as anyone with...Read the full article: What You Need to Know About Apple Watch Security...
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Get A VPN Subscription For Life For Just $39

May 25 1:30pm MakeUseOf Directory
Are you looking for a way to protect your internet connection without spending too much money? Right now you can get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for $39! That’s less than many popular VPN companies charge for one year of service, so you really can’t beat it from a price perspective! VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription ($39) This deal gets you lifetime access to a VPN service for just $39. Many others go for more than that for a one-year subscription, but with this deal you’ll be able to use it forever for one low price! To put it simply, you...Read the full article: Get A VPN Subscription For Life For Just $39...
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10 New Instagram Features You Need to Know

May 25 1:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Instagram initially made a name for itself with its filters, but it’s come very far from its early days. The social network keeps adding new features, and some of the latest ones look awfully familiar. Let’s take a look at 10 of the newest Instagram features and see if they remind you of another photo-sharing app. 1. Face Filters Face filters is the newest feature in Instagram Stories. Just like in Snapchat, these filters apply goofy effects to your face. Whether Instagram copied it or not isn’t a matter of concern for consumers like you and me. All that matters is how...Read the full article: 10 New Instagram Features You Need to Know...
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Find the Best Health and Fitness Templates and Printables on the Web

May 25 12:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Printables make you pay attention. There are plenty of websites and gadgets that can help you get fit. But sometimes all you need to do is go back to basics with pen and paper. An app may be fighting it out with other apps for your mind, but a humble printable makes things easier with a single stroke of the pen. Stick them on the refrigerator door or insert them in your journal. They can be powerful reminders against bad health habits. These 10 printables give you a great place to start. 1. Weekly Weight Loss Check-In If you’re looking for a...Read the full article: Find the Best Health and Fitness Templates and Printables on the Web...
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These Popular Windows Apps Use the Least Resources

May 25 11:00am MakeUseOf Directory
When you choose a certain piece of software, what are your criteria for selecting it? Maybe you prefer the aesthetics over the competition or need features that its competitors don’t offer. These are valid reasons, but some people decide by another value: resource usage. Whether you’re trying to conserve battery on your laptop or have an older computer that’s running slowly, choosing the least resource-intensive programs is important. Using the lightest app to do the job can save resources for other programs. Let’s take a look at four main categories of Windows programs — browsers, text chat clients, PDF viewers,...Read the full article: These Popular Windows Apps Use the Least Resources...
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20 Tips Every First-Time Chromebook User Should Know

May 25 10:00am MakeUseOf Directory
So you’ve taken the time to consider the Chromebook’s upsides and downsides and decided to get one? Great choice! I got my first Chromebook several months ago and I’ve never been happier with a laptop. And while your mileage may vary, I’m sure you’ll be happy with yours too. But Chromebooks do come with a learning curve. Your new device will feel weird compared to a MacBook or Surface Laptop, so give it time. After a week or so, I promise you’ll fall in love. That being said, here are several Chromebook tips and tricks to speed up that process....Read the full article: 20 Tips Every First-Time Chromebook User Should Know...
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The A-Z of Kodi: Everything You Need to Know

May 25 9:00am MakeUseOf Directory
At first glance, Kodi is a simple app. When you run it for the first time, nothing looks too complicated or seems too confusing. And if you’re happy just to use the software at a very basic level, that’s all good. It is easy to set up and use. But once you scratch below the surface and delve into some of Kodi’s most powerful features, you’re entering a confusing world of acronyms, jargon, and long phrases. Whether you’re a Kodi newbie who’s considering switching to the app for all your home theater needs, or a Kodi veteran who wants to...Read the full article: The A-Z of Kodi: Everything You Need to Know...
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HTC Link VR Headset Works With U11 Smartphone, Supports 6DOF Tracking

May 25 8:15am
According to a report, the HTC Link VR headset will be limited to Japan market.
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Qubes OS 3.2: The Most Secure Linux Operating System

May 25 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
There’s no shortage of Linux operating systems available. However, many Linux distributions (distros) are niche OSes. For instance, Kali Linux is an ethical hacking and penetration testing Linux distro. There are server Linux operating systems, media center Linux distros, and more. However, Qubes OS focuses on security. Its tagline reads: “A reasonably secure operating system.” On its homepage, Qubes OS boasts testimonials from the likes of Edward Snowden. With its onus on security, and superb compartmentalization, freedom, and integrated privacy features, Qubes OS is a functional and intuitive security-oriented Linux operating system. What Is Qubes OS? Image Credit: Qubes Although...Read the full article: Qubes OS 3.2: The Most Secure Linux Operating System...
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Fitness Trackers May Misguide You About Calories Burnt: Study

May 25 6:15am
None of the seven devices measured energy expenditure accurately.
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How Paytm Payments Bank Affects You: What You Need to Know

May 25 2:19am
We answer several questions about Paytm Payments Bank on this episode of Orbital podcast.
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Thursday Deals: Six of the Best [UK]

May 25 2:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Approaching the bank holiday weekend with such great weather is a good sign that there will be a relaxing couple of days ahead. If you are worried about getting too relaxed and ending up horizontal then take advantage of the 19\% discount on Withings’ Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor. All of today’s deals items are available on Amazon Prime’s next day delivery, so if you haven’t signed up then now is the perfect time to give the 30 day free trial a go. Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor [19\% Off] [CA] Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple and Android Withings...Read the full article: Thursday Deals: Six of the Best [UK]...
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Imzy, the Friendlier Reddit, Is Shutting Down

May 24 6:15pm MakeUseOf Directory
Imzy, the self-styled friendlier alternative to Reddit, is shutting down. Imzy’s raison d’être was to offer a nicer, safer environment for people to communicate. So, given its demise, it appears people are perfectly happy with the slightly more rambunctious nature of other social media sites. Reddit has to be one of the foundations of the internet. It’s sometimes loud, often crude, and occasionally cruel, but it’s always entertaining. However, things have occasionally turned sour on Reddit, which directly led to the launching of Imzy as a friendlier alternative. A Zero Tolerance Towards Harassment Imzy launched in the summer of 2016,...Read the full article: Imzy, the Friendlier Reddit, Is Shutting Down...
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Sony revamps its Digital Paper tablet with new screen and interface

May 24 6:09pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 Sony’s mammoth 13-inch Digital Paper tablet, essentially a huge Kindle you can write on, is still a pretty rare sight, but I’ve always had a soft spot for it. So I’m glad the company is doubling down on this unique device type and making some significant improvements with a new model. Read More...
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This ultra-twee soft robotic gripper was inspired by Venus flytraps

May 24 5:33pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 The problem with tiny robots, if there can really be said to be one, is that you can’t put enough stuff on them. Cameras and motors don’t shrink down very well, meaning if you want your robot to grab something, you’d better come up with a new way to see it and hold onto it. And that’s just what Finnish researchers have done with this bio-inspired, super-small gripper! Read More...
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9 Mistakes You Shouldnt Make When Building a Web Page

May 24 4:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Creating a web page with HTML and CSS is pretty straightforward. But it’s easy to make mistakes, and there are quite a few things you might not think about. Most of the time, these small mistakes won’t make much of a difference. But in the long run, they can make your life more difficult. These nine mistakes are easy to make, but if you head them off earlier rather than later, your page will look better, be easier to maintain, and function how you want it to. 1. Inline Styling One of the great things about HTML and CSS is that...Read the full article: 9 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Building a Web Page...
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Boeing will build DARPAs XS-1 experimental spaceplane

May 24 3:00pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 You can hear the champagne corks popping here in Seattle as Boeing is awarded the contract to make DARPA’s cool experimental spaceplane. The XS-1, as it’s called, would allow for relatively cheap and simple trips to space for launching and testing satellites and all that sort of thing. Read More...
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Belkin reveals its new Pocket Power series

May 24 3:00pm Coolest Gadgets
Any serious road warrior in this day and age would definitely find it more or less impossible to get through an entire day without having to plug in their smartphone to a power outlet at one point in time or another. Hence, the proliferation of power banks in our society, where these portable devices are able to provide the necessary boost of juice as and when required. Belkin is long ...
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AirPods, Beats, and W1: Choosing the Best Wireless iPhone Headphones

May 24 3:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Apple’s new AirPods have sold surprisingly well, but are they the best wireless iPhone headphones for your money? Wondering how best to stream audio from your Mac to a speaker or digital receiver? You don’t buy the device, you buy the ecosystem. If you own Apple stuff, you’re generally better off buying more Apple stuff than dipping your toes into other closed platforms. So here are our top picks for iPhone, iPad and Mac users who want to cut the cord. Apple’s W1 Chip The W1 is Apple’s answer to wireless audio. It uses the Bluetooth standard, but improves things a fair bit in...Read the full article: AirPods, Beats, and W1: Choosing the Best Wireless iPhone Headphones...
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The orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard and Mouse surpass limitations

May 24 2:30pm Coolest Gadgets
No two people are the exact same. Even identical twins don’t have every hair follicle in the exact same spot. That being said, if you are born without much in the way of ability to move your fingers, working on a computer would not be the easiest of tasks. Instead of signing off on it completely, you can learn to modify your interactions through a different way of inputting information. ...
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Stay Anonymous Online With the 5 Hottest Yik Yak Alternatives

May 24 2:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Yik Yak, the anonymous messaging app famous on campuses worldwide, has officially shut down. And although experts believe that the app was breaching teens’ privacy and was a place for gossipmongers and cyberbullies, it was extremely popular among millions of users. If you miss the anonymity or the simplicity of this anonymous chat application, here are the best Yik Yak alternatives that you should check out. Why Look for Yik Yak Alternatives? Even if you’ve never heard of Yik Yak, chances are you know someone who used it. The messaging app let users post short, tweet-like messages on a board visible to others...Read the full article: Stay Anonymous Online With the 5 Hottest Yik Yak Alternatives...
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6 Artificial Intelligence Apps That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

May 24 1:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Artificial intelligence isn’t coming — it’s already here. Stanford University’s “One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence” report from 2016 is close to the truth. AI already impacts our lives on a daily basis. The study’s expert panel expects to see AI integrated into industries like elder care, education and public safety by 2030. “The field of AI is shifting toward building intelligent systems that can collaborate effectively with people.” Tech companies are, of course, trendsetters when it comes to new technologies, and AI is no different. In fact, Google has been using AI through an algorithm it calls RankBrain, a machine-learning way to...Read the full article: 6 Artificial Intelligence Apps That Will Help You Reach Your Goals...
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DJIs GO 4 control app adds automated flight modes to its new Spark drone

May 24 12:18pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 At today’s media event in NYC, DJI announced its new Spark drone, destined for the entry-level market as an everyday portable solution for capturing aerial footage. To go with your shiny new Spark, DJI is releasing a new iOS control app, dubbed GO 4. The new app features a new set of four automated flight modes, which allow you or I to pull off advanced flight maneuvers that would… Read More...
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Inkjet vs. Laser vs. LED: Printer Types Explained

May 24 12:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
When you set out to buy a new printer, the first thing you’ll have to choose is the type of printing technology. Printers can be inkjet, laser, or LED. What exactly is the difference between the three? Inkjet and laser printers have been around for some time now. LED printers are relatively new, gaining popularity in the past few years. But just because it’s new technology does not mean it’s better technology. Understanding the different technologies can help you decide which printer to buy and which to avoid. How Inkjet Printers Work Inkjet printers are the most common types of...Read the full article: Inkjet vs. Laser vs. LED: Printer Types Explained...
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Circle with Disney raises $10 million for its parental control device for families

May 24 11:47am TechCrunch Gadgets
 Circle Media, the company behind Circle with Disney – a device that helps parents enforce their home’s internet rules and restrictions – has raised $10 million in Series A funding, the company announced this morning. The round was led by early stage venture fund Relay Ventures. There was other private equity investment in the round, but the parties didn’t want to… Read More...
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Unusually Useful IFTTT Notification Applets You Shouldnt Do Without

May 24 11:00am MakeUseOf Directory
IFTTT (IF This Then That) is one of the handiest automation tools out there. Connect your favorite online services with IFTTT Applets, formerly named Recipes, to automate various tasks. From managing emails to posting on social networks to controlling smart home products, IFTTT has countless possibilities to make your life easier. Along with tasks for tons of categories, IFTTT has Applets you can use for notifications. You may already use these for priority emails, missed calls, or sports scores. But there are plenty more and these can range from alerts of your battery status to those for stock price changes. Some may...Read the full article: Unusually Useful IFTTT Notification Applets You Shouldn’t Do Without...
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Xbox Game Pass launches June 1 with over 100 titles

May 24 10:53am TechCrunch Gadgets
 Xbox One owners get a new reason to fire up their consoles on June 1: Xbox Game Pass, the download service Microsoft created to deliver subscription-based gaming with a library of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games in an all-you-can game model. The service is similar to PlayStation Now, Sony’s PlayStation 4-based equivalent, and also to Nivida’s GeForce NOW streaming service for its… Read More...
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Robotic toymaker Sphero unveils Ultimate Lightning McQueen a chatty, smartphone-controlled car

May 24 10:00am TechCrunch Gadgets
 While Sphero has released a whole lineup of robotic, Internet-connected toys, it remains best-known for its BB-8 droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Today it’s launching its next Disney tie-in — Ultimate Lightning McQueen. This is a car that you can control from your iPhone or Android, based on the Owen Wilson-voiced character from Pixar’s Cars franchise. (Cars 3 is… Read More...
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Why You Should Stop Using a Raspberry Pi for Everything

May 24 10:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Want to make a web connected doodad that flashes an LED? You could probably use a Raspberry Pi! After all, when you only have a hammer in your toolkit, it’s easy to to view everything as a nail. But you shouldn’t, and here’s why. Don’t Spend $40 to Flash an LED Over the Web All too often we see relatively simple Internet of Things (IoT) electronics projects being made with a Raspberry Pi: a $35 mini computer that needs an SD card (another $5) and possibly a Wi-Fi dongle. In reality, you don’t need the power of a Raspberry Pi to handle simple...Read the full article: Why You Should Stop Using a Raspberry Pi for Everything...
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How to Make a Login Protected Area for Your Website

May 24 9:00am MakeUseOf Directory
You’ve learned how to make a website and read our jQuery guide. What’s next? Creating a password protected area for your website is essential for keeping your stuff secure. Fortunately, it’s easier than you may think! Getting Started There are many ways to password protect a website. You could setup an online database and code your own login system, or you could use a content management system such as WordPress. Today I’ll be showing you how to password protect your website by using your web server. You’ll need an Apache web server to follow along. Many other web servers provide similar...Read the full article: How to Make a Login Protected Area for Your Website...
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8Bitdos retro Bluetooth controllers now work with Nintendo Switch

May 24 8:28am TechCrunch Gadgets
 Need more controllers for your Nintendo Switch? If you already have some of 8Bitdo’s excellent Bluetooth, classic system-inspired game pads lying around, you’re all set thanks to a new firmware update. Even if you don’t yet have any of these, it’s worth picking some up since they’re very affordable, ergonomic and stylish. The update to the controllers expands… Read More...
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Windows 10 Now Has a Place to Vent: The Feedback Hub

May 24 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
How many times have you complained that a company you’re dealing with doesn’t listen to customer feedback? It’s been a problem since the dawn of capitalism. Sadly, tech companies are among the worst. Most don’t have physical stores you can visit. Many don’t even have customer support telephone numbers. (Have you ever tried getting in touch with someone from Facebook?) Windows is certainly no stranger to complaints and feedback. Given more than 1.25 billion computers around the world run the operating system, there is always going to be a sizeable number of users with problems, issues, and criticisms. Microsoft is...Read the full article: Windows 10 Now Has a Place to Vent: The Feedback Hub...
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Crunch Report | Microsoft Announces New Surface Pro

May 23 8:00pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 Microsoft announces new Surface Pro, Apple and Nokia settle patent dispute, Uber underpaid NYC drivers, Snapchat allows custom stories for friend groups and Pinterest adds dish recognition. All this on Crunch Report. Read More...
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Apple Begs Android Users to Switch to iPhone

May 23 6:30pm MakeUseOf Directory
Apple is ramping up its efforts to entice Android users over to the dark side. Or, to put it slightly less melodramatically, from Android to iOS. The company has launched a new website prodding Android users to wake up and smell the coffee Siri is brewing like a digital hipster. Android and iOS are the only two mobile operating systems that matter. And while Android has the upper hand in most parts of the world, in the U.S. Apple still reigns supreme. Google has been tempting people to switch from iOS to Android for a while, but now the roles...Read the full article: Apple Begs Android Users to Switch to iPhone...
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Minibrew raises $2.8 million to help you make your own beer

May 23 5:42pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 The Minibrew is a little keg with a big brain. When we first met the company in 2015 they offered a whiff of high tech to the brewing process, adding a monitored brew vessel and mobile app to the age-old technique of slopping a bunch of wheat, yeast and hops together until something tasty came out. Read More...
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How to Integrate Google Calendar Into Thunderbird

May 23 5:15pm MakeUseOf Directory
Google Calendar is arguably the best tool to share calendars online. The web interface is great, but if you want to be efficient, you’ll unite your Google Calendar with a tool you’re using anyway. Meanwhile, Thunderbird comes pre-installed with the Lightning Calendar. While you can add network-based calendars to Lightning, this calendar doesn’t natively support read and write access to external calendars. Let’s see how you can fully integrate Google Calendar with Thunderbird. What You Need Google Calendar integration requires two Thunderbird add-ons: Lightning (pre-packaged as of Thunderbird 38) adds a Sunbird-type calendar to Thunderbird. Provider for Google Calendar connects...Read the full article: How to Integrate Google Calendar Into Thunderbird...
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Dragonvale: How to Breed a Shining Dragon

May 23 4:01pm Macenstein
SHINING DRAGON: INCUBATION TIME: 19 Hours BUY-IT Price: 1200 gems How to Breed: Lightning and Light / Gamma and Flash/ Flash and Neoteric (This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here. If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to […]...
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10 Third-Party Apps All SmartThings Owners Should Be Using

May 23 4:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Using Samsung SmartThings is one of the easiest ways to turn your house into a smart home. You don’t need to spend lots of money or install fancy infrastructure — just buy a hub and some devices, and you’ll be up and running in no time. To get your connected devices working exactly how you want, you need to use SmartApps. SmartApps manage the customizable automations and rules that govern how your devices react to different circumstances. SmartApps come in lots of shapes and sizes. You can find official apps released by from Samsung and device manufacturers, third-party community projects, or...Read the full article: 10 Third-Party Apps All SmartThings Owners Should Be Using...
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Can Arms Be the Overwatch of Fighting Games?

May 23 3:33pm
In the gaming segment of this episode, we talk about Far Cry 5, Destiny 2, Arms, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Overwatch. The pop culture segment is all about Twin Peaks.
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Google is now selling its 4K digital whiteboard for $5000

May 23 3:02pm The Next Web » Gadgets
Jamboard, Google’s 4K whiteboard-like touchscreen, is now available for sale — for an appropriately large sum. Jamboard, our cloud-based collaborative, digital whiteboard is now available: — G Suite (@gsuite) May 23, 2017 As Napier noted when the Jamboard was announced, it looks like a whiteboard, acts like a tablet, and comes with a few other collaboration tools. It lets multiple people work together in G Suite with a central location, even remote employees. The big touchscreen is obviously designed with a business team in mind. It has its own movable stand (sold separately, natch), complete with single cable to control… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Google...
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ThinkGeek delivers all new Mystery Box

May 23 3:00pm Coolest Gadgets
When it comes to offering a unique geeky experience with gadgets, you would not be able to go wrong with the folks over at ThinkGeek. After all, ThinkGeek has offered plenty of zany new devices from time to time, and all of them are of a high quality and standard. In fact, there is a need for more companies like ThinkGeek to keep us gadget lovers happy, and their latest ...
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