Intex FitRist Cardio With Heart Rate Sensor Launched at Rs. 1,499

Apr 26 8:15am
FitRist Cardio can provide Facebook, WhatsApp, and SMS message notifications from connected smartphones.
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Casio PRO TREK WSD-F20 goes hi-tech

Apr 26 8:00am Coolest Gadgets
When it comes to tough timepieces that are also functional while looking great on your wrist, you would not be able to go too wrong when it comes to Casio of Japan. Casio has a long history of rolling out timepieces that are rugged and yet fully capable, and their latest release says it all — the Casio PRO TREK WSD-F20. This is a trailblazer of a watch, where it ...
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How Adware Is Still a Threat to Your PC and How You Can Beat It

Apr 26 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Over the past couple years, the security crowd has gotten very focused on ransomware. It’s become more powerful, more prevalent, and more annoying than ever. But the old threats are still around, too. Think adware is a thing of the past? Think again. Adware is still out there, and people are still getting infected with it. In fact, some generally reputable companies are sending it to their users. Let’s take a look at what adware looks like today and what you can do about it. Adware in 2017 There’s no denying that adware is a big problem. Figures in McAfee’s March...Read the full article: How Adware Is Still a Threat to Your PC and How You Can Beat It...
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Heres hoping this Google Pixel low-light photography experiment gets real

Apr 26 7:24am TechCrunch » Gadgets
 Google’s Pixel already boasts a formidable camera, among the best in smartphone photography. A Google Daydream engineer Florian Kainz revealed how much more incredible it could be specifically in the area of night photography, when he set himself the task of reproducing DLSR-style nighttime picture quality using both a Pixel and a Nexus 6P. The experiment, detailed on the Google… Read More...
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Apple to Reportedly Use Micro-LED in 2017's Apple Watch 3 and Later iPhone Models

Apr 26 5:59am
The move reportedly has Samsung and LG very concerned, realising they may soon be cut out of the Apple display supply chain.
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Call of Duty: World War 2 - What to Expect

Apr 26 5:19am
The next Call of Duty game looks a lot more exciting than the previous one. Here's why.
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Apple Stores Turn Into Education Centres With 'Today at Apple' Program

Apr 26 1:59am
Today at Apple offers programs across different skills, which will be available at all 495 Apple Stores.
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BrickerBot is a vigilante worm that destroys insecure IoT devices

Apr 25 6:39pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
A hacker called The Janitor has created multiple versions of a program called BrickerBot, a system that searches out and bricks insecure IoT devices. A researcher named Pascal Geenens has followed the worm for a few weeks and has seen it pop up and essentially destroy infected webcams and other IoT devices. The devices all used a Linux package called BusyBox and had exposed telnet-based… Read More...
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Google Search Buries Bad News

Apr 25 6:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Google is making some serious changes to Search. The main aim is to bury the bad results from bogus sources, promoting accurate results from authoritative sources. Google is also promising to be more transparent about its products, and by announcing this it’s clearly off to a good start. The internet has changed everything. It means that everyone now has access to more information than they could ever want, and it’s all just a click away. Unfortunately, we rely on gatekeepers such as Google to surface the most relevant information. And that doesn’t always happen. Google Improves Search After receiving complaints...Read the full article: Google Search Buries Bad News...
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Google is fixing up Chromecasts Cast a tab feature and you can try the new version now

Apr 25 5:46pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
 I’ve been saying it for a few years now, but I really, really like the Chromecast — Google’s simple little dongle for streaming Netflix/Hulu/YouTube etc. from your devices to your TV with just a tap or two. It does what it’s supposed to do, does it well and doesn’t try to do anything more than that. Well… that’s not entirely true. Read More...
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How to Make Your Music Streaming App Sound Better

Apr 25 3:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Why do CDs sound better than MP3s? Why are vinyl records still a thing? The answer to both of these questions is audio quality. Even though we now stream most of our music, we instinctively know it doesn’t sound as good as what we heard on our old CDs. Thankfully there are ways to make your streaming music app of choice sound better. From Apple Music to Tidal, all the major music streaming services are capable of playing better audio quality. The secret is hidden in the settings, with most apps set to “basic” quality by default to ensure that...Read the full article: How to Make Your Music Streaming App Sound Better...
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The Fidget Hand Spinner keeps busy minds occupied

Apr 25 2:30pm Coolest Gadgets
When you’re sitting during a lecture where the professor is going off on a tangent or are stuck in a meeting where your boss loves to hear themselves talk, your mind wanders. It’s hard not to be restless and start tapping your feet, fingers, and playing with whatever is nearby. You don’t want to be rude, but you also don’t want to be bored, and have to find a common ...
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How to Protect Yourself From 3 of the Biggest Online Scams Right Now

Apr 25 2:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Cybercriminals are skilled at adapting to new technologies, incorporating new ideas, and twisting old scams to hook in as many people as they can. But some scams remain pretty constant. NatWest bank has published a list of the top scams people have most fallen victim to throughout 2016. These schemes continue into 2017, and surely beyond — fraud that’s universal and affects thousands of people worldwide. What can you do about them? How can you protect yourself? 1. Advance Fee Fraud This is a variation of the well-known “Goods Not Received” fraud, in which a seller asks for money before sending...Read the full article: How to Protect Yourself From 3 of the Biggest Online Scams Right Now...
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Want to Become an Artist? 13 Chrome Apps to Get You Started

Apr 25 1:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Do you have an interest in art or becoming an artist? Or maybe you have a friend or child who does? With Chrome apps and extensions, you can explore that amazing world. For creative inspiration, learning about the greats, and tools to get you started, look no further than these options for budding artists of all ages. Get Inspiration From Talented Artists 1. Daily Contemporary Art For a quick and simple way to be inspired by other artists, check out the Daily Contemporary Art extension. When you click the button in your toolbar, you will see the current...Read the full article: Want to Become an Artist? 13 Chrome Apps to Get You Started...
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Got a New Android Phone? How to Set It Up Properly

Apr 25 12:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
If you just bought a new Android phone, congratulations! You’re about to experience the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Android lets you customize nearly any aspect of your device that you like, has a beautiful Material Design aesthetic, and has millions of awesome apps ready to download. But if you’re new to Android or haven’t set up a new phone in a while, you might be a bit lost on how to set it up correctly. Let’s walk through the setup process together, along with a few other tips you should consider when you’re getting your device ready. Note...Read the full article: Got a New Android Phone? How to Set It Up Properly...
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The Dos and Donts of Professional Networking on Social Media

Apr 25 11:00am MakeUseOf Directory
It’s gotten to the point where social networking is pretty much a necessity if you want to advance in your career. “It’s not what you know, but who you know” has never rang more true than it does today. One friend request could be the difference between landing that dream job or staying stuck for years. But there’s a right way to approach networking and a wrong way. Just because it now happens on the internet doesn’t mean standards and rules no longer apply. Stick to the following dos and don’ts to increase your chances of success. 1. Do Learn...Read the full article: The Dos and Don’ts of Professional Networking on Social Media...
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Speed Up Windows by Disabling and Removing HomeGroup

Apr 25 10:00am MakeUseOf Directory
You can improve Windows 10’s speed in lots of ways. For example, you can get rid of any pre-installed bloatware, refresh the operating system (OS), add more RAM, perform system maintenance tasks, or change the power settings. However, one tweak many people overlook is the HomeGroup feature. Disabling the HomeGroup can not only improve the performance of your OS, it can also dramatically increase your network connection speed. But how do you disable and remove the HomeGroup? Here’s how. What Is a HomeGroup? A Windows HomeGroup lets you share files and devices (such as printers) between trusted computers on the same local...Read the full article: Speed Up Windows by Disabling and Removing HomeGroup...
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VRgluv provides a sense of touch in the virtual world

Apr 25 9:00am Coolest Gadgets
The world of virtual reality, or VR in short, is certainly one that is expanding quickly with many people jumping aboard the bandwagon. Even smartphones have become powerful enough to be able to handle their fair share of VR apps with the help of a VR attachment, of course. The next step in the VR world? To be able to “touch” items in there. Of course, the likes of taste ...
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What Type of Linux Desktop or Laptop Should You Buy?

Apr 25 9:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Unlike Windows and macOS users, most Linux users build their own computers and throw Linux on them. Despite its growing popularity, especially among system administrators and server buffs, Linux hasn’t entered mainstream computers. But you can buy computers with Linux pre-installed! While pre-built Linux machines are a rarity, they’re not completely non-existent. While installing a Linux operating system is easy, buying a purpose-built Linux PC provides perks such as guaranteed support, reliability, and an excellent out-of-the-box experience. This article covers some of the best Linux PCs available — and why you need one. Why Buy a Linux Desktop or Laptop?...Read the full article: What Type of Linux Desktop or Laptop Should You Buy?...
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LifeProof reveals the AQUAPHONICS Bluetooth Speakers

Apr 25 8:00am Coolest Gadgets
Music is the rhythm of life, and for some of us, we are unable to live without any kind of music at all. In fact, we make use of music in order to soothe our souls, making sure that a particularly difficult day at work will be all the more merrier at the end when your favorite tunes begin to play in the background. While bringing a portable speaker around ...
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10 Incredible Time-Lapse Videos (And How to Make Your Own)

Apr 25 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Time-Lapse videos are a great way to capture the world around you in action. Shooting time-lapse doesn’t require as much attention as traditional videos or photography do. That and the fact that most modern smartphones and digital cameras are capable of shooting them makes time-lapse an awesome and easy way to bring some diversity into your photography. We’ll start with a general overview of how to shoot time-lapse videos yourself, and finish with some very impressive examples of these films found on the internet. How Time-Lapse Videos Work Time-lapse photography is a technique that records a scene or objects that change at a slow speed and...Read the full article: 10 Incredible Time-Lapse Videos (And How to Make Your Own)...
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Google has a new 17-in-1 camera for shooting 360-degree footage

Apr 25 2:40am The Next Web » Gadgets
Back in 2015, Google launched a program called Jump to promote and simplify the process of creating VR and 360-degree content. With the immersive entertainment space hotting up, it’s no surprise that the company is keen on building new hardware for it. It teamed up with Xiaomi-backed Chinese hardware maker Yi to create the Halo, a 17-camera system that’s designed to capture 8K x 8k stereoscopic 360-degree footage at 30fps, as well as 6K x 6K content at 60fps. It’ll set you back by $17,000; here’s an example of what you can make with it: The setup weighs in at… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Google...
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Crunch Report | Uber Responds to iPhone Tracking Report

Apr 24 8:00pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
 Today’s Stories  Uber responds to report that it tracked devices after its app was deleted LinkedIn hits 500M member milestone for its social network for the working world Amazon’s driverless tech team focuses not on building it, but on how to use it DJI’s new FPV goggles let you control your drone with head movements The NYT brings its news – and a mini crossword… Read More...
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Juicero may be the absurd avatar of Silicon Valley hubris, but boy is it well-engineered

Apr 24 7:33pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
 The Juicero story is a funny one in some ways and a sad one in others, so let’s just assume they cancel each other out and admire the machine itself in a nice judgment-free moral vacuum. Read More...
Read More Has Been Caught Selling Your Data

Apr 24 6:00pm MakeUseOf Directory is a popular service designed to help you keep on top of your email subscriptions. It lets you unsubscribe from multiple newsletters with just one click. And it will do so completely for free. Unfortunately, if something is free there’s usually a catch. And is no exception. Seemingly unbeknownst to most of its users, has been making money selling their data to other companies. We know thanks to a single paragraph in a lengthy profile of Uber CEO and founder Travis Kalanick in The New York Times. And is currently embarking on some serious damage control....Read the full article: Has Been Caught Selling Your Data...
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Apple IDs, AirPods, and APFS: Whats New in iOS 10.3?

Apr 24 4:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Apple has released iOS 10.3, and you may find yourself asking, “What makes it worth the update?” Turns out there are quite a few new features to make it worth your while. There’s a new way to manage your Apple IDs all in one place, find my iPhone now includes support for AirPods, and there are new Siri and Carplay features. Safari has also had a small update, along with security and bug fixes. Finally, this is the public debut of APFS. Wondering what all of that means? Let’s take a closer look at these changes. All Your Apple IDs and Devices in One...Read the full article: Apple IDs, AirPods, and APFS: What’s New in iOS 10.3?...
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How to Use Excels Flash Fill and Auto Fill to Automate Data Entry

Apr 24 3:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Excel is great when you’re working with vast amounts of data and you need to keep things organized. However, entering that data into your document and formatting it correctly can often be very time-consuming. Fortunately, Microsoft designs Excel with this kind of task in mind, and there are various features you can use to accelerate the process. By taking advantage of Auto Fill and Flash Fill, you can ensure that you’re not wasting time on work that could be automated. Here’s how to get the most out of Auto Fill and Flash Fill. First Steps With Auto Fill Before we jump...Read the full article: How to Use Excel’s Flash Fill and Auto Fill to Automate Data Entry...
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The Bluefinger LED Keyboard and Mouse Set pretty doesnt have to come at a price

Apr 24 2:30pm Coolest Gadgets
When you’re looking for a new keyboard and mouse, getting the best specs at the cheapest price point is normally the way to go. If you have a load of money to drop on a professional matching set, then more power to you, but not many of us are are equipped with the ability to adequately use all the bells and whistles they have, let alone afford it. The more ...
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7 Reasons to Start Watching Videos on Vimeo

Apr 24 2:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
“Online video” is pretty much synonymous with “YouTube” these days. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering how far YouTube has come. However, there are times, more and more often, when I wonder if YouTube has outstayed its welcome. Maybe you’ve thought the same recently. Don’t get me wrong: YouTube is great. There are many high-quality channels that are educational, insightful, and entertaining. I’d be lost without YouTube. But it’s also home to a lot of garbage, and a lot of the videos start to feel quite “samey” after a while. If you’ve reached this point, it may be time to...Read the full article: 7 Reasons to Start Watching Videos on Vimeo...
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Do You Still Need to Root Your Android Phone?

Apr 24 1:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Not so long ago, the first thing many Android enthusiasts would do to a new phone was root it. It was essential. You needed root to stop the battery from being dead by 4 PM. You needed it to remove the ridiculous bloatware added by carriers. And you needed it to replace the horrible user interface that the manufacturer had developed. But with the improvements to Android in the last few years, and the less garish and bloated stock ROMs designed by the phone makers, do you still need to root your device? Reasons to Root an Android Device From...Read the full article: Do You Still Need to Root Your Android Phone?...
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Is Spotify working on a wearable?

Apr 24 12:11pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
 Spotify is said to be exploring the launch of branded wearable, according to rumors floated by a “trusted source” at Zatz Not Funny. There’s little information out there at this early stage, though a job listing posted by the company does lend some validity to the project. Based at the streaming service’s global headquarters in Stockholm, the position involves, among… Read More...
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The 6 Best Parental Control Apps for Windows

Apr 24 12:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
As the world continues its relentless charge into the digital age, it’s more important than ever to ensure your children are protected from some of the web’s more mature content. It’s impossible to know just how much of the internet is devoted to adult material, but estimates suggest pornography alone accounts for anywhere from 5–35 percent of all websites. And that’s before you count topics such as gambling, extreme profanity, dating sites, and other associated themes. Luckily, the number of parental control apps has been growing at an impressive rate over the last few years. Parents now have a wide...Read the full article: The 6 Best Parental Control Apps for Windows...
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Revolar, the personal safety button, can get you out of tight spots

Apr 24 11:04am TechCrunch » Gadgets
 A new hardware/app device called Revolar aims to make it safe to walk the streets. This tiny button will notify your friends and family if you’re scared, the authorities if you’re in trouble, and will even simulate a phone call if you need to get out of a sticky situation. It works with iOs and Android and ships in May. The idea for Revolar came about when co-foudner Jacqueline… Read More...
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How to Use Siri With Your Smart Home Devices

Apr 24 11:00am MakeUseOf Directory
When I’m in the market for new smart home devices, I always look for the “Works with Apple HomeKit” label on the product packaging. Devices with this label are certified to work with Apple’s Home app in iOS 10, allowing you to organize and control all your HomeKit-enabled accessories from one location on your iOS device. These products also work with Apple’s Siri, meaning that they’re controllable using only your voice. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to figure out the commands that work with each Apple HomeKit-compatible product. In this article, you’ll learn where to find Siri commands for devices such...Read the full article: How to Use Siri With Your Smart Home Devices...
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HDMI 2.1 Supports 8K Video: Do You?

Apr 24 10:00am MakeUseOf Directory
There’s a good chance you don’t yet have a 4K monitor, but 8K displays are already in the works. YouTube is already supporting the format even though you could probably count the number of people streaming content at that high a resolution on one hand. Yet one thing is clear even if you don’t have a fancy new monitor — 8K is coming. But what does that mean? What Is 8K Video? 8K video is a screen resolution of 7680 x 4320, which you can round up to a screen width of 8,000 pixels. This adds up to 33 million...Read the full article: HDMI 2.1 Supports 8K Video: Do You?...
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This might be your last chance to buy the NES Classic

Apr 24 9:39am TechCrunch » Gadgets
 Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Classic Edition. While this decision is still puzzling, you might still be looking to buy one before it disappears into the ether forever. Best Buy stores have some of the last units starting today. If you plan on buying one, I’d head to the closest Best Buy store right now as these units won’t be available on Best Buy’s website. Nintendo… Read More...
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GoPro reveals new pilot program for Fusion, the new 5.2K spherical camera

Apr 24 9:00am Coolest Gadgets
GoPro is no stranger to many of us when it comes to action cameras. In fact, it would be the “go to” brand where action cameras are concerned, and professionals as well as amateurs alike would love to capture the exhilarating experience of a downward slalom or a whitewater rafting session using a GoPro device. However, it is time to expand upon GoPro’s family of devices, and the all new ...
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7 Best Media Server Software Options for Linux

Apr 24 9:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Creating a server delivers many benefits. There’s increased data control, lack of surprises, and fun options like game and media servers. A general file server differs from a media server or a game server. When setting up a media server, there’s an onus on navigation and a polished user interface (UI). For Linux, media server software options abound. Check out these seven media server applications for Linux offerings. 1. Plex Plex has been heralded as a do-it-yourself Netflix. It’s a simple media server program that sports an excellent UI. Plex features installers for Linux, FreeBSD, and even an official Docker container which pairs...Read the full article: 7 Best Media Server Software Options for Linux...
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The $999 SlingStudio makes it easy to produce multi-camera Facebook Live and YouTube streams

Apr 24 8:00am TechCrunch » Gadgets
 Sling Media, the Dish subsidiary you probably know for its Slingbox and Sling TV service, is announcing its SlingStudio hardware today. With this, Sling Media is entering a completely new market because unlike its previous offerings, which targeted consumers, the $999 SlingStudio is meant for video creators who want to produce live video streams for Facebook Live or YouTube. Typically… Read More...
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Urban Armor Gear reveals new cases for Huaweis two smartphones

Apr 24 8:00am Coolest Gadgets
Owning a brand new smartphone often evokes a feeling of pride — and rightfully so, I might add. However, to make sure that your spanking new device remains well protected from unwanted knocks and drops, there is the compulsory smartphone case which you ought to look into. Not all smartphone cases are created equal though, as certain cases are simply run-of-the-mill stuff which are nice to look at, but not ...
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How to Record Professional Video Reviews for YouTube

Apr 24 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
You’ve got some great new gear that you want to tell the world about. YouTube is your preferred medium and you already have a few popular videos. But how do you get started with video reviews? It’s about more than just talking to the camera. You need a very particular set of skills, and plenty of imagination to make sure that your review leaps out of the browser and into the minds of the viewers. Fortunately, these skills are straightforward to develop. Within a couple of days, you could go from recording flat, uninspiring face-to-camera reviews to fun, interesting films...Read the full article: How to Record Professional Video Reviews for YouTube...
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How to Connect a USB Keyboard to Your Android Phone

Apr 24 7:30am MakeUseOf Directory
Android devices have come such a long way that they’ve all but replaced the laptop and desktop for everyday tasks like taking notes. But even after all this time, with improvement after improvement, they still lack in one critical area: typing. Believe me, I’ve tried all kinds of alternative keyboards for Android. My favorite is Gboard with gestures (around 50 WPM), but even at my best, it’s still significantly slower than the speed and comfort of an actual keyboard (around 140 WPM). When you need speed, “thumb typing” isn’t enough. Fortunately, you have options. Bluetooth and NFC keyboards are convenient and...Read the full article: How to Connect a USB Keyboard to Your Android Phone...
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TCL Launches New VR Goggles for Its 562 Smartphone in India

Apr 24 3:09am
TCL has now launched new VR Goggles for its TCL 562 smartphones in India, and the bundle can be picked up for Rs. 13,999 from Amazon India and select retail outlets in India.
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Fastrack Reflex Review

Apr 23 10:58pm
Fastrack’s first foray into activity trackers is far behind the competition.
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Falcon Northwests Tiki is the sleek sports car of VR PCs

Apr 23 5:00pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
 Falcon Northwest is a small company, but small can mean focus and care when it comes to device makers. Falcon’s business is PCs, and specifically Windows machines capable of delivering terrific gaming power in a package that won’t take up an entire closet in your house. The Tiki is a compact gaming tower that uses top quality materials inside and out, and if you’re looking… Read More...
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BSNL Plans Take on Jio, Samsung Galaxy S8 India Launch, Xiaomi Mi 6 Unveiled, and More News This Week

Apr 23 6:44am
BSNL takes on Jio with new plans, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi 6 launches, as well as the latest news about WhatsApp - here's all that you need to know this week.
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The MWW Iconik 3 is an inexpensive automatic watch for military fans

Apr 22 3:04pm TechCrunch » Gadgets
 Manchester Watch Works aka MWW makes small batch watches that are sometimes homages to historic timepieces and are sometimes entirely new design. This model, the Iconik 3 – the third in the Iconik line – is based on the Blancpain TR-900, a military spec diver’s watch used by navies worldwide in the 1960s. These waterproof workhorses are sought after collectables and the Iconik… Read More...
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PowerRay is an underwater drone for filmmakers or fishermen

Apr 22 9:00am TechCrunch » Gadgets
 The creator of the PowerEgg, an ovoid flying robot, has begun accepting orders for its newest creation, a submersible camera drone for home use. Dubbed the PowerRay, the waterproof device can find, attract and record fish. It operates at a depth of 30 meters, or about 98 feet, for up to four hours at a time. It is suitable for use in fresh-, salt-or chlorinated-water. The PowerRay garnered… Read More...
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Google Play Music Is Better on Samsung Phones

Apr 21 5:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Google Play Music will be the default music app on all new Samsung phones and tablets starting with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. This is thanks to Samsung and Google doing a deal which benefits both companies. Thankfully, you benefit too, that is if you own a new Samsung device. All new Samsung phones and tablets will now feature Google Play Music as their default music app. The Samsung Music app will still be available, but only as a download. For all intents and purposes, Samsung is pushing Google Play Music as the only music app you’ll ever need...Read the full article: Google Play Music Is Better on Samsung Phones...
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Whats the Best DSLR for Your Money in 2017

Apr 21 4:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Although cell phone cameras get better every year, nothing beats a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. DSLR cameras deliver top-tier photo quality, versatility, and longevity. However, finding the best DSLR for your needs and budget can prove difficult. Additionally, with high sticker prices, it’s often tough to find the proper DSLR. Check out the best DSLR for your money in 2017. Defining “Best” DSLR Fact: DSLRs are not cheap. Entry-level models clock in around $500 on the low end, and it’s easy to consider even a $1,000–2,000 DSLR a mid-range camera. However, we’re focusing on the best consumer-class DLSRs for your...Read the full article: What’s the Best DSLR for Your Money in 2017...
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Privacy and Windows 10: Your Guide to Windows Telemetry

Apr 21 3:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Windows 10 was a huge success after it launched in 2015. As of March 2017, it was running on over a quarter of Desktop computers worldwide, only trailing Windows 7, which was released six years prior. Microsoft appeared to have listened to feedback about Windows 8 and sought to mix the best of Windows 7 and 8 while pushing the OS into the future. Despite the success of the launch, there was one area in which Microsoft appeared falter: privacy. Windows 10 included mandatory and opt-out data collection for “product improvement and personalization” purposes. They further complicated the situation by being unclear...Read the full article: Privacy and Windows 10: Your Guide to Windows Telemetry...
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The Rollplay Turnado is what your weekend needs

Apr 21 2:30pm Coolest Gadgets
Another Friday has come to pass, and looking back on the week, it’s difficult to say what made it that much better from any other Friday that’s happened over the last month or two. It’s only natural to fall into a rut of ritual and routine, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be stuck there forever. Just like you might be tempted to buy a sports car for a ...
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How to Manage Your Podcast Collection Using Pocket Casts

Apr 21 2:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Take one look at any podcast directory and you’ll see just how popular podcasts are. And they are only increasing in momentum. Like many people, you probably enhance specific segments of your life with podcasts, depending on them for insight on everything from cooking to religion. Over time, your podcast collection has probably grown increasingly jumbled, making it harder to find episodes by subject matter or from certain podcasters. Due to the sheer number of podcasts you need to hear, and the fact that the options for things to listen to grow on a weekly basis, the problem you face...Read the full article: How to Manage Your Podcast Collection Using Pocket Casts...
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Every Single Way You Can Password Protect Windows 10

Apr 21 1:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Your computer is a veritable goldmine of personal and private information. Banking details, business documents, sentimental photographs, and more must be kept safe. Luckily, Windows 10 has a raft of locking methods to help protect your data. Let’s take a look at every single way you can password protect Windows 10. Passwords Password come in a few different flavors, depending on the type of Windows 10 User Account on your computer. There are slight differences. Microsoft Account The majority of Windows 10 users will lock their account using their Microsoft account password. During the Windows 10 installation you’re asked for...Read the full article: Every Single Way You Can Password Protect Windows 10...
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Fall Asleep Fast: 10 Drowsy Android Apps

Apr 21 12:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
According to NPR, approximately 30 million Americans (about 10 percent) suffered from insomnia in 2008. The CDC then reported that roughly 1-in-3 American adults weren’t getting enough sleep in 2016. Cited causes include unhealthy lifestyles and too much time spent in front of screens. That’s right: if you have trouble falling asleep at night, it might be due to anything from poor office habits to technology addiction to tech-related depression. But solutions exist, and I’m living proof that they can work. I used to have chronic insomnia, unable to fall asleep until 4 or 5AM every day. After a few lifestyle...Read the full article: Fall Asleep Fast: 10 Drowsy Android Apps...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch WhatsApp for Viber

Apr 21 11:00am MakeUseOf Directory
While traditional voice calls and SMS are on the defensive, WhatsApp seems to be taking over. Each day, WhatsApp‘s 1.2 billion users send tens of billions of messages to each other. The numbers are staggering. Staggering enough, in fact, to make you think that WhatsApp holds all the cards when it comes to instant messaging apps. But it doesn’t. With over 800 million users, Viber is WhatsApp’s closest competitor, and it too has a steadily growing user base. Yet somehow, you’ll barely hear Viber mentioned in the U.S. and the U.K. This is largely because WhatsApp managed to capture a...Read the full article: 5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch WhatsApp for Viber...
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Smart Devices in the Washroom? Its Not as Crazy as You Think

Apr 21 10:00am MakeUseOf Directory
For centuries, the washroom has arguably been the most private room in the house. You could shut yourself away inside, lock the door, and escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Not anymore. Hundreds of companies are trying to join you in there, ready to log, record, and advise on every aspect of your bathroom routine. Whether that’s for better or for worse is highly debatable. However, I’m not here to discuss the relevant merits of smart devices in the washroom — I just want to let you know about the best gadgets available right now. Here’s what an...Read the full article: Smart Devices in the Washroom? It’s Not as Crazy as You Think...
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Samsung will replace Galaxy S8 units with red screens if software fix fails

Apr 21 9:40am The Next Web » Gadgets
Following early complaints from customers claiming their brand new Galaxy S8 handsets are affected by an unusual red tint on the screen, Samsung has vowed to release an a software update that will purportedly solve the issue. Speaking to South Korean outlet The Investor, a company official said the tech giant will refrain from revealing a “specific date yet, but the update will occur next week at the latest.” “The company has already notified its nationwide customer service centers that it will release the software for fine-tuning the color balance,” the official continued. In case the software update fails to eliminate… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Samsung...
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7 Back Exercises You Should Never Do Without a Partner

Apr 21 9:00am MakeUseOf Directory
When it is time to do exercises and stretches to strengthen your back, you likely have several that you do on your own. But, you can give your routine more variety and work those muscles differently by buddying up. Exercising with a partner has many benefits and might be just what you need for a terrific back-strengthening workout. Benefits of Exercising With a Buddy If you have never worked out with buddy, you might just be missing out. Whether it is your best friend, coworker, or family member, here are several advantages to exercising with a partner. Increases accountability. Helps...Read the full article: 7 Back Exercises You Should Never Do Without a Partner...
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Is This the End for Ubuntu Touch?

Apr 21 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Following its release in 2016, the Ubuntu Touch platform (often referred to as “Ubuntu Phone”) hasn’t exactly set the world alight. But it hasn’t been a complete disappointment, either. I took a Meizu device on holiday and spent the day with it at Legoland Resort, Windsor to extremely favorable results. But in 2017, short of a security update, Ubuntu Touch vanished. News from Canonical in early April revealed that the end was nigh. No new devices are coming your way — Ubuntu Phone is joining Unity on the scrapheap. Investment has ended. This is a dead OS. There will be...Read the full article: Is This the End for Ubuntu Touch?...
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