Does Samsung Galaxy S8 India Price Give It a Boost Over iPhone 7, Google Pixel?

Apr 19 8:43am
We talk about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ India launch, price, and release date, apart from the company's product strategy in India.
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NASA Scientists Developing Metal Fabrics for Use in Space

Apr 19 8:17am
The metal fabric prototypes were 'printed', and look like chain mail, with small silver squares strung together.
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7 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Free Website to a Premium Service

Apr 19 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
I’ve created dozens of blogs over the past decade, but I’m also a frugal freak — so I’ve had my fair share of experiences with free web hosting. And believe me when I say this: free web hosting isn’t worth it. The only time I’d recommend free web hosting is when it’s your first time ever setting up a website. It’s a great way to learn the ropes without investing any cash, and if you decide that websites aren’t for you, then you can walk away without any regrets. Are you on a free web host right now? Do you...Read the full article: 7 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Free Website to a Premium Service...
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Amazons Fire TV Stick finally lands in India with a Rs. 4,000 price tag

Apr 19 3:58am The Next Web » Gadgets
Nearly three years after the original Fire TV Stick launched, Amazon has brought its miniscule video streaming dongle to India. The Android-based device plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and packs a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB of onboard storage, Bluetooth 4.1 for connecting to remotes and game controllers, and support for Dolby Audio 5.1 surround sound. That means that unlike Google’s Chromecast, Amazon’s dongle can run streaming apps and be controlled without a phone (though there’s an optional app for that). It can serve up 1080p video from Amazon’s own Prime Video service, which launched in India last year,… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Amazon...
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Facebook F8: Mark Zuckerberg Pushes for Augmented Reality Through Smartphones

Apr 19 12:19am
I am confident now we are going to push this augmented-reality platform forward, Zuckerberg said, predicting the technology would eventually be incorporated into eyeglasses.
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PayPal Teams Up With Android Pay, Gives You More Payment Options

Apr 18 6:30pm MakeUseOf Directory
PayPal is teaming up with Google’s Android Pay in an effort to expand mobile payment platforms across both digital enterprises and brick-and-mortar stores. The partnership will see PayPal becoming available as a payment method in the Android Pay service, allowing U.S. users to pay for a range of services through their phone. Integration The integration of PayPal and Android Pay is significant. It provides an instant boost to the already impressive PayPal offering. However, there are some markets and countries that PayPal is yet to crack, and this partnership represents the “next logical step in our desire to partner with...Read the full article: PayPal Teams Up With Android Pay, Gives You More Payment Options...
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HTC has a strange little bundle deal going for its pricey Vive VR headset

Apr 18 4:25pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 Virtual reality really isn’t good enough yet to justify going broke for. Though VR headset prices are steadily coming down, the fact is it’s still not all that accessible for even the most gadget-obsessed consumers to get started on high-quality VR. Today, HTC, which makes the popular Vive headset, announced a few deals that will help new customers spread out the cost of the… Read More...
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Game over, man! The NES Classic is discontinued planet-wide

Apr 18 3:46pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 Well, it was fun while it lasted. The NES Classic Edition (it went by several names, but you know what I mean) was the must-have item of the holidays and pretty much ever since, owing to short supply of the compact retro gaming console. And Nintendo just confirmed that it was indeed ending production of the device in Europe, the last region they were still officially available. Read More...
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7 Daily Tasks You Didnt Know You Could Automate in a Few Minutes

Apr 18 3:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
It’s easy to automate so many things in your life these days. But it’s sometimes difficult to decide which automation tips are worth implementing. There are many things you can automate right now that are genuinely great time-savers. Today, you work longer hours. Your work life oozes into your home life. A better way to manage your time is arguably more important now than ever before. Here are seven things you can automate to save time. Get started with these apps, plugins, extensions that help to set it up. 1. Text Messages You think about texting someone on their birthday a few days ahead...Read the full article: 7 Daily Tasks You Didn’t Know You Could Automate in a Few Minutes...
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PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane VR Drone Model Kit

Apr 18 2:30pm Coolest Gadgets
We love to experience the world in new and exciting ways, and have no problem spending a little money to do it. Some people, with big wallets, like playing with the latest and greatest toys and gadgets, while others don’t mind waiting for the price to drop or build it themselves. If you aren’t adept in the waiting or building department though, it might just be better to save and pay ...
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Samsung Galaxy S8 India Launch Wednesday, Jio Vivo IPL Offer, and More: Your 360 Daily

Apr 18 2:16pm
Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ India launch on Wednesday, Vivo partners with Reliance Jio on new offer, and Timex launches new analogue watch with fitness tracking.
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7 Creative Projects to Repurpose or Recycle Old Speakers

Apr 18 2:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
You probably have an old set of speakers lying in some corner. Dust them off, it’s time to breathe new life into those trusty woofers. It doesn’t matter whether they still work or not, there’s a perfect weekend DIY project waiting for you. It’s not only about those gigantic old analog speakers in wooden cases, which are indeed magnificent — but all types of speakers are salvageable. You can repurpose car speakers into a booming living room set, or turn a set of computer speakers into an internet radio. All you need is some time on your hands, an ability to...Read the full article: 7 Creative Projects to Repurpose or Recycle Old Speakers...
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Can Cybersecurity Keep Up? The Future of Malware and Antivirus

Apr 18 1:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
The future of malware and antivirus is set to be an interesting battleground. Malware is constantly evolving, forcing antivirus developers to maintain pace. But the futuristic visions of automated machine-learning anti-hacking systems is much closer than you think. In fact, the future is here. It’s arriving just in time, too. A new spate of fileless malware is infecting government institutions, businesses, and banks around the globe. Fileless malware is essentially invisible. Once the sole remit of nation-state threat actors, it is now entering the mainstream. The malware is sufficiently advanced that regular users like you and I don’t have to worry...Read the full article: Can Cybersecurity Keep Up? The Future of Malware and Antivirus...
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Teclas revolutionary tech helps differently-abled people use touchscreens

Apr 18 12:01pm The Next Web » Gadgets
There’s a quiet, yet fundamental dignity in being able to do things for yourself. It’s something you don’t really notice until it’s gone. Take something as simple as using a smartphone. These aren’t just communications devices – they’re a true Pandora’s Box of secrets. We use them to traverse our interpersonal relationships. They’re where we work. Where we date. You get the idea. Imagine if you suffered a significant accident that cost you the use of your arms. A car accident, perhaps. Consider what life would be like if you couldn’t write a tweet, or swipe right on Tinder without… This story continues at The Next Web...
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Make Your Own Mario Game! Scratch Basics for Kids and Adults

Apr 18 12:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Did you know that anybody can make a video game without programming? Though there are several beginner-friendly languages, you don’t have to spend half a year learning Java or C++ to build a game. You could choose from many tools for various types of games, but one great option for kids (and adults) is MIT’s free Scratch. Scratch is a tool that lets you drag-and-drop assets to create games or animations. It’s easy to understand, but teaches the building blocks of programming in the process. Let’s see what you can create in Scratch, then walk through the steps to creating...Read the full article: Make Your Own Mario Game! Scratch Basics for Kids and Adults...
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Shortcuts Are Clutter! Use Your Windows Desktop Like This Instead

Apr 18 11:00am MakeUseOf Directory
The desktop has been a part of Windows since the dawn of time, but traditionally it’s only ever been used to hold shortcuts. However, having loads of shortcuts is clutter and in the past we’ve shown you how to clean your desktop and use better alternatives to shortcuts. Now, with your tidy desktop, it’s time to look at what you can use it for instead. Whether you just want to keep it empty and display an awesome wallpaper or if you want to get your tweaking hat on with gadgets galore, we’ve got you covered. The possibilities of your desktop...Read the full article: Shortcuts Are Clutter! Use Your Windows Desktop Like This Instead...
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Apple Drops Air From iPad Line: What Does It Mean for Consumers?

Apr 18 10:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Last month Apple quietly dropped the word “Air” from its iPad line, leaving just a regular iPad, the iPad Mini 4, and two iPad Pro models left to choose from. If you’ve seen Apple’s recent iPad Pro adverts, the change should come as no surprise. The company is pushing the Pro models as full-fledged laptop replacements, while sales of the plain old iPad continue to wane. So what does this mean if you’re looking at buying an iPad in 2017? Let’s run through the changes and answer the questions that matter. Air No More A recent Guardian article sums up Apple’s changing marketing philosophy using Andy Warhol’s famous Coca-Cola...Read the full article: Apple Drops Air From iPad Line: What Does It Mean for Consumers?...
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Try Python in Your Browser With These Free Online Interactive Shells

Apr 18 9:00am MakeUseOf Directory
If you’re thinking of learning Python, you might be overwhelmed by the initial setup process. You need to install Python on your system, then learn how to use the command line to process code, or learn how to use the interactive shell, or learn how to set up a Python IDE. Ignore all of that. It’s unnecessary until you know whether Python is right for you. Instead, we recommend using an online interactive shell, which is just a website that lets you write and execute Python code and instantly see the results. No need to install anything. So whether you’re...Read the full article: Try Python in Your Browser With These Free Online Interactive Shells...
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10+ Classic Amiga Games, Reborn on Android

Apr 18 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
The Amiga computer, massive in the 1980s and 1990s, is now little more than a footnote in computing history. But what about all its games? Some 1,755 games were released during the platform’s heyday of 1985–1995. Rather than being lost to time, enterprising Amiga fans have kept them alive. Amiga-compatible operating systems, entirely new hardware, and emulators are all available. Indeed, some Amiga games have been revived and re-released for mobile devices! Mobile gaming is massive, but sometimes you might want to steer away from the big-hitting franchise titles and find something low-key. Alternatively, you might be an emulation nut...Read the full article: 10+ Classic Amiga Games, Reborn on Android...
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Timex IQ+ Move Analog Watch With Activity Tracker Launched at Rs. 9,995

Apr 18 5:34am
The analog watch will be made available in all Timex retail stores across India, and is priced at Rs. 9,995.
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5 Ways To Install Software On Raspberry Pi

Apr 18 3:45am MakeUseOf Directory
Getting your hands on a Raspberry Pi opens up a remarkable world of computing projects – from media centers and NAS boxes to Android emulation, robotics, retro gaming, and software development. To do these things, you’ll need to know how to install software on the Pi. Typically shipping without a microSD card, this also means you’ll need to know how to install the main software: the operating system. Neither of these tasks is particularly difficult, but if the Raspberry Pi is your first taste of Linux, they might seem unfamiliar. 1. A New Operating System The installation of an operating...Read the full article: 5 Ways To Install Software On Raspberry Pi...
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HTC Vive India Release Date Set for May: Sources

Apr 18 2:55am
HTC Vive India release date is sooner than you think, and probably costs twice as much.
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Wearable Sweat Sensor Could Help Diagnose and Treat Disease, Say Researchers

Apr 18 2:21am
An ultra-sensitive, wearable sweat sensor may improve diagnosis and treatment of cystic fibrosis, diabetes and other conditions, researchers said Monday.
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Crunch Report | Uber Might Have To Support In-App Tipping

Apr 17 8:00pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 Today’s Stories  New York’s Taxi commission to propose in-app tipping requirement for Uber Google reaches $7.8 million settlement in its Android antitrust case in Russia Facebook issues statement after murder suspect shares video of shooting in Cleveland Instagram now lets you organize bookmarks into private collections Steve Jobs’ custom Apple I and other historic machines… Read More...
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The Perfect Online Dating Profile Picture, According to Research

Apr 17 4:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Sure, we’ve all heard not to judge a book by its cover. But in the online dating world, sometimes a picture is all you have to go by! Photo-heavy profiles are now the norm across most major dating sites, so picking the right profile pictures is the key to your success in finding matches. If you don’t have good photos? You’re likely not going to get many dates. Picking out photos to use can feel like a lot of pressure, especially if you’re someone who likes to avoid the camera. Thankfully, there really is no need to stress. Major online...Read the full article: The Perfect Online Dating Profile Picture, According to Research...
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Is Evernote Premium Worth Its Money for You?

Apr 17 3:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Most people have gotten over the fact that Evernote hiked their prices back in 2016. The question now remains: is it worth it to upgrade? And if so, which plan should you choose? When most people start out with Evernote, the free plan is just dandy. With it you can: Store and organize your notes. Clip web pages and images using Evernote’s much-loved Web Clipper. Search for text inside images. Share and discuss your notes with other users. For someone just dipping their toe in the note-taking world, this’ll work pretty well for a while. But you’ll soon hit some...Read the full article: Is Evernote Premium Worth Its Money for You?...
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The AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG stay healthy and stress-free

Apr 17 2:30pm Coolest Gadgets
We don’t like going to see our doctor. Not only is the hospital teeming with germs, viruses, and needles, but scheduling an appointment and making the time to get to it are a pain. When you have an active health issue, then it becomes even more of a nuisance as you don’t want to neglect your health, but also don’t want to go to the ER every time something flares up. ...
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The 5 Most Common Windows Errors and How to Fix Them

Apr 17 2:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
How many Windows errors have you seen in the last week? Seeing a message dialogue unexpectedly pop up is a huge pain, as they’re often vague and don’t offer concrete fixes. Whenever a new Windows version arrives, there are specific errors that crop up related to the upgrade. But some PC errors are timeless, and we want to give them a good look. Next time Windows tells you to “contact your system administrator,” you’ll know how to solve these five common errors. Before You Troubleshoot: Reboot! Some of the fixes we’ll detail involve some time-consuming troubleshooting. Before you start working...Read the full article: The 5 Most Common Windows Errors and How to Fix Them...
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Steve Jobs custom Apple I and other historic machines are on display at Seattle museum

Apr 17 1:14pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 Long ago, Apple was a handful of people working in an industry that was only just beginning to take the idea of personal computing seriously. In the earliest days of those early days, Steves Wozniak and Jobs made their first device together: the Apple I. Few of these were sold, and fewer still survive — but a museum in Seattle managed to get three. And one of them was Jobs’… Read More...
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The Fastest SSDs You Can Buy in 2017

Apr 17 1:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Solid-state drives, or SSDs, improve performance over mechanical hard drives (HDD). However, if you want the fastest SSD around, you need to know two things: the connector and protocol. There are three different connectors. The most common is SATA, common to desktops and laptops. Then there’s M.2, a smaller form factor common to laptops and Ultrabooks. Finally, there’s PCIe, which is a desktop-exclusive connector. On the other hand, protocols are split between the older AHCI and the lightning-fast NVMe. M.2 includes NVMe and SATA, whereas SATA is AHCI only. More or less, all desktops support SATA and PCIe SSDs, whereas most older laptops...Read the full article: The Fastest SSDs You Can Buy in 2017...
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Pittsburghs Kerf Cases enrobes your phone in fine wood

Apr 17 12:16pm TechCrunch Gadgets
 One iPhone case is much like the other unless it’s made of figured walnut wood from a retired woodworker in California and feels like the surface of a finely-sanded and well-made piece of antique cabinetry. That’s why Kerf Cases, a Pittsburgh-based manufacturer, is so cool. The founder, Ben Saks, has been working in wood for most of his life. While working at Carnegie Mellon… Read More...
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A Complete Guide to Updating Your Macs Software

Apr 17 12:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
You’re probably aware of the problems that outdated software can pose. But how do you know your machine is completely up to date? There’s no one-size-fits-all maintenance solution, so let’s understand how updates for your Mac and its software work. For example, you don’t have to use the Mac App Store to install operating system updates. Apple’s desktop storefront only goes so far when it comes to updating the rest of your system too. It’s also possible that there are times when delaying an update makes good sense. Let us fill you in on the details. macOS Software Updates Periodic operating system updates often include some of the most important changes, and as...Read the full article: A Complete Guide to Updating Your Mac’s Software...
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Leaked Galaxy S8 prototype shows the dual-camera phone it could have been

Apr 17 11:08am The Next Web » Gadgets
The Galaxy S8 is by all indications a pretty great smartphone, but Samsung didn’t do much with the rear camera this time around. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t thinking about it though: a leaked prototype shows a version of the Galaxy S8 plus sporting a dual camera setup. The images, shared by  KK on Weibo – a leaker with a solid track record – shows off two cameras in a vertical arrangement (like the new iPhone is rumored to have) in a body otherwise very similar to the final model. Curiously, this prototypes doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor – this may have… This story continues at The Next Web...
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4 Reasons Why Using Third-Party DNS Servers Is More Secure

Apr 17 11:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Most of you will be well-versed in the common ways to improve your computer’s online security. You can install a highly-rated anti-virus suite, use a password manager, change your operating system’s privacy settings, and a whole lot more. However, there are also less familiar ways to give your security a boost. One such method is to change your DNS provider. Why is changing your DNS a good idea? What security benefits does it bring? Keep reading to find out. What Is DNS? Before explaining why changing your DNS is a good idea, let’s clarify what DNS is. If you’re already...Read the full article: 4 Reasons Why Using Third-Party DNS Servers Is More Secure...
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These Online Bookstores Are Better Than Amazon

Apr 17 10:00am MakeUseOf Directory
It goes without saying that when it comes to choosing between Amazon and your local bookseller, Amazon wins on so many levels. For instance, it helps you choose better books, as the recommendations are based on what you’ve already read rather than on what the store’s employees like. Some would argue that buying books on Amazon is also better for authors and the economy, but that’s another debate for another day. At the same time, Amazon is far from perfect. Even putting aside the alleged less-than-ideal working conditions, other online bookstores are cheaper, offer more expertise in niche genres, and...Read the full article: These Online Bookstores Are Better Than Amazon...
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Are You Creative? 7 Essential Apps You Cant Leave Home Without

Apr 17 9:00am MakeUseOf Directory
If you identify as “creative,” then you likely suffer one of two issues. Maybe you’re bursting with so many creative ideas that you can’t manage them. You feel like a mess and you have trouble converting that creative energy into results. If only you could find a way to harness it in a way that’s productive. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by creative block. You often fall victim to the whims of motivation and inspiration (or lack thereof). You want to be productive but you can’t muster up the energy or confidence to start. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a writer,...Read the full article: Are You Creative? 7 Essential Apps You Can’t Leave Home Without...
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Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort With Minimalist Design Launched at Rs. 2,999

Apr 17 8:02am
Xiaomi's closed-back Mi Headphones Comfort feature a minimalist design and have intuitive controls over the left ear cup that allow users to perform various functions.
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How to Easily Clone and Restore a Linux Disk Image With dd

Apr 17 8:00am MakeUseOf Directory
When the time comes to wipe, backup, or restore data on Linux, there are a number of apps you can pick. GParted is one of the most proven options out there. Disks is a more modern alternative that looks great in the GNOME desktop environment. But no matter which Linux operating system you run, there’s one option that always works — dd. You can use Linux without ever needing to dip into the terminal. But once you add certain commands to your repertoire, not only will you save time, but you will learn skills that you can use across any...Read the full article: How to Easily Clone and Restore a Linux Disk Image With dd...
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Sony Launches New Lineup of EXTRA BASS Headphones and Wireless Speakers in India

Apr 17 6:22am
Sony EXTRA BASS headphones will be available in India via Sony Center and other major electronics stores from Thursday, while the EXTRA BASS speakers will be available from April 25.
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LevitatingX LevitatingPLATE

Apr 16 9:00am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $199.99Enhance the way you eat your meals with the LevitatingX LevitatingPLATE. Using the power of science, this amazing device actually suspends your plate in mid-air. The LevitatingPLATE uses magnetic levitation which is also known as electromagnetic suspension. This allows the... Continue Reading...
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weBoost ego 4G gives your cell phone signal a kick in the butt

Apr 16 8:00am Coolest Gadgets
Some of us are blessed when it comes to cell phone signal coverage — wherever we have always stayed, whether a rented room or at a dorm, or in a hotel, we always benefit from having the uninterrupted cell phone signal with four bars at the bare minimum. Others out there — tough luck. I am one of those, and through my 5 different homes where I have stayed so ...
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Dragonvale: How to Breed a Plateau Dragon

Apr 15 12:09pm Macenstein
PLATEAU DRAGON: INCUBATION TIME: 14 Hours BUY-IT Price: ?? How to Breed: Monolith 3 and Moss (or buy with eggs from the Easter Event (This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here. If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations […]...
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FREECAST Live Video Broadcaster

Apr 15 9:05am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $299Deliver content in real-time with the FREECAST Live Video Broadcaster. Attaching right to your gear, this system gives you a direct channel to your social media audiences. Great for content creators as well as adventurers, FREECAST is easy and affordable.... Continue Reading...
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Tesler Mendelovtich Wood Accessories

Apr 15 9:00am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $650Introducing the Tesler Mendelovtich Wood Accessories. Made entirely by hand, this collection features the XL Case and the Clutch. Both of these items offer exquisite geometric design. While offering an artistic aesthetic, the geometry serves a purpose as well. Upon... Continue Reading...
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Big Life Journal for Kids

Apr 15 9:00am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $20Bring the benefits of journaling to your children with the Big Life Journal for Kids. This modern journal gives kids inspiration and confidence that they can meet and exceed their dreams. In addition, the journal encourages positivity and persistence for... Continue Reading...
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EcoFlow Tech delivers the River portable power solution

Apr 15 9:00am Coolest Gadgets
Many of us carry around a power bank these days for one obvious reason — a large number of our time is spent on mobile devices, and it is not strange at all to see at two smartphones being used by a single person. Well, not all power banks are created equal, and EcoFlow Tech has come up with River, a revolutionary portable power solution. Just in case you have ...
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Alphabet's Verily Makes 'Study Watch', a Smartwatch for Health Research

Apr 15 8:54am
Study Watch is styled like a traditional wrist-worn timepiece, and boasts features like long battery life and encryption for stored data.
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LG Tone Pro Bluetooth headset has phenomenal battery life

Apr 15 8:00am Coolest Gadgets
A pair of headphones is considered by many to be an essential accessory to have these days, and this is not surprising at all. After all, many of us make use of our smartphones as some sort of portable media player — and hence, a good quality brand would go a long way in helping you to appreciate the kind of music that the artists in your playlist has painstakingly ...
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Review: Logitechs G Pro keyboard is overkill of the best kind

Apr 14 7:35pm The Next Web » Gadgets
Mechanical keyboards have had something of a resurgence of late, but nowhere have they been more popular than in the gaming community. Logitech, one of the most popular accessory makers out there, has long made gaming keyboards, but it’s focusing on the e-sports market more than ever with its new, $150, G Pro keyboard. Like the G Pro mouse, the G Pro keyboard is supposed to represent Logitech’s highest performance achievements with minimal fluff. While it still has RGB lighting (I mean, the gear has to shout GAMER somehow) the chassis itself is refreshingly minimalist. It’s all black plastic, but… This story continues at The Next Web...
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Buying Used Smart Home Technology? Be Aware of These Risks

Apr 14 4:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Imagine this scenario. You purchase a new home with several pre-installed smart devices. In the middle of your first night under a new roof, the alarm on your home security system awakens you. On day two, the lights in your bedroom mysteriously turn on at 4 AM. Finally, on the third day, you wake up uncomfortably warm with your heating system set to 85 degrees. Luckily, no one has robbed your home, nor are you dealing with paranormal activity. Instead, it could be that the previous homeowners are controlling your smart devices from afar, either accidentally or deliberately. Sound too far...Read the full article: Buying Used Smart Home Technology? Be Aware of These Risks...
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Polar reveals the new Polar M460 GPS Bike Computer

Apr 14 3:00pm Coolest Gadgets
When it comes to gadgets that are able to help you out in terms of fitness, you would not go too far wrong with Polar and its collection of devices. From running computers to heart rate monitoring, Polar had always managed to deliver top notch performance in ensuring that you are able to measure and compute all of your physical movement without missing a beat. Their latest device that is ...
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17 Easy Home Repair Tips You Can Learn From YouTube Anytime

Apr 14 3:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
If you are a homeowner, then you know how expensive repairs can be. And, what’s worse is having to pay a repairman for simple fixes that you can learn to do yourself. From inside to outside and top to bottom, here are YouTube videos that can help you repair the most common household problems. Interior Repairs For leaky plumbing, sticky doors, squeaky floors, and walls with holes, these videos have you covered. So grab your toolbox and get ready to make those minor repairs. Toilets Problem 1: Leaking toilet tank. You never think to look inside your toilet tank for...Read the full article: 17 Easy Home Repair Tips You Can Learn From YouTube Anytime...
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The Walnut Hollow Woodburning Tool BURN IT FOR ART

Apr 14 2:30pm Coolest Gadgets
Hobbies come in all shapes and sizes. Some keep you active while others are more sedentary, such as crafting hobbies. If wielding power tools and fire are where your heart lies, then finding a way to combine the two would likely be the best option. While making a flame thrower would certainly be a fun way to pass the time, it would likely leave you in some legal trouble whether ...
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What Are Kodi Boxes and Is It Legal to Own One?

Apr 14 2:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
While we have discussed the Kodi app in detail previously, we haven’t spent much time discussing Kodi boxes. With Kodi boxes becoming increasingly popular, this article aims to remedy that. With those unfamiliar with Kodi, you can run it on your desktop, install the Android version from the Play Store, or even follow a workaround to get it running on your iOS gadget. As for Kodi boxes, they are becoming increasingly common as people look to slash their cable bill or cut the cord completely. If you regularly follow the cord-cutting news, you might have seen some worrying stories about...Read the full article: What Are Kodi Boxes and Is It Legal to Own One?...
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7 Worst Tips and Common Mistakes in Salary Negotiations

Apr 14 1:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
There’s one meeting that stresses all of us out: salary negotiations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interviewing for a new job or you’ve been at your current job for years, While it may be tempting to avoid that awkward conversation all together and take the first figure that gets thrown out at you, this is rarely a good idea. Research offers up various reasons for why you should always negotiate your salary. Just think about this: If a yearly raise isn’t guaranteed, you need higher pay to account for yearly cost of living adjustments caused by inflation. Essentially, if you aren’t planning...Read the full article: 7 Worst Tips and Common Mistakes in Salary Negotiations...
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10 Things You Didnt Know Google Assistant Could Do

Apr 14 12:00pm MakeUseOf Directory
Google Assistant is a fairly intelligent piece of software that was the unique selling point of the Pixel phones until it was made available to many Android 6.0+ smartphones early this year. Now that a good chunk of Android users can use Google Assistant, it’s time to remind everyone of ten awesome things you can do with it. Of course, we’re assuming you already know that Assistant can make phone calls, send texts, set alarms, and all of those other basic functions. 1. Make It Read the News to You This is a great feature that you probably aren’t aware of —...Read the full article: 10 Things You Didn’t Know Google Assistant Could Do...
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Stream everything you want whenever you want with a Getflix lifetime subscription just $39

Apr 14 11:33am The Next Web » Gadgets
It’s an increasingly common problem — with geo-blocking, content owners keep many of your movies, TV shows, and other tasty entertainment options locked up behind arbitrary international firewalls. It’s always the viewer who suffers… so make sure you don’t fall prey to Netflix, Hulu or anyone else’s geo-restrictions ever again with a lifetime subscription to Getflix, available now at just $39 from TNW Deals. Log on to one of Getflix’s more than 50 Smart DNS servers around the world and you’ll get unrestricted access to over 100 unblocked streaming channels around the globe, including Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, BBC iPlayer and… This story continues at The Next Web...
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Replace These 7 Default Windows Apps With Better Alternatives

Apr 14 11:00am MakeUseOf Directory
Do you hate some of the default Windows software? While there are some tools you have to live with, you can replace most with superior alternatives. We’ve taken a look at awesome programs to replace stock apps, but those are far from the only ones. Let’s explore more of best free apps that blow standard Windows tools away. These are total replacements — check out the best apps to enhance default features if you just want to complement default programs. 1. Multi Commander > File Explorer File Explorer, formerly Windows Explorer, has some great features like the Ribbon shortcuts and...Read the full article: Replace These 7 Default Windows Apps With Better Alternatives...
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Dont Trust Free VPNs! Why You Should Buy a Paid VPN

Apr 14 10:00am MakeUseOf Directory
I used to be a “free VPNs only” guy. Why pay when free alternatives exist, right? But after I did some research, I concluded that paid VPNs are well worth the money. Some even cost less than the price of one coffee per month yet provide way more value than that. I’m currently on a two-year prepaid plan with Private internet Access that I snagged on sale, but we highly recommend going with ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Both of them are reputable, trustworthy, and provide all of the paid VPN benefits that we’re about to explore in this post. Without further ado,...Read the full article: Don’t Trust Free VPNs! Why You Should Buy a Paid VPN...
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Protean Thin Modular iPhone Case

Apr 14 9:04am Cool Gadgets – The Gadget Flow
Price: $60Unlock your iPhone’s full potential with the Protean Thin Modular iPhone Case. This case offers a double battery life to your iPhone. In addition, the premium protection, shock absorption, and screen safety features add to the overall functionality of your iPhone. There... Continue Reading...
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