GIRLS Recap: Full Disclosure

From Gothamist
March 20, 2017 - 9:37am
Hannah and Marnie have never been farther apart in their lives than they are right now—and certainly, Hannah has never been the more together of the two. We started this week's episode of GIRLS with Hannah inviting Marnie over for a special dinner in order to catch her up on what's going on in her uterus. (Last week I mentioned that the later seasons have had some pacing problems because the four titular girls are barely friends at this point with the exception of Hannah and Marnie, so it was nice to see that connection reinforced immediately.) People finding out about Hannah's pregnancy—and their varying, mostly horrified reactions—forms the backbone of the episode. Hannah's march toward maturity, kicked into high gear by her (possibly reckless) decision to keep the baby, is making everyone take a hard look at where they stand in their own lives, whether it's Elijah with his theatrical aspirations or Marnie and her endless man drama. [ more › ]

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