Google's Daydream strategy is getting the right kind of attention

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May 19, 2017 - 2:00pm
Google is focused on a moving target in ways no other company seems prepared for right now. VR and AR got prime-time Keynote energy at Google I/O, as well as a separate keynote the next day with heaps of extra details. And as cool as it is to see a new UI coming to Daydream or the "VPS" system in Tango being used in Lowe's stores later this year, the big news from I/O was neither of these things. It's the reaction from VR developers already embedded in the ecosystem that should be paid attention to right now, because their excitement is very good news for the future of these platforms. Nobody likes to admit it, but the largest group of active VR users is by far the most boring. Mobile-based VR outsells the Oculus and HTC by orders of magnitude, because they're cheap or free and only require your phone to work. The barrier to entry is as low as it gets, but the experiences available in this format are incredibly limited. It is occasionally difficult to call frantically dodgin...

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