Google, the world's top advertising company, is building an ad blocker for Chrome

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April 19, 2017 - 10:35pm
Google, the internet's biggest advertising company, may be building an ad blocker. The search giant plans to roll out a feature in the next mobile version of its Chrome browser that would filter out certain types of ads, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.  SEE ALSO: Top ad blocker seeks 'ordinary user' to decide which ads die Such a tool seems at odds with the company's primary revenue source, but Google thinks that it could actually deter people from resorting to other blockers in the long run, according to the report. By targeting only the most disruptive ad formats — pop-ups, interstitials, and autoplay videos, for instance — the hope is that less people will be driven to third-party software. Google already ostensibly bans many of these types of ads anyway. Read more...More about Advertising, Ad Blocking, Google Chrome, Google, and Business

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