The international crisis of high-tech trash

Mar 23 3:52am
According to Moore’s Law, computer processing power doubles every two years. As a corollary, every new product is already almost obsolete. We get rid of old electronics with reckless abandon. What happens to this high-tech trash? It has become an … Continue reading → The post The international crisis of high-tech trash appeared first on Sustaining Our World.
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Bring Back Backyard Biodiversity

Mar 23 2:17am Greentumble
You have a potential habitat full of biodiversity waiting for you in your backyard. Follow these steps to help your region become more biodiverse.
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Causes of the global water crisis and 12 companies trying to solve it

Mar 23 1:38am TechCrunch » GreenTech
 It’s World Water Day. Time to wake up and take shorter showers. That is, if we’re fortunate enough to have them. Water scarcity and pollution are persistent global problems. According to End Water Poverty, some 663 million people around the world have absolutely no reliable access to clean, safe water year-round. And two-thirds of the world population faces water scarcity for… Read More...
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National Poison Prevention Week March 19-25, 2017

Mar 22 4:41pm Green Blog Feed
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), poisoning is the No. 1 cause of injury-related death in the United States, and 1,073 people in California were poisoned by pesticides in 2014 alone. Each year since 1962, National Poison Prevention Week has taken place during the third week of March to raise awareness about avoiding these tragedies. No one wants their workers or family members to experience illness or death from pesticide exposure, so the UC IPM Pesticide Safety...
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Picture This: Students Designing for the Environment

Mar 22 2:30am Greentumble
There are many ways to celebrate the beauty of nature. The world of art often uses nature as inspiration, be it through paintings, photos, sculpture, poetry, literature or even films. But how often do artists put their skills to work to inspire action for nature? This was the challenge given to students of graphic design ...
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Wright Electric unveils its commercial electric plane business

Mar 21 6:07pm TechCrunch » GreenTech
 Gas is the biggest cost for airlines. The easiest way to reduce these costs? Don’t use gas at all. That was the pitch from Wright Electric, a startup building an commercial passenger plane that runs on batteries and can handle flights under 300 miles. These short-haul trips make up 30 percent of all flights and a $26 billion market. Today Wright Electric gave its first preview to the… Read More...
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My Vegan Experiment aka My Experiment In Missing The Point Entirely

Mar 21 8:34am Ecorazzi
Lately, The Guardian is becoming a platform for self-absorbed and outlandish perspectives on veganism.
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Cultured Meat Confusion: The Answer Is Veganism And Always Has Been

Mar 21 8:12am Ecorazzi
If we think it's okay to culture them, we will always remain open to the idea that we can use non-cultured versions of these products.
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Vinsight gives grape and almond growers a high-tech crystal ball

Mar 20 9:45pm TechCrunch » GreenTech
 Farmers know how hard it is to predict yield accurately. High-value crops like grapes or almonds prove particularly challenging. Farmers expect, and settle for, twenty to forty percent uncertainty with these crops. Vinsight founder and CEO, Megan Nunes, who grew up in the farming business, found that unacceptable. After almost a decade-long career in the satellite industry, she turned her… Read More...
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How Renewable Energy Batteries Can Change the Lives of People in Third World Countries

Mar 20 3:18pm PlanetSave
When energy is accessible to everyone, it will solve many of the world’s problems, and storage through renewable energy batteries has the potential change the future for the better How Renewable Energy Batteries Can Change the Lives of People in Third World Countries was originally posted on: PlanetSave. To read more from Planetsave, join thousands of others and subscribe to our free RSS feed, follow us on Facebook (also free), follow us on Twitter, or just visit our homepage.
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Why Blackrock is Worried About Climate Change?

Mar 20 2:50pm Blog – The Climate Trust
Guest Post by Emilie Mazzacurati, Four Twenty Seven The Climate Trust’s ‘Point of View’ guest blogger initiative fosters and amplifies expert industry voices March 20, 2017 Climate Change: A Material Risk for Investors In September 2016, the largest asset management firm in the world, Blackrock, with $5 trillion under management, released a report where it stated climate change is […]...
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How Public Lands Can Survive Political Headwinds

Mar 20 2:49pm Blog – The Climate Trust
Dick Kempka, The Climate Trust March 20, 2017 Change in political administrations can be traumatic, particularly if your candidate didn’t win. Elections have consequences that can impact your livelihood, and policy uncertainties can be troubling. As an active participant and investor in forestry projects over many years, The Climate Trust has a singular perspective on the potential […]...
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Low Carbon Policies Create Jobs and Spur a Healthy Economy

Mar 20 2:48pm Blog – The Climate Trust
Kristen Kleiman, The Climate Trust March 20, 2017 A popular talking point for many years has been that low carbon policies are job killers. Further, that green policies are a drag on the economy, leaving blue-collar workers behind. But in this day of he said/she said, fake news, if-I-believe-it, it’s-not-a-lie, kind of atmosphere, let’s look at the […]...
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Zero Waste Home: The Freedom and Burden of Cooking

Mar 20 1:12pm Sustainablog
Pita bread on its way to the stove top (Photo: Robyn Purchia) Attempting to create a zero waste home is certainly met with challenges. Every time I give something away or clear out an area, more things my family doesn’t need or regularly use show up in the house. Every day I become more and [&hellip The post Zero Waste Home: The Freedom and Burden of Cooking appeared first on Sustainablog.
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An eBay for grain trading, FarmLead, raises $6.5 million Series A

Mar 20 9:33am TechCrunch » GreenTech
 Farmers work to feed the world. Yet somehow, corn, wheat and rice sales are still happening at a local level through antiquated paperwork and phone negotiations. Now, an Ottawa-based startup called FarmLead has raised $6.5 million in venture funding to connect grain producers and buyers automatically online, and help farmers get fair prices for what they grow. Read More...
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Why Non-Vegans Are So Confused About Vegans Consuming Sperm

Mar 20 8:38am Ecorazzi
It's high time we bury his nonsense once and for all and start focusing the public's attention on the real matter at hand.
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InevitableWelfare Reform & European Rabbits

Mar 20 8:23am Ecorazzi
Given that animals are property with no legally recognisable interests in their lives, there is no escaping that reality no matter how hard people attempt to dress it up.
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Threatening A Butcher Is Not The Way To A Vegan World

Mar 20 8:13am Ecorazzi
Many of those who purport to speak for animals often fail to understand the simple fact that the issue of animal exploitation is an issue of demand and not supply. As such, these “advocates” often engage in behaviour that distances...
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10 Examples of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

Mar 20 2:05am Greentumble
The rate at which we are depleting natural resources has led to a lot of debate about their use...Let’s explore some examples of renewable and non-renewable resources.
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Best Natural Feminine Protection Products

Mar 19 1:30pm Get Green Be Well
Natural feminine protection is a MUST for anyone worried about exposing themselves to unnecessary chemicals and toxins. Think about it – one of the most sensitive areas of the female body probably shouldn’t have products with synthetic chemical residues near (or in) it for days or a week at a time! The areas where feminine... Read More » The post Best Natural Feminine Protection Products appeared first on Get Green Be Well.
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Why Are Rhinos Endangered?

Mar 18 2:16am Greentumble
Why are rhinos endangered? A rhino horn can be sold for extremely high amounts of money, which makes it even more valuable to black market traders than gold.
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Santa Fe enlists Rubicon Global to curb waste and ramp up recycling

Mar 17 5:44pm TechCrunch » GreenTech
 Humans, especially Americans, are kind of slobs. We mess up the Earth by throwing out about 4.5 pounds of garbage per person on average every day. Two-thirds of that waste could be composted, but isn’t. And half of the rest of it could be recycled, according to research from the Duke Nicholas School of the Environment, corroborated by studies from the Global Footprint Network and… Read More...
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Tesla co-founder and CTO JB Straubel explains its new solar storage facility

Mar 17 4:19pm TechCrunch » GreenTech
 Tesla’s new solar energy storage facility on the Hawaiian island of Kauai does what most solar power plants cannot: it stores energy from the sun during peak times for use when the grid (and its customers) needs it most. The facility is unique, with 52 MWh of storage capacity and 13 MWh of generation via its field of panels. We spoke to Tesla CTO and co-founder JB Straubel, who oversees… Read More...
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Utilis takes top water innovation prize at Imagine H2O for tech that finds leaks underground

Mar 16 6:58pm TechCrunch » GreenTech
 An Israeli tech startup called Utilis has taken top honors at Imagine H2O this year, for technology that can detect underground leaks in underground, potable water supply systems through analysis of satellite imagery. Americans waste 1 trillion gallons of water every year thanks to leaky faucets, faulty sprinkler systems and other small systems. Utilis’ tech can find leaks to systems… Read More...
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The Lucid Air electric car starts at just $60,000 before tax credit

Mar 16 10:12am TechCrunch » GreenTech
 Lucid’s first electric vehicle doesn’t cost what you think it does – the company revealed basic pricing information for the Air on its blog, basically just to mute speculation that its price tag would begin north of $100,000. The Lucid Air’s actual price will start at $60,000, hitting $52,500 once you apply the federal tax credit for EV buyers. That’s for the… Read More...
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Orangutan Boxing And Non-Veganism: What Do They Have In Common?

Mar 16 8:39am Ecorazzi
If you think orangutans have moral value, you necessarily accept that every other sentient being has moral value.
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What Romance Tell Us About Our Perception Of Animals

Mar 16 8:25am Ecorazzi
If animals matter morally, we cannot justify these assumptions that our pleasure or convenience trump the interests of other sentient beings.
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Profitable Free Range Milk & False Claims In The Guardian

Mar 16 8:12am Ecorazzi
The Guardian errs in maintaining that this new free range initiative is in any way for the benefit of the cows.
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Light pollution: the case of the missing stars

Mar 16 4:28am
In our industrial society, light pollution makes it impossible to see what the night sky ought to look like. We have too many lights on at night. Most of them are brighter than they need to be, targeted poorly, and … Continue reading → The post Light pollution: the case of the missing stars appeared first on Sustaining Our World.
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Why Are Sea Turtles Important to the Ecosystem?

Mar 16 2:35am Greentumble
As sea turtle populations decline, so does their ability to fulfill vital functions in the ocean ecosystems. Here are the most important examples of their work.
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One Of The Worlds Last Giant Tusker Elephants (Satao II) Killed By Poachers

Mar 15 7:47pm PlanetSave
One of the last giant tusker elephants in the world, named Satao II by conservationists, was killed in Kenya earlier this year by poachers. He had apparently been (very likely) killed with a poisoned arrow near the boundary of the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya in January. Satao II was named after a famous [&hellip One Of The World’s Last “Giant Tusker” Elephants (Satao II) Killed By Poachers was originally posted on: PlanetSave. To read more from Planetsave, join thousands of others and subscribe to our free RSS feed, follow us on Facebook (also free), follow us on Twitter, or just visit our homepage.
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Simon Amstell Causing Carnage For Animals With His New Mockumentary

Mar 15 9:05am Ecorazzi
Amstell joins the ranks of those laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of animals.
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If Youre Upset By The Horse Deaths At CheltenhamYou Should Be Vegan

Mar 15 8:46am Ecorazzi
Moral confusion is rife surrounding the Cheltenham races, especially with the likes of Animal Aid describing the situation as “carnage,” as if our every day animal exploitation is not equally deserving of that label. Given how many “animal advocates” and...
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Veganism As A Dating Tool

Mar 15 8:30am Ecorazzi
In this era of rampant narcissism, whether or not you inflict rights violations on vulnerable beings is considered to be on the same level as whether or not you swear or fart in front of a new partner.
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Fuel Economy Standards Are Essential to Our Health, Environment and Economy

Mar 14 1:35pm Conservancy Talk
Why rolling back fuel economy standards would be a huge step backward for the U.S., according to President and CEO Mark Tercek.
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Speciesist Vegans

Mar 14 9:11am Ecorazzi
Saying that you can respect what's on a non-vegans plate is saying that you respect and accept the unjust exploitation of animals.
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Feminism & Veganism: They Belong Together

Mar 14 8:52am Ecorazzi
Any feminism worthy of the name must embrace veganism as a fundamental component of our fight against unfair discrimination and gratuitous violence.
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Why Im Not Excited About Mandatory Vegan Options

Mar 14 8:40am Ecorazzi
We should be using this development to talk about why vegan meals should be an obligation for everyone, and not allowing people to treat it as yet another public health issue.
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Working Together for the Environment: Great Examples of Industry Partnerships with NGOs

Mar 14 5:04am Greentumble
Here are some great examples of cooperation between businesses and non-governmental organisations to help the environment that might inspire you into action.
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Vegan Society Rejects Crufts, But Seems OK With All Other Exploitation

Mar 13 10:18am Ecorazzi
The Vegan Society in the UK has come out with a public statement condemning the annual Crufts dog show, asking for viewers to “boycott” Crufts either by changing the TV channel or not buying a ticket. We think it’s odd...
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Judging Bees (And Other Animals) On Their Likeness To Humans

Mar 13 10:03am Ecorazzi
Sentience is all that matters and is all that is required to have the right not to be used exclusively as a resource.
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Post-Womens Day Blues

Mar 13 9:52am Ecorazzi
If you are serious about justice for women but are not vegan, you are willfully choosing to ignore the violence and injustice we unnecessarily inflict upon female animals and their reproductive systems.
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A Camping Guide for Beginners

Mar 13 6:39am Greentumble
If it’s your first time, camping can be a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it you can have a good time. Check out these environmentally sound camping tips.
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Strip Mining: A Destructive Way of Coal Extraction

Mar 12 1:05am Greentumble
The process of strip mining involves striping away trees, plants and topsoil so that the coal can be accessed underneath. This means that surface mining destroys...
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The Environmental Impacts of Mining Fossil Fuels

Mar 11 1:41am Greentumble
Coal extraction, cheap as the process itself may be, is actually very costly to our environment and health. The two are as always linked. So what is the solution?...
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Poachers Kill Rhino At Zoo Near Paris, Saw Off Horn

Mar 10 3:53pm PlanetSave
In yet another sign of how morally bankrupt people nowadays are, it seems that a gang of poachers broke into the Thoiry Zoo outside of Paris on Tuesday, killed one of the rhinoceroses there, and then sawed off its horn. The intent no doubt being to cash in on the financially lucrative blackmarket trade in [&hellip Poachers Kill Rhino At Zoo Near Paris, Saw Off Horn was originally posted on: PlanetSave. To read more from Planetsave, join thousands of others and subscribe to our free RSS feed, follow us on Facebook (also free), follow us on Twitter, or just visit our homepage.
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Why the Paris Agreement is in the U.S.s Best Interest

Mar 10 2:12pm Conservancy Talk
President and CEO Mark Tercek discusses why it is important for the U.S. to remain in the Paris Agreement and uphold its emissions reduction pledge.
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Teslas Kauai solar storage facility offers a glimpse of the companys future

Mar 10 12:00pm TechCrunch » GreenTech
 Tesla’s solar installation on the Hawaiian island of Kauai is not just a product launch of the company – it’s the first real proof the company’s offering up that its acquisition of SolarCity is not only smart, but necessary. Necessary, because it will help Tesla achieve its grand vision of making solar (and other renewable) energy a practical and cost-effective option… Read More...
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Why Is Natural Gas a Non-Renewable Resource?

Mar 10 1:22am Greentumble
While natural gas seems to offer a lot of advantages compared to other fossil fuels, the underlying concerns that hold true for fossil fuels come into play when considering its use.
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Reevaluate the Sierra Nevada landscape after removing dead trees

Mar 9 4:21pm Green Blog Feed
This winter, a generous amount of rain and snow has fallen on California, but it can't erase the brown swaths of dead and dying trees in the Sierra Nevada caused by five years of drought and decades of forest mismanagement. Fire suppression and the harvest of the largest and most resilient trees in the forest led to a large population of weak trees. The prolonged drought further weakened the trees' defenses against native insects. Aerial detection surveys show that more than 102 million trees...
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Its Time to Ditch Your Reusable Plastic Water Bottle

Mar 9 11:37am Groovy Green Livin
It’s time! Line up your reusable plastic water bottles and please (pretty please) STOP using them. I’ve been secretly cringing for years when I see someone drinking from a brightly colored, BPA-free reusable plastic water bottle. Reusable plastic water bottles...continue reading this post →...
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Energizing Matcha Smoothie

Mar 9 6:33am The Pistachio Project
I’m a frappuccino addict. A green tea frappuccino addict to be precise. It all started years ago when I friend introduced me into the the world of these frozen delights. But through the years, I’ve come to realize that even thought they might contain beneficial green tea, the frappuccinos are also fun of sugar (or […] The post Energizing Matcha Smoothie appeared first on The Pistachio Project.
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Can electric utilities operate in the public good?

Mar 9 3:21am
In 1898, electric utilities were in their infancy. Samuel Insull was head of Chicago Edison Company and president of the National Electric Light Association. He proposed what eventually became their structural and legal framework. A regulated monopoly. He claimed his … Continue reading → The post Can electric utilities operate in the public good? appeared first on Sustaining Our World.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Agroforestry

Mar 9 1:08am Greentumble
The practice of agroforestry goes back to ancient times. Since then, most countries have recognized numerous advantages of this method...While the main disadvantage is...
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How to Afford a Non-Toxic Bed

Mar 8 4:17pm Get Green Be Well
Want a non-toxic bed? Who doesn’t? When you see the sticker prices for a non-toxic or organic bed, though, it’s enough to make you rethink your dreams of healthy sleep. Trust me. I know. I’ve been there. Buying a non-toxic bed or an organic mattress (Not all mattresses use certified organic materials, but can still be... Read More » The post How to Afford a Non-Toxic Bed appeared first on Get Green Be Well.
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Teslas Kauai solar facility will offset 1.6M gallons of fuel use per year

Mar 8 3:46pm TechCrunch » GreenTech
 Tesla’s Kauai solar power facility is officially open for business as of Friday, with a 13 MW SolarCity solar farm installation providing power to a Powerpack storage facility with 52 MWh of total capacity. The beauty of the new facility, in terms of the specific needs of the sun-soaked island in the Pacific, is that it can capture energy from the sun during peak daytime productiondf… Read More...
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Drinking Camel Milk Doesnt Make You Moral

Mar 8 2:55pm Ecorazzi
Camel milk is meant for baby camels, just as human milk is meant for baby humans.
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Angelina Jolie Thinks We Should Eat Insects Instead Of Other Animals

Mar 8 2:39pm Ecorazzi
We do not need any animal products at all to live optimally healthy lives.
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Fine feathered friends forever

Mar 8 11:46am Green Blog Feed
Forget BFF (Best Friends Forever). For Solano County 4-H'er Jarred Burkett, it's also FFFF (Fine Feathered Friends Forever). Jarred, 10, a member of the Sherwood Forest 4-H Club in Vallejo raises free-range chickens at his American Canyon home — not for showing at fairs or selling at junior livestock auctions, but as pets. The self-described “Chicken Dude” is as proud, protective and possessive of his poultry as the owner of the best-of-show at the Westminster Kennel Club...
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