Guest Columnist at The Striking Price for Barron’s: The Case for Options Trading

From VIX and More
January 2, 2013 - 1:23pm

Once again I am delighted to have an opportunity to serve as a guest columnist for The Striking Price on behalf of Steven Sears at Barron’s. While the title of the column is The Case for Options Trading, the focus of the article tilts in the direction of selling options and lists some of the reasons why new and relatively inexperienced options traders should invest some of their time during the coming year to learn more about selling puts and calls – and not just defined risk positions, but naked (uncovered) options as well. The Barron’s article lays out some of the rationale behind my thinking, but this is a topic I plan to return to on a regular basis that dovetails with some related subjects I have been discussing in this space and are highlighted in the links below. Related posts: The Case for Selling Apple Puts Can Selling Options Make You a Better Trader? The Ofte...

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