Half-Marathon. This got real.

From up close and personal with a UVA student
November 22, 2011 - 8:41am

So in February, I wrote about possibly, maybe, kind of, probably running a marathon... I mean half-marathon. Well a year later, I will be. My friend from Cleveland and I will be training for the Charlottesville Ten Miler. I love how as soon as you enter the site, it tells you--- no it commands to you--- that 2012 Race Day is March 31st!No ifs, buts, or whys. You better have on your calendars because it's going to happen!While you can't register right away (and therefore you still have time to back out), I ran the 4th Year 5k a couple weeks ago and it made me feel comfortable enough to do this. My 5K time was a lot better than I expected (anything better than 27 minutes is a good sign, is what I told myself), I didn't die in the race, and it made for good stories later (like the point in the race where I had told myself that I could walk this part but then couldn't because there was a photographer and then couldn't because I was being challenged by this older person to a race to the death sprinting up this hill! Aw yea!).In any case, I will be running a 15K in March!

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